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Anti- Style Type: Boring Betty

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Welcome to the Anti-Style types series! In this series I am breaking down BAD fashion and sharing actionable tips on how to correct these simple styling mistakes. In today's video is all about Boring Betty. Looking at Boring Betty is the equivalent to watching paint dry. On the outside, girl is a walking snooze fest. On the inside, she’s great! The only issue is you’ll probably never find out because who wants to approach the human version of paint drying? We'll uncover what's really going on with Betty and how she can easily update her style. What I'm Wearing: Top, A.L.C Necklaces, Vintage + Chanel Jeans, Frame Shoes, Christian Louboutin Services: Virtual Styling - https://laurenmessiah.com/shop/ Personal Style University- https://laurenmessiah.com/personal-style-university/ Buy Lauren’s Book- https://laurenmessiah.com/product/the... Style Freebies: Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist for Women: http://laurenmessiah.com/ultimate-wardrobe-checklist  ‘How To Dress Right For Your Body Type’ :  http://laurenmessiah.com/body-type-ebook  SUBSCRIBE for pro fashion tips, insider trends and new videos: http://bit.ly/1N7xVjn Connect with me on social media: Visit the Lauren Messiah WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/1wCjCxF Like me on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LaurenMessiah Follow me on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1Tm2ruM Follow me on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/1L4iGZ4 Follow me on PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/1WfU0Ah About me: I am a fashion expert, on-camera talent and a premiere personal fashion stylist in Los Angeles. I believe that style is for everyone. I work to educate and empower women through my daily dose of fashion advice, shopping guides and styling tips. Anti- Style Types: Boring Betty http://www.youtube.com/user/StylistLaurenMessiah
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Corry Joe Biddle (1 month ago)
I’m a boring Betty and I clicked this video because I wanted tips. You gave tips. I am thankful. Then I look at the comments and people are ANGRY 😂😂. Keep up the good work!!! You have a great personality style and your advice is on point even if people don’t wanna hear it.
Sandra Alvarez (2 months ago)
I love my basic staple pieces. I love the whole minimalist look. To avoid looking boring or bland I might add a bold printed belt, sunglasses or a watch. I don't typically wear prints but I don't mind it in small doses. I always wear earrings and a dainty necklace. Overall, I have fun with accessories! This Spring I plan on playing around with wearing a scarf in different ways.
Maria K (4 months ago)
hahaha thank you so much Lauren for making me realise how much of a Boring Betty I am myself! I notice I always let myself be adventurous with clothing when I dress for a special occasion, because this is when I get a 'permission' to actually try and wear something cool. And it always pays off, I get tons of compliments about my fashion taste and I feel very comfortable but for whatever reason I don't do it for everyday. I guess now is the time to change it :D
FruScarpia (4 months ago)
“Boring Betty” is probably an Urban Prepper with a creepy “grey man” thing goin’ on, style wise...
Sandra (4 months ago)
Oh my goodness, I am such a boring Betty. Thank you for the video, Lauren, it has given me food for thought.
Spaghetti Italien (4 months ago)
I think a classic style looks a lot better than your 2013 tacky pinterest look. Just my opinion
Lynn Lynn (4 months ago)
I wore whatever I wanted and did my hair however I wanted until I got bullied in 5th grade and then, I tried to be invisible until my senior year of high school. I played a lot in college but I got a lot of flack and I slipped back into plain and boring.
Lynn Lynn (4 months ago)
That sounds like me! 😂
Anne A (5 months ago)
Hi Lauren! First of all I want to say that I love all your videos and have learnt a lot from it. I have watched most of your videos multiple times and I always get to know more every time. This is the second time I am watching this particular video but it was only half way through it that I realised that I used to be a boring Betty in my college years in the effort to blend in and not stand out. I was so not myself and I think that my way of dressing actually influenced my thinking too and I always tried hard to be unnoticed. It was only after going through a breakup that I completely shed my mask and started dressing the way I really liked. I stopped bothering about what other people would say and to this day I stay true to myself and your videos help me even more..!
