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Top Secret Doc Reveals! Portals, Dimensions, Ley-Lines, UFO
Here is the post that goes with the video for more information: http://b4in.info/sXU8 Part One: Something Major is Being Hidden From the Public Eye: A MUST Know Secret EXPOSED! Please Read Before It's Too Late (Link- http://b4in.info/tXdl) Part Two- Nephilim UFO Exposed By Government Scientist Now in Hiding: Top Secret Document Revealed (Link http://b4in.info/hWrB) Part Three- Secret Files Exposed! The Answer Why UFO and Government Mutilate Cattle- Trust Me You Want To Read This! (Link- http://b4in.info/hWrC)
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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - The Secret Is in the Stars 100%
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1! Thanks for every Like and Favorite on this Captain Toad gameplay! Part 1 features 100% completions of The Secret Is in the Stars levels 1-4 including all power stars, super gems, and bonus objectives. Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/ZackScottGames I'm ZackScott! Subscribe if you have not! New videos every day! Episode 1 The Secret Is in the Stars 1. Plucky Path Beginnings 2. Walleye Tumble Temple 3. Touchstone Trouble 4. Mushroom Mesa Thanks for watching my Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Gameplay and Walkthrough! I'm excited for this Super Mario 3D World spinoff for the Nintendo Wii U! As always, the gameplay and music are great! You may have seen a trailer or review, but this playthrough will feature everything including the ending and the final boss! If you're a fan of Nintendo or basically any Mario series, then let's play Captain Toad Treasure Tracker! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes of Captain Toad today! READY FOR ADVENTURE! The intrepid Captain Toad sets off on his own adventure for the very first time through a wide variety of tricky, enemy-infested, maze-like stages to find hidden gems and nab elusive gold stars. Equipped with nothing more than a neck scarf, backpack and oversized head lamp, Captain Toad finds hidden gems, coins and power-ups on his way to the gold star at the end of each tricky, trap-filled stage. Captain Toad isn't particularly fast or strong. He can't jump and he has no super powers. But he knows that sometimes, it's all about wits and perspective. Twist the camera to reveal hidden locations and other secrets. The Wii U GamePad offers a closer view of the dangers and hidden items in each maze, and its gyro controls can also be used to peer around. Captain Toad's world is brimming with life, with dangerous enemies, tricky platforms, nasty traps and secrets to uncover. Each stage is its own puzzle to solve, and littered throughout are hidden items in hard-to-reach places. Can you help our tiny adventurer survive to find them all? MORE ZACKSCOTT Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/ZackScottGames Shirts ► http://shirts.zackscott.com Twitch ► http://twitch.tv/ZackScottGames Twitter ► http://twitter.com/ZackScott Instagram ► http://instagram.com/ZackScott Facebook ► http://facebook.com/ZackScott Steam ► http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ZackScott Steam Curator ► http://store.steampowered.com/curator/2830521/ Ask.fm ► http://ask.fm/ZackScottGames Tumblr ► http://ZackScott.tumblr.com Vine ► http://vine.co/ZackScott ZACKSCOTT CHANNELS ► http://youtube.com/ZackScott ► http://youtube.com/ZackScottGames ► http://youtube.com/ZackScottPets ► http://youtube.com/ZackScottFunClub CAPTAIN TOAD INFO Name: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Developer: Nintendo EAD Tokyo Group No. 2 Publisher: Nintendo Platforms: Nintendo Wii U Release Date: December 5, 2014 Website: http://captaintoad.nintendo.com/
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Natural Hiv Info
http://shop.destroydiseases.com/product.sc;jsessionid=8E08A8BFD9B3216F4BC33C477822383A.m1plqscsfapp03?productId=5&categoryId=1 A natural nutrient based solution is at your finger tips. It is now up to you for this all to take place and apply these life changing principles. Get rid of many other diseases that are caused by a nutritional deficiency. Learn what wrinkles on your forehead and other parts of your face truly mean. This is a one-stop way to learn true health and how to correct these issues! This is a 100% Guaranteed solution for disease in the body! Only the body can heal itself! Hiv has not yet been proven or found but any immune disorder should be taken seriously! This is why the types of foods you eat are so crucial to your overall health. Why not learn how nature indented the body to eat and digest the RIGHT foods? Undigested foods cause more disease! NO Product can "cure" any disease without having the necessary nutrients. If you give the body what is needed with the right nutrients and absorb those nutrients properly, this is where the body can effectively heal itself. This means the body will heal itself with what you put in it. These are simple steps to let the body naturally get rid of this disease or any disease for that matter. Please view my newer video which will give some more Amazing & Effective FREE tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HVkGbHlQH0 Here is more information on how to achieve optimal health and give you peace of mind! http://shop.destroydiseases.com/product.sc;jsessionid=8E08A8BFD9B3216F4BC33C477822383A.m1plqscsfapp03?productId=5&categoryId=1 VERY POWERFUL Natural 100% Handmade Product that Helps anyone that has HIV: http://shop.destroydiseases.com/product.sc;jsessionid=8E08A8BFD9B3216F4BC33C477822383A.m1plqscsfapp03?productId=2&categoryId=1 AZT Drug Killed just about everyone in its Path, NOT the diseases itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9-yN... Please follow "all" information at your own risk, You must consult your licensed physician before starting or changing any new diet or foods. NO product alone or by itself can "cure" a disease! Only the body can heal itself. WE ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS: therefore, we do not diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. None of the information offered here is intended to replace any program that your medical doctor has prescribed for you, nor does it conflict with any pharmaceutical medication you are taking. http://www.treatmentforvirus.com
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The Lord of the Rings Mythology Explained (Part 1)
Before you see the final Hobbit Movie, learn about the mythology of The Lord of The Rings universe Wallpapers from the video available at Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=1385484 and Subbable: https://subbable.com/cgpgrey Official discussion at: http://www.reddit.com/r/CGPGrey/comments/2pky88/the_lord_of_the_rings_mythology_explained/ Hello Internet Podcast on The Hobbit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gsWj8YTOyk#t=2455 Special Thanks: Professor Verlyn Flieger http://mythus.com/ http://askmiddlearth.tumblr.com/ Soliloquy: http://goo.gl/LQEakz @icel, @VivaLaDiva405, Rory Howington, Vijayalakshmi, Jason Arkin, Malthe Agger, rictic, Ian, Saki Comandao, Edward DeLany, Chris Kitching, PervertedThomas, Brian Peterson, Ron Bowes, Tómas Árni Jónasson, Michael Morden, Mikko, Derek Bonner, Derek Jackson, Iain Flockton, Jim, Sokhom Chhim, Shawn Bazin, Finn Kelly, Dan, Christine Dönszelmann, Orbit_Junkie, Eren Polat, Mark Elders, Lars-Göran, Veronica Peshterianu, Daniel Heeb, Juan Villagrana, Ernesto Jimenez, Paul Tomblin, Travis Wichert, Andrew Bailey, Israel Armando, Teddy, Ricardo, Yousef Hasan, Ruud Hermans, Keng, Alex Morales, Ryan E Manning, Linh, Erik Parasiuk, Rhys Parry, Arian Flores, Jennifer Richardson, Maarten van der Blij, Björn Morén, Jim, Eric Stangeland, Rustam Anvarov, Sam Kokin, Kevin Anderson, Gustavo Jimenez, Thomas Petersen, Kyle Bloom, Osric Lord-Williams, Myke Hurley, David, Ryan Nielsen, Esteban Santana Santana, Terry Steiner, Dag Viggo Lokøen, Tristan Watts-Willis, Ian N Riopel, John Rogers, Edward Adams, Ryan, Kevin, Nicolae Berbece, Alex Prescott, Leon, Alexander Kosenkov, Daniel Slater, Sunny Yin, Sigurður Snær Eiríksson, Maxime Zielony, Anders, ken mcfarlane, AUFFRAY Clement, Aaron Miller, Bill Wolf, Himesh Sheth, Thomas Weir, Caswal Parker, Brandon Callender, Joseph, Stephen Litt Belch, Sean Church, Pierre Perrott, Ilan, Mr.Z, Heemi Kutia, Timothy Moran, Peter Lomax, Quin Thames, darkmage0707077, Ørjan Sollie, Emil, Kelsey Wainwright, Richard Harrison, Robby Gottesman, Ali Moeeny, Lachlan Holmes, Jonas Maaløe, John Bevan, Dan Hiel, Callas, Elizabeth Keathley, John Lee, Tijmen van Dien, ShiroiYami, thomas van til, Drew Stephens, Owen Degen, Tobias Gies, Alex Schuldberg, Ryan Constantin, Jerry Lin, Rasmus Svensson, Bear, Lars, Jacob Ostling, Cody Fitzgerald, Guillaume PERRIN, John Waltmans, Solon Carter, Joel Wunderle, Rescla, GhostDivision, Andrew Proue, David Lombardo, Tor Henrik Lehne, David Palomares, Cas Eliëns, paul everitt, Karl Johan Stensland Dy, Freddi Hørlyck Artwork: http://kittyninjafish.deviantart.com/ Music: http://incompetech.com/
