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How To Deal With Style Copycats

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Jenny copying your look at work? How annoying, but as the saying goes imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and you're being noticed for your amazing sense of style. Here's how to deal when your co-worker or friends copy your personal style. What I’m Wearing: Sweater, H&M Leather leggings, Scoop Boots, Kylie and Kendall Necklace, Shopbop Get Styled by Lauren: Virtual Styling - https://laurenmessiah.com/shop/ In-Person Styling- https://laurenmessiah.com/about/styling/styling-packages/ Buy Lauren’s Book- https://laurenmessiah.com/product/the-book-of-style/ Style Freebies: Free eBook ‘Style For The Ages: How To Dress Stylishly At Any Age’: http://laurenmessiah.com/style-for-the-ages Free eBook ‘The Ultimate Guide For Scoring Luxury For Less’ www.laurenmessiah.com/luxury4less SUBSCRIBE for pro fashion tips, insider trends and new videos: http://bit.ly/1N7xVjn Connect with me on social media: Visit the Lauren Messiah WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/1wCjCxF Like me on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1IWQi4k Follow me on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1Tm2ruM Follow me on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/1L4iGZ4 Follow me on PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/1WfU0Ah About me: I am a fashion expert, on-camera talent and a premiere personal fashion stylist in Los Angeles. I believe that style is for everyone. I work to educate and empower women through my daily dose of fashion advice, shopping guides and styling tips. How To Deal With Style Copycats http://www.youtube.com/user/StylistLaurenMessiah
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LizFam_ _ (6 days ago)
My friend keeps copying me and acts like shes all sweet snd all then goes gossiping to our friends that i copied her and it is SO FREAKING IRRITATING
Nana Banana (7 days ago)
My best friend is copying my complete style, everything I wear, and even houses that I build in games and it’s super annoying but all the clothes that I wear look way better on me :) but still like how do I get her to stop copying me I don’t feel happy about it I just feel annoyed like if I can be original then you can too
Rita Mccain (15 days ago)
I love ❤️being a style icon. I’m not going to lie though, the sh*t is annoying as hell. I’m like you didn’t dress like that before. It grinds my gears ⚙️. At least put a little spin on it to make it your own! Lol 😂 copycat
SolarIce (29 days ago)
There is a kid in school who copies my actions and stuff (he is like my nemesis) then he says that he did that thing first and then he always lies about things he does but doesn't admit it
Kalenna (3 months ago)
The difference is trendsetter and celebrity get paid but the person who is copied doesn't and that 's how flattering really grossed. If they wanna pay something, they can pay cash. Some people thinks that when they give compliments, they give big favor but for me, it s a waste of my energy
Eunice Cho (3 months ago)
it's really annoying because my friend copies me every time she sees something she likes. Once, I wore a shirt that had the word "Chicago" on it. She then searched it up on a site and she bought the EXACT SAME SHIRT AS ME. That honestly pissed me off. I told her to stop, but of course, she WOULDN'T stop. When I bought some shoes, she did the EXACT thing. And honestly I stopped talking to her and stopped meeting her. One day, she was like, "hey wanna meet up again?" And then I said, "um... are you gonna copy me again?" She said she had no idea what I was talking about. I told her but she still denied it. Now, I'm still struggling with the fact she wouldn't even TALK to me anymore...
ARGEE REN (3 months ago)
someone who hates me and used to backstab me likes to copy my style. ranging from pose and even jeans. i feel rather irritated and annoyed.
chariii b (4 months ago)
aha well my best friend saw a shirt that i liked and wear almost alot and she had the nerve to go buy it so she has it too and then we went out together and i picked a shirt and she grabbed it too like i dont mind it just pisses me off cause we have to like have our own stuff not match everything!!!! what do you guys think?
