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Here are a couple of original advertising posters from the early 1940s.
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1960's Psychedelic Posters
1960's Psychedelic Posters. A lot of them feature Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead. These posters originated in San Francisco in the 1960s. J.A. and G.D. were the 2 hottest and popular bands at the time. *MUSIC-"Incense and Peppermints" by Strawberry Alarm Clock *-IF YOU WISH TO VIEW THESE POSTER AND SEE THE WORDS ON THERE LONGER, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PAUSE THE VIDEO ON A POSTER AND READ IT-*
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Inspirational Posters
Inspirational posters that are bound to inspire in a jocular fashion.
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A Guide to Poster Mounting : How to Roll Photo for Poster Mounting
Learn how to use a roller on the photo to remove air bubbles and inconsistencies in this free art collection and hobbies video. Expert: Jason Harris Bio: Jason Harris is a DIY expert, he specializes in customizing clothing and accessories. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins
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psychedelic posters
arte de los 60s, floyd, grateful dead, jefferson airplane, john mayall, 13 floor elevator, janis....etc. ettc
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Imaginary Places
Moving poster created in After Effects for fictitious film that was originally created for Photoshop class.
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New Earth Day Clothes
Vmk Emporium From Disneys Online Worlds Guide (Wiki) Jump to: navigation, search Inside the Emporium - click to enlargeThe Emporium is by far the largest gift store within the Magic Kingdom, and is one of the key Town Square and Main Street USA landmarks, being the first building on the left side of Main Street as you approach the Castle from the park entrance. Please note that this list may NOT be accurate at all times. We are doing our best to keep up to date with everything inside of this store, and this list of items has the items that have been inside the store for quite some time. If there is a change in the listing it will be taken care of. Contents [hide] 1 Legend 2 Specials 3 Everest 4 Furniture 5 Pins 6 Posters Legend D = Disney credits S = In store Special X = Out of circulation (at the moment) Q = Quest item, available through offers, games, or at the Parks (such as through purchases.) Specials Item Color Cost Photo Location Notes Disneyland Retro Penny Press Color Green S/D800 X/Q Sells for D160 Emporium Q Button Quest Fin's Quest Madness Released: 8 December 2005 Disneyland Retro Turnstile Color Green S/D300 Sells for D60 Emporium Released: Unknown Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Color Purple S/D300 Sells for D60 Emporium Released: Unknown Four Leaf Clover Pin X/D1000 Sells for D200 Emporium Released: 17 March 2006 Retired: 17 March 2006 Re-released: 17 March 2008 Retired: 18 March 2008 Mad Hatter Hat X/D1000 Sells for D100 Emporium Released: 31 December 2006 Retired: 2 January 2007 Re-released: 17 March 2008 Retired: 18 March 2008 Nemo Submarine Buoy S/D500 Sells for D100 Emporium Released: 1 July 2007 Light-Up Item Random Number Generator Color Purple S/D2000 Sells for D400 Emporium Released: Unknown Everest (R=Right, L=Left, T=Teleporter, B=Start/Begin, S=Straight) Item Color Cost Photo Location Notes Yeti Ride Extension Pack D1000 Emporium Includes RRLLSS Released: 1 February 2006 Yeti Ride Loop Builder Pack 1 D1200 Emporium Includes SSSBT Released: 1 February 2006 Yeti Ride Loop Builder Pack 2 D1500 Emporium Includes BBRLT Released: 1 February 2006 Yeti Ride Start D300 Sells for D60 Emporium Includes B Released: 1 February 2006 Yeti Ride Starter Pack 1 D1000 Emporium Includes SSBRL Released: 1 February 2006 Yeti Ride Starter Pack 2 D1700 Emporium Includes SSBBRT Released: 1 February 2006 Yeti Ride Straight D200 Sells for D40 Emporium Includes S Released: 1 February 2006 Yeti Ride Teleporter D700 Sells for D70 Emporium Only works with Ride pieces Includes T Released: 1 February 2006 Yeti Ride Turn Left D400 Sells for D80 Emporium Includes L Released: 1 February 2006 Yeti Ride Turn Right D400 Sells for D80 Emporium Includes R Released: 1 February 2006 Furniture Item Color Cost Photo Location Notes Disneyland Velvet-rope Room Divider D50 Sells for D10 Emporium Released: 23 May 2005 Hong Kong Paper Lantern Blue D300 Sells for D60 Emporium Released: 9 September 2005 Light-Up Item Hong Kong Disneyland Paper Lantern Yellow D300 Sells for D60 Emporium Released: 9 September 2005 Light-Up Item PhilharMagic Chair Color Blue D50 Sells for D10 Emporium Released: 23 May 2005 PhilharMagic Chair Color Pink D150 Sells for D30 Emporium Released: 23 May 2005 PhilharMagic