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Hypnosis Training Video #367: Secret Language of Feelings -- Part One, the Story Behind the Book
Discover how to have your own money making hypnosis business. Start with my free how to hypnotize video only available at http://goo.gl/mnCf4I For info call 800-965-3390 Happy Hypno-Tuesday! Cal Banyan and Brenda Titus are back to bring latest episode of Hypnosis Etc. on www.CalBanyan.com. In today's episode, Brenda and Cal talk about the book one non-hypnosis book that Brenda read that had the most effect on how she does hypnosis now. She shares the source of her inspiration why she wants to talk about The Secret Language of Feelings book. USA todayCal quickly announces some hypnosis news and tells you about a news article saying that hypnotherapy can be effective for changing behaviors based on studies. Cal and Brenda share their insights about the article. Brenda then asks Cal where is the whole idea of writing the book The Secret Language of Feelings came from. Cal shares how it all started and the story behind the book. He discusses the wisdom of feelings and the connection between thinking and feeling. Things discussed in today's video: • Where is the whole idea of the book The Secret Language of Feelings came from? • The connections between thinking and feeling • www.TheSecretLanguageofFeelings.com contains free audio programs so you can learn more about the "Secret Language". (Shortcut, www.TSLOF.com.) • USA Today: Can hypnosis help you break those unhealthy habits? • www.NGH.net
Top 10 Facts - Five Nights at Freddy's [Part 1]
Twitter: http://lemmi.no/twitter Facebook: http://lemmi.no/facebook [Music] Five Nights At Freddy's OST - Darkness [References & Further Reading] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uUFmXkfYhKiq46Hol5o_YoWrrGn2WmoaZAMS8XugkX4/pub?gid=1291105707 [Thumbnail] http://lemmino.deviantart.com/art/Five-Nights-at-Freddy-s-490241356
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Intro to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Part 1 -- The History
This is the first in a series of videos about Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In this video, third generation Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor Rener Gracie talks about the history of his family's Martial Art. Learn BJJ at http://gracieuniversity.com. Check back later for more videos on BJJ including a video on basic movies.
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Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
Listen to 1989 from Taylor Swift here: https://taylor.lnk.to/1989dlxID Shop official Taylor Swift merch here: http://taylor.lk/merch http://www.vevo.com/watch/USCJY1431460?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=ytd Music video by Taylor Swift performing Shake It Off. (C) 2014 Big Machine Records, LLC.
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Caution! Dulce Base EXPOSED by Insider Illuminati Linked
Here is the link that goes with the post: http://b4in.info/cVTw For More Information See: Part One- Something Major is Being Hidden From the Public Eye: A MUST Know Secret EXPOSED! Please Read Before It's Too Late (link- http://b4in.info/qXVr) Part Two- Nephilim UFO Exposed By Government Scientist Now in Hiding: Top Secret Document Revealed (link-http://b4in.info/eVbk) Part Three- Secret Files Exposed! The Answer Why UFO and Government Mutilate Cattle- Trust Me You Want To Read This (link- http://b4in.info/hWuU) Part Four- X-Government Scientist EXPOSES: Portals, Dimensions, Gateways, A Must See Video (link- http://b4in.info/jX0m)
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Mysteries of the DEAD SEA SCROLLS  -  Part 1   UGFP 4.33
Dr. Frank Stranges makes a presentation in 1993 about the Dead Sea Scrolls before the Aetherius Society in Hollywood, California. This is part one of Doc's three part series about the mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The amazing part of this story is that Doc reveals information that the so-called "authorities" consider classified, secrets that are for their eyes only. But the information was provided to Doc by "a man from another world" - namely, Commander Valiant Thor. The Commander feels this information is so vital to our world today that it must not be kept secret from us, so Doc took a chance by presenting it. Unfortunately, Doc's life was threatened for revealing these facts every time he made a DVD and Doc died from sepsis (blood poisoning) in November 2008 just prior to the release of his fourth DVD on the mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
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Pineal Gland Activation Secrets | Third Eye Conspiracy
Pineal Gland Activation Secrets | Third Eye Conspiracy In this new video I break down the GREATEST COVER-UP to ever exist in human history. It' on your Pineal Gland, learn how to activate it awakening your third eye and extra sensory super powers you never knew existed. Knowledge is Power and applied knowledge is FREEDOM, share this video with everyone you can and help spread this conscious awareness with our fellow light bruthas and sistah of this planet. For more info about awakening others and becoming the change you want to see in this world visit: http://freedomjedi.com Namaste,
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Mysterious Crop Circles Revealed From an Insider
Here is the link that goes with the post: http://b4in.info/sXbs For More Information See: Part One- Something Major is Being Hidden From the Public Eye: A MUST Know Secret EXPOSED! Please Read Before It's Too Late (link- http://b4in.info/qXVr) Part Two- Nephilim UFO Exposed By Government Scientist Now in Hiding: Top Secret Document Revealed (link-http://b4in.info/eVbk) Part Three- Secret Files Exposed! The Answer Why UFO and Government Mutilate Cattle- Trust Me You Want To Read This (link- http://b4in.info/hWuU) Part Four- X-Government Scientist EXPOSES: Portals, Dimensions, Gateways, A Must See Video (link- http://b4in.info/jX0m) Part Five- Caution! Reading This Will Put a TARGET On Your Head! The Dulce Base Revealed From a Scientist Now In Hiding...(link http://b4in.info/iX4Y)
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Let's get || ᴜɴᴘʀᴏғᴇssɪᴏɴᴀʟ ||
Okay, finally written the full description ;) Part one is quite well done, in my opinion. The second one was done in quite a hurry and the quality is really bad, but it ain't to bad. The third part is 50/50. It was also done in quite a hurry but I did do better on that one :D Part 1: Host: NikkiAtobe Extra info: The part meant to be sexy but it end up being more cute-ish. Sadly enough, I can't do sexy stuff :A; But I'm quite happy with it! Part: 2 Host: It's a secret XD Extra Info: I was like, I have all the time of the world. -Was working on the first mep part- SHIT! The deadline is today. So I did made this in quite a hurry, especially since I couldn't effort being late. Part 3: Host: It's a secret to ;) Extra Info: Already quite 'old'. I remembered that I worked on it on the night of 1 January 2014. I was chatting with Alex and Vincy if I wasn't wrong...
