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Get Table Names with Column Names and Data Types in SQL Server - SQL Server Tutorial

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In this video ,we will generate the script that will return us all the table names with column names and data type of those columns. We often need this information. Let's say we are going to prepare mapping document for load the data from Source Database to Destination database. We can get the list of all tables with column names and data types from Source Database and Destination Database and then paste in Excel and map the required input columns to output columns for ETL Process. Blog link with scripts used in video http://sqlage.blogspot.com/2015/02/get-all-tables-with-column-names-and.html
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MD Faisal K (3 months ago)
Hi, Need your help. I am getting an error while performing DBCC, Attribute <Object_ID> in sys.columns does not have a matching row in sys.objects. Can you please tell how to resolve it. Thank you. Faisal ([email protected])
TechBrothersIT (3 months ago)
Faisal maybe the object is dropped. not sure what is your current situation.
Sandeep Kumar Pentakota (8 months ago)
how to get table name and and column names in single row
Vản Mạnh Khương (9 months ago)
i want to export data of table into txt file, please by using query ( not handing)
Nyasha Ndure (1 year ago)
hapana zviripo apa kkkk sorry for the language thats great ,powerful explanation
TechBrothersIT (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Osama Sallam (1 year ago)
you are showing the views by using : select * from sys.tables but how to show the Tables only in DB?
Insignate Siggy (11 months ago)
Sales is the DB
krismaly (4 years ago)
Thanks for educating about sys.table, sys.columns, and sys.types. It was clear with examples. I recommend others to watch such a simple short video with knowledge. Thanks

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