Chair Color Red D50 Sells for D10 Emporium Released: 23 May 2005 Pins Item Color Cost Photo Location Notes Disney's Animal Kingdom D25 Sells for D5 Emporium Released: Unknown Disney's California Adventure D25 Sells for D5 Emporium Released: Unknown Disney-MGM Studio D25 Sells for D5 Emporium Released: Unknown Epcot D25 Sells for D5 Emporium Released: Unknown Hong Kong Main Street USA Pin D250 Sells for D50 Emporium Released: 2 September 2005 Nightmare Before Christmas D25 Sells for D5 Emporium Sneaky Spooks & Silly Lily Released: Unknown Posters Item Color Cost Photo Location Notes Disney's California Adventure Poster D40 Sells for D8 Emporium Released: 23 May 2005 Poster Hong Kong Disneyland Poster Red D150 Sells for D30 Emporium Released: 12 September 2005 Poster Retrieved from "http://www.disneysonlineworlds.com/index.php/Emporium" Categories: TODO:Unknown Data | Shops
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Here is a small collection of tv show related vintage books mostly from the 1950s.
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A Guide to Poster Mounting : How to Make Poster Flat
Learn how to make your photo flat when mounting it to poster board in this free art collection and hobbies video. Expert: Jason Harris Bio: Jason Harris is a DIY expert, he specializes in customizing clothing and accessories. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins
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my wardrobe
watch and learn.. one out-fit in new york..
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Poster Collecting : Poster Collecting: Care & Storage
How you care and store your posters is the most important part of maintaining your collections value. Learn how to store and care for your poster collection in this free hobby video. Expert: Adam Meltzer Contact: www.postersultan.com Bio: Adam Meltzer has been a poster aficionado for the last thirty years. His vast collection spans every conceivable genre. Filmmaker: Patrick Byers
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"goodby delilah" quad berry pie
vintage movie posters. vintage rock and roll......from our 1996 album.... 1/2 inch 8 track tape...before white stripes.....joseph buffa on bass, robb cecil on drums....a difficult song to play but robb tears it up in spectacular fashion. a power house performance....... and this was coming out of a previous song that we segued out of that was later removed,which makes it all the more impressive if you ask me.
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Down in Mexico by The Coasters
Down in Mexico by The Coasters This is the "Death Proof"-version! But the version of Hangover 3 is also avaiable on youtube. Lyrics by magistrix.de: Down in Mexicali There's a crazy little place that I know Where the drinks are hotter than the chili sauce And the boss is a cat named Joe He wears a red bandana, plays a blues pianna In a honky-tonk, down in Mexico He wears a purple sash, and a black moustache In a honky-tonk, down in Mexico Well, the first time that I saw him He was sittin' on a piano stool I said "Tell me dad, when does the fun begin?" He just winked his eye and said "Man, be cool." He wears a red bandana, plays a blues pianna In a honky-tonk, down in Mexico He wears a purple sash, and a black moustache In a honky-tonk, down in Mexico All of a sudden in walks this chick Joe starts playing on a Latin kick Around her waist she wore three fishnets She started dancin' with the castanets I didn't know just what to expect She threw her arms around my neck We started dancin' all around the floor And then she did a dance I never saw before. So if you're south of the border I mean down in Mexico And you wanna get straight, Man, don't hesitate Just look up a cat named Joe. He wears a red bandana, plays a blues pianna In a honky-tonk, down in Mexico He wears a purple sash, and a black moustache In a honky-tonk, down in Mexico Yeah, como est usted senorita Come with me to the border, south of the border, that is In Mexico, yeah in Mexico You can get your kicks in Mexico Come with me baby, come with me, come with me, crazy, yeah
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Communist Posters - Komunisticke Posteri
**NOTICE** I have made a new account entitled xXxCrvenaZastavaxXx, and I will not be using this one anymore. Due to this, I will be disable commenting so that there isnt a chance that anyone can post anything vulgar and such. Communist Posters put into a short, interesting Video! Song: Basshunter - Russian Privjet
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Jemgirl's Jem collection
Jem dolls on display
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REAL PinUp Montage
this is a montage of a few pinups i like from some well known artists from way back when. the name of the song is Fishnet Stockings by The Stray Cats. tell me what you think...
