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RECYCLE Magazine Fashion Blog #1 - Medavog Couture Cape - Madonna Vintage Posters!
Madonna adorns me from my head to my toes! Check my newspaper dress here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAzoGar6neM STAY TUNED FOR THE ULTIMATE AN FINAL VIDEO BLOG WILL SHOWCASE THE MODEL IN A HIGH FASHION SHOOT FINALE!
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Speed view of mixed media illustration (vintage classic style)
More of my work: http://sketchtoon.com/ NEWS: The show was a complete success, it is currently decorating the main pedestrian boulevard in our capital city of San Jose. This page has all the participating illustrations: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=316681&op=1&view=all&subj=656657624&id=1726099797#!/photo.php?pid=316694&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=656657624&id=1726099797 The work was done for an oncoming Vintage Illustration show I will probably be a part of (still have to see what the curators decide on the entries, and choose which works will be in the show). The style I chose is based loosely on the Art Nouveau artistic works of the grand master Alphonse Mucha, and the works I love from the great movie poster artist Drew Struzan. I don't pretend to be even remotely close to their skill, I just took inspiration from their work. From Mucha I took the framing and decoration. From Struzan the pyramid placing of characters, with a main central large close up at the top, medium sized secondary actors on the pyramid sides, and an action wide angle shot at the bottom. The theme I went for was the classic posters Costa Rica always uses to promote Eco-tourism. Though I took it a notch higher with the Art Nouveau thing. I made sure (since this was supposed to be a vintage classic) to use the most stereotypical iconic animals and plants our country has represented over and over again, until it's almost in bad taste to use them in a promotional poster. Here's the list: Scarlet Macaw Central/South American Jaguar Toucan Squirrel Monkey (mono titi) Grey Tapir Green Iguana (in it's mature state it get's a lot more colorful it seems) Sea Turtle (hatching) Poisonous Orange frog Morpho Butterfly Boa Constrictor. The National Flower the purple orchid (La Guaria Morada) Monstera Deliciosa leafs, which is a kind of Philodendron. Guanacaste Tree (which gives the name to our largest province) Arenal Volcano erupting at night A generic beach sunset (we have plenty of beautiful beaches) This is a mixed media illustration (traditional and digital) The leafy frame was made first with Illustrator, then colored and put together and Photoshop. For the animals in the illustration I first I created the blue lead pen sketch you see under the darker black lead trace I filmed myself doing. Then I worked with a very fine (0.3) hb lead pen comined with an 8B lead pencil. The illustration original is actually smaller than the final result, which will be 90cm x 60cm. This will add grain to the pencil tracing, which works perfectly with the vintage feel the illustration must have. After I scanned the pencil artwork, I colored it in Photoshop, added an old weathered paper background and some outline effects. Sound like something quick to do, but at some point the image was weighing almost 2 GB, and I have a messy system, with lots of task crap running unnecessarily in the background (my puter really needs a format/reinstall, but I'm too lazy to do it). So all I could do was close everything down but PS, and still, I had to wait minutes at a time for just painting a bit, moving something or merging layers. The final flattened image result weights almost 300MB, much more manageable that 2GB. All I have left to do (just noticed it) is add the Jaguar's whiskers which I left for the digital part of the job, since they're white and penciling them in would have been hell. Hope you like it. I appreciate constructive critique. The chill-out song is from FREIL and it's called called MISSISSIPPI ROLLCALL. Found in the Cafe Del Mar - Chill house mix CD 1
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TDF Video: How to Design a Broadway Poster
A Step-By-Step Guide from Broadway's Premier Poster Artist. TDF is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing the power of the performing arts to everyone.
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Rosie the Riveter Song
https://glamourdaze.com/ World War Two Women - Rosie the Riveter. This beautiful film not only showcases that 1940's women could do everything men do, but they also made it look good ! Lots of ideas featured here for vintage hairstlye fans aswell. Rosie the Riveter has become a real cultural icon of the United States, Norman Rockwells recruitment poster unashamedly copying from soviet posters of the same period. American women who were not in the military turned up in their millions to do their bit for the war effort. Many worked in the manufacturing plants that produced munitions and war supplies. Footage: Fedflix ( National Archives and Records Administration public archive)
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My Poster Collection
As I scurry around my apartment, I take video of my Godzilla poster and lobby card collection. Take a look. I have some good stuff here.
