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Product Tour: Rosewill RCT04BF Black Multifunctional Mechanism Middle Back Fabric Office Chair

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46-202-228 @ Newegg.com: http://bit.ly/qcPJWv Add comfort to your daily work with the Rosewill RCT04BF multifunctional mechanism middle back fabric office chair. This premium chair comes equipped with adjustable armrests with PU padded, cushioned lumbar support and a cushioned Airseat fabric seat to ergonomically support your body, increasing comfort and reducing fatigue. The durable 5-star nylon base and sturdy dual wheel casters can stand up to heavy-duty loads with enhanced stability. Get this great chair today and experience your daily work in a brand new, comfortable way. - Credits - Presenter: Paul Camera: Lam Post-Production: Lam
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Danny Vaca (5 years ago)
oooo he didnt look too happy doing an over view of a chair lmao :D

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