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Abercrombie & Fitch, Summer 1999
"Our own Island" summer advertising commercial for Abercrombie and Fitch. Vintage... 1999!
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Vintage Roadside Good Day Tulsa television appearance
Vintage Roadside appears live on Good Day Tulsa to spread the word about our line of t-shirts featuring authentic vintage graphics from the 1930s - 1960s.
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A Guide to Poster Mounting : Foam Core for Poster Mounting
Learn all about foam core, the lightweight and stiff material used for mounting photos, in this free art collection and hobbies video. Expert: Jason Harris Bio: Jason Harris is a DIY expert, he specializes in customizing clothing and accessories. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins
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A collection of wedding images to be used for greeting cards, posters, invitations, signage, and other creative ideas. Available for licensing. Brian Ragsdale, [email protected]
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How to Make Wood Art : How to Antique Wood Paintings
Looking for an easy arts and crafts project? Learn how to antique wood painting with expert tips in this free craft video. Expert: David Clemen Contact: www.davidclemenart.com Bio: David Clemen has a BFA in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University, a One Year Graphic Design degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC
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Ticket to the Twenties Fashion show presented by the Art Deco Society
Ticket to the Twenties Fashion show presented by the Art Deco Society. Homestead House Museum City of Industry CA. July 20th 2008 Click the youtube HQ Video Link too! http://www.homesteadmuseum.org/ http://adsla.org/
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Thrillers & film noir movie posters 6
Beautiful posters from my site dedicated to Film noir : http://filmnoirandco.free.fr/ FILMNOIR is the only internet movie database of Films noirs, thrillers, detective and gangster films ! You can download it to your PC, Mac or PDA and use it offline...
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Art, Portraits, Sketches, Paintings, Indian Crafts, Face Painting: Loveland, Colorado
WEBSITE CHANGE: http://www.ambassadorartdesigns.webs.com .... Email: [email protected] Video of a large variety of art styles and mediums, by artist Beverly Abraham-Shahid, from Loveland, Colorado. Includes: portraits, sketches, paintings, Native American arts & crafts, posters, and artwork on clothing. Website: http://www.ambassadorartdesigns.webs.com Email: [email protected] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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MOVIE POSTERS - B Grade Westerns - Cowboys & Indians #8
A Selection of rare original Australian Movie Posters from B Grade Westerns of the 40s, 50s and 60s. This is the Part 8 in a series featuring some wonderful artwork - from the archives of www.moviemem.com
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Poster Design sexy Chris
Gestaltung eines Posters mit einer hübschen Frau auf www.loomup.de
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Tribute to New York: Cass Hagan Orch. - Manhattan Mary, 1927
Cass HAGAN (born 1904) led several popular orchestras during the 1920s and 1930s. At various times his line-up consisted of such stars as Bix Beidebecke, Tommy Dorsey, Red Nichols, Lennie Hayton, and Pee Wee Russell. Hagan retired from the music business in 1937. According to the opinion in the web's American Big Bands Database: "The musicians who worked with Cass have fond memories of the band and of the freedom that Cass gave to his soloists". Thanks, Hagan! Recording: Cass Hagan & His Park Central Hotel Orch., voc. James, Luther & Shaw (DeSylva/Brown/Henderson) From" "Manhattan Mary", Columbia 1927
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eyeheartvintage08 Ebay Vintage T Concert Shirt Sales
eyeheartvintage08 Ebay Vintage T Concert Shirt Sales
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Here is a short home video with pictures from my dad's 1968 retirement party at his work.