Shook Sister (4 months ago)
My best friend copys my style a lot and she trys to act like me and act older then me and sometimes i start debating on if i should ditch her or not 😂
Mishka (2 months ago)
Jasmine Humphrey (4 months ago)
It’s so annoying. My best friend copies me with everything. I said I wanted a denim jacket and a week later she gets one THE EXACT ONE I WANTED. I then get a Tommy Hilfiger shirt in white. SHE GETS ONE IN WHITE. And then I post a photo on my story of me at the shops and I had a Louis Vuitton bag but I wasn’t like showing it off I just took a picture near the Christmas tree they put up and I was holding my Louis Vuitton bag. A month later she gets a very similar one to mine. And when I got a mimco case for Christmas she rages at me because she wanted one but she wanted a glossy black flip case. I got a cream leather case (not a flip case) and it was a gift!! She just chooses to copy me on purpose.
sorryionlyspeakbroke (5 months ago)
just send them copycat by billie eilish
sorryionlyspeakbroke (5 months ago)
im fine with people taking inspiration, i take it as a compliment. but i HATE it when they claim they did it. i also hate when i buy something but the day BEFORE i see someone wearing a similar thing. i HATE it!! but i'll rock it better than them, duhh
joel gurdon (5 months ago)
I’m a trend setter at mainland high schools.
luftsch_loss (5 months ago)
One of my best friends copies me continuously, even after I change basically everything that I do. >:(
KH KH (5 months ago)
I have a colleague who copies me,if I wear red on a Monday, she does do on a Tuesday. And she comes to my office everyday just to see what am wearing to wear it the next day. It's annoying
PahLun (6 months ago)
I was that one loner in the corner but then my old friend started copying my style. That was the last time I wanted to be a loner. I got new friends, I dont talk to him that much anymore and I want to ignore him out of my life.
vanillaa (6 months ago)
lmao i have a younger cousin who copies my style all the freaking time. i’ve finally found my own, and she’s got the same clothes as me or items that are in different colors. she even bought knock off shoes that look like mine. although, i’m still very annoyed i try to think of it differently and that she sees me as inspiration without her realizing it. maybe one day i’ll go off on her, but rn i’ll let her be😂😂😂😂
A girl is copying me like in everything: activities, style etc. She looks really desperate
Loki The Dog (7 months ago)
And how about when they copy your style just for annoying you,like a revenge,and not because you are an inspiration?
Camila Noriega (7 months ago)
Thank you so much! This really helped. Like if this helped you
lea rodriguez (7 months ago)
im struggling with something...its like when they coppied you,you become insecure that you cannot be your style anymore...i feel inferior and not become that anymore becaus e someone stole it and i feel inferior about it now..this person keeps doing it in my face and like this person noticed how i feel so this person now is trying to intimidate me in a subtle way...if im happy,this person cannot leech on to me,but when im sad keeps leeching on me..also because this person is getting alot from me as in sucking out things,like its dispencing from me,taking(i dont know what else this person could take from me),he is like really nice to me because this person is taking from me and im gonna be drained..as of now i feel sad and as if numb,this person is always around i feel cold,and feel just like ignoring(how could i ignore when they are always trying to intimidate you)...its insidious,u know the movie..i know the word insidious and its that to me..what a person who is so insecure and jelous and intimidated by you could do...im the only one that notices that..and it sounds crazy...
Alhassan (7 months ago)
when a person calls you out for wearing something in a similar way to them and then when I started to do my own thing, that person started to copy me and would buy the same clothing item a week later... its so annoying.
Mr. Rainbow (7 months ago)
I'm not even here because someone is copying my clothing style. It's because someone is copying my art style and she's not even crediting me.
Courtney Averett (8 months ago)
I wore these very unique leggings to the gym that I’m pretty sure no else had at that gym. A few months later I saw a girl walking out in those same leggings...the same girl who got between me and a male gym partner a year ago - she was deliberately being overly sexual at the gym in an attempt to steal his attention from me. Go figure I understand the trend setting but this all gets annoying after awhile.