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ONESCITY: Jordan Poster & Shirt Pick-ups
Crazy jordan poster that i picked up, and jordan shirt from a while back.
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My Collection of Magazines, Trading Cards, Posters and Pictures
My Jordan collection of misc. items like cards, pictures, magazines, posters and other collectible items from Michael Jordan.
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EatPizzaDesign Poster Design
Poster design by Eatpizzadesign.com
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Surfing Posters and Hawaiiana  Memorabilia
If you are a Japanese tourist or a Great Lakes surfer, you do not want to miss this secret store. I had a wonderful time today driving to Makaha, home of the famous Buffalo Big Board Surfing Contest, only to find a hole in the wall Art Gallery at the Makaha Market Place called the First Weekend Art Gallery, because it is only open the first weekend of every month and at other times by appointment only. Al Frenzel has been collecting vintage Hawaiiana and vintage surfing movie posters for over fifteen years, and his passion has become a world class surfing/art memorabilia store at the foot of Makaha Valley Road where the road meets Farrington Highway. Set up more like a museum than a store, just remember that for the serious collector, every item is for sale. Right down to Al's surfing inspired Aloha Shirt, you will come away with a giant smile on your face like I did.
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Antique Prints
Beautiful Antique Prints and Art Deco Fashion Watercolours
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Mai '68 Protest Posters
Video showing the protest posters designed during the may '68. Excerpt from the Patrick Rotman's documentary "68".
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Antique French Art Deco style (reproduction) advertising
http://www.newel.com/PreviewImage.aspx?ItemID=15739 - Newel.com: Antique French Art Deco style (reproduction) advertising poster for champagne with the legend "Grand Parissy" in simple black frame (Art Moderne/1940s, French, picture, movie poster, paper) (Newel Art and Antiques, New York City)
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MSAPosters.com: Basic Text Editing for Posters
This quick video shows how to edit the text on the posters found on www.MSAPosters.com
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officemax "motivational poster"
ddb chicago director: david kellogg editor: lance pereira
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This week on Art NuVogue I'm taking a field trip to IKEA to get some inspiration for my illustration of the week! Check out my artistic process from inspiration to frustration to illustration and finalization! PS. Watch this episode for a top secret code and get a free art print!
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Live SO Fresh: Vintage Jackets & Sweaters !!
www.livesofresh.com & www.sofreshblog.com: This video showcases Vintage Starter Jackets, Vintage Nike Jackets, Starter Sweatshirts, a Budwesier Jacket & Much More !!
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Pinup Calendar
2010 Vintage PinUp Calendar
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Redskin Rumor - www.RedskinMerchandise.info
www.ReadskinMerchandise.info: Its is no rumor! The Secret is out! New and Used Redskin Merchandise, no taxes on most, Jerseys, Tickets, Trading Cards, Clothing, Helmets, Collectables, Memorbilia, Investments, Posters, Vintage Magazines, the works! The Redskin shop, what you wont find at the stadium.
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M.jackson quick Photoshop photo manipulation- Illegal Clothing CO. Poster
Just for fun Messing with my cousins photos in adobe photoshop cs3 cs4 cs5
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Vintage And New Bollywood Movie Song Booklets For Sell In Delhi.
Large Collection Of Vintage Indian Bollywood Movie Song Booklets For Sell. Email [email protected] Or Visit Our Shop Cinema Posters 3 Hauz Khas Village Opp Art Konsult Inside Long Corridor Room No 2 New Delhi 110016 Call Before Coming Hitesh 9711019776
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Indian Hippy custom painted film poster art featured in CNBC Smart Shopping
Indian Hippy featured in CNBC Smart Shopping. CNBC Anchor Ishleen Kaur interviews Hinesh Jethwani, Founder, Indian Hippy. Indian Hippy offers a range of exclusive hand painted accessories and hand painted furniture available in limited edition formats that combine art and function. Painstakingly hand painted to perfection by acclaimed bollywood/hindi film poster artists from India, Indian Hippy strives to revive the traditional art of hand painted hindi film posters, which has now been replaced by the digital age, and support indian film poster artists through this unique venture. Indian Hippys designs are a kaleidoscopic attempt to capture the beauty and magic of blockbuster Bollywood Indian films of both the past as well as the present age. Founded in 2009, Indian Hippy is the brainchild of Mumbai-based entrepreneur Hinesh Jethwani. Indian Hippy presents exclusive products hand painted by award winning Indian film (bollywood) poster artists, which include hand painted wallets, hand painted chairs, hand painted bags, hand painted purses, hand painted belts & hand painted furniture featuring Hindi film poster designs in Mumbai, India.
