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LaTruth - I Could Have Been - Available on iTunes & Googleplay

235 ratings | 7628 views
Rapper/Songwriter "LaTruth" WEBSITE http://www.thisizlatruth.com TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/thisizlatruth FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/rapperlatruth
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Text Comments (16)
Abukar Deerow (1 year ago)
good job bro real rapper you are reall legend like will smith
Jude Gure (2 years ago)
honestly this was one of the best songs I've herd
afro candy (2 years ago)
love it 😖😍
D&H Squad (2 years ago)
This inspired me to get my life together and get my grades right thanks man you mean a lot to me
sK8TriCkMaStA (2 years ago)
motivational af. very relatable and hits on points most rappers don't tend to rap about now a days. reminds me of J Cole, keep up the good work and keep grinding. fuck the haters
Inensity Lawz (2 years ago)
Love himKreativekreationzpublishinginc
Michael Staples III (2 years ago)
this song is about makeing his dad like rap music and to tell him how he felt
Dom Sansotta (2 years ago)
one of your best records LATRUTH that Hate Is Fuel is official I swear bro you could bring real hip hop back to what it was you real bro I can't enough how official your stuff is I could close my eyes and listen to you
supra 49 (2 years ago)
badass song👌
Leslie Warren (2 years ago)
Blessings 💜💛🙏✌
Tylar Akaiti (2 years ago)
Yo this is 🔥🔥🔥 congratulations La Truth 👏🏽🙌🏽
SmeshRoom (2 years ago)
I came from fb and this is lit
Ivanna Tomasek (2 years ago)
koper kurek (2 years ago)
this the shit 💯🔥
Lukas Tremp (2 years ago)
why ain't this on spotify man? shit u going big! i swear💯🔥💪🏼
Mark Barber (3 years ago)
u a great rapper man I want Your cd

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