TheActs Of Crazy (9 months ago)
Yes I need this!
seavey snatched (9 months ago)
people say I'm popular, which I don't like considering myself that, but yes I am friends with almost everyone in my grade. I got vans about two years ago (because they were my favorite band's go-to shoes) and ever since then, I've been seeing more and more people wearing the same shoes as me. since the school year is starting in a few days, I've gotten 4 snapchat/dm pictures with people and their new vans. I get it, you can wear whatever you want, but it's kind of annoying when they just copy you. vans are great shoes, but nobody I know personally skates (besides me), and vans are known as skating shoes. it's flattering people like my aesthetic, don't get me wrong, but to straight up copy me and my style? no sis, we do not stan.
ROSLYN JONES (9 months ago)
I hate when women act like this. If you purchased something in a store, guess what? Other women went to the same store too. If you want to be sooo unique, get your clothes made!!!
Nathaniel Essex (10 months ago)
Why wouldn't the style be as awesome or even better on the imitator? Just take for instance an incredibly attractive woman like beyonce copying the style of a less known not as "attractive" person. Imitation is a social problem that's hard to get around as hypocrisy is always in the mix. We have all imitated sometime in our life. The best coping strategy would be a shift in perspective. As Einstein said, "you can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created it in the first place."
Thank you 😎
I'm so awesome awesome sauce
ARGEE REN (11 months ago)
My copycat simply copied my fashion style, the way I pose and my smile 😅
Ariana Grande fan (1 year ago)
My friend copied me and she said, “YOU COPIED ME” UGH
Doxy Deity (1 month ago)
Ariana Grande fan I’d say how did I copy you when I did it first and you’re weak bc you won’t admit it. Drop that “friend”.
Mikayla Clark (1 year ago)
its annoing bc i dont get my props for what i do...
muriel villegas (1 year ago)
is weird because is not like they give you credit... is annoying that your personality, what makes you unique is just copied, and you even get overshadowed... i'm upset because i hace a friend who always likes my stuff and wants everything i have. i collect dolls and she started asking questions,now she is collecting the same dolls,she even looks like me. her hair and all that... the clothes ... i whish she had her own trade mark
Magic Abby (1 year ago)
Another way: i told this girl that I know she was copying and not to say that I am "acussing her" and she stoped
Baby Girl (1 year ago)
I got a classmate in my college who keeps copying my style. It is way too obvious. Nobodys in my class until this day uses style i use; is to wear all black everyday. I love wearing all black since long time ago. And this girl even since at first days and weeks she is that ‘lolita’ girl who wears all pink all day, even my friend stalked her social media she uses to wear all pink and girlysh styles a lot and almost never wearing all that kind of black or any dark styles. She even confesses on her socmed that pink is her life. And then currently she started to wear all black, she even dyed her hair from blonde to black also. All brand of black and it's honesly kind of annoys me and glad it's not only me who notices. But no matter how hard i start to think positively it kind of hard and still annoying to me because copycats always be my biggest pet-peeves.
Gacha Matcha (1 year ago)
Here is one: I was one class with one of my old friend, i remembered that she was the most annoying friend from all of my friends. I was friends with her at 3rd grade, BUT i actually was pretty much forced to be friends (cuz i didn't have friends 😂) all she does is literally TELLS ME TO DO EVERYTHING FOR HER! She tells me to pick up her books,get her bags,BUY HER FOOD OR UNLESS SHE WON'T TALK TO ME. I was very stupid back then, so i agreed. That went on until i went to 4th grade, when i met new friends that made me happy! That happiness lasted only until 5th grade. So at 6th grade i was one class with her again, and i already became more independent so she doesn't tell me to do things for her anymore BUT she COPIES EVERYTHING I DO!! even one of my classmates told me that SHE NEVER SPOKE ENGLISH(i am indonesian and i am the only one to speak in english in