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3. Dawn of Reason: ZenWest: MEDITATING WITH A HAMMER #3 of 15 Song CD Costa Rica ZenWest.com

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www.ZenWest.com 3. Dawn of Reason 3;25 Music Ah, the fragility of Reason. Volumes could be written, but we used 59 notes... more or less. Many of the more Meditative, non-Hammering songs here, found their inspiration in the writings and teachings of early Greek philosophers, their progeny, and the Dawn of Reason. You can blame the rest on desultory Western European and enigmatic Eastern Asian influences. 3. Dawn of Reason is the 3rd song (of 15 songs) on the CD Album: Meditating with a Hammer by Costa Rica based ZenWest. ZenWest writes and performs original music. Musical influences are the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Vangelis, The Who. The CD pays tribute to Friedrich Nietzsche, a musician himself, and his Greek Predecessors: Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Democritus, Heraclitus, Epicurus, & Lucretius. Philosophical Meditations. ZenWest's Meditating with a Hammer combines driving percussion with meditative ambience. ZenWest's CD Meditating with a Hammer One-Liner Notes: 1. Good Morning... Dr. Nietzsche 1:34 The album title is inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche's maxim and book title: Twilight of the Idols or, Philosophizing with a Hammer, a metaphoric combination of a Hammer and a Tuning Fork he used to sound out idols... idols of Belief, idols of Ideals, idols of Idols... Are they solid and true? or, Hollow and meaningless? What am I implying about this album? Who are We? Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why am I paraphrasing a Gauguin painting? The eternal questions burn on... 2. Cosmic Gigolo 3:00 Celebrates the joy and fun of dance with lots of Space and no fiddles, though they are implicitly implied sonically they are not applied actually. Though, there is a plethora of percussives. But, that's good right. No strings. We can Dance then, go our merry way... Cosmic Gigolo. Get it? 4. Requiem for the Journey 8:20 A rhythmic cinematic journey into the night. Replete with chanting Gregorians, melodious Sopranos, driving percussion, including a sprawling 11-second drum solo, and of course, sultry Night Sounds. 5. The Same River Twice 5:59 The title and inspiration for the song is from Heraclitus' You cannot step twice into the same river, another of the intrepid early Greeks who dared-think they could fathom without phantoms. 6. TerrorTrain 3:39 So, it's a pleasant train ride into Paddington Station, London... not quite, or should I say not quiet. Inadvertent recording onboard shows the angst and fear we are bombarded with every day, even on what should, and hopefully, will one day be again— a fun ride. Remember Fun? 7. Thus Spake 1:18 Ah, Zarathustra, Mithra, and the Son of Suns where art thou... this Bridge tolls for thee... 8. Original Sin (To be Continued) 6:12 Peace and Serenity at last... But no! What's that? Here it comes again, that ever-chiding, juggernautic, bugaboo of our self-imposed morality Original Sin, tearing through and into the minds, hearts, and pill bottles of us all. Will it never end? Look out! Oh no... 9. Mindful Whirlwind 4:39 Epicurus, also of Ionia but a contemporary with Plato and Aristotle, had a school in Athens, referred to as The Garden. There, unlike nearly everywhere else, men, women, slaves, were welcomed as equals. Epicurus taught Natural Philosophy, discussed things like atoms, causation, and reality. He also was much maligned and villanized for allowing the aforetomentioned entrance and for considering pleasure and happiness an actual Good. Lucretius, a later Roman follower put some of Epicurus' philosophy in the book On the Nature of Things. 10. Pura Vida; Dancing the Equator 11:28 Another journey in life, this time celebrating and embracing the rhythmic and entrancing tropics... Starts out, hanging by a thread to some semi-rhythmic beats, then suddenly, goes to earth dancing stirring the dust of a million years. 11. On a Sea of Thought 3:56 Ionia, that lost coast of the ancients, the beginnings of questioning thought. Thales, Anaximander, and their kindreds plying the waves and skies of the eastern Mediterranean and for the first time saw the World and showed the natural course. Where did we veer? Could this be the song that will help put us back on course? Probably not, but it certainly can't hurt to un-wedge the mind a bit from the moors of mores. 12. Zen vs. West: Meditating with a Hammer 6:54 Ah, the age-old problem Western Mind — Eastern Mind. Order or Quiet? Full or Empty? Drums or Chant? Coffee or Tea? Secondly, okay, the Tuvan, throat-singers are not of the Zen school... more animism, shamanism, with tinges of Tibetan Buddhism... but, with a credo of living life in harmony with the world, we took some liberties and harmonized. Now, that's Zen. 13. Distant Horizons :26; 14. Trans-Alpian Baroque 12;10; 15. Explosion of the Now... Costa Rica ZenWest.com
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ChateauVida (8 years ago)
3. Dawn of Reason is the 3rd song on the CD "Meditating with a Hammer" by Costa Rica based ZenWest. All the songs are original and are written and performed by ZenWest. The next song on "Meditating with a Hammer" is 4. Requiem for the Journey. The previous song is 2. Cosmic Gigolo. The songs are a combination of meditation and percussion that are meant to invoke thought, movement, and a journey within and without. Comments: Good, Bad, or Indifferent are Welcome... ZenWest (Roland Klein)
Maura Stephens (8 years ago)
waves on a beach . . . very soothing.

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