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No Country for Old Men - The Eagle Pass Hotel
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No Country For Old Men - Hotel Scene
In this excruciatingly tense scene from the Coen Brothers' 'No Country For Old Men' Moss Llewellyn (aka Thanos) faces the impending threat of Anton Chigurh and his poor customer service.
No Country for Old Men: Josh Brolin's Unauthorized Behind the Scenes
A piece featuring additional cast and crew interview snippets and behind-the-scenes footage. Directed & Produced by Josh Brolin. We find comments from Joel and Ethan Coen, Jones, Bardem, Graf, Brolin, Macdonald, production supervisor Karen Getchell, associate producer Dave Diliberto and actor Woody Harrelson. It's actually a funny tongue-in-cheek mockumentary. From the film's collector's edition Blu-ray bonus features. Here's Josh Brolin's real comments about Coen brothers: Q: When other actors have described working with them, they’ve said they’re like one mind in two bodies. Is that the feeling you have working with them? Yeah, but you have to understand I’ve done years of publicity on them. We all play up this thing - George does and I do - we all play up this thing about how weird and f*cking strange they are, and quiet, and all this stuff. But it’s really not. Like, Ethan said ‘I saw you on a talk show the other day when we were coming out with Hail, Caesar! and I felt so bad for you.’ Because there was a moment where I didn’t believe my own bullsh*t anymore. You tell the press things like ‘they’re really weird and they’re like one mind in two heads’ and [the press] are like, ‘one mind in two heads, that’s a good soundbite’, or whatever it is. You just lend yourself to it and you know you’re doing it. I just caught myself, in an interview in front of millions of people and I died in my own bullsh*t for a couple of seconds. The truth of the matter is, they’re the most pleasant, collaborative, incredibly creative guys I’ve ever worked with. There’s nothing I would say no to. It could be horrendous and I’d still say yes. They could say ‘we’re going to do a Walt Disney story about pornography’, and I’d be like ‘great, let’s do it’. I don’t care. I just get it, it’s fun being with them. And it’s not necessarily fun, I’m not on the set laughing the whole time, but I very much appreciate their level of discomfort and what I think makes them great writers. That’s all they have you know.
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Bryan Batt & Darren Pettie || Mad Men
Sal and Lee Jon Hamm Orestes Arcuni 1960s
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No Coutry for Old Men - Hotel Scene VF
Je parle de ta nature à toi !
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Old Man's Journey 1 The Hotel Night HD 1080p
This game is pretty good, explore life’s complexities through the old man’s eyes as you experience his heartache, regret, and hope. Thank you for watching, please like and subscribe.
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Why do Young Thai Women date Old White Men
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jouhzu/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Jouhzu/?notif_id=1544507574054799&notif_t=aymt_upsell_tip I interviewed the elderly of Pattaya to understand a trend that I consistently observed. Old men appeared to do well with young Thai women and here is why.
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[Switch] JeGeekJePLAY Old Man's Journey - L'hôtel (Gameplay Scène #2)
Découvrez la seconde scène de Old Man's Journey, où le vieil homme doit se rendre à l’hôtel.
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101 Year Old Eric Is Ready To Love Again | First Dates
Centenarian Eric is the oldest dater to appear in the First Dates restaurant. But fun loving Eric is not letting age get in the way of finding love! ▶ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : http://bit.ly/YTFirstDates First Dates Christmas Special 2018 You only get one chance to make a first impression - and these couples are sharing it with the world. Be a part of every moment as carefully selected couples meet for the first time over a romantic dinner for two. Who do you think will hit it off? What are the best ice-breakers? And who should pick up the cheque? FACEBOOK | https://facebook.com/FirstDates TWITTER | https://twitter.com/FirstDates FULL EPISODES | http://channel4.com/programmes/first-dates/on-demand
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No Country for Old Men (2007) | Chase Scene | 1080p
Llewelyn Moss Chase Scene. Directors and Writers: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Woody Harrelson, Kelly Macdonald.