school) she said that she never spoke in english and only spoke english at 6th grade!!! She said she only wanted to show off her skills or bla bla bla...well, i didn't really care about that, but the most annoying thing is when i started DRAWING she never drew before,and she started to draw now, i didn't mind at first, and then it was recess time. she is like "hey can i look at your drawings?" And im like "sure...?" And she grabbed it from me and i left the class to go outside. When i came back, i saw my book on my table, i sat down and suddenly, she screamed "HOW DARE YOU COPY MY DRAWING!!" im shooketh and im like "woah woah woah what? Which one?" She showed me the drawing of an anime girl I DREW ORIGINALLY i said "i drew that myself, how could i possibly copy you? I don't even know that you draw." She was mad and said "NO! DON'T LIE, I DREW THAT LAST YEAR!! YOU ARE FRAMING ME!!!" i was starting to get angry and said "Well, WHO BORROWED MY BOOK EARLIER?" she went silent. And a few days later, she wanted to be "very close friends" And i had no choice. A few weeks later, i began to write some poems and funny lines like "roses are red vuolets are blue" She always watches me do it. The next day, she brought a book and it says "AURELIA'S ORIGINAL POEMS DON'T COPY" and she was like showing it to everyone in the class. I tried to look at it, AND IT WAS THE SAME THING I WROTE WHEN SHE WAS LOOKING! and why don't people know it's actually yours? You ask? Well, im a quiet person, and i don't showoff too much, i stood up and screamed to her (out of anger) "YOU LITERALLY COPIED ME! YOU SAW ME WRITING THAT!" she replied to "NO I DIDN'T! I MADE THIS A WEEK AGO!!" And im there like B*TCH YOU SAW ME!! UGH i was so tired. And then, a girl went to her and said "...i saw you looking at hers...it was originally made by emily..." And left. She went silent again and before she left, she whispers in my ear, "it's your fault" Im seriously confused! Why is it my fault if it's SHE is the one thats copying me?? And a few days later i started to get into puns and jokes. Well, i told a joke to her, she didn't laugh. And then, i tried to tell it to other people, but SHE kept ruining it! Before i get to say the answer, SHE SAID IT FIRST. AND TO MAKE IT WORSE,SHE ALSO TOLD THAT JOKE TO EVERYONE!! everytime i make a new joke, she copies it. So, the next few months,i was starting to make covers of songs on the melodica like havana,undertale,etc the next week, SHE DID ALL OF THE SONGS I DID. and when people ask "woah! Wherw did you get that idea from?" She answers "myself! Ofcourseee!" She saw me playing the melodica the other week.she even now has a social media. She draws EVERYTHING i draw. Even the ones that i haven't posted. SHE DOES EVERYTHING I DO AND MAKE IT HERS! AND MORE WORSE, SHE NEVER RESPECTS ME.WHEN SHE DROPS MY STUFF SHE PRETENDS TO NOT KNOW EVEN THO SHE LOOKED AT IT. S EVEN IF I SAY "hey could you please get that" SHE KICKS IT AND SAYS "get it yourself idiot, you have hands" AND THE WHOLE CLASS LAUGHED.I WAS RAGING. SO I STOOD UP AND SAID "YOU PIECE OF SH*T. YOU REALIZE WHAT KIND OF MONSTER YOU ARE? YOU COPY ME, DON'T RESPECT ME, AND MAKE FUN OF ME?? HAHHA SUCH AN IDIOT. YOU KNOW WHAT? GET AWAY FROM ME" and then she didn't talk to me for the rest of the semester
Marshmell O (29 days ago)
Omg I feel bad for u
Im a mess (1 year ago)
Ugh!!! My friend copies my art styles and art poses!
Barnani Paul (1 year ago)
Its my own sibling who copies me damm its so irritating it feels like sme1 rob smthng frm you ur uniqueness or trend i dnt knw how to handle it when i was wearing jeans she told me its not good n blah but now she brought the same jeans..im trying hard to not to react n act mature but still they r thiefs 😭😭😭😭
bad bitch (1 year ago)
I have a havanese dog, and my neighbor got a lookalike dog. She saw my converse shoes, and the next day I saw her carrying identical shoes. She stole my catchphrase, she imitated my personality, and copied my taste in music. My sister asked me a question, “Hey what music do you like?” I answered, “BTS, Halsey, Lofi hip hop, and Anthony Russo.” Then my neighbor said the same thing to her friend when her friend was visiting. She also said she really liked anime, the same anime I like. Then, she saw my new clothes and went to the mall the next day and got the exact same ones. ARGH. I WANT HER TO STOP REALLY BAD!