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The Red Queen   A Mayan Mystery part one
Alien documentaries, UFO Documentaries, Best Documentaries, great documentaries, science documentaries, physics documentaries, history documentaries, wildlife documentaries, gangster documentaries, alien documentaries,
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Episode 2 Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Lightning Scarred Planet, Mars (Full Documentary)
The EU2017 Conference: Future Science -- Aug 17 - 20, Phoenix: https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2017/01/22/eu2017-homepage-2/ Year by year the evidence for global electric scarring of Mars continues to grow. Bringing the facts to public attention will be among our highest priorities in coming months. Note: all of the Mars imagery involves actual maps from Google Mars. In Episode 2 Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Lightning Scarred Planet, Mars, David Talbott takes the viewer on an odyssey across the surface of Mars. Exploring feature after feature of the planet, he finds that only electric arcs could produce the observed patterns. The high resolution images reveal massive channels and gouges, great mounds, and crater chains, none finding an explanation in traditional geology but all matching the scars from electric discharge experiments in the laboratory. As a scientific follow-up to Symbols of an Alien Sky, this documentary provides a definitive answer to the question: was Mars carved from pole to pole by intense interplanetary discharge? Errata: The volume of Valles Marineris is estimated by the USGS (2002) to be .92 million cubic miles (3.86 million cubic kilometers). JOIN US ON PATREON and watch our influence grow: “Changing the world through understanding of the Electric Universe." https://www.patreon.com/user?u=180095... Subscribe to Thunderbolts Update newsletter: http://eepurl.com/ETy41 The Thunderbolts Project Home: http://www.thunderbolts.info Essential Guide to the Electric Universe: http://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/eg-co... Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thunderboltsp... Electric Universe by Wal Thornhill: http://www.holoscience.com/wp/ Electric Universe T-shirts and Gifts: http://www.thunder-stuff.com
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The Truth About Ayn Rand: Origins [1 of 4]
What is the truth behind Ayn Rand, writer of such blockbuster novels as 'The Fountainhead,' 'Atlas Shrugged,' 'Anthem' and 'We The Living'? Rand - and her philosophy Objectivism - have been enormously influential to public figures as diverse as Paul Ryan, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Rush drummer Neil Peart, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Hunter S. Thompson, Murray Rothbard, John Stossel, Penn Jillette and many others. Some of her adherents - such as former Federal Reserve Chairman Allan Greenspan - have been criticized for enacting Rand's 'Virtue of Selfishness.' Was she an advocate of egoism and 'me-first' selfishness? Why did Rand hate altruism - not to mention Immanual Kant? What was her ideal society? Is her vision achievable? Should we even try? Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, uncovers the hidden history behind the Ayn Rand phenomenon, in Part One of a multi-part series. The Truth About Ayn Rand: Objectivism [2 of 4] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3dY2K97uuI The Truth About Ayn Rand: Criticisms [3 of 4] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci-JuKYYZOg Freedomain Radio is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by signing up for a monthly subscription or making a one time donation at: http://www.fdrurl.com/donate Get more from Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio including books, podcasts and other info at: http://www.freedomainradio.com Sources http://www.amazon.ca/Ayn-Rand-World-She-Made/dp/1400078938 http://www.amazon.ca/Goddess-Market-Rand-American-Right/dp/019983248X/
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Forbidden Histories - The Advanced Ancient Australians
FORBIDDEN HISTORIES Part 1 The Ancient Australians. This interview with Steven Strong. Steve Johnson interviews this researcher, author and archaeologist who has uncovered Mayan or Egypt- like stonework in outback Australia NSW. The evidence uncovered by Mr Strong now includes, metal artefacts, ancient bones, multiple exact glyph carvings in separate locations, eye witness interviews who testify to an official coverup over the site, advanced tech stone compass carvings and many many more irrefutable and exciting discoveries that he is collating and archiving. Including his latest find of a subterranean network deep beneath the earth in the bushland about 2 hrs nth of Sydney in Eastern Australia. In depth interview which covers Australia day, Capt Cooks REAL orders on his Southern voyage and the laws which he then broke, covers the local elders testimony and very wise testimony from Mr Steven Strong himself. Kangaroo Sketch could re-write Australias history: http://www.timeslive.co.za/thetimes/2014/01/17/kangaroo-sketch-could-rewrite-aussie-history Australia's Stonehenge: the History of an Ancient Stone Arrangement 40 Kilometres from Mullumbimby NSW http://wakeup-world.com/2013/09/16/australias-stonehenge/ Steven Strongs Documentary series Filmed By Evan Strong: Egyptians in Australia Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UBJP-dppNI Egyptians in Australia Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_xyQ4rQ9XA Egyptians in Australia Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXw9aoa-iME Egyptians in Australia Part 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azk5I30Voy4 Egyptians in Australia Part 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiejsOtTfRc Egyptians in Australia Part 6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLIvM1jBvRs http://wakeup-world.com/ In this interview writer and author Steven Strong from http://Forgottenorigin.com talks to Steve Johnson from http://Southeastasianews.org about his latest discovery of an ancient Australian city near Gosford NSW. Max Igans First Edition free Pdf book: Earths Forbidden Secrets Part One http://www.scribd.com/doc/200312758/Earths-Forbidden-Secrets-Part-One
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Far Cry 4 - Developer Diary Part One
Take a trip all the way to the Himalayas to see how Ubisoft found inspiration for Far Cry 4.
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"The Big Sur 4K Experience: Part I: The Day Begins" A Nature Relaxation Experience
VIEW PART II: http://youtu.be/cq8GAb06xSI | DOWNLOAD in FULL 4K/1080P or buy on DVD: http://www.naturerelaxation.com/products/the-big-sur-experience-part-i-the-day-begins-1-hour-4k-nature-experience-purchase-options Part 1 of 4, "The Day Begins" starts viewers at the southern entrance of Big Sur nestled along a soothing lighthouse; as the sun rises through the fog, viewers are next transported to the flower-filled coastlines for a relaxing and cool morning arising with the birds and whales. After a refreshing bath in McWay Falls, the clouds part and sun emerges as thousands of sparkling reflections cast their light on a distant sea, creating an explosion of color and detail as the scene slowly progresses to Bixby Bridge, and then into the redwood forests of Julia Pfeiffer-Burns State Park. Part Two (coming soon) moves into the forests as the day of wonderful sights and sounds slowly continues on, at Nature's pace. MORE INFO/BUY: Part 1 of a visually captivating 4-hour long 4K NATURE EXPERIENCE™, Nature Relaxation producer David Huting combines ultra-high resolution video from the groundbreaking Canon 1-DC and their Cinema Lenses with the breathtaking beauty of Big Sur to provide viewers with an unprecedented natural journey into the heart of one of the world's most iconic and inspiring coastal wildernesses. Utilizing expert video techniques both in-the-field and in post-production, "The Big Sur Experience" presents an attempt by Huting to at last truly capture the immensely healing essence of Big Sur, allowing anyone with an internet connection and computer screen to transform themselves and relax at California's most famous and beautiful destination. Buy this video as a 4K digital download, shipped on a hard drive, or in 1080p / Blu-Ray or standard DVD, with rush shipping options at http://www.naturerelaxation.com/products/the-big-sur-experience-part-i-the-day-begins-1-hour-4k-nature-experience-purchase-options PRE-ORDER THE FOUR HOUR LONG 4K EXPERIENCE (And Save $150): http://www.naturerelaxation.com/products/the-big-sur-4k-experience-the-4-hour-complete-experience-pre-order-sale MORE INFO: Shot on the Canon EOS 1-DC Lenses: Canon CN-E 14mm; Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro on a Mac Pro with 64 GB RAM *Note there are a few jumpy scenes in this YouTube version which have been corrected in the paid versions.*
Zona Tips: Umbrella Rig Tricks on Michiana Lakes - Part One
Mark Zona in the first of a two-part series gives us some tricks on using the much talked about "Umbrella Rig" on our Michiana Lakes.