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No Country for Old Men — Don't Underestimate the Audience
Get your first two months of Skillshare for free: http://skl.sh/lfts6 Support LFTS: http://patreon.com/LFTScreenplay Like LFTS on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lessonsfromthescreenplay/ Follow me at: http://twitter.com/michaeltuckerla No Country For Old Men is a film that challenges the audience in the best possible way. It never condescends and refuses to spell things out—instead compelling us to connect the dots and participate in the storytelling. This video examines some of the ways it achieves this. Produced by: Michael Tucker (http://twitter.com/michaeltuckerla) Written by: Brian Bitner (http://twitter.com/BrianBitner) Andrew Stanton TED Talk: https://youtu.be/KxDwieKpawg Coen Brothers Interview: http://www.ign.com/articles/2007/11/09/interview-joel-and-ethan-coen Check out my kit, from screenwriting books to gear: https://kit.com/LFTS/screenwriting-books LFTS Recommended Reading List: https://www.lessonsfromthescreenplay.com/reading-list/ Translate this video: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=KADoPXknQCI&ref=share Thanks to Diego Rojas for composing original music for this video and this channel! Check out more of his work: https://soundcloud.com/diegorojasguitar TwinSmart's Marxist Arrow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/ With the company Twin musicom licensed under the Creative Commons license Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/
My Grandpa got hit by a car! Want more? Check out the skits Playlist: https://goo.gl/2nRcTF If you like our content, subscribe to Culter35: http://goo.gl/dFUW7t --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want Culter35 merch? It's now available here! http://Culter35.com FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! http://twitter.com/culter35 FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! http://instagram.com/culter35 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! http://facebook.com/culter35 ADD US ON SNAPCHAT! "culter35" Please like, and favorite, if you enjoyed; comment letting us know what you think; and be sure to subscribe for more videos coming soon! Written by: Anthony Mennella Directed by: Anthony Mennella Filmed by: Anthony Mennella Edited by: Anthony Mennella Cast: Anthony Mennella as Himself/Grandpa Andrew Heinlein as Himself Audio file(s) provided by: http://www.purple-planet.com/ http://epidemicsound.com/ #Culter35 #Comedy #Skit
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No country for Old Men | "The Nature of You." - Script to Screen
No Country for Old Men (2007) "The nature of you." • Directed by: Coen Brothers • Written by: Coen Brothers and Cormac McCarthy (novel). • Did you know? The suppressor on Chigurh's shotgun was specially made for the movie. Such a device didn't exist, so the Coens had one invented.
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No Country for Old Men - Crossing The Border (HD)
Moss staggers toward the border to Mexico, meeting on the way three young adults who appear to be returning to the States from a night of drinking across the border. They are not locals, as we infer from their lacking the distinctive Southern drawl. Moss offers to pay one of the men 500 dollars for his coat. Following an exchange of distrustful remarks, they agree. Later, after having collapsed on a staircase in Mexico, Moss is woken up by the music of a mariachi group playing only a few feet away from him No Country for Old Men - Border Scene No Country for Old Men - The 'United States Border Station I do not own this, for entertainment purposes only.
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No Country for old men - Hotel scene
Music by Bastiaan van Bentum, Vincent Steenstra Toussaint & Midas van Jaarsveld
Indonesian Girls Prefer Older Men For Dating, the age gap is not a big deal to Indonesian girls
See the messages I received from beautiful Indonesian women on the best Indonesian dating site: https://www.globalseducer.com/indonesiancupid-review/ thanks for watching this video. please sub, share, like Music : Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... https://www.bensound.com
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MR. PETERSON IN 20 YEARS? (Old Man Hello Neighbor) | Hello Neighbor Mod Gameplay