Shades of Mindfall (5 months ago)
I’m definitely a boring Betty lol. I used to be a fashionista in college, but now I just wear polos and khakis. I just feel exhausted, but your videos have helped inspire me to add a little flavor into my outfits again. Thank you :)
Christy Pulido (6 months ago)
Boring Betty can add a few minimalist/bohemian light comfortable pieces(leather bracelet) to add interest in her look. Effortless chic, is fashionable. Appearing not to try (French messy hair). Or she can also stay the same.
Nats Astrology (6 months ago)
Wow, I am definitely a Boring Betty and it’s like you’ve been in my mind. I feel like other videos don’t understand the Boring Betty perspective. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this video. I’ll be testing out your advice ♥️
T Tae (7 months ago)
Omg you guys THIS IS FROM A STYLIST FASHIONISTA perspective. We know you don’t need to dress out to look good. She’s just giving tips. Take it or leave it .
Fatma Ibrahim (7 months ago)
There are so many styles ,which can fit different people, it seams like she embraces only one style" herself's" in that case she can't speak for every one else's.
Megan Lin (8 months ago)
Lauren I really appreciate you being yourself on YOUR channel. I know there's a ton of negative comments on here, but the truth is style is subjective...it's the boring Betty coming on here to hate because they feel that you're talking down to them and although to some degree you are, it's not in a malicious tone at all. The vibe I get from your channel is to help women..(.most that are confused on their style) and do it in a way that's not PC.
AW 08 (8 months ago)
No, you are describing Minimalist Chic. And it’s not boring. Jennifer Anniston pulls it off great. You Tuber “Use Less” also pulls it off beautifully. And some of your examples of Boring Betty actually looked great.
Prinzessin auf der Erbse (8 months ago)
What happened to your hair, why did you cut it ? Looks boring, just my opinion. By the way...some people have a lot of work, a lot of things to care about and a lot of other values than caring about style everyday..i celebrate dare people, taking the risk to look 'boring'
Kate Butcher (8 months ago)
I try to watch your videos for inspiration, but I end up watching them out of morbid curiosity instead. Your tone is condescending and even slightly aggressive, and you come across as ranting instead of advising.
Rita Váradi (8 months ago)
Wow, that is a living dog! I tought that is just an acessory, so I was surprised when it moved.
Nikki Dolce (8 months ago)
Of all the fashion advice on YouTube, you Lauren are by far my favorite. Most of the other people have the same tips and advice that’s either too trendy or only works for their body type. Everything you have to say is smart and helpful. Thank you for posting.
Darina Angelova (8 months ago)
Your hair, makeup and clothes are "boring". And you fake jewellery is tacky. Even the dog is bored...
Mana (8 months ago)
Looks aren’t everything. And actually I looked this boring but awesome Betty in my opinion. I like tomboy looks and I actually think it’s really cute. The classic look is way more fashionable than wearing all this stuff that don’t even look good on you
Lori F (9 months ago)
You sound so judgmental. I had subscribed, but your attitude has me hitting the unsubscribe button. I don’t like you. I’d trust a boring Betty over a condescending snob any day.
Jelena Jelisavcic (9 months ago)
Well you are an expert on boring, that's for sure... Your insecurities just come out so easily
Karen H (9 months ago)
This is so me. (I liked the button down shirt, with the jeans and boots, though.)
Vanessa Tanti (9 months ago)
Omg I have done the thing with the necklace about an actual necklace. I laughed so hard! Hilarious 😂 thanks for the advice.
Duct_Tape Heart (9 months ago)
A minimalist style is not the same as being boring... If you've TRIED stuff and curated a clean, minimal look, that's called taste! If you DON'T TRY, and just get boring muted stuff because it's what everyone else is wearing, that's lame... especially if you wish for more. I don't think these vids are for people who are content with how they look. I think this is for people in a rut who are looking for a solution.
plantpals (9 months ago)
I think everybody needs to calm their tits. This is probably made for people who are silently hating that they are "boring" and needed someone to point that out. I myself am a basic-lover who wears minimal to no accessories but I like it and it fits my life atm so no matter who says what, I don't really get offended. Also what good does insulting her look do? You get upset bc she told your look was boring so you call her tacky? Why?