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Autumn Winter Wardrobe: Part One | Hello October
A whole day of filming = 2 minutes of autumn winter wardrobe goodness! Check the info box for all the outfit info. Part one of my A/W Wardrobe is filled with my favourite outfits for autumn - stay tuned for my favourite winter outfits in part two! Blog: http://www.hello-october.com Twitter: @hello_october_ Instagram: @Hellooctoberxo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hellooctoberblog OUTFIT ONE: Coat: New Look http://goo.gl/YrG5Dl Stripe Jumper: Zara http://goo.gl/FcI9bV Jeans: Topshop Leigh Jeans http://rstyle.me/~2Zhqy Boots: ASOS Watch: Olivia Burton http://rstyle.me/~2Zhya OUTFIT TWO: Hat: Topshop http://goo.gl/FfGMyV Jumper: Tophop http://goo.gl/r3opUC Jeans: Topshop Leigh Jeans http://rstyle.me/~2Zhqy Shoes: ASOS Watch: Olivia Burton http://rstyle.me/~2Zhya OUTFIT THREE: Jacket: Dorothy Perkins Shirt: Topshop http://goo.gl/e6kO3r Jeans: Topshop Leigh Jeans http://rstyle.me/~2Zhqy Boots: Topshop http://rstyle.me/~2vruS Watch: Olivia Burton http://rstyle.me/~2Zhya Bag: Zara OUTFIT FOUR: Hat: Topshop Jacket: Dorothy Perkins Shirt: Topshop Jeans: Topshop Leigh Jeans http://rstyle.me/~2Zhqy Shoes: Primark Watch: Olivia Burton http://rstyle.me/~2Zhya Bag: Zara Makeup: Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow (FIJI) Concealer: Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer (shade 2) Eyeshadow: Venus & Foxy - Naked Basics Palette + Buck, Toasted & Dark Horse - Naked 1 Pallette Eye Liner: Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Liner & Bobbi Brown Longwear Eye Pencil - Bronze Mascara: Maxfactor False Lash Effect & Clump Defy False Lash Effect* Brows: Soap & Glory Archery Pencil - Blondeshell, Bobbi Brown Brow Kit* and Revlon Brow Fantasy Contour: Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder Lips: Charlotte Tilbery Lip Cheat - Pillow Talk, MAC Patisserie F.A.Q: Filming & Photography: Canon 600D for filming and blog photos. 50mm lens normally used. No studio lights. Piercings and Tattoos: I have three forward helix piercings, three lobe piercings and my tragus pierced (and yes, they did hurt) and a nose piercing which I frequently take in and out at the moment. I have a few visible tattoos, and a lot of hidden ones. Disclaimer: This video contains no sponsored content. It is incredibly Topshop heavy but that's just where I prefer to spend my wages each month :) Occasionally I am sent products for review but they will only be featured if I truly like them and use them regularly. If these appear in a video they will be marked above with a "*". Affiliate links are used in this description box.
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Game Theory: Rosalina UNMASKED pt. 1 (Super Mario Galaxy)
PART 2: THE EPIC CONCLUSION ► http://bit.ly/1AE62Wv Can Bullet Bill kill you? ►► http://bit.ly/1lu41Lo Mario is a Psychopath! ►►►http://bit.ly/1nSum0E Who is Rosalina? Since being introduced in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, she's started to show up in everything. But what do we REALLY know about this intergalactic gal? Using the clues from the game...a lot more than you might expect. And what her identity reveals brings up A WHOLE LOTTA questions about the Mario franchise... Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory: http://bit.ly/1zz3t7E Culture Shock: http://bit.ly/1sw7aZ8 Digressing and Sidequesting: http://bit.ly/1rxBUgz Crossover: http://bit.ly/1t9AclA
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How To Play Piano By Ear | PART 1 of 2
How to play piano by ear. ***OPEN ME FOR LINKS/INFO*** SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://goo.gl/GNo4S3 Subscribe to my performance channel: http://goo.gl/t58h6y My online music shop: https://www.amsmusicshop.com/ This is a part 1 video on how to play by ear. There is no definitive answer for all this, or one single way to do it, but it is at least MY way. Part 2 is how to add a left hand to what you have played and just learnt in the right hand which is here: http://youtu.be/3lGEDUidiwQ Decent little pianos I recommend for Amazon.com: Yamaha NP31 - http://goo.gl/pBY1hh Yamaha NP31 - bundle: http://goo.gl/wXa6nl Casio CDP120 - http://goo.gl/0cxqyx Casio CDP120 - bundle: http://goo.gl/ADHExw Yamaha P105 - http://goo.gl/s11aOF Yamaha P105 - bundle 1: http://goo.gl/3pLunN Yamaha P105 - bundle 2: http://goo.gl/sxmEBs Decent ones for Amazon.co.uk: Yamaha NP31 - BLACK: http://goo.gl/6ly2Vn Yamaha NP31 - SILVER: http://goo.gl/M68QWh Yamaha NP31 Black - bundle: http://goo.gl/f9tXmJ Casio CDP 120: http://goo.gl/CX4R1q Casio CDP 120 - bundle: http://goo.gl/exTEjy Yamaha P105: http://goo.gl/sTA8RD Yamaha P105 - bundle: http://goo.gl/Cp2B0I Amazon.com Yamaha FC4 Sustain Pedal: http://goo.gl/enHttT Amazon.co.uk M-Audio Sustain Pedal: http://goo.gl/t0DnUH
Bodenham Manor Part 4 Info & EXTRAS
Bodenham Manor Part 4 Info & EXTRAS http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org The Artist Mental Patients. Everything in this video is alledgedly By watching this video you agree fully with the complete terms & conditions by me for a copy of the terms & conditions contact SriLanKerC By watching this video you agree & accept you are entering into a contract and agrre with this in full. for a copy of the contract please contact SriLanKerC
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Secret Chemtrail Pilot Speaks, on Dec 8, 2014
This video contains text, which was forwarded to me. The source is highly credible, and has given permission to post his youtube account here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRsWDIVEpgVdHbpyIzWnARA/videos If you have questions, you can contact him directly. This message originally came from a USAF pilot, who flies Aerosol Tankers, as part of the secret Indigo Skyfold (geoengineered aerosol "chemtrail") program. Please save this text, and forward the video! (The text was too long for Youtube to put in the description, so I will put the entire message in the comments section.) I've known the source for over a year, and I have POST confirmation of most of the things he's told me, IN ADVANCE. Also, IF THIS WAS DISINFO, the last message from the pilot would be "after Jan 20, 2015, they are shutting down the program". INSTEAD, he says the opposite: "a very new "extremely toxic" chemtrail mix, is going to be sprayed. Using new technology, that makes these special chemtrails, completely invisible." That is not how disinfo works. The last communication was the opportunity to calm the herd, instead, it is a call to action. If you have a geiger counter, with an alpha/beta probe, please test the aerosol fallout. The best way to test the aerosols, is to wipe your car hood, and windshield, with a clean paper towel, after a dry period of heavy spraying. Then, test the towel for alpha and beta radiation. This is especially important in California, which has no natural radon sources upwind. BTW, the building at 7:30 is the International Criminal Court, at The Hague, Netherlands. This is where the criminals behind these programs need to be taken, to be put on trial, while the world watches. P.S. if anyone can do a better job of narration, please upload your own video! Don't let this disappear from the internet! The first comment has the complete pilot text, so please copy it, and spread the word. Thanks! P.P.S. This is my only video, where a shady group of investors offered to purchase the rights to the video. I didn't sell, of course. No money should change hands, while the public is being offered this information. Fair Use Notice: In case any of the images are copyrighted, here is a Fair Use Notice: This video may contain copyrighted material encountered in the Internet, the use of which could not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economy, democracy, scientific and social justice issues, etc... We believe this constitutes a "fair use" of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this Site is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information please visit: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml
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STAR CITIZEN Inspired Trailer - Homecoming: Part One
Free music download: flac/mp3/aiff: https://worldbeyond.bandcamp.com/album/homecoming-part-one Part Two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocSyvOgf6zs Homecoming: Part One is an orchestral cinematic tribute to the videogame Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games and its powerful community making this dream come true. Lyrics: A spinning vortex shines where dreams merge with the real, A universe alive, creates and turns to dust, The space has many different voices to reveal Its hidden mysteries. And now it's calling you at last... Go for the burning stars, those beacons far away, Where they'll reveal a path into the sunlit kingdom. And, breaking from their frozen prisons as they wake, The comets, dogs of white, will venture as you meet them To take you to the very edges of the void For even the inanimate cannot cross all the borders. But do not rush to leave and watch as there, devoid Of warmth, yet gleaming are the lights of alien sapphire worlds. And maybe then you'll know that peace has many forms, That there is life for which there's been no name to grant. And that which is called emptiness by any human norms Is, as a matter of fact, the very World Beyond. Defying all description it's running in your blood So shut your eyes and tell me, just tell me if you feel This shining vortex spinning where all dreams merge with the real - The Universe forever in the bottom of your heart.