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Charles Dana Gibson
A glimpse into the life of one of America's most celebrated illustrators
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Scott Morris Safety PSA
PSA winner from AAA's 64th annual National Safety Poster and Public Service Announcement Contest.
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Los Angeles Modernism Show & Sale 2007
The Place to buy 20th Century Modern Design. 90 plus exhibitors show and sell the finest examples of Furniture, Art, Lighting, Decorative Items, Jewelry, Glass, Pottery, Posters, etc. The Opening Night Gala was a spectacular event to benefit Childrens Hospital. Los Angeles Modernism 2008 show - May 2-4 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.
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Wolfgang's Vault CEO William Sagan on "amazing" concert performances
Wolfgang's Vault founder and CEO William Sagan's description of the site as the home of the history of live music performance on the Web is no exaggeration. Read more at: http://www.vator.tv/news/show/2008-02-27-wolfgangs-vault-ceo-william-sagan-on-amazing-concert-performances
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VERA NEUMANN - Medavog talks "Queen of mod prints".
Part 35 Video #3 On a series of Vera videos showcasing my collection that spans 60 years of her empire. I received some fantastic news about Vera Neumann: "Hello Francisco, It was great to discover your appreciation for the work of my aunt, Vera Neumann with whom I was very close and worked with her for many years. In the 1970's I produced several films about her and have now remastered them to dvd and they are distributed at: http://www.goldenageproductions.info Incidentally, Vera was born in 1907 (not in 1910). My father, Philip Salaff, Vera's brother was born in 1910. They worked together for more than 35 years." VERA NEUMANN), U.S. artist and designer (b. July 24, 1907, Stamford, Conn.--d. June 15, 1993, North Tarrytown, N.Y.), created brightly coloured scarves, bedroom and kitchen linens, and draperies and sportswear that bore her name. Vera, who had been a designer of children's furniture and murals, used only her first name after founding (1946), with her husband, George Neumann, and F. Werner Hamm, a textile expert, the Vera Companies for silk-screened prints. She created both realistic and abstract designs, and her motifs included flowers, leaves, ferns, grass, vegetables, the Sun, and ladybugs. Her designs also adorned plastics and needlepoint products. Vera served as president of the company, which became a subsidiary of Manhattan Industries in 1967 and, from 1988, a division of Salant Corp. She continued to produce designs under the Vera signature until shortly before her death. In 1972 the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. mounted an exhibit of her designs. Video made to showcase my collection of designer couture from all over the world. QUOTE FROM A PRESS RELEASE! "Francisco Medavogs collection started off as a small sampling of some European couture designs to help him study FASHION design. By looking at the French seams and other intricacies, he learned about couture construction through the true masters of design. This hobby quickly became a collection of more than 25,000 fashion items, primarily 20th century European designs, with a number of them extending back to the 1920s and 30s. "At first, I didn't quite understand why so many people were interested in seeing these clothes," says Francisco. "For me, the clothes were simply great examples of what I was able to study while at the Fashion Institute. Now, I feel that my collection is the beginning of a wonderful museum collection." "I'd love to open the first American Fashion Museum, devoted solely to fashion and couture, similar to Zandra Rhodes' museum in London." http://www.theveracompany.com http://www.medavog.com GREAT BIO HERE: http://www.lulusvintage.com/2007/04/x_is_for.html http://fashionsfinest.fuzzylizzie.com/vera.html
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Curbly Video Podcast: Graffitti Leaves
This is an easy, fast and inexpensive way to create botanical images pretty enough to frame!
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Art in Hotels by Energy Magic, Feng Shui Art
http://www.energymagic.com.au Feng Shui inspired art works by Lucy Deslandes. Unique and contemporary art prints in hotels. Lucy shows you how they look hanging on the walls in hotel rooms. Feng Shui Art can uplift any space!
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TWA Coast to Coast in 48 Hours Part III
TWA Coast to Coast in 48 hours part III. vintage footage in three parts.
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Pepsi Cindy Crawford
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Kung Fu in Tights
I bet you guys will think twice before being caught on film again!