MsGranvillegirl (9 months ago)
This is a very presumptuous and condescending video.
Robin Mcclain (9 months ago)
I have a job where I need to NOT attract attention. I used to attract attention, it is dangerous for me to do so now...generalizations do not help women. Not cool. "boring Betty" may not be afraid, she may have different needs or different values.
Jennifer McMillan (9 months ago)
Some boring can be cute ... I love my white tee and high waisted jeans !
Garlic Girl (9 months ago)
Accessorize is all she is saying.
mechatoon (9 months ago)
I don't see what this video is setting out to achieve. :/
Nobu Ichida (9 months ago)
Do it or don’t. Try is not an option. Yoda
Samantha Peters (9 months ago)
Mark Zuckerberg is a plain tshirt, and jeans type of guy. He doesn't even wear a watch. Is he the male equivalent of boring Betty?
Gea Sol (9 months ago)
Maybe boring Betty is not boring because she spends her time doing smart stuff instead taking care of her appearance all the time. Women should really stop trying so hard. Just compare women's footwear and underwear with men's. Theirs is all about comfort and ours is all about presentation. I think women in high heels and lace underwear look ridiculous. If your goal with your book was to make the money than you have made a good decision, if it was to reach to as many people as possible than it was a terrible decision.
Skye (9 months ago)
If I could learn to chill half as a much as the cute little dog in your arms I’d be living the good life....
Aqualyra (9 months ago)
It may not be fear - it may be that she doesn't know how to accessorize and wants a classic look - but just doesn't know to add even one interesting thing to a basic ensemble, either a piece or opting for an interesting colour in the basics. Thanks for the video series and tips and don't let the reactive folks on here get to you.
Pamela Mojo Fabulous (9 months ago)
The real crime is mom jeans with the 20 inch zipper
quidagis33 (9 months ago)
I think those who disagree with what she's saying need to keep in mind that her target audience are those who might be in a style rut. If you like your basics, then do you! Simplicity in style and being basic in your style are not necessarily the same thing. You can look very clean and put together with 'basics' or you can also look boring and conformist. All she's saying is let your personality show more when it comes to your style! If you don't want to stand out then don't get upset at a professional fashion stylist for assessing this common look.
Sheila B (10 months ago)
I understand yout anti style types but sometimes people's style is just looking presentable or professional. My boss is obsessed with her clothes and we roll our eyes at her constantly. She is very concerned with her personal style, and has a "signature" pattern and signature piece of jewelry. It gives the impression that she is shallow and cares most what other people think about how she looks rather than who she is. I'd rather deal with a person of substance than a person who just looks like one. I enjoy your videos and do care about how I present myself..clothes are the icing on the cake. Just make sure the cake isnt stale because sooner or later, people catch on.
Rachel Demissie (11 months ago)
God you are so full of yourself!!!
Rachel Demissie (11 months ago)
Why so negative and judgmental all the time!!! Style is how you see it, it varies per person. Some might think your rapper looking neckless is ugly but you obviously think it looks good, so lay off. let people be what they want!!
Isabella Camacho (11 months ago)
I pretty much just wear a black shirt with skinny jeans every day to school. Saves me a hall of a lot of a time and energy lmfao.