Rose S (1 year ago)
Lps MixShake (1 year ago)
Im having this problem and I'm ready to go up to her and announce her as a copy
DD (1 year ago)
Aaaa thanks for the help. There like, ALOT of people copying my art style ;w;;
SR2brother (1 year ago)
Great video, may I ask for the background song name please?
king king (1 year ago)
I started wearing joggers a long time ago my lame ass friend would only wear colored skinny jeans and blue jeans now he shows up wearing that now about a week ago I bought a pair of timberlands and literally this morning he said he wants a pair of Tim's wtf I got so annoyed like wtf get off my head like everyone knows ur not like that stop trying omg someone pls help
Nina Patel (1 year ago)
My co worker started to dress like me..it pisses me off cause we clash..its not flattery I frickin hate her... i must admit my style does not look as good on her but does not look awful on her either..!
Alexandria T (1 year ago)
love your videos, so honest, real and authentic
Lotto Pat (1 year ago)
Man people done really stole our wave that's crazy.
Squishy (1 year ago)
i'm a guy but one of my male friend copies my style throughout the whole time that i've known him. when i first met him he used to wear light color clothings and i was into the darker shades. then he transitioned to the dark colors. later on i got earring studs, then he went and got them too, i started wearing rings on my index finger and he went on amazon.com to order 3 rings for himself. then i went into wearing slim fit clothes and he started doing the same thing, i bought leather jacket and trench coat for fashion purposes and he bought his own too. the funny thing is that every time i changed something with my clothing style he had something negative to say about it before copying me and it just irritates/annoy me so much
Ngozi Anthony (3 months ago)
Lol I would unfriend him because that’s just trying to copy your style I hope he’s stopped
Moon Child (8 months ago)
JackieJea that’s basically what I go through
Im a mess (1 year ago)
JackieJea Same things happen to me. Tell him to stop!!!!
Bro_Its _Jolie (1 year ago)
It's super freaking annoying when you tell someone your doing something with you hair then they say they want it to and then when you have your own hair style that person who clearly copied you starts saying why are you copying me stop now go change your hair I just wanted to punch her and put freaking hot sauce in her lying mouth so it's the most irritating thing ever
Junko Nakamoto (5 months ago)
Jolie dabs 😂😂😂😂
Charlieboy (1 year ago)
My best friend Copys My Style and everything I do It annoys Me So Much I WANT TO HAVE MY OWN STYLE THAT NO ONE WEARS
Unknown Person (1 year ago)
Charlieboy same I started wearing a sick type of watch and my best friend just straight away got the same type. I thought after I get this watch I would look stylish and unique but no now everyone wants to get it.
Dian Huang (2 years ago)
Thankyou for the tips ❤️ sometimes it bothers me so much but you're right! There are so many other things to worry about
zoobydoo crazy (2 years ago)
I find it annoying because its seriously irritating to me why can't they get their own ideas
乇xƤỖSeĐ ŴOaᕼ (1 month ago)
Princess882 (1 year ago)
Right? Especially when it's a constant thing 😭😭 ahhhhh
TheGirl (1 year ago)
padparadscha Sapphire Ooooh nooo, I will tell someone off! Lol
MkBotic (1 year ago)
Ivette (1 year ago)
I needed to watch a video like this, because lately i've noticed (not going to mention any names) that this certain person is all of a sudden digging my vibe as the whole boho/hippie(hippie by heart) i'm from California moutain thing. I know this is coming off very immature BUT it's very idk just odd. I've noticed that it's something her and sisters do a lot
SanjamJasuja (2 years ago)
Well.. i always tell them.. that i take this as a complement.. n smile..
Dog LoverXOX (2 years ago)
Hey so you know how people are either warm, cool, or neutral toned; well I found out a while ago that people are actually different seasons. It all depends on your eye, skin and hair color. And then for each season there are 3 subcategories. Like for autumn there's soft autumn, deep autumn, and true autumn. lol not saying to do a video on each sub category because then that would be like 12 videos. But could you do one on how to dress for your season or wether you're warm or cool toned?
