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✂️💈 BEST BARBER IN THE WORLD 2018 / Videos Compilation Styles for Men's NEW EDIT SOUND

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Text Comments (186)
Yummyleigh (3 months ago)
Not one unattractive dude in the whole video. 🤔
Elleni 36 (3 months ago)
When it rains the beard color will start running like mascara!🤣🤣
theholytoast (3 months ago)
rub garlic on his face after shaving his beard off? Does that mean he thinks the bald spots are a fungal infection and that will help treat it, or he just does that for flavor later?
theholytoast (3 months ago)
11:30 ish
Rebekka Surber (3 months ago)
What beautiful artistry ! I hope there are competitions and platforms where these skills are recognized and rewarded.
Peter Lamoureux (3 months ago)
Soy Boyz, I bet they like Vanilla Ice.
BEBAN 93 (3 months ago)
Sassy Girl (3 months ago)
That guy spinning the scissors better be careful that it doesn’t go flying out of his hand and poke out an eyeball, or worse, land in someone’s chest. Overall, the hair/beard cuts are awesome 🌺
Sassy Girl (3 months ago)
Wow!! Awesome work. Extremely talented. I love it!!!🌺
Roza Ogrodowa (4 months ago)
Wow they spend more time in front of the mirror than women.
Nina's world of secrets (4 months ago)
You : subscribe to my channel Me : thanks😍
Stanley Nolly (4 months ago)
Don't give a Fuck how good of a Barber you think you are,. Don't put Yo Dirty Bare Hand's On my face like that,,, That's A Turn off Big Time,,, BOI BYE
Missy Kurtz (4 months ago)
"I wanna minimize my bald spot." (Puts eggs on it.) ????
ImA beast (4 months ago)
Where the fuck is the shape ups
La Von Hathcock (4 months ago)
3:50 that cut dont even look good
Pizca Fernandez. N (4 months ago)
Hay que ver qué caprichosa es la gente iiiiii
Laura MS (4 months ago)
Muy buenos profesionales
Balázs Bakai (4 months ago)
0:27 +10 def shield
Анюта Милая (4 months ago)
Есть российские?
Click beach
Ahron P. (5 months ago)
5:31 i want to slap his hair
Krystal Smith (5 months ago)
Who else thought the eggs in his hair were pimples?
Brooke Gaches (5 months ago)
Omg 6:32-6:48 WTF 🤢😬
The Denominator (5 months ago)
What a video
Ritik Samre (5 months ago)
2:27 they were eggs and I thought that he grew mushrooms on his head
heroshyma69 (5 months ago)
Poor kid at 1:50 with a jacked up design. Hate that type of style at 5:26
Molly Mack (4 months ago)
I like it and stfu bc other peeps also might like it
Samarpit Singh Rathore (5 months ago)
Hyee I am from india and I want that two faced comb used by d barber while working on the hairs of boy having grey hairs.
Wilson (5 months ago)
What is the intro music name
Randomstuff2019 (5 months ago)
4:21 I thought that was a mask he was gonna peel off I got so nervous
Hatillo 73 (5 months ago)
You guys are great 👍🏼 where are you located? 🤗
Yummyleigh (3 months ago)
@Hatillo 73 no maybe baby... You need to have qualifications nower days to do this stuff... Find someone that can maybe travel to you a mobile barber/beautician
Hatillo 73 (3 months ago)
Maybe but I haven’t heard of anybody that good where I live maybe I’ll have to start looking for them 🤗
Yummyleigh (3 months ago)
Theoretically all over the globe. People go school for this
Chloe Poling (5 months ago)
What happens when they take a bath/shower and that "perfect" hair style is ruined?
Yummyleigh (3 months ago)
Half the time these are friends and colleagues modelling... They don't give a real fuq
FALL3N JOJO (5 months ago)
So how much is the cost for these haircuts??
Matthew Zigrang (5 months ago)
Who else wanna be a barber after watching this
Terry Vincent (5 months ago)
Are all of these guys gay ?
ARNØM SANTANA (5 months ago)
2:27 os cara faz até ninho de pássaro no cabelo kkkkk
Amanda Lima (4 months ago)
Neh sksks
ARNØM SANTANA (5 months ago)
Br 2019?
UncleJokes • (3 months ago)
ARNØM SANTANA No one👏 Cares👏 what time👏 your watching👏 in👏
Raj Chouhan (5 months ago)
raj Boos
Oscar Manqueo alvarez (6 months ago)
roboticrainbow (6 months ago)
what is with this thumbnail ? who else clicked for gore and quail eggs?😂 I still don't have any answers ! just more questions after watching 😐
HACK3R INSID3 L1M1T (6 months ago)
Wtf is tumb!!!
Игорь Окса (6 months ago)
Pao (6 months ago)
SumaiL at 9:01 ?
BubbleGum SmashTv (6 months ago)
Joergen (6 months ago)
1:10 Smack that bitch up
Fabian Rubio (6 months ago)
Esa intro de hotspanish
elTioRandom :v (6 months ago)
No se pasen de verga yo vine por la puta miniatura
3:28 anyone know the name of the song PLZ TELL ME
06_Gam3r _95 (3 months ago)
Musik name is trolling
Esmee's life (4 months ago)
Sorry idk 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Chibby GD (6 months ago)
Y a mi por que me recomiendan esto?
izzy 706 (6 months ago)
And the dumb shit barber showing off twirling sharp scissors in front of the face is dangerous as hell.
izzy 706 (6 months ago)
These hillbilly beards are just getting douchey now. And the overly trimmed shit looks gay as hell.
Santy Wexd (6 months ago)
Rafael Valenzuela (6 months ago)
Donde encuentro una barbaria asi en miami
Jettanyia Gumbs (6 months ago)
Platinum Blonde Highlights edgy and sexy AF...especially with the earing👍 The fist one with the point
Jettanyia Gumbs (6 months ago)
The eggs though...TF...No Bro
Khalil Brahimi (6 months ago)
اخ قلبي طلع
Parker Hero (6 months ago)
11:00 fucking ridiculous cut and beard SMH ahahahahahah
Israr Ahmad (6 months ago