Mia Z (11 months ago)
Well, I found it to be completely the opposite. I like wear neutral and all black outfits. But I thought others found it to be plain and boring so I tried lots of different colors and other things but it was very painful for me to dress up as someone I am not and it was not pleasant at all. So I give up trying to please the popular notions of what is considered as having "personality" and being "fun" instead I try to wear something that I like and makes me happy. Tbh you can play with lots of thing such as cut, textures even if you are wearing a monotone outfit. I feel that there are lots of unchallenged assumptions about fashion here, such as what kinds of outfits is considered as interesting or boring. The opinions in this video show it all. I mean everyone has their own personality and choices of outfits which speaks for a person's preference, lifestyle and personalities . I feel that some styles are more privileged by the culture and others are devalued and then people makes assumptions about the people who wear those clothes. I really hope to see some of these notion get challenged In a healthy manner
Infidel Castor (11 months ago)
Watching these comments. Honestly, how do you make it through even one day of your life if you take these words so personal? Jeeeze, shake it off and do as you please.
doop doop (1 year ago)
I am actually boring betty and I needed this video. No I don't think my style is bad but i need to take some risks but I am really afraid of criticism there are so many clothes I find cute but i don't wear them because i am like it won't look good on me
klj788986sbb (1 year ago)
Eh, I spent my entire early twenties experimenting with crazy fashion. Now I’m nearly 30 I’m investing in elegant classics, and I’ve never looked better. Obviously if someone wears nothing but tshirt and jeans then yeah maybe they should branch out once in a while, but a Macintosh, silk flats, dark wash jeans and a tailored shirt...tres chic.
Yeasmin Hai (1 year ago)
Another bullshit channel that no one needs. Hey guess what!! You still look shitty with all those ridiculousness around your neck that is holding your racist mind.
dominique007 (1 year ago)
I was boring betty. Im just now pulling myself out of that
A.D. B (1 year ago)
What's with the weird side face angles??? Boring video angles.
Emily789 (1 year ago)
Maybe she's depressed
Judy Smith (1 year ago)
I speed your videos up double speed
Dutchik (1 year ago)
And not everyone likes the massive necklaces and all the jewlery and high heels and fast fashion. It is a style. And it is calm and professional. Hell. Most fashionable French women. Another style YouTuber who is a stylist and I also watched. Says that fashionable French women ONLY wear basics. And I saw this while i was there. I Are you hating the fashion choices of Parisian women? Are they all boring bettys?
Anna (1 year ago)
All the ppl justifying themselves in the comments 😂 come on guys, why did you even click on a fashion vlog, if you don't care about your look.
Bee’s World (1 year ago)
I have two people inside of me and boring Betty has been taking over lately. Wish there were some examples.
Omg the comments here are like when you talk to teenagers and they want to appear wiser than you. This video is about style and is talking negatively about plain clothing. The tittle says it! You just came here to leave your spiteful, full of inferiority complex comment, because even though you didnt have to come here, you just wanted to give her a piece of your bitter mind. Perfect example of shutting down opinions.
Duct_Tape Heart (9 months ago)
LandofJadeNRocco Journals and Planners Say it again for the people on the back!!! 😂 Omg!!! These threads are ridiculous!
I thought I was going to see some examples.
Ksenia Swampland (1 year ago)
For some people this may be true, but all wrong for me. You may call me boring, but I always dress like that mainly because I hate when people comment on my looks regardless if it’s good or bad. And people annoy me so I’d rather have less interaction with them. Ugh, I haven’t had my fifth coffee yet, please stop talking to me.
Helga 7055 (1 year ago)
We all know a boring Betty 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sarah Farron (1 year ago)
What about leggings I see this in boring betties.
Johan Olafsen (1 year ago)
Judgmental much? Maybe it's actually the fact that we "Boring Betty's" have confidence and don't need "fashion" to give us a sense of false confidence. We prefer real over superficial to define us.
Naomi Rodgers (1 year ago)
You say plain, I say classic. A simple white t-shirt and a well cut pair of jeans will never go out of style.
hanzi31 (1 year ago)
Why do these people HAVE to wear statementy stuff... don't judge a person on their clothes. I like minimalist clothes because I don't want my clothes to do the talking for me, and I appreciate comfort. It's not about failure, it's about feeling like my clothes aren't the first thing people see. I want people to find out my personality by talking to me, not by wearing big gold chains. I personally don't like your style, but I'm not going to call you anything offensive because of it.
