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PUBG: Funny Voice Chat Moments Ep. 6

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► Submit Clips Here: https://goo.gl/xYCFra ◄ Clip 1: bananaman (https://twitch.tv/bananaman) Clip 2: chocoTaco (https://twitch.tv/chocoTaco) Clip 3: GatsavidaTV (https://twitch.tv/GatsavidaTV) Clip 4: Riles3 (https://twitch.tv/Riles3) Clip 5: Yairz Clip 6: Salvatore (https://youtube.com/watch?v=j0AnDWSpUlc) Clip 7: Shroud (https://twitch.tv/Shroud) Clip 8: MrMoonsHouse (https://twitch.tv/MrMoonsHouse) Clip 9: Weebify Clip 10: duck_of_wonder (https://twitch.tv/duck_of_wonder) Clip 11: Gallen36 (https://plays.tv/u/Gallen36) Clip 12: SardonicsamuraiLIVE (https://twitch.tv/SardonicsamuraiLIVE) Clip 13: Goobs44 Clip 14: Street Lethal Garage (https://youtube.com/channel/UCpZKn6S0cgfIfjcv4eBJA0Q) Clip 15: 1000Crystal (https://twitch.tv/1000Crystal) Clip 16: Greenmatrix007 (https://twitch.tv/Greenmatrix007) Clip 17: GuildMasterGamingg (https://twitch.tv/GuildMasterGamingg) Clip 18: ™Strizzy (https://youtube.com/channel/UCLgzT4mN3xEDN0Air0Rz7sQ) Clip 19: VILZA (https://youtube.com/user/ville0115) Clip 20: tiwoyaner Clip 21: Otzdarva (https://twitch.tv/Otzdarva) Clip 22: Choxie808 (https://youtube.com/user/Choxie808) (https://twitch.tv/choxie808)
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Text Comments (5973)
Didi Manki (2 days ago)
Lok Yemsew (3 days ago)
Its fake
the squad (4 days ago)
Ahahaha 5:29
the squad (4 days ago)
War= 2:48 to 3:45
Killer mommos13 (6 days ago)
Garry Buban (10 days ago)
Totem Skeleton (10 days ago)
USA U=Ur S=xxx A=Ali
Can someone atleast que the Jurrasic world Music while on the plane.
Armaan's Gaming (13 days ago)
3:00 best scene
Ak247 (15 days ago)
9:20 superman punch
ajmal aju (15 days ago)
If you want free UC cash go in this discretion
Ligger lips (17 days ago)
8:30 oh shit you found me
Thecoolboyplayz (17 days ago)
More like pugb
Abi Shek (20 days ago)
5.37 super😂🤣
Deanna Planitz (22 days ago)
xXLemonadeXx07 lemon (22 days ago)
Pubg in 2018 was so great! 🔥
Marcelo Escalier Arana (22 days ago)
7:25 that's Mission Impossible fool, Tom Cruise wears all black like that mostly and James Bond wears tuxedoes with colors and never all black(on occasions he'll come out of the water wearing a full body all black diving suit but that's just to keep his tuxedo dry).
Marcelo Escalier Arana (22 days ago)
Mr Troll (22 days ago)
The amount of bizzare things you can do in pubg is the thing I like about it the most
King Trevis (22 days ago)
why do we always go to school and die stupid
Aadi Passi (23 days ago)
Sardonic samurai sounded like Donald Duck 🐦
DIAMOND WOLF (26 days ago)
Pro, subscribe to PewDiePie
Danny.S.K (27 days ago)
"I could hear you talking from a mile away" then he got shot. I love people 🤣🤣
Snooopy XD (27 days ago)
I can do the duck talk too
Snooopy XD (27 days ago)
"You welcome".. "Good Bye"
AmKKus Rydz (27 days ago)
Hi. Hi. I'll come to kill u! Is this ok? Ok. I give up. Why? I dont belive u! Oh wtf what happend ure friend die? Ok this is my friend. Say hi ok Now i kill u.
ibra cadabra (27 days ago)
Pubg looks to me a cool game to play but it has not good graphics
GPF gaming (27 days ago)
The Pokemon theme made me really laugh
BsM Bricksquadmafia (28 days ago)
Ella Bella (29 days ago)
Marvin's Reviews ETC. (29 days ago)
9:00 I love this one lmao
Marvin's Reviews ETC. (29 days ago)
People are too funny lmao
Ch1mpZ official (30 days ago)
Is it be ouse ur mom is listining I would say yes course if I say hello she would say who u talk too looks at my browser history pornhub pornhub
Soutrish Banerjee (1 month ago)
Last one was legit
THE JOKER (1 month ago)
4:02 ya good rescue!!!
TheCoolRage_ YT (1 month ago)
Do U guys liked the Donal duck one? And he killed Donal trump
Danwell86 (1 month ago)
5:30 the way he screamed like Donald duck hahaha
Charlotte palmer (1 month ago)
Where the hell is litatoma on this list?