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Custom Bollywood poster art hand painted by Indian Hippy featured in UTV Bloomberg
Custom Bollywood film poster art hand painted by Indian Hippy's team of acclaimed Hindi cinema poster & hoarding artists featured in UTV Bloomberg's Life & Style show. In this video interview, Hinesh Jethwani, Founder & Head of Indian Hippy http://www.hippy.in talks about hand painted Bollywood poster art from the 60s & 70s that has inspired his latest collection of hand painted home decor items & fashion accessories - all of which are hand painted by acclaimed Bollywood film poster artists as well as hoarding painters from Hindi cinema. Also featured in the video are Indian Hippy's immensely popular custom Bollywood film posters. As seen in UTV Bloomberg (Life & Style show): Aired on 9th Oct 2010 - 1:30 pm & 11:30 pm; 10th Oct 2010 - 10:00 am, 1:30 pm & 8:00 pm; 11th Oct 2010 - Monday 10:30 pm on UTV Bloomberg TV channel ... About Indian Hippy Indian Hippy http://www.hippy.in employs talented Bollywood film poster & billboard artists in India. It is our endeavor to further hand painted Hindi film poster art in India and revive the magic of hand painted Bollywood film posters & billboards. If you are looking for the best Bollywood film poster painters and artists in India, portrait painters & artists in India, film poster painters in India & banner painters in India, get in touch with Indian Hippy today. Your own custom hand painted Hindi film/movie poster is only a click away!
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Baracko coin poster gallery
Welcome to the Baracko Coin Poster Gallery. View a collection of posters designed by Ann Martin Papazoglou that depict the coin she created in the bold, beautiful Hellenistic style of an Ancient Greek Coin. The Baracko coin honors President Obama and shows an exquisite portrait of him wearing the legendary lion-skin cape headdress of the mighty Hercules. This cape has come to symbolize invulnerability and winning against all odds. The reverse side of the Baracko coin is inscribed with Obama's endearing rallying cry "yes we can" in five languages.
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Space Jam Closet Poster + Full View Of My Jordan Collection
Check Out What's Really In My Closet Besides My Collection Of Air Jordans
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Photoshop Tutorial : Using Textures as Layer Masks
In this quick tutorial from the Digital Yard Sale, I will show you a simple way to use textures as layer masks to create a distressed, vintage look. This will work on photos, logos, text or pretty much anything. ***IMPORTANT*** OPTION (Mac) = ALT (PC) Any time I say to press "Option" you can press "ALT" if you're on a PC. Hope this helps :) Here is the link to the texture file used in this tutorial: http://www.thedigitalyardsale.com/tut... For more FREE tutorials, textures, brushes, vectors and more, visit http://thedigitalyardsale.com Subscribe to this channel! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... ------------------------------------------ Please check out my gaming channel as well: https://www.youtube.com/c/co-opcritics
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OG Jordan Super Freak from 2000 and Retro Cover 3 in 2010
The Jordan "Super Freak" of 2000 was made for former Team Jordan member Randy Moss. The 2010 retro called the "Cover 3" because Moss is no longer a Team Jordan member.
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STATIC virtual tour.wmv
STATIC is one of the countries largest independently owned Rock n' Roll and Pop Culture clothing and gift stores. All the great items found in an East Village Rock shop can be found at STATIC. Located at 240 N. Orlando Ave. Winter Park, Florida. We are opened 7 days a week. Our phone number is 407-478-1083. We carry hundreds of t'shirts. A huge selection of punk, metal, classic rock, death metal, rockabilly, ska, horror movies, and pop culture. We also carry posters, buttons, stickers, patches, tobacco suplies, bohemian clothing, novelty gifts, hats, scarves, caps, belts, buckles, incense, used vinyl records, tapestries, essential oils, and underground clothing.