MadAnili (1 year ago)
Im boring betty because i cant afford to buy expesive not boring stuff
Just ask the mouse (1 year ago)
Its weird to See a women lecture you about Style while having a Style wich is attrocious to me 😅 Like i would never ever touch those necklaces 😅
Samantha M (1 year ago)
I'm not afraid of failure or risk, just don't have any money. Boring is cheaper.
isitfashion (1 year ago)
Oh look, a nine-year-old bully with a camera
Zaddy Jojo (1 year ago)
You are a boring waste of time. Shut up wit this petty bullshit.
A D (1 year ago)
Lmao y'all want to much 😂
k oh (1 year ago)
Let's attack men for dressing boring too. This seems like consumerism brainwashing to me. Wear jewelry!! Seek validation through items!! Do you, and if that's not you then good, do that. Don't slip anyone this video for fucks sake
augusta (1 year ago)
I completely agree. I mean my fashion sense is pretty offbeat and hard to pin down, but you put everything I've been thinking into words. I thought I was the only one who was bugged by this. These styles look like they're generic version of the minimalist basic French-girl aesthetic, but without the excellent tailoring, tiny intricate jewelry, and well made accessories that elevate that look. I used to be afraid of looking different than anyone else. We wore a school uniform and I always wore a safe, vaguely in fashion tunic and jeans for every dress down day. I was so afraid. Now I know some of my outfits are misses. Oh well. I like them and we don't win them all!
Amy Mö (1 year ago)
Yes, this is normcore. It's a real trend and preferable for a large percentage of the population.
I aspire to be a Boring Betty
Lica Leu (1 year ago)
I like Boring Betty. I dont mind being"boring" cuz I don't bother. I don't want to scroll for new clothes for hours. I don't want to go shopping. That's waste of money for me. But I like watching your videos anyways :D
Sill Zealla (1 year ago)
I like the minimalist style and I’m not a fan of colour, as I prefer black, whites and greys. I prefer mixing textures with my clothing like leather, fake fur, chunky knits etc. I feel like that can take a simple outfit and make it interesting without accessories.
Bohemian Mama (1 year ago)
Hmmmm she’s afraid of failure and on the inside is not boring....ok I get it.
S Smith (1 year ago)
I do get what your saying, however I do appreciate minimalism. I like to wear clothes and not have them wear me. Focusing on quality not quantity. But I think we can all benefit from being a little extra sometimes.
Anto Bruera (1 year ago)
maybe boring betty is on a budget
Judy Hooper (1 year ago)
It bothers me that you don't look at the camera, other than that love the info
Sweet4chokoreeto (1 year ago)
I live in Chile and we use uniforms pretty much in every visible job, institution and school. Here's the deal: people grow up and doesn't know what to wear. So they go to Walmart or another retail thing and just buy clothes to feel not-naked. This keeps happening if in their jobs use a particular dress code (like lawyers, doctors, therapists, office work, etc...) Or they're in a place that requires uniforms. But when you stop a minute you can see how 85% of people you see on malls are dressing that exact same way. So, in a certain way, you're choosing to use a uniform in YOUR FREE TIME. Who's the type of plp who do that? Nazis, Fascist, ultra-righ movements, armies, gangs, communist party members, monks, religious fanatics, etc. People who follows other people's ideas. Even Catholic nouns and monks wear their own clothes and jewelry on their free time. Please wear your clothes, don't uniform yourself, don't uniform your life.
Rafaela Scheiwiller (1 year ago)
i have a lot oc confortable clothing, but i have bright coloured hair and colourful makeup. everyone always thinks i am edgy or whatever, even though my style is boring af
Zenymn (1 year ago)
This is incredibly condescending. Women don't have to be decorated. You're enforcing some really ugly stereotypes.