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Upper Dolpo Nepal - Exploring The Hidden Tibet
Trek in Upper Dolpo Nepal - Circuit from Juphal through Phoksundo to Shey Gompa, Saldang, Shimen, Tinje and Charkha, then detour ⬇️more info below⬇️ due to October 14, 2014 storm back to Juphal via Dunai. For a hi-res gallery of photos featured in this video see: https://goo.gl/hSkLPf Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonathan_stewart_photos/?hl=en Article from NYT about the storm: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/17/world/asia/hikers-blizzard-nepal.html Logistics in Nepal courtesy of Adventure Thirdpole Treks http://www.expeditionnepal.com I use Sony cameras - For this trip the A99 and RX100iii.
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The Act of 1871 Fully Exposed The United States
www.anticorruptionsociety.com . http://anticorruptionsociety.com/ Under the tab SOURCE DOCUMENTS. http://anticorruptionsociety.com/source-documents/ The Great American Adventure http://anticorruptionsociety.com/the-bankruptcy-of-america-1933/ Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustice Mullins http://arcticbeacon.com/books/Eustace_Mullins-SECRETS_of_the_Federal_Reserve_Bank.pdf The Synagogue of Satan Andrew Carrington Hitchcock pdf http://www.conspirazzi.com/e-books/hitchcock-synagogue-satan.pdf A History of the House of Rothschild http://www.rense.com/general88/hist.htm A History of the House of Rothschild pdf http://www.pdfarchive.info/pdf/F/Fe/Ferguson_Niall_-_The_House_of_Rothschild.pdf barefootsworld.com Who is Running America pdf http://stopthecrime.net/USA%20CORP,USA%20Bankruptcy%202p%20brochure.pdf http://www.barefootsworld.net/usfraud.html http://www.barefootsworld.net/ barefootsworld.com A Special Report on the National Emergency pdf http://www.barefootsworld.net/srwep.html 1 USA INC - The creation of a fake government by AntiCorruption Society.com pdf http://www.stopthecrime.net/Articles%20of%20Incorporation%20-%20timeline%20text.pdf http://www.barefootsworld.net/srwep.html Search They Own it All by Ronald Mcdonald and R Rowen Google search:: https://www.google.com/#q=THE+UNITED+STATES+CORPORATION+Company THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION Company https://www.cscglobal.com/global/web/csc/home THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY Licensing http://li-public.fmcsa.dot.gov/LIVIEW/pkg_html.prc_proc_servers?cov_id=22&pv_vpath=LIV%20IEW&pv_web_user_type=P Corporation Service Company Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporation_Service_Company United States Corporation Company: Certificate of incorporation http://www.slideshare.net/nikihannevig/united-states-is-a-corporation-ie-articles-of-incorporation-of-us-corp-company Our Hidden History of Corporations in the United States http://reclaimdemocracy.org/corporate-accountability-history-corporations-us/ Video Mirrored from Friend relocalization· Playlist of Videos Here:: Show your Support and Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UEUvKlaEEc&list=UUZAQOzeNBmHVy7k2g46bQ4Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VFyQb2kqO0 This information needs to get out The truth about the United States, law & YOU (Extended version/more info). This is a MUST WATCH ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP9ZKVwiJ-E The Federal and State Governments are not what we think, They are Privately owned Corporations called Governments,and their Law is nothing more than their Corporate regulations called statutes Part 2- Google search:: Henry Clay Crawford Secretary of State https://www.google.com/#q=Henry+Clay+Crawford+Secretary+of+State This was hard to find Google search:: 100009 Filed July 15th 1925 Page 1 Articles of Incorporation Certificate of UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY.. http://www.leg.wa.gov/CodeReviser/documents/sessionlaw/1925pam1.pdf Page 2 http://www.leg.wa.gov/CodeReviser/documents/sessionlaw/1925pam1.pdf Google search:: July 15th 1925 UNITED STATES INCORPORATED https://www.google.com/#q=July+15th+1925+UNITED+STATES+INCORPORATED Supreme Court Annotated Statue, Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States 318 U.S. 363-371 1942,,http://anticorruptionsociety.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/clearfield-doctrine.pdf Google search:: Henry Clay Crawford https://www.google.com/#q=Henry+Clay+Crawford http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Clay_Crawford United States presidential election, 1824 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_election,_1824 Google search:: Henry Clay Crawford July 15th 1925 https://www.google.com/#q=Henry+Clay+Crawford+July+15th+1925+ FULL TEXT, http://archive.org/stream/reportofsecr19231924flor/reportofsecr19231924flor_djvu.txt Google search:: 65 Cedar st New York City https://www.google.com/#q=65+Cedar+st+New+York+City VIDEO MIRRORED FROM relocalization Playlist Video One https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UEUvKlaEEc&list=UUZAQOzeNBmHVy7k2g46bQ4Q Playlist Video 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VFyQb2kqO0&list=UUZAQOzeNBmHVy7k2g46bQ4Q YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/relocalization/videos Google+ Account https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/107652877306086438449/101901816422983311228/about?pageid=107652877306086438449
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Pokemon Sweets: Part One {Update Info Included}
WARNING: RANDOM COUGHING HAPPENS SO BEWARE HEADPHONE USERS Why the hell not play Pokemon Sweet version? Found out about it today and just went, Yeah! Let's do that! (✪㉨✪) Enjoy~! Sub for more~: http://www.youtube.com/fmafanxiii Don't forget to like and give some feedback cause that helps loads Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/fmafanxiii Twitter: @Gamerg1rl13
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Secret Space Secret Past.