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Gary Harvey NYFW 2010
Gary Harvey Eco Couture New Fashion Week 2010 Collection
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Controversial swiss posters book launch (6)
Rolf Thalmann, author of the book "So nicht! Umstrittene Plakate in der Schweiz 1883-2009" presents posters from the book during the book launch in Basel, Switzerland, in December 2009. This is the poster "Besucht die Mutter aller Messen" for the trade fair Muba, "the mother of all trade fairs", designed in 2000 by the agency Lang Gysi Knoll using a photo by Richard Avedon.
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The Net - Pi Symbol Scene
The Pi Symbol scene where Angela presses the Pi symbol located in the bottom right hand corner and then reveals information of thousands of people. Site easter egg.
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Indian Hippy's handpainted Bollywood Hindi Indian Film Poster Art merchandise in Star News
Indian Hippy (http://www.hippy.in ), the leading custom hand painted Bollywood film poster art brand, featured in Star News, Thursday, 15 July, 2010. This video interview/feature covers Indian Hippy's popular customized/personalized Bollywood film poster styled products such as hand painted wallets and chairs that give people an opportunity to own a piece of hand painted Bollywood art merchandise. In the video, Swati Lokhande, Reporter, Star News, interviews the founder of Indian Hippy, Hinesh Jethwani (29), who talks about how his unique collection of customized products that feature hand painted reproductions of old, rare, vintage Bollywood/Hindi/Indian movie posters is creating a rage across the world. To order your very own hand painted, old, vintage rare Hindi movie / Bollywood film poster styled merchandise or furniture today, please visit the Indian Hippy website: http://www.hippy.in About Indian Hippy Indian Hippy employs talented Bollywood film poster & billboard artists in India. It is our endeavor to further hand painted Hindi film poster art in India and revive the magic of hand painted Bollywood film posters & billboards. If you are looking for the best Bollywood film poster painters and artists in India, portrait painters & artists in India, film poster painters in India and banner painters in India, get in touch with Indian Hippy today. Your own hand painted Hindi movie poster is only a click away!
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Revlon Berry Bon Bon TV Commercial ◊ 1960
Uber-Fabulous Barbara Britton literally bursts forth from her balcony to proclaim the arrival of a miraculous new... lipstick and nail enamel!
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Street Art Paintings, Posters, One of a Kind T-Shirts
Street Art Paintings, Posters, One of a Kind T-Shirts, Papavish Om Levinar by ArJeiEimSi. Plaza Colon. Papavish OM Levinar...Actua CREA Plasma...Act CREATE Put-Out... WORLD PEACE by SELF-EXPRESSION in ALL FORMS...
Cooltee-custom-made fashion t-shirts-party tshirts-birthday gifts-funny tees-hoods-caps
http://www.cooltee.co.uk Cooltee website gives you a great choice of quality t-shirts, hoods, hats, mugs, pillows, especially designed by Your creativity or simply buy what you like in our e-shop. In our creator you can find many designs for your tshirt. You can design unique gifts, presents, or just make a funny t-shirt, team dress, party shirt, your photo on tshirt. We use quality printing on quality materials like Fruit of the Loom, American Apparel, James Nicholson, AA, Jako, Jerseys, B&C... Our sortiment is selected to fit every customer. We offer you Ladies and women wear like a womens tshirts, longsleeve shirt, fit tank top, ladies polo tshirt, jersey dress, ladiy slim fit, women sportshirt, comfort tshirt, classic fitted tshirt, ringer tshirt, lady fit v-neck, spaghetti strap tank, racerback tank dress, ladies fitness pants, ladies hoodies with v-neck, ladies hooded sweats with zip, ladies track jackets, ladies rain jackets, shorty sport slips, tanga slips... Mens wear like tshirts, longsleeve tshirts, baseball longsleeve tshirt, polo-pique shirt, men fit t-tank top, men jersey polo, flag ringer shirt, camouflage shirt, men slim fit v-neck, classic fitted t-shirt, micro sport shirt dress, polo blednded fabric tshirt, baseball tee, bsketball shorts, basketball tricot, Jako socks, Jacko shorts, Jako dress, Jako football tricot, hooded sweat, men sweatshirt, men hooded sweat with zip, rancoat jacket, men windbreaker, caps, mens shorts. Also we have children wear , wide variety of gifts like mugs, pillows, toys. It has never been easier. Just choose, design, and we do the rest. We accept payments of most of credit and debit cards , also the Paypal. We can deliver your gift wherever you want in EU. We would be glad to satisfy you and your friends and make your life, and celebrations funny and joyful.
