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How to Suit Up | Men’s Fashion Tips | Doctor Mike

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Hey, guys! A well fitted suit is something every man should have in his wardrobe so today I thought I’d share with you my top tips on how to suit up with style. If you’d like to see more men’s fashion tips, drop me a line in the comments below! Let me know what you thought of the video and what type of men’s fashion tips you’d like to see next. Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶ https://goo.gl/87kYq6 Let’s connect: IG https://goo.gl/41ZS7w Twitter https://goo.gl/kzmGs5 Facebook https://goo.gl/QH4nJS Contact Email: [email protected] P.O. Box: 340 W 42nd St # 2695 NY, NY 10108 A Full Fat Production http://fullfatentertainment.com/
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Text Comments (2775)
Brenda Balzan (9 minutes ago)
Anything this doctor cannot do?
Eliany Sánchez (1 hour ago)
I think all men should watch your videos for learning how to dress themselves. I love your videos! ;) Another thing, your tattoo was written in Latin, wasn't it? What's the meaning?
Sasha T (1 hour ago)
I saw the thumbnail...I'm sold
Cole Smith (1 hour ago)
Love the jazz flute soundtrack. I play flute.
Angelus Comfort (3 hours ago)
Nice video 👍🏻. You just score a new subscriber
Kar98k GAMING (3 hours ago)
3 million followers on Instagram and 3 million subscribers on YouTube...🔥
Emilie M (10 hours ago)
I'm not even a guy
Oscar Cheng (12 hours ago)
I need to know what watch that is. White dial, open heart, chronograph, and gold hands. Looks like one sub dial? Please I need to know
Just Because (15 hours ago)
It's called having money.
Hüpfer (23 hours ago)
Dr. Barney has spoken.
Lupus mangetta777 (1 day ago)
So hot 🤤
Ellie (1 day ago)
Why can’t all guys have your style??
Awsome video,do a video on how to dress casual and easy for med school,or how you dressed back then🙏
Cory Norell (1 day ago)
Second comment, apologies - but what is your / everyone's opinion on wearing a suit do a job that doesn't require it? I'm a software developer and I love wearing suits, but I also don't want to alienate the people who around me who typically dress very casually.
Cory Norell (1 day ago)
Never knew the history of the functional buttons on the wrist / forearm. Fascinating.
Guru Saroha (1 day ago)
Is this exercises ????
Potato Nugget (1 day ago)
Destinee Pierce (1 day ago)
I’ve never owned a suit but I really want to try it out, I’m pretty small so it might be tough to find a nice fit but this helps so much! Also, you should make a react video to Harry Styles suits!
Thaufer og (1 day ago)
Thnx I’m graduating in a month and need to buy a new suit
Jan1979 (1 day ago)
Jacob Palmer.
MrLoganbuddy (1 day ago)
I might've missed it but where did you get that suit?
okaybye (2 days ago)
6:51 ...woah... looks right into my soul there
Lizbeth Jimenez (2 days ago)
5:49 yw
NATURINDA Emmanuel (2 days ago)
role model
SilverandJewelz (2 days ago)
a) I’m a girl, so why am I here? b) How can you look like sex on a stick?
Jade Oliver (3 days ago)
Doctor your bed isn't made😉 5:28 updated or outdated morning routine? 😃 still the best doctor ever though 👀👌 😊
Manshi Sinha (3 days ago)
I am a girl..why am I watching this?! You know why i am?!😍😍dr mike,😍
Helmut Trümper (3 days ago)
What do you think about a bow-tie?
Lepeka Sagiao (3 days ago)
Love you Doctor Mike! But ohmygosh, i died at 7:51 when I saw Leonid Afremov hanging behind you! He's my favorite! <3
That’sTheTeaSis (4 days ago)
I’m a girl but I just find men’s fashion really heckin interesting! My dad loves suits and wears one to work everyday so maybe that’s why🤷🏾‍♀️
Emily Briggs (4 days ago)
As a female, I am solely watching this because you have a soothing voice and because, well, its dr mike
little heart in love (4 days ago)
A color cheat sheet would be soooooo amazing !!!!!! A little help is always appreciated, young men like my boyfriend need help !!