http://www.holographic-disclosure.com/ http://6000yearoldhealthsecrets.com/ http://www.powermindsubliminal.com/ The discoveries presented here will shock you.. There's a worldwide conspiracy regarding disinformation that's been going on since the beginning of time, all 6000 illusory years of it. This conspiracy is about UFO's , Aliens, Reptilians, Religion, Super Technologies, Evolution and our true past....... There’s a scandal going on in the scientific world today involving the suppression of information: Information deliberately held back from public view. It's a scandal that is cheating you of your ancestry and robbing you of many serious benefits. Artifacts deliberately dumped in the Atlantic Ocean... Certain discovery sites banned to researchers who ask embarrassing questions... an archaeologist ordered to deny a major Find: There’s a worldwide conspiracy regarding disinformation that’s been going on since the beginning of time, all 6000 illusory years of it.This conspiracy is about UFO’s , Aliens, Reptilians, Religion, Super Technologies, Evolution and our true past....... The video is content protected, and logo protected, please refrain from uploading , Secret Key Activator Productions © Most Music is licensed to Secret Key Activator, Many thanks to Johnathan Gray for his kind Permission to reproduce his Findings. Please check our website for his book. Other Subjects include: The Sputnik one satellite, Black night satellite, Operation Moon blink, Mars discoveries, moon discoveries, Bruce Cathie, Anti Gravity, Jim Keith “Saucers of the ILLUMINATI, Worldwide Pyramids, The epic of Etana from Babylon, Ancient flying machines, Ancient Secret Technology, Helium 3, Pillars (called "menhirs"), gravity, electromagnetism, gigantic human beings, Forbidden knowledge, the Vatican, Nikola Tesla’s ,sacred geomerties, Dinosaur Hoaxes, stone henge, Free healing, False time readings, carbon 14 dating, law of thermodynamics, 2nd law of thermodynamics, The Deluge, the flood, uniformitarianism. The Palaeolithic and the Neolithic, ape men, cavemen, stone age deception, Cope’s Law’, Darwinism, Piltdown man, Nebraska man, lucy Australopithecus, missing link, Chromosome break down, GOD Gene called VMAT2, Pineal gland, 1700 BC nuclear warfare, Kabbalistic knowledge, The Piri Reis map dated 1508 , Ancient technologies, computers, X-ray crystals, mercury motors, cloaking technology, vortex mirrors, Egyptians drills 500 times faster than modern power drills. Precision Mayan surgical instruments that were a thousand times sharper than modern platinum-plus blades. Machine-cut optical lenses, Screen projectors. 716 rhythmically pulsating “electric” disks (similar to computer disks) found in caves in the Bayan-Kara-Ula mountains. Egypt’s mysterious moving walls, Automatically flashing lights and lamps that shone century after century, non-stop? Luxuries ancient cruise ships, fashion, levitation and antigravity. Ancient texts reveal "the secret of making planes invisible". Flying disks. Musical crystal skulls. Singing statues, The great library of Alexandria, The library of Pergamos VANISHING EVIDENCE, famous collection of Pisistratus in Athens, homers writing, books in Constantinople, books in Constantinople, Emperor Tam Shi Hwang-ti, Druidic scrolls in Autun, Colonization of planets. Secret moon activities. Strange experiments, Atomic testing and regional wars. Hyping a false Alien Agenda. Hyping Noah’s flood and religious cleansing. New age deceit. Depopulation of the planet as we speak. Dead zones around the planet. Haarp related experiments around the planet. Hoarded hidden technology 100 years in advance to what the public allowed to view. The destruction and looting of libraries around the world. Uprising’s and economic collapse. Just to name a few of the subjects. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing for the use of some background clips only. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
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Ideas to get SALES selling Jamberry! (PART TWO)
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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro and Starter Evolutions
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1! Thanks for every Like and Favorite on Pokemon Omega Ruby! Part 1 features the Intro and my starter evolutions! Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/ZackScottGames I'm ZackScott! Subscribe if you have not! New videos every day! Thanks for watching my Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Gameplay and Walkthrough for the Nintendo 3DS! I'm playing the Omega Ruby version, but Alpha Sapphire is also available! You may have seen a demo or trailer, but this playthrough will feature everything including my review, the ending, and mega evolutions! If you're a fan of Pokemon, then let's play Pokemon Omega Ruby! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes of Pokemon Omega Ruby today! POKEMON OMEGA RUBY AND ALPHA SAPPHIRE Prepare for an epic adventure exploring a world filled with Pokémon in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Your adventure takes place in Hoenn, a region that consists of a main island that stretches widely from east to west, along with countless small islets that dot the deep blue sea around it. A live volcano steams constantly in the heart of this green-covered island. Look forward to a region rich with natural beauty, a variety of Pokémon, and extraordinary people! The identities of the Pokémon on the boxes of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire have been revealed! Their names are Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, respectively. These Pokémon will have a great role to play in shaping the stories in which they each appear! Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire tell a grand tale that draws ever closer to the heart of the secrets behind Mega Evolution, said to be the greatest mystery of the Pokémon world. One of your many goals will be to seek out these powerful Pokémon and unlock their incredible potential. Pokémon fans first enjoyed Pokémon Ruby Version and Pokémon Sapphire Version when it launched in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance. Now, a whole new generation of Pokémon fans will experience the dramatic storyline that unfolds in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. MORE ZACKSCOTT Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/ZackScottGames Shirts ► http://shirts.zackscott.com Twitch ► http://twitch.tv/ZackScottGames Twitter ► http://twitter.com/ZackScott Instagram ► http://instagram.com/ZackScott Facebook ► http://facebook.com/ZackScott Steam ► http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ZackScott Steam Curator ► http://store.steampowered.com/curator/2830521/ Ask.fm ► http://ask.fm/ZackScottGames Tumblr ► http://ZackScott.tumblr.com Vine ► http://vine.co/ZackScott ZACKSCOTT CHANNELS ► http://youtube.com/ZackScott ► http://youtube.com/ZackScottGames ► http://youtube.com/ZackScottPets ► http://youtube.com/ZackScottFunClub POKEMON OMEGA RUBY AND ALPHA SAPPHIRE INFO Name: Pokemon Omega Ruby / Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Developer: Game Freak Publisher: Nintendo, The Pokemon Company Platforms: Nintendo 3DS Release Date: November 21, 2014 Website: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-video-games/pokemon-omega-ruby-and-pokemon-alpha-sapphire/
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True Facts About The Octopus
music: http://www.soundcloud.com/querflote Special thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for letting us shoot on location! Check out youtube.com/MontereyBayAquarium http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/ Another big thank you to MBARI for their amazing deep sea footage http://www.mbari.org/ Cirrate in pineapple posture :: http://mbari.org Dumbo octopus swimming :: http://mbari.org Amazing Octopus Transformation :: robert karchut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOwE1DO3U_Y Cute octopus getting away with its shell :: arhnue tan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Bhk8AIRsqU Octopus :: Timothy Ewing/Vimeo https://vimeo.com/80781799 Hunting Octopus :: Pasi Lensu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZD-PAjLeHw Feeding Red Octopus :: http://mbari.org White Octopus In Jar :: Getty Images Octopus rubescens and spot prawns :: http://mbari.org Why We're Suckers for the Giant Pacific Octopus :: Monterey Bay Aquarium Octopus picks his nose :: Kristian Pettersson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hWl5A0U4Hc Mimic Octopus mating :: Elisabeth Lauwerys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I65Qlg04D3g Octopus Beak ::Gary Ombler/Getty Images Octopus's Junkyard :: Laura James https://www.youtube.com/user/ljjames33/videos https://vimeo.com/31633968 RuggedTerrain and Good Walk (walking octopus) :: crissy huffard https://www.youtube.com/user/chuffard/videos Little Octopus Climbing Over Rock :: Parry Gripp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Lp5a-r3MJU Octopus walks on dry land, Broome :: Museum Victoria https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lom5kM4ytaI Octopus in Redsea TLC :: adelredsea1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEqYfMj1tWo best octopus sex :: surfbroandy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvoBKAAX_VY more octo hatch, Octo Nest :: Laura James https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUx_2nW_eGw Octo Nest # 5 :: Laura James https://vimeo.com/27141816 Life of an Octo :: Laura James https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP6mUuDXgck Go Baby Go :: Laura James https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv6QhA3fVpI yolk jelly and red octopus school :: MBARI http://www.mbari.org/
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GTA 5 Hidden Places & Secret Locations (GTA 5 Hidden Locations)