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David Marskell: My Generation exhibit
Kitchener, ON -- Only weeks after closing the highly successful Andy Warhol's Factory 2009, The Children's Museum of Waterloo Region has come back with another hit for the entire family. Curated by award winning Virginia Eichhorn of the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Talkin' Bout My Generation | Youth Revolution and Music Change the World is collection of rock and roll memorabilia and youth culture from the 1960s put into the context of youth culture in present day. The exhibit, which is meant to spark debate between youth cultures of the 60s and that of today, deals with specific issues that made the 1960s the politically charged and created social unrest. Specifically, the exhibit features a collection of rock and roll posters from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum dated between 1965 and 1969; fashion items from the local Fashion History Museum; albums and other 60s memorabilia from a variety of sources. To set the atmosphere, film describing 1960s life and culture and intertwined and original voice recordings describing 60s experiences reflect the vintage. Opposite these items are collections of modern posters, contemporary film via YouTube and voices of today describing their own experiences and feelings on certain social issues. "Overall the exhibit is an exploration of two generations that probably have more in common than they think," said David Marskell, the Museum's CEO. "It's a pleasure to see people of each vintage come in and explore both sides of the exhibit and while they may relate to one, they are enlightened by the other." Ultimately the 1960s ended with Woodstock -- and this summer marks the 40th anniversary of this historical concert. Talkin' Bout My Generation will be on display at The Children's Museum until Labour Day.
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TOUR THROUGH RECORD STORE IN RAYMOND, MS. LPs, 45s, 78s, CDs, cassette tapes, posters, retro music stuff
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Jane Maxwell Exhibition at Lanoue Fine Art, Boston 2010
Jane Maxwell is a collage and mixed media artist based in Boston. Her work largely focuses on women, body image and the feminine ideal. "From movies and television to magazines and billboards, we are continually inundated with representations of the perfect woman - the perfect figure. This work deconstructs the ideal body by stripping away fashion and airbrushing, shaping each form with multiple layers of found materials: vintage produce crate labels, Hollywood posters, and related ephemera. The work often features multiple women in conversation, comparison or repetition, a patterning that underscores the role female camaraderie and competition play in the quest for the ideal figure, and highlights our culture's insistence on uniformity. In the current series, "Reflect," the women are contemplative. They sit. They peer in mirrors. They pose and ponder. The women are looking out or peering back. They are, in a way, both viewed and the viewer...both judged and the judge. This interaction calls into question the complexity and tension between how a woman feels inside, what she projects to the world, and how she is perceived." Each work of art is the result of many hours of labor - of layering, sanding, building up and peeling back, incorporating an original technique that combines overlapping imagery with melted beeswax. The works are then finished with several coats of high gloss resin, vividly bringing to life the vintage materials beneath the modern surface. Lanoue Fine Art 125 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116 www.LanoueFineArt.com 617.262.4400
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Gatling Gear post-apocalypse ad
www.gatlinggear.com Accessories provided for random cult movie needs. T-shirts, vintage posters, wrestling masks, DVD's... Here are the original Bronx Warriors opening credits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuYmMLVkTSw&playnext_from=TL&videos=8uwUDWGAI3A Our version has remastered sound quality though. :)
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Thievery Corporation Design Contest
Some great designs for Thievery Corporation's poster design contest. Deadline to submit is 12/22/2010. See all designs here: http://bit.ly/dcx90T For more from Creative Allies, follow us: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CreativeAllies?sub_confirmation=1 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/creativeallies/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreativeAllies/ Creative Allies Home Page: https://creativeallies.com/
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Psychedelic Sixties 2
Black Light posters from the psychedelic 60's.