Nicole Hester (2 years ago)
Hi Lauren. New subscriber. Fashion question: I have large arms and hate showing them in the summer. What are some good tips for covering them or flattering ways to stay cool in the summer.
leelee341 (2 years ago)
Love how you've been playing with different hairstyles lately-- I especially love this one on you! And your outfit is awesome as always too! xo
gee malia (2 years ago)
fashion question: can you suggest your picks for feminine, stylish snow boots?
Kirsty (2 years ago)
Hi Lauren! I know you've touched on functional fashion in other videos, but I would LOVE to see a video all about how to look stylish and put together in hiking gear. I spend a good two days a week hiking, and always feel like I just look a bit... frumpy, for lack of a better way to put it. I would LOVE to see some suggestions for how to look good, without sacrificing practicality when it comes to weather protection, comfort, and warmth. Thankyou!
Lauren Messiah (2 years ago)
Great question, I'll add this to my list to answer!
lmi747 (2 years ago)
That is a very thoughtful way to look at this situation! Nice video! 👍🏼
phoenix yan (2 years ago)
Hi Lauren,i love your videos and works. I wonder do you do your own filming ? or you got assistant to help you out for the shooting ?
amulllet (2 years ago)
Fashion question : Lauren, what to wear on head during winter if I want look very elegant?
amulllet (2 years ago)
Thank you very much!! I have a problem with that and I think not only me, so I think this is a good topic.
Lauren Messiah (2 years ago)
I'll add this to my list to answer! :)
Lyndell Werling (2 years ago)
Your hair look fabulous!
Lauren Messiah (2 years ago)
Thank you, Lyndell!
Carry Thm (2 years ago)
The Thumpnail 😂👍🏻
LittleDormouse (2 years ago)
I love your hairstyle.
Lauren Messiah (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Flor De Leon (2 years ago)
I have a fashion question, Dos & Donts to wear after mid 30s?
Lauren Messiah (2 years ago)
Great question, I'll add this to my list to answer. In the meantime check out this playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPbxo4hTC_o&list=PLbpMG83bn0mPyIzo2FE9r9bKF64odAKZ1
Flor De Leon (2 years ago)
Love your videos 👍
PAULA PANTER (2 years ago)
Love your new do, boo!
everytime I watch it vids, it make me more confident to work on starting my channel .... U motivate me
Sure, u are the real deal
Lauren Messiah (2 years ago)
Thanks, Edna! That means a lot. :)
alwy1511 (2 years ago)
I totally agree with your answer!! That's exactly what I told my sister & friend (not all of what you said-LOL but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery part). I also agree that everyone is on a journey and it's best not to take it personal because we all get inspiration from other people. Keep the great videos coming!
Scraptherapy (2 years ago)
I love your hair!
Jade de Har (2 years ago)
Hi! I am loving your videos soooo much. I've always had a lot of anxiety about shopping and fashion but your videos are really encouraging me to get out there, look around, try new things and start investing in a wardrobe. Thank you for your inspiration 😊
Stephanie G (2 years ago)
Love the positive response here.  "You go girl, you're a style icon!"  PS Love your hair here!  :)  Keep making the wonderful videos Lauren.  Thanks so much, love.
yanwei chen (2 years ago)
Hi Lauren, love your videos so much. I do have a fashion question that puzzled me for a long time. How to be stylish in an academic world? I'm currently doing a Phd program and will get a research job in academia in the future, I love fashion so much and I often feel so bored by people's styles around me. Lol looking forward to hearing some advices from you!
Sara Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Hi I love your videos you look amazing can you tell me where can I get a hair like the one you are wearing is so beautiful thank you
Helena T (2 years ago)
I fell like dressing other people(hell I might be a stylist). All the time.
Helena T (2 years ago)
I love when chicks copy me half the time I feel like dressing other people.

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