Mateusz 007 (1 month ago)
1:09 russians are drunk
Tameem (1 month ago)
You Smell Like flower
Loren Abell (1 month ago)
Is it because your girlfriend is sleeping....yep
BTS__ARMY (1 month ago)
The Donald Duck one was by far the best one
Daniel Lopez (1 month ago)
3:34 +Respect for that guy
Goblin Slayer (1 month ago)
5:34 *The most realistic death sound lol*
완Zheeso (1 month ago)
2:05 I swear this part cracked me up 😂
Sweet Billion (1 month ago)
Why all of the streamers are such a cunts?
mr 24 (1 month ago)
Actually 3rd world war is played on mobile phones
Curtis Nolan (1 month ago)
The 90's kids know about the mortal Kombat remix 07:00 😂 👌
Wah id (1 month ago)
The sound in 5:10
abandend_gamer 21 (1 month ago)
Me if I was playin' pupg Rn: aw sweet I won a coffee
Béåšț Ğåmĕř (1 month ago)
Pubg fans hit like Here 👇🏻 👇🏻
Ammar Azim (1 month ago)
9:46 🤣🤣🤣
Noob YouTuber Fatta (1 month ago)
Best vid I've seen😂
jeFF Fury (1 month ago)
Donald Duck speaking dudes killed me. :D that NOOOOOOOOO at the end just brilliant. :D
R'llo Arhsaakxianutsi (1 month ago)
It killed the guy also since he face palmed and laughed
Marielle Cariño (1 month ago)
That James Bond guy 😂
I - annoying (1 month ago)
Watch my videos bro im a 007
Halla Gang (1 month ago)
Freya-Elli (1 month ago)
5:34 dickhead
7:01 *Mortal Kombat 69 leaked gameplay*
Alec M Wee (1 month ago)
Little 4lien (1 month ago)
4:58 *istg i laughed HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*
Cat415 (1 month ago)
I dont even recognize Brandon's (dont ask me why I remember his real name, I'm talking about bananaman) voice when he's not using his little girls voice.
i4ndreyo (1 month ago)
*AWESOME VIDEO, I LIKE YOU* =)) *_Subscribe to me, i make_* *AWESOME* *_vids_* *Ps* *Turn ON notifications*
Bii Bai (1 month ago)
6:47 I could watch this all day 😩😂
Adelia Hana (1 month ago)
5:20 the donald duck's voice crack me up 😂😂 so cute
Slackpandora7 Faze (1 month ago)
I love this
Abijoe Spence (1 month ago)
U have frameded well lmao
john karakatsianis (1 month ago)
7:43 best moment hahaha
marlina mat (1 month ago)
I always died at schoolll..... In reality its still same boys:) (rip english)
John Cook (1 month ago)
If i get a job ill save up money and buy new xbox system and I wish to play this game so much cuz i had people who keep wanting me play fortnite but i decided to get this game and other games is better than fortnite
super saYan (1 month ago)
Sound like mr beast
VishnuSwaroop G (1 month ago)
murikaaaaaaahaaaaaaa XD USA USA USA !!!! XD
4:56 is my fav
AS Creatives (1 month ago)
8:17 start the best part
Hazim D. Nugachu (1 month ago)
If I play no one speaks
Aka lkr longkumer (1 month ago)
6:48 god that really gets me
Keenan Neifer (1 month ago)
I fucking shit you not it's February 29th rn and that shit scared me
FatMan Dood (1 month ago)
when he said that at 3:05 i was like wtff i haven’t even watched this yet
Taco Salad (1 month ago)
Annnd it's actually Feb 28th today. Hahha
nopescope (1 month ago)
3:04 I am watching on February 28th 2019
Gunalata Naik (1 month ago)
First one is from pokemon fire red
baekkim (1 month ago)
Mike m (1 month ago)
Fuckkk yeah U.S.A!!!!!
BloodAxe _Gaming (1 month ago)
Motherf**ker put a credits on the description. And im sorry for swearing. Just put credits next time.
BloodAxe _Gaming (29 days ago)
+ᄒᄒ김고은 they are too small like 1 inch
ᄒᄒ김고은 (29 days ago)
BloodAxe _Gaming theyre at the top left corner of every clip lmfao
Jaxon Plowman (2 months ago)
That Donald Duck convo tho! 🤣🤣🤣
tiz playz (2 months ago)
7:45 remix of gummo by 6ix9ine lol 😂😂😂
Jacob McHaney (2 months ago)
“Aye if you’re looking for me you ain’t gon find me- OH SHIT YOU FOUND ME” XDD
Fahema Parveen (2 months ago)
*Imagine how good it would be if AWM and your favourite Assault Rifle made a baby*
Barath Vaj (2 months ago)
This not fact
AAZR (2 months ago)
4:30 lmfao
Savage kitty 22 (2 months ago)
Jennifer Reyna (2 months ago)
U can hear me but u can't see me Oh no u found me now I have to run
Jennifer Reyna (2 months ago)
Dude. U should make more Becuase I died of laughter😂😂😂😂😂✌
Matthew Emfinger (2 months ago)
Donald duck voice man. You a bitch. 😂
Tanner S (2 months ago)
Choco taco one at the beginning is funny as hell lmaooo 😂
Jr Perez (2 months ago)
It's Marrie (2 months ago)
Aman Singh (2 months ago)
@6:48you have friend as well😂😂
Aman Singh (2 months ago)
@6:48you have friend as well😂😂

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