MR. PETERSON IN 20 YEARS? (Old Man Hello Neighbor) | Hello Neighbor Mod Gameplay | Kindly Keyin Subscribe to Me! http://kindlykeyin.com/Subscribe Watch next ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGRbLvwUfk8&list=PLTtIOF3lZYMHR1Z0bixtpuZAAi6qhLboW&index=2 Video edited by Zachary Simms. Need an editor, contact him here: [email protected] ⭐ MY Twitter ⭐ http://kindlykeyin.com/Twitter 🌟 MY Instagram 🌟 https://www.instagram.com/kindlykeyin/ Watch More Kindly Keyin: Latest Videos: http://kindlykeyin.com/LatestVideos Popular Videos: http://kindlykeyin.com/PopularVideos Hello Neighbor: http://kindlykeyin.com/HelloNeighbor Here are some more videos you should check out! 👉 Bendy And The Ink Machine: http://kindlykeyin.com/Bendy 👉 Hello Neighbor: http://kindlykeyin.com/HelloNeighbor 👉 Finding Bigfoot: http://kindlykeyin.com/Bigfoot Check out this Hello Neighbor mod: https://www.moddb.com/mods/hello-neighbor-sunday-edition/downloads/hn-sunday-edition-pre-alpha-15 Hello Neighbor Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/521890/ Hello Neighbor Gameplay Details: Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house to figure out what horrible secrets he's hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move. Really enjoying climbing through that backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There'll be cameras there soon. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you. Suspenseful horror gameplay (not jump scares) that focuses on sneaking around your neighbor's house Constantly evolving experience where the Neighbor's AI counters your moves, and learns from what you do Sandbox-style gameplay with plenty of environmental interaction and physics #kindlykeyin #keyin #helloneighbor
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No Country For Old Men: Ed Tom Bell visits his cousin Ellis
This is the scene from No Country For Old Men where Ed Tom Bell visits his cousin in a run down shack. They discuss the nature of facing up against evil. This is for Film Studies A-Level Section B: American Film since 2005 (two film study) This is not for profit for educational purposes only.
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No Country For Old Men Coin Toss HD - REACTION
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We're taking our talents to the Hotel Cortez where we meet Kathy Bates & Lady GaGa. Nah, but I wish. Instead we meet Mr Oshiro & his presidential suite. SUB & LIKE for more: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUanUWdn5awRxf22fkEbBJQ?sub_confirmation=1 Celeste Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4aggBkx3ExlQJssMPT_FU_G4mYxaFS3f ▼ Read more below ▼ » HOW YOU CAN HELP SUPPORT ME SUPPORT ME ON PATREON ▸ http://patreon.jamespulse.com WATCH MY OTHER CHANNEL ▸ http://pulse.jamespulse.com BUY SOME T-SHIRTS ▸ http://merch.jamespulse.com WATCH ME LIVESTREAM ▸ http://twitch.jamespulse.com TWEET WITH ME ▸ http://twitter.jamespulse.com TALK WITH DA SQUAD ▸ http://discord.jamespulse.com » MY GEAR FOR THIS VIDEO CAMERA ▸ https://amzn.to/2HGQIo2 LENS ▸ https://amzn.to/2JVGwbZ TRIPOD ▸ https://amzn.to/2IZUdFB MICROPHONE ▸ https://amzn.to/2qF9XWZ CLEAN MIC GAIN ▸ https://amzn.to/2vk3ExH AUDIO INTERFACE ▸ https://amzn.to/2qGhKUj A special thank you to the following people for supporting me on Patreon & being a part of the "Remember Me" or higher tiers for March 2018: Tom Coutts, Zack Roper, Julian Bowlin, Mary Wallace, 3reakdown, theirishborn, Joshua Kukish, Jordan Dundore, Regency Wrestling, Wesley Raffelson, Cokie The Clown, Inzurrextion, Woloaf, HAIL Mendoza, Kriss Miller, Alton Maddox, John Wolfe, Craig Robert, William Coats, Zadok Vatubua, Joshua Akpana, Nick James, Chris Denker. What is Celeste? ▸ Help Madeline survive her inner demons on her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain, in this super-tight, hand-crafted platformer from the creators of multiplayer classic TowerFall. A narrative-driven, single-player adventure like mom used to make, with a charming cast of characters and a touching story.
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Re - produced No country  for old men - Hotel Scene
#shortfilm #film #student #video #youtubr Remake a movies scene by my friends and me for our class
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No Country For Old Men - Hotel Showdown - Music By Yamen Al-Tnnary
This is my music for the project of my music school. The project was about making music for the hotel scene from the (No Country For Old Men) film. Hotel Showdown - Presentation. Yamen Al-Tnnary
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Old man shuffle
Sucks getting old. One of our beloved journeyman stayin alive comin down the steps of a four story hotel were wiring.