GTA 5 Online Hidden Places! GTA 5 Secrets. GTA 5 Easter Egg Tennis Coach! GTA 5 Secret Places Compilation! More GTA 5 Content Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubNPFL Random GTA 5 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTgjgsAz0Fk For More GTA 5 Updates - Check out our social links! ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/noughtpointfour SECOND CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/NoughtPointFiveLIVE ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreddieLikesPye ► Second Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/NoughtPointFiveLIVE ► AverMedia: http://www.avermedia.com/ ► Sumolounge: https://www.sumolounge.com ► Need fuel?: http://www.gammagamers.com/product-grid.html - (Use Code "NPFL" for 10% OFF) ► Gaming chairs! http://www.gtomegaracing.com/ - (Use Code "NPFL" for 5% OFF) If you enjoy these GTA 5 Episode, please help us out by dropping a thumbs up, as it really does show your support, and it motivates us to create more GTA 5 videos for you! Credit to: Music used: Milkshake by Aaron Spencer https://machinimasound.com/music/milkshake Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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Israel's nuclear weapons: the open secret  - Truthloader
Israel has had nuclear weapons since the mid-1960s. They were developed with the assistance of France, the UK, the US and others, despite those countries publicly opposing nuclear proliferation. Israel's possession of nukes was a closely guarded secret until 1986 when engineer, Mordechai Vanunu, leaked documents to the British press confirming their existence. Even so, the Knesset still refuses to acknowledge the programme exists and its allies choose not to speak on the matter. This is a story all about how Israel developed "secret" nuclear weapons. Sources at the bottom. Stop Making Sense: http://stopmakingsense.org/ (On Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stop-Making-Sense/261398560562681 StoneOcean's music: www.stoneocean.info StoneOcean's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/RatedmusicOfficial Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/TRUsub Why you should subscribe to Truthloader: http://bit.ly/1aGJD0a More videos from Truthloader: Syria is starving: http://bit.ly/1bV4tdD What is Israel's Magic Wand?: http://bit.ly/1emh4a4 Where is the most polluted place on Earth?: http://bit.ly/1g21m4d Police officer brutally beaten up in New York: http://bit.ly/18tzhRO Occupy abolish $15m debt in the US: http://bit.ly/I4mYB1 Afghan army torture prisoner as US forces look on: http://bit.ly/HCBcJg Private prisons: How US corporations make money out of locking you up: http://bit.ly/HKLbNb Anonymous Million Mask London 2013: http://bit.ly/16DVDPh Is China taking over the world?: http://bit.ly/HwHcmv Saudi whips and beats victim for looking at his wife: http://bit.ly/1aLlSET The NSA has collected your address book: http://bit.ly/1cswbRD Abductions and executions: Counterterrorism under Obama: http://bit.ly/18G9zoK The war on drugs is a war on you (Part One): http://bit.ly/19pXcgC A race for what's left of the planet - The Arctic battleground: http://bit.ly/15hsbOy Check out our top 20 videos playlist: http://bit.ly/V55Vna Follow us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/truthloader Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/truthloader Join us on Google+: http://google.com/+truthloader Read our reddit: http://reddit.com/r/truthloader Truthloader is a channel dedicated to citizen journalism. We find the best examples of crowd-sourced video and independent content, then use our expertise to add context and analysis. We respond to the stories you're interested in, so if you've got a story you'd love us to get to the bottom of, tweet us, Facebook us, or respond to our videos with a comment - and perhaps check out our reddit. Sources: General: http://www.rense.com/general26/historw.htm Yellowcake: http://www2.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/nukevault/ebb432/ Stuxnet: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/interview-with-whistleblower-edward-snowden-on-global-spying-a-910006.html The Historical Dictionary of Atomic Espionage: http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=t1-UFVOwER0C&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false (search for Lakam) Mordechai Vanunu: http://www.vanunu.com/ Or a profile on him: http://www.theguardian.com/world/mordechai-vanunu Newspaper articles: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jan/15/truth-israels-secret-nuclear-arsenal http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/3340639.stm
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The Science of Marathon Running
Viewers like you help make PBS (Thank you 😃) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: https://to.pbs.org/PBSDSDonate I ran one… FOR SCIENCE! Don’t miss our next video! SUBSCRIBE! ►► http://bit.ly/iotbs_sub ↓↓↓ More info and sources below ↓↓↓ So maybe we can't outrun cheetahs or antelope, but humans are uniquely adapted for long distance running. What does science have to say about marathon running? To find out, (and because I was feeling a little crazy) I decided to run one! Here's what I discovered about the science of long distance running Endurance running adaptations: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7d/Human_Running_Adaptations.png For more on the science and evolution of distance running, from training plans to cellular physiology, check out Tim Noakes' "The Lore of Running" http://amzn.to/1eKYir9 and Christopher McDougall's "Born to Run" http://amzn.to/NnF7wb ----------------- Have an idea for an episode or an amazing science question you want answered? Leave a comment below! Follow me on Twitter: @jtotheizzoe Email me: itsokaytobesmart AT gmail DOT com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/itsokaytobesmart For more awesome science, check out: http://www.itsokaytobesmart.com Joe Hanson - Host and writer Joe Nicolosi - Director Amanda Fox - Producer, Spotzen IncKate Eads - Associate Producer Katie Graham - Director of Photography Andrew Matthews - Editor and motion graphics John Knudsen - Gaffer Music: "Ouroboros" by Kevin MacLeod Other music via APM Stock images via Shutterstock Produced by PBS Digital Studios: http://www.youtube.com/user/pbsdigitalstudios ----------- Last week's video: How The Elements Got Their Names - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtg9p6A6xnY More videos: The Most Important Science Images - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd9328AW64g Science Fiction as Science Fact - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ear4Prg9G8w The Science of Kissing - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwJ-wwF9XVs The Scale of the Universe - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhQ8jUKWef0
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Super Smash Bros. Wii U - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Mario! (Nintendo Wii U Gameplay)
Super Smash Bros Wii U Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1! Thanks for every Like and Favorite on Super Smash Bros! Part 1 features gameplay of Mario! This series will cover Smash, Smash Tour, Classic, Solo, Online, For Fun, and For Glory modes! Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/ZackScottGames I'm ZackScott! Subscribe if you have not! New videos every day! Thanks for watching my Super Smash Bros Gameplay and Walkthrough! I'm playing this game on the Nintendo Wii U, but it also available for the Nintendo 3DS! I'm only a casual Smash Bros player, but I intend to have fun! You may have seen a trailer or review, but this playthrough will feature everything including all characters and a chance to see amiibo figures in action! If you're a fan of Smash Bros, then let's play Super Smash Bros Wii U! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes of Super Smash Bros today! SUPER SMASH BROS WII U Battle it out as Nintendo’s greatest heroes on the Wii U console! Face off against the biggest roster of Nintendo all-stars ever assembled! Send your rivals flying with powerful attacks to earn all-new customizations and equipment that trick out your fighter’s moves and stats. Then power-up and train intelligent amiibo figures to take on your friends! The multiplayer showdown you know and love is now on the Wii U console! Take on all comers as Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, and more gaming greats. Or tap an amiibo to the Wii U GamePad controller to train it up by battling with or against it. You can even pit your amiibo against a friends’ to see how your training methods stack up. MORE ZACKSCOTT Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/ZackScottGames Shirts ► http://shirts.zackscott.com Twitch ► http://twitch.tv/ZackScottGames Twitter ► http://twitter.com/ZackScott Instagram ► http://instagram.com/ZackScott Facebook ► http://facebook.com/ZackScott Steam ► http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ZackScott Steam Curator ► http://store.steampowered.com/curator/2830521/ Ask.fm ► http://ask.fm/ZackScottGames Tumblr ► http://ZackScott.tumblr.com Vine ► http://vine.co/ZackScott ZACKSCOTT CHANNELS ► http://youtube.com/ZackScott ► http://youtube.com/ZackScottGames ► http://youtube.com/ZackScottPets ► http://youtube.com/ZackScottFunClub SUPER SMASH BROS WII U INFO Name: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U Developer: Sora Ltd., Bandai Namco Games Publisher: Nintendo Platforms: Nintendo Wii U Release Date: November 21, 2014 Website: http://www.smashbros.com/
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Destiny - Thunderlord - Guide and Info. Exotics Episode 39
The most secret gun in the game, what's with the secret perk Bungie? Check me out at - http://www.twitch.tv/xelray Keep updated with what I'm doing - https://twitter.com/Xelray Join the Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/XelrayGames Want to support me in what I do here? - http://www.patreon.com/xelray
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Proof Malaysian Flight MH370 at Diego Garcia' U.S. Military Base?
