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Oracle Exadata: Smart Scan in Theory
Smart Scan in Theory The first feature I want to look at is Smart Scan. The Smart Scan capability allows the Exadata layer to take over a vast amount of the processing, the workflow to processing SQL, the offload, the workload, from the compute nodes to the cell nodes. What can be offloaded? Row selection and column projection, conventional storage will do block serving. Your session issues a request, the storage system delivers the blocks in database buffer cache all of the dynamic regions of the PGA, and your session then has to filter the rows, extract the columns. With the Smart Scan, the storage tier does not do block serving. The storage tier itself does the row filtering and the column projection and returns only the relevant columns, the relevant rows directly into the PGA of the session that would run the query. We bypass the buffer cache entirely. In addition to that and as part of the Smart Scan, many, many functions can also be evaluated by the cells, so I'll show you a list of which functions can be evaluated shortly.
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Copy of Oracle MAA Best Practices for Oracle Exadata
http://www.techgig.com/expert-speak/Oracle-MAA-Best-Practices-for-Oracle-Exadata-540 The integration of Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) operational and configuration best practices with Oracle Exadata Database Machine (Exadata MAA) provides the most comprehensive high availability solution available for the Oracle Database. Exadata MAA is a very mature and is pre-optimized, pre-configured, integrated system of software, servers, storage and MAA configuration best practices that comes ready-built to implement the highest database and application availability and performance. Many extremely mission critical applications in various industries including top financial companies, telecoms and web customers run and rely on Exadata MAA today.
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Oracle CRM All Things On Demand
Demonstrating Oracle's commitment to ongoing innovation, Oracle CRM On Demand Release 18 introduces industry-leading capabilities designed to drive revenue and reduce costs. Release 18 delivers enhanced lead quality with progressive profiling and advanced data integration, allowing companies to target potential customers with more relevant messages using adaptive campaigns, and to increase conversion rates. Enterprise-grade cloud security helps ensure that critical data is safe and secure in the cloud, providing enterprise-grade data encryption, virtual private network connections and access control auditing, protecting customer interactions in the cloud while adhering to data compliance standards.
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PT 4: Customer Results & Pricing [Extreme Analytics - What's New w/ Oracle Exalytics X3-4 & T5-8?]
http://www.kpipartners.com/watch-extreme-analytics-whats-new-with-oracle-exalytics-x3-4-t5-8 ... Analytics is all about gaining insights from data for better decision making. A recent study by Harvard Business Review cited that top performing organizations use analytics five times more than low performers. However, the vision of delivering fast, interactive, insightful analytics has remained elusive for most organizations. Most enterprise analytics solutions require dealing with a number of hardware, software, storage and networking vendors, and precious resources are wasted integrating the hardware and software components to deliver a complete analytical solution. A high-performance business intelligence system also requires fast connectivity to data warehouses, operational systems and other data sources. Oracle Exalytics is an optimized engineered system to provide the highest levels of performance for business intelligence (BI) and enterprise performance management (EPM) applications such as Oracle Business Intelligence, Endeca, and Essbase. Join team members from Oracle and KPI Partners for this virtual event that examines new releases of the leading engineered system for enterprise analytics: Exalytics X3-4 & T5-8. Guests: Adam Driver, VP, Oracle Gurbeena Sahi, Director, Oracle
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Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems, Inc. was a company that sold computers, computer components, computer software, and information technology services and that created the Java programming language, and the Network File System (NFS). Sun significantly evolved several key computing technologies, among them Unix, RISC Processors, Thin Client Computing, and virtualized computing. Sun was founded on February 24, 1982. At its height, Sun headquarters were in Santa Clara, California (part of Silicon Valley), on the former west campus of the Agnews Developmental Center. On January 27, 2010, Sun was acquired by Oracle Corporation for US $7.4 billion, based on an agreement signed on April 20, 2009. The following month, Sun Microsystems, Inc. was merged with Oracle USA, Inc. to become Oracle America, Inc. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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