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Love 2008 Sand Art
Absolutely Stunning Sand Art
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Pinups Girls Photoshoot
Hotel Normandie Shoot Pinup girls
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UW Sportswear Company Nixed For Alleged Unfair Labor
University of Wisconsin-Madison cut its contract with New Era Cap Company. News report from Channel 3 out of Madison, WI.
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Fashion & Style Tips : Cleaning Felt Fabric
Felt fabric must be cleaned by hand washing it so as to preserve the integrity of the material, and a basin of warm water and light detergent is the best way to get it clean. Wash felt material by hand and let it air dry with advice from a freelance fashion reporter in this free video on style. Expert: Rachel Youens Contact: www.austinstylewatch.com Bio: Rachel Youens operates AustinStyleWatch.com, a street fashion and culture site focused on the cutting-edge looks in Austin, Texas. Filmmaker: Todd Green
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Swann Galleries Auction Preview- Fine Photographs Part 3
Director of Photographs, Daile Kaplan Discusses Highlights of Swann Galleries' February 7 Auction of Fine Photographs. A private American collection of fine art and vernacular photography forms the centerpiece of the auction. Additional highlights include photography from Irving Penn, Sally Mann, Robert Frank, Larry Clark, Man Ray, and many others. For more information on this and other auctions please visit www.swanngalleries.com
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How to Play Jacks
Like these Kid's Activities !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1ThDIrx Watch more Games for Kids videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/295-How-to-Play-Jacks Jacks is an ancient game, but kids all over the world still play it, and all different ways too. Ask your mom how she played it when she was a girl—just don't use the word 'ancient' when you do! Warning Be careful if you have a little brother or sister who's 3 years old or under—he or she could choke on a jack or ball this small, so don't leave them out. Step 1: Sit on floor Sit on the floor or ground facing your friend; if there are more than two of you playing, sit in a circle. Tip You don't have to play this game with someone else. In fact, practicing alone will help you get better! Step 2: Pick first player Decide who goes first. You can flip a coin or play eenie, meenie, minie, mo, for example. Step 3: Toss jacks Let's say you're up first. Gently toss all the jacks onto the floor so they scatter in front of you. Tip Don't let them land too spread out or you'll have a tough time scooping them up. Step 4: Onesies Now toss the ball into the air, pick up a jack, and catch the ball—all with only one hand! You're only allowed to let the ball bounce once. This is called 'onesies.' Step 5: Repeat Put the jack you just scooped up in your other hand and repeat the game, picking up one jack at a time, until you've grabbed all 10. Step 6: If you miss If you can't pick up the jack and catch the ball before it hits the floor again, it's the next player's turn and he or she starts over with all 10 jacks. Step 7: Twosies When you've grabbed all 10 jacks, move up to the next level: 'twosies.' Pick up the jacks 2 at a time, still with only one hand and before the ball bounces twice, until you've captured them all. Step 8: Increase number Keep on playing, increasing the number of jacks you pick up each time. Tip For a faster game, or to help you get the hang of it, play with only 5 jacks. Step 9: Next player's turn If you can't pick up the right number of jacks, it's the next player's turn. Step 10: Start where left off Each time it's your turn again, start where you left off. If you messed up on 'sixies,' for example, start by picking up 6 jacks, and so on. Step 11: Winning The winner is the person who gets to 'tensies' by picking up all the jacks at once and catching the ball. And once you can do it, you might want to challenge your mom to a match! Did You Know? Kids in ancient Egypt played jacks with a wooden ball and the toe bones of a sheep!
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Swann Galleries African-Americana Auction Feb 08 - Part 2
Wyatt Houston Day Discusses Highlights of Swann Galleries February 21 Auction of Printed and Manuscript African-Americana which includes an impressive selection of historical documents, autographs, manuscripts, books, photographs, historical prints, posters, and other ephemera. The sale opens with an especially rich selection of items related to Slavery and Abolition, beginning in the 17th century and running through the Civil War and Reconstruction. Highlights include a carte-de-visite photograph of the slaves of Jefferson Davis's brother, Joe, posed in front of his mansion, circa 1861; and a rare copy of Octavia Rogers Albert's House of Bondage, a collection of narratives based on Albert's interviews with former slaves, first edition, second printing, New York, 1891. A large section on business features many items relating to Madame C. J. Walker, the famed hair-care products entrepreneur, including a signed check, a telegram, product packaging, and several photographs. Modern highlights include material related to the Black Panthers, such as a Huey Newton poster; as well as a group of eight postcards from Malcolm X to his friend Gordon Parks describing his hajj to Mecca in 1964, along with related material, 1964-80.