No country for old men, the hotel shootout - my soundtrack
Original whole scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPPh1rzBmCc My audio take on the scene
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No Country for Old Men – The Nature of Adaptation
Spoilers (duh) Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4054204 Hey guys, Here's the new video! It's been a year in the making, mostly because I actually wrote it as a thesis paper for my film class and couldn't share it publicly until it was graded. It's focused on the adaptation of No Country for Old Men from novel to film. Both forms of the story are very similar, but this video explores the technical translation and the application of cinematic tools and techniques by the Coens to realize the film. Hopefully you guys enjoy. I'm going to be moving up to university pretty soon. Video production is going to slow way down. I know I haven't produced that much content this year as I used to, and I'm sorry for that because I really would have liked to. Part of it is due to the fact that I'm busy with plenty of other things, and part of it is that I have to come up with an original idea before sharing it with you guys. I'll keep in touch. I won't be ending the video essays any time soon. All the best, Carlos Twitter: @cdrf6873 Instagram: @cdleoriveraf
Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris Hansen instead
A Boston man drives two and a half hours to Connecticut to bring pizza to a 13-year-old girl, and meets Chris Hansen instead.
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"It's a Mess, Ain't it Sheriff" – No Country For Old Men
Ed Tom and Wendell investigate the crime scene.
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Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men) Tribute
All clips and music go to their rightful owners
Old man crept into my hotel bed! RDR2
Red Dead Redemption 2 https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA03041_00
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Do Thai and Cambodian girls prefer older or younger men? I have had many comments relating to this subject, so in this video I give my own opinions. It is, of course, my own personal opinion, and you may not agree with it. I mean no offence to the many young people who watch my channel, and are probably really decent people. Watch the video, and you decide.
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Alex Polizzi Gives Old Man Heart Attack In Red Split Dress!!!
Alex Polizzi shows off her legs in a red split dress! #GirlAlmightyTV #AlexPolizzi
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Old School Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
It’s time to look old! Special thanks to the Uncle Drew movie for sponsoring this video! Click here to get your tickets now: http://dudeperfect.com/UncleDrewMovie/ Don’t miss Kyrie, Shaq, and the rest of their crew of NBA all stars channel their old-man alter egos when Uncle Drew hits theaters on June 29th. ► Click HERE to subscribe to Dude Perfect! http://bit.ly/SubDudePerfect Music by Sam Tinnesz - Legends Are Made ► Click HERE to download: http://dudeperfect.com/LegendsAreMade ► Click HERE to watch our most recent videos! http://bit.ly/NewestDudePerfectVideos http://bit.ly/NewestDPVideos ► SHOP our NEW Merchandise! - http://bit.ly/DPStore ►Click HERE to join the exclusive Dude Perfect T-Shirt Club! http://bit.ly/DPTShirtClub Play our NEW iPhone game! ► PLAY Endless Ducker on iPhone -- http://smarturl.it/EndlessDucker ► PLAY Endless Ducker on Android -- http://smarturl.it/EndlessDucker ► VISIT our NEW STORE - http://bit.ly/DPStore ► JOIN our NEWSLETTER - http://bit.ly/DPNewsletterEndCard ► WATCH our STEREOTYPES - http://bit.ly/StereotypesPlaylist In between videos we hang out with you guys on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook so pick your favorite one and hang with us there too! http://Instagram.com/DudePerfect http://bit.ly/DudePerfectSnapchat http://Twitter.com/DudePerfect http://Facebook.com/DudePerfect Do you have a GO BIG mindset? See for yourself in our book "Go Big." ►http://amzn.to/OYdZ2s A special thanks to those of you who play our iPhone Games and read our book. You guys are amazing and all the great things you tell us about the game and the book make those projects so worthwhile for us! Dude Perfect GAME - http://smarturl.it/DPGameiPhone Dude Perfect BOOK - "Go Big" - http://amzn.to/OYdZ2s Click here if you want to learn more about Dude Perfect: http://www.dudeperfect.com/blog-2/ Bonus points if you're still reading this! Comment: Do old school editor edition 2! As always...Go Big and God Bless! - Your friends at Dude Perfect Business or Media, please contact us at: [email protected] ------------ 5 Best Friends and a Panda. If you like Sports + Comedy, come join the Dude Perfect team! Best known for trick shots, stereotypes, battles, bottle flips, ping pong shots and all around competitive fun, Dude Perfect prides ourselves in making the absolute best family-friendly entertainment possible! Welcome to the crew! Pound it. Noggin. - Dude Perfect
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No Country for Old Men (2007) | Street Shootout Scene | 1080p
Anton Chigurh and Llewelyn Moss Street Shootout Scene. Directors and Writers: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Woody Harrelson, Kelly Macdonald.