Kate Shoxx (1 year ago)
omg no this is exactly the style i have been trying to achieve. it is also known as a trend that was called "norm core". most guys do that anyway
Beauty Junkie (1 year ago)
Ur delivery was boring betty, seriously. Add more energy to ur dialogue delivery ur energy level is equivalent to ben carson in this vid.
Chameleam (1 year ago)
Minimalism and understatement is what my style is all about
L C (1 year ago)
This video is boring. Cutting between three different angles is boring and safe.
veronicajade20 (1 year ago)
Lauren, there are two words for the psychotic reactionary comments: *Tignon Laws.* I think the aggressive energy from all the dry, boring, milquetoast Boring Betties who are overreacting in the comments (and who are insistent upon calling their boring anti-style of dress “minimalism”) is coming from the same ugly, insecurity driven place that the *Tignon Laws* came from. Even worse, it sounds like a lot of them came here _looking_ to be offended and didn’t even bother to listen to the video all the way through. Lol. Smh. Great video, btw. I’m from NY. I like to wear black all the time. And I love basics. But I dress the black basics up with interesting statement jewelry and statement shoes.
Duct_Tape Heart (9 months ago)
veronicajade20 PREACH!!!! I moved to NYC from FL. The style here is definitely traditional, conservative, minimalist, chic, and ANYTHING but boring. People wearing head to toe black all day every day will make you rethink your life!!! 😂 They look that great! Minimal, simple, or classic isn't boring! I think that's where they're getting confused.
Mary Collins (1 year ago)
Here for the doggo.
akualikewater (1 year ago)
I get what you are saying but the way you make fun of this type of person is off-putting. It great what you are doing offering style advice but not everyone needs to follow a particular rule set. Its okay to be basic lol. But ive watched some of your other videos and they are very informative and interesting.
I was laughing so hard but then I realized this hits too close to home 🙃
Rosa (1 year ago)
Fashion isn't important for everyone.
KazooRainbow (1 year ago)
Maybe they don’t want to contribute to fast fashion or dealing out thousands on designer clothes? There can be other priorities people are focused on in different phases of their life. Also some people like a more classic parisan style with timeless classics, or they can’t really go too “out of the box” at THEIR work place. This video is a dumb condescending way to encourage someone to delve into finding their style/fashion preferences 👎🤔😕 First time I’ve ever DISLIKED a video on YouTube lol
Livia a (1 year ago)
I AIM to look this lame. Being BORING is a goal for me when I plan an outfit. My awesomeness exude through the beige.
TheAkelei (1 year ago)
There IS some truth in this. But why not showing good examples to pimp a look with some simple tricks and accessories instead of talking and talking endlessly? And... am I the only one thinking that she is heavily cross-eyed (her right eye)?
Miryam Chaabouni (1 year ago)
Women need to stop telling other women that they should better drop whatever they’re doing and focus more on their appearance. Boring Betty is the perfect look to go actually achieve something and become successful!
Copperheid (1 year ago)
I'm probably the opposite. I don't own very many basics! Especially in the summer. I mostly wear intentionally paint splattered mom jeans, platform sandals and bold crop tops, denim jackets covered in nerdy patches, cat eye sunnies and my ever present tattoos and weird coloured pixie haircut. I'm practically offensive to the eyes and I live for it.
Lily Goodwin (1 year ago)
Some women have personalities and natural physical looks that are above the average, and they tone it down for several reasons, some are to not be provocative or disliked, especially in a corporate environment. This advise you give makes sense for people who work in the fashion and beauty industry. Not for the rest of the world. Toning things down is actually intentional for many of us.
Sarah Johnson (1 year ago)
I can relate to being a “boring Betty” , but I feel that’s not because I’m afraid of fashion but I truly feel like I don’t know how to style myself. Maybe that is rooted in fear, but I’m trying to learn more about style so I can improve!
KeeptheFaith (1 year ago)
Very, very 💯 true! I would love to wear edgy classic items, but I don't feel like I'm alternative or have the model thin body to pull off the look.

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