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Swann Galleries Auction Preview- Photography Pt 4
Director of Photographs, Daile Kaplan Discusses Highlights of Swann Galleries' May 15 Auction of Photographic Literature and Photographs. Highlights include a collection of surrealist photo books, rare issues of Camera Work as well as photographic literature from Japanese, European and American Photographers. The sale also features photographs from Maurice Tabard, Tina Modotti, Roy DeCarava, Ansel Adams, Harold Edgerton, and many others. For more information on this and other auctions please visit www.swanngalleries.com
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Season's Greetings 2008
George Barbier (1882 - 1932) was one of the great French illustrators of the early 20th century. Primarily a book illustrator, he also designed fabrics, wallpapers and posters and commercial wrappings, boxes and postcards. He designed costumes and settings for several theatrical productions and for Rudolph Valentino's movie Monsieur Beaucaire. A regular contributor to La Gazette du Bon Ton, the Journal des Dames et des Modes, Fémina, Vogue, Comoedia Illustré and other journals, his illustrations were frequently reproduced in the pochoir process. His finest book illustrations were those interpreted in woodcuts by F. L. Schmied. Barbier was the author of many renowned images - including the panther that is Cartier's symbol. [Biography: 'Art Deco', Victor Arwas, Harry N. Abrams, 1992.] [Images & Source material courtesy: ArtMagick -- http://www.artmagick.com/ --.]
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WHO SHOT MM? By Dale Hoyt "Completed following my first cross country bus tour, [it] reflects my personal obsession with the phone medium that more often than not has represented my alienation. It co-stars AT&T and other ever uninterested employees. M.M. stands for Marshal McLuhan, whose parting was almost ignored in light of the first day of this, our most dubious decade. However, it can mean Mickey Mouse, Maria Montez, Marilyn Monroe, or Marie Menken. What ever you want, it's your nickel" - Dale Hoyt\ : )
"Shopping for the Stars"
"Shopping for the Stars" format - created by John Eubank, Steve Handelman and Drew Sherman. Shopping For the Stars uses progressive elimination to reduce the initial field of 12 or more professional shoppers down to 3 or 4 before the final challenge. Each non-finale challenge (the scope of one episode) requires the shoppers to develop to develop a wardrobe presentation for an unknown celebrity (they have a few basic hints). The challenges include creating a wardrobe that is for a special occasion, like a wedding or an award ceremony; using only clothing and accessories from a certain region, like Africa or the Caribbean; or being forced to "stretch" out of the shopper's normal comfort zone. The shoppers are given a limited number of items that they can present, and they can adjust their offering as they are given more enticing hints as to the celebrity "client's" identity. The shoppers are given a limited amount of time to finish their work. Usually the shoppers work independently, although on some challenges contestants must work in teams. Once the deadline is reached, the shoppers line up for the big moment -- the revelation of the celebrity's secret identity! The shoppers present their wardrobes and reasons why they think their offering's the best. The celebrity tries on at least one outfit from each offering (edited down for quickness), and our host and professional panelists weigh in, adding their likes and dislikes -- and scoring the presentations based on various categories. The panelists and celebrity interview the shoppers and share their opinions before conferring as a group and selecting the episode's winner (chosen by the celebrity after listening to the panelists) and loser (chosen by the panelists) based on their scores and other considerations. After the final challenge, the remaining three or four shoppers are then told to prepare a large, general-purpose wardrobe for a "major star" to be presented at a prestigious location. This time the star's identity is known.*? The finalists are given several weeks and a travel budget. Contestants can consult friends and colleagues for help but are expected to do the lion's share of the work and choosing. Prior to the show, the finalists arrive with their wardrobes and accessories and then are ushered in to meet the star. The presentations are given much more careful consideration, with the star trying on and showing off most of the outfits. The ultimate winner is selected by the star and the panelists, and receives a large cash prize and the contract to shop for the star for a year, plus coverage in a major style and fashion magazine.
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