Zahash Z (4 days ago)
Step 1: Have a Greek God body Step 2: irrelevant Step 3: irrelevant ...... ......
Paula Babirye (4 days ago)
Honestly I just came for the thumbnail now cos dang
Remus Black (4 days ago)
I'm a girl but I love suits, though I do have another factor to worry about lol. But Everything else was super useful and still aply to me even with my suits needing to accommodate brest. Also useful for when I draw and photograph men in suits for art. Thank you Dr. Mike Much love ❤️
Sahar Sahar (5 days ago)
Who knew suits were so complicated
Now i feel more relaxed in chosing out best for me.
Priti Bagrecha (5 days ago)
Can we wear black blazer with white v neck t-shirt and cream pant with white snikkers
Amirhossein Moghisi (5 days ago)
First time commenting here, but I just have to. As a man who follows fashion (NOT MODERN!) I approve this video 100% :) In addition, I believe it's important that people realize black oxfords (Or the color black, in general) is way too formal for many occasions. It's best to go with brown for shoes and blue navy or gray (as Dr. Mike said) for your suits. I found out that if I really want to look super dapper, I should go with suspenders. But it's not for everyone. And finally, great tips on the pocket square. Don't be afraid to play with colors and folds here!
Jeffin Abraham (5 days ago)
How a black suit with silver waist coat and a orange candy tie look It look good or not
LunaGranger144 (5 days ago)
Great video Doc! This will definitely come in handy once I begin my journey to masculinity (I'm FTM transgender). You're very handsome by the way, no homo :)
Büşra Deniz (5 days ago)
fashion has no rules but my budget does
weirdough (5 days ago)
Does he have a tattoo?!?!?
The Critic (6 days ago)
I bet more girls are watching this loooool - I am one of those girls hehehe
R a i s a (6 days ago)
Elliot Grace (6 days ago)
Barney: “Suit up”
sumit bajracharya (6 days ago)
What about wait coat
perdedor3571 (6 days ago)
Looked for vids on suits because I'm bout to buy one. Most helpful video I've found so far. Thanks, mike.
Kaung Myat Thu (6 days ago)
First you gotta have a suit.
Hasti Fattah (6 days ago)
hes smart,good looking,smart,tall,has a sense of humor, and know how to dress??? hes perfect 😍😍
Cristina Battelli (7 days ago)
ugh, I wish women suits were as good looking as and look as professional as men suits.
Scott Brydle (7 days ago)
What is even happening right now, how did I get here, what is going on?
Ben G (7 days ago)
I like how most of the comments are from all the women with a crush, it’s great 👌🏼
Hannah of A.R.M.Y (7 days ago)
Mike really needs to calm down so grown women are dumping their boyfriends and flying around the world to meet him
Austin Chandler (7 days ago)
Oml. A doctor and a fashion icon!
Abby Ludwig (8 days ago)
7:53 is that a leonid afremov painting
Xenofon Psyllidis (8 days ago)
Didn't even mention waistcoats/vests
Derpy Candy (8 days ago)
Did YaLL SEE tHat TAT tHO???
Derpy Candy (8 days ago)
4:55 i was expecting every colour of the rainbow LMAO
Derpy Candy (8 days ago)
Shit, i wish i was born earlier
Tinkerbell Person (8 days ago)
Honestly I think his shirts are too tight
Sheikh Fatima (8 days ago)
You must join Hollywood man 😍❤️
I'm a lady who likes wearing suits, so thank you for the tips!
Nicole Cook (8 days ago)
Make your bed, Dr. Mike
Arukendo (9 days ago)
i just subscribed ! dude the tips work! trust me! i just bought a suit and it looks perfect thanks doc!