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Maybelline Blooming Colors Makeup TV Commercial
Another mid-80's offering from Maybelline. This time it's Blooming Colors Makeup. Not particularly resonant except I found the clothing very 80's and very seemingly drug-induced.
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American Vintage - The Scarves - Spring Summer 2010
Spring-Summer 2010 collection American Vintage The scarves - Les écharpes http://www.am-vintage.com/ Pour de meilleures performances de lecture, passez à Flash Player 10. Mettre à niveau maintenant ou en savoir plus Fermer Cette vidéo est publique. 10 300 J'aime Ajouter à Partager Chargement en cours... Description : Film de la collection Automne Hiver 2010-2011 Movie of fall Winter 2010-2011 collection Vous aimez cette video ?! Rejoignez la communauté et devenez Fan d'American Vintage : www.facebook.com/americanvintage.fr Suivez l'actualité d'American Vintage grâce à la Newsletter : http://www.americanvintage-store.com/newsletter.php Découvrez l'E-store d'American Vintage : http://www.americanvintage-store.com/newsletter.php Catégorie : Véhicules Humour Éducation Divertissement Films et animations Jeux Vie pratique et style Musique Actualités et politique Associations et organismes People et blogs Animaux Science et technologie Sport Voyages et événements Tags : american vintage collection automne hiver fall winter 2010 2011 boite musique music box Licence : Licence YouTube standard Licence de paternité Creative Commons (réutilisation autorisée) Fermer La licence Creative Commons implique que des tiers peuvent copier, distribuer ou modifier votre vidéo, à condition qu'ils mentionnent votre nom. Votre vidéo sera disponible dans l'application de montage de vidéos YouTube. (En savoir plus) Ajoutée par Aaronyona83 le 22 juil. 2010 Film de la collection Automne Hiver 2010-2011 Movie of fall Winter 2010-2011 collection Vous aimez cette video ?! Rejoignez la communauté et devenez Fan d'American Vintage : www.facebook.com/americanvintage.fr Suivez l'actualité d'American Vintage grâce à la Newsletter : http://www.americanvintage-store.com/newsletter.php Découvrez l'E-store d'American Vintage : http://www.americanvintage-store.com/newsletter.php
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TTK: 'The Urban Equestrian' an art exhibit inspired by Polo RL
TTK, sneaker customizer and artist, fused his love of art and fashion and presented a solo exhibit inspired by Ralph Lauren's Polo line and pop culture entitled "The Urban Equestrian"
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Jordan Shoes I'm willing to sell (starting to have second thoughts)
Various Jordan DEAD STOCK shoes I'm willing to sell size 13, 14 and one 15. I have more DEAD STOCK shoes and a lot of NDS (near dead stock) shoes only worn 3 times at the most. NONE of my shoes are beat up and ALL are in original boxes.
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Punk Promo Posters
My collection of original punk posters.
Views: 1019 thistlefurniturepunk
Bicycle Racing
Early bicycle racing history Excerpt from the feature documentary, Victorian Cycles-Wheels of Change. Produced and directed by Jim Kellett. Today the bicycle is mainly known as a recreational vehicle and is enjoyed by people in every corner of the world. But at its outset, this controversial machine forged roads into society that revolutionized politics, fashion, and social policy as well as paved the way for the mechanized world of motion to come. Victorian Cycles, Wheels of Change is a fascinating documentary about the bicycles coming of age and its tremendous impact on society. It is filled with images of a by-gone era, and the people who embraced its change.
Views: 15864 Jim Kellett
Explore Toad Hall Books and Records
If you're looking for authentic and unique experiences, you've gotta check out Toad Hall in Rockford, Ill. Toad Hall has been Rockford's premier record and book store for over 30 years, with tons of records, CDs, cassettes, 8-tracks, books, comic books, D&D stuff, DVDs, VHS tapes, movie posters, vintage toys and magazines.
Views: 3920 Go Rockford

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