There is so much to decipher through here that it's hard to tell what is being faked and what is the truth is...Regardless of whether or not this story is fake...I think there is a pretty good probability that, that plane is at Diego... Here is the website I got the info off of: http://intellihub.com/freelance-journalist-hijacked-flight-370-passenger-sent-photo-hidden-iphone-tracing-back-secret-u-s-military-base-diego-garcia/ Join us in this discussion at: http://www.mecanxshop.com/members
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The Secrets Of ELBA  EP 1 [ITA sub ENG] Making of Elba L'Eredita' di Napoleone elbamovie
Backstage of Elba Napoleon's Legacy, part one, by Alessio Tanchis Watch the first episode of the movie: http://goo.gl/hcvMmE Watch the free web series on: http://www.elbamovie.com Discover the Island of Elba: on http://goo.gl/ZTAow9 Dietro alle quinte di Elba L'Eredità di Napoleone, prima parte, di Alessio Tanchis Guarda gratis la prima puntata del film: http://goo.gl/hcvMmE Guarda gratis la serie web su: http://www.elbamovie.com Scopri l'Isola d'Elba su: http://goo.gl/ZTAow9 You will find soon the original t-shirt on http://www.oblocreature.it Visita il nostro profilo Facebook in Italiano http://goo.gl/F6DGEq Visita il nostro profilo twitter in italiano http://goo.gl/knCv6F Visita il nostro profilo Instagram in italiano http://goo.gl/K7XMHx Keep yourselves updated on Elba Island; follow us on Follow us on Facebook in english http://goo.gl/BhNl4J Follow us on twitter in english http://goo.gl/VIQEQF Follow us on Instagram in english http://goo.gl/BxkjGb Wollen Sie Neuigkeiten und Veranstaltungshinweise aus der Insel Elba, dann folgen Sie uns auf Facebook, twitter und Instagram auf Deutsch Folgen Sie uns auf Facebook http://goo.gl/lY6ZEC Folgen Sie uns auf twitter http://goo.gl/HaQJbT Folgen Sie uns auf Instagram http://goo.gl/K9D6B3 Restez informés sur les nouveautés de L'Île d'Elbe, suivez nous sur Facebook, twitter et Instagram en francais Suivez nous sur Facebook http://goo.gl/uIiaVn Suivez nous sur twitter http://goo.gl/E5Fs1b Suivez nour sur Instagram http://goo.gl/7dRkPz For further information: http://www.visitelba.info
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Credit Card Balances Impact Credit Score Secret Info
Get Your Full Credit Report For $1 Dollar https://goo.gl/oEkXq3 http://www.creditrestorationoftexas.com/ Credit Card Balances Impact Credit Score Secret Info Credit Restoration Of Texas gives credit tips on how to boost your credit score fast. This Is Part one of 5 very short videos. Visit us at www.creditrestorationoftexas.com or call 1-855-825-4525, we would be happy to answer any credit repair questions.
Antenna experiment. Flying kite with wire. Deadly warning in   info section
Boy electrocuted when flying a kite with wire, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUFXuujdnxA I wanted to see how loud my crystal radio would be if I used a long wire antenna which was attached to my kite. I used 3 to 4 hundred feet of wire for this experiment. Surprisingly my antenna was picking up so much RF energy lightly touching the wire burnt the outer layer of my skin. I have been reluctant to make this video public out of fear that someone might try this and get electrocuted, but I'm hoping most of my viewers are intelligent enough to understand the dangers of doing this near high voltage wires or lightning storms which could result in instant death. If anyone tries this please be safe and do this where there are no electrical wires or lightning storms. The kind of power traveling through high voltage transmission lines is deadly if you happen to get shocked by it.
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Powerful info about you!!!! All power!!!! Part 2
No matter how many trees I touch or when I plant my feet( Nature) will not lead me or guide me to the Annunaki or the Naga...nature releases block energy it circle the energy
Collective Summer Haul Pt. 2 {Coach, J Crew, Victoria's Secret, etc.} | Makeup By Kimm
** READ ME FOR SMILES (And important info too!) My kimono is from http://www.10dollarmall.com/rc/158912/ Part One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfmYyHXrIO4&list=UUP96APMKvoU35pQia36JBkQ LET'S BE FRIENDS! http://youtube.com/lifewithkimm http://twitter.com/makeupbykimm http://kimmadams.tumblr.com Instagram: kimmadams MAKE $$ SHOPPING: http://goo.gl/TLkXN MAKE MY DAY & SEND ME MAIL :) Kim Adams PO Box 196 Allendale, MI 49401 FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: Please contact me at [email protected] FTC: Everything in this video was purchased 100% with my own money! You are BEAUTIFUL & LOVED! - - "Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed" Proverbs 16:3
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Revealed | The Secret in Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
http://www.ChampionYouAre.com | What is the secret in Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? This video shares that secret with you and also how YOU can apply the secret in this classic personal development book, to enable YOU to achieve your goals and dreams faster. As you may or may not know, Napoleon Hill was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to study the wealthiest people in the country to learn if there are common denominators of these successful people. So the question is, is there really a secret within Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich? Yes! It is, first Define Your Dream. You'll hear a couple ways you can do this when you watch this entire video. Then, after you've defined your dream, get a burning desire for it's achievement! And when I started applying this, it changed my life forever! If you've read Think and Grow Rich and you're wondering what Napoleon Hill's secret is, now you know! Now what I've done is define my dream for financial freedom and I'm very clear and specific on the monthly dollar amount that will enable me to get there. When I got a burning desire for that dream, a wonderful solution presented itself in the form of Empower Network. Now, Empowered Network is a viral blogging platform that also has some of the best Internet marketing training that I've ever seen and experienced (and I've been doing Internet marketing for over eight years). So when I saw this opportunity with Empower Network and what these guys were doing and the real people that were making tens of thousands of dollars every month by using this blogging platform and promoting Empower Network, I got excited and I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. And so if you're curious to learn more about how people are actually making $20,000, $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 per month using Empower Network, go ahead and click this link right here. http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret?id=givingisgood Put your email address in the following page and click the Get Instant Access button and you'll watch that video to see exactly how this is happening and how you can get started today. Thank you, Jared P.S. If you just scrolled down and haven't watched the video yet, then you need to click play and watch this entire video if you're looking to discover the Think And Grow Rich Secret by Napoleon Hill. See more personal development, internet marketing, and financial freedom info that will enable you to potentially become financially free doing what you love at http://www.ChampionYouAre.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syXMBixqWRE&feature=youtu.be DISCLAIMER : The creator of this video may receive financial compensation for actions resulting from this video. We are so proud that we give you our full income disclosure! http://theambitiousteam.com/tool/real-time-income-disclosure the secret in think and grow rich, think and grow rich secret, napoleon hill secret in think and grow rich, think and grow rich, empower network, financial freedom, define your dream, get a burning desire for its achievement, andrew carnegie, mrjaredjames, www.championyouare.com
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The Hidden Teachings of Jesus
The Hidden Teachings of Jesus - The real path to god and enlightenment. How to awake God within you. A Link to My Blog: http://www.yogaforums.com/forums/f20/kundalini-and-the-breathless-state-10344.html
The Book of Job Explained
To help support this ministry click here: http://www.patreon.com/inspiringphilosophy The Book of Job is one of the most misunderstood books in the Bible. I attempt to clear that up by offering a different perspective than most people know today. The traditional surface understanding doesn't make sense with scripture or the actual text. This new approach will clear up several misconceptions. In regards to Job 2:3. It is interesting you brought this up, because this was something I had planned to talk about but left it because I thought I was getting to technical. Commentators like John MacArthur note the Hebrew is the same expression for what Satan uses in Job 1:9, "for nothing." Basically God has turned Satan's own words against him. God is pointing out Satan was wrong that Job only worshipped his stuff. Which is something I pointed out at the end that Satan, Job, and Job's friends were all wrong in this. God is pointing out here Job is not suffering because Satan was right about him in this, but there is deeper thing taking place. Job didn't have his stuff taken away for the cause Satan had thought. *If you are caught excessively commenting, insulting, or derailing then your comments will be removed. If you do not like it you can watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn0Hq-sy3Wg&feature=plcp "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
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The Sims 4 | Hidden Child Challenge Part 2: Twins?!
In this part, we give birth to our hidden children? Leave your suggestions below, will try and input as much as i can into the next few parts :) Links! *:・゚✧ My Website: http://simplyapril.blogspot.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/simplyaprilx Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/simplyapril Follow me on origin: simplyaprilx ♥♥ Rules: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=517974
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Mako Mermaids Season 2 Info Part 2/3
Personal Networks: Instagram: dereck_stif Channel Networks: Facebook: goo.gl/XPgY7l Twitter: goo.gl/1Q6G0o Instagram: goo.gl/ymHtsG Snapchat: aeon_world © 2014 JONATHAN M. SHIFF PRODUCTIONS PTY. LTD., SCREEN AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD., SCREEN AUSTRALIA, AND NETFLIX INC.
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