Ana Carolina (9 days ago)
omg do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? 👀
Darsiti Suwarso (9 days ago)
That 'couple' painting has been becoming my facebook background since 2009 😍😍
League of Hentai (9 days ago)
Barney Stinson would be proud.
Damini Thakural (9 days ago)
Make a video on female suits
Thiện Huỳnh (9 days ago)
Should I wear a cummerbund or a waistcoat under the Tuxedo, for my Wedding? please
Will (9 days ago)
6:10 ...unless you have pectus...
smartPuff 73 (10 days ago)
And you know how to dress too... of course...
D D Portey (10 days ago)
Hey Mike AAP kbhi India aaye ho????
Ali Gator (10 days ago)
This is fantastic advice! Im a tailor and I'm sharing this on my business page- the best video on mens suit fitting that I have seen. Love your other videos so i was quite surprised to find this one
mahir rahman (10 days ago)
Hey Doc I just wanna I'm loving your contents and learning pretty much a lot of things . :) Doc with all due respect and humbleness I've a suggestion for you , every morning and night before you sleep try listening to Quran (Revelation from God Almighty) for about 5-10 mins . I bet as time pass by you'll be seeing the benefits of it . Much love and God bless you.
Nadia Svetzlana (10 days ago)
If you cam see through your shirt....you NEED an undershirt.
Nadia Svetzlana (10 days ago)
Wendy’s (10 days ago)
I didn’t know ANY of this. Definitely learned something.
Juan Taylor (10 days ago)
Where do you recommend we buy suits from?
Hilppa P (11 days ago)
Ok, next time I have a boyfriend who asks for opinion in his clothes/suit, I'll just direct him to this video!
Ruza Hel (11 days ago)
Wow this guy is the whole package...
Charles Darwin (11 days ago)
Hi i just wanted to get some tips for any pastel color suit for a debut pastel theme event thankyou💯
wishywashywara (11 days ago)
6:14 i gasped. You’re welcome
Shadow Violets (11 days ago)
i actually learned so much and I believe anyone could take a lot from it even if they don't wear suits themselves. thank you for this quick class on suits, really did enjoy it. I'd love to see more educational content like this from you
alexia eberhard (12 days ago)
I love suite but i'm a girl and i don't know how to wear it
ADAPPER1 TV (12 days ago)
Hi Guys Look My New video Fashion Lookbook Men's https://youtu.be/O9C-XT8-674 i hpe you like it suport please :)
Aniki Vance (12 days ago)
Loved all of your looks, you look nice
Azfar hameed khan (12 days ago)
Thanks Mr. Mike, very informative
Real Girl (12 days ago)
Looks like you put on your little brothers suit. Tight suits are not attractive.
Wolfskullx skullheart (12 days ago)
Take notes men 😳
TheAngelic Emerald (12 days ago)
I'm not screaming, you are
Vish Animations (13 days ago)
I never knew you were a model.
Aidelys Andrade (13 days ago)
First thing that came to my mind when i read "Suit Up" was Barney.😎😅 Who else agrees?🙋‍♀️
robin young (13 days ago)
Showing this to my husband. I don’t think anything looks better on a man than a well fitting suit.
samnetworks (13 days ago)
Never go to 1190 W 49th St # 300 Hialeah, FL 33012 305-827-9313 Store #3322 They will rip off their customer.. This is fact There is proof
Cujas (13 days ago)
Ted, suit up!
Nathaniel Louis (14 days ago)
Honestly good stuff! However, I'm cursed with disproportionate thighs as well - how do I fit the pants snug to my waist while keeping them from tearing at my thighs (and those horrible pointy pockets)?!
Daniyal Altaf Baloch (14 days ago)
fantastic and quick video on suiting up... the fact that you explain it quickly and concisely is awesome.
Hruthik Sohel (14 days ago)
My body is very thin !so i should buy it or not ?
Pashish Sharma (14 days ago)
What about watches...???????????????????????????????

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