Views: 362 About Redd
No Country for Old Men (2007) | The Ending Scene | 1080p
Anton Chigurh Accident Scene. Directors and Writers: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Woody Harrelson, Kelly Macdonald.
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THE OLD MAN AND THE GUN Official Trailer (2018)
THE OLD MAN AND THE GUN Official Trailer Movie HD in theatre 5 October 2018. © 2018 - Condé Nast
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78 YEAR OLD MAN plays RUST??
Its not every day that you meet an 80 year old man playing video games, let alone RUST! Today is the day we meet such a man and learn about his ever so interesting story which led him to be the hardcore gamer he is today. Definitely love meeting unique people like this, goes to show just how many different types of people play rust out there! JOIN MY RUST SERVERS: http://www.thevikingrepublic.com/join/ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikeTheVikee
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LOVE STORY from ANTON&CARLSON (Videos from No Country for Old man hotel scene)
Their relationship are terrible, so i decided why not keep it that way, because love is terrible :)
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How to play 'Old Man Down The Road' by John Fogerty
Super fun song to play! Here we go from rhythm to lead and back again. You'll love learning the main riff and chorus/tag - a great first glimpse at lead playing. Song sheets available free of charge and without hassle or gimmicks at: shanesimpson.com Hope you have fun with this one! Shane
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No Country For Old Men - Sound Analysis
Instagram: @Samthigpen.photography Twitter: @Thiggy4th https://www.facebook.com/samthigpen.photography/
Views: 110 Sam Thigpen
An orphan has suffered yet another great loss. Afam has entrust his wealth in the hand of his promiscuous uncle after a toil for greener pastures abroad, only to be deported to meet his world empty. Starring:AMAECHI MUNAGO, NOSA REX, FERDINARD OHAMS African Films And Movies gave their best to offer this Free Nigerian Nollywood Movie which is a must watch for all lovers of Nigerian Ghallywood, Nollywood and African Movies and Films. Brought to you by Nollywood Star
Views: 78732 Nollywood Star
3:00 AM In A 300 Year Old HAUNTED Hotel...
3:00 AM In A 300 Year Old HAUNTED Hotel... Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubHaileyReese My Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYXg... Last Years 31 Days Of Halloween: https://bit.ly/2DKkqub Loeys Video: https://youtu.be/QgberKtUYUA Andrews Video: https://youtu.be/ERoNnS_u9cM Follow Hailey Reese: Twitter: https://twitter.com/itshaileyreese/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/itshaileyreese/... Snapchat: xohaileyreese Watch More Hailey Reese: Paranormal Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn2wm... Storytime Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn2wm... Haunted House Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGz4w... Popular Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr0Sj... Big thanks to my cousin Brandon & to Kai for my intro! Check them out here: http://macmillanbrandon12.wixsite.com... http://kaivris.wixsite.com/kaibanks My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/itshaileyreese Not necessary AT ALL, but truly means the world as I wanna do so much more for you guys! Business inquires: [email protected] Send YOUR stories/questions: [email protected] My P.O Box: 27075 Dundas McLaren Road, Cambridge On. N1R8H1 My Name is Hailey Reese and I’m so happy you’ve stumbled across my channel! Here you’ll find tons of paranormal videos, story time videos, conspiracy theories and more! I believe in the unbelievable
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An Old Man had a Son who was in Prison
This story taught an incredibly valuable lesson...
Views: 42705 Lessons Taught By Life
Funny Joke - A Very Old Man Took His Young Girlfriend To A Jeweler..
A Very Old Man Took His Young Girlfriend To A Jeweler..
Views: 163830 The Joker 007
Del año 1976. Un verdadero clásico.
Views: 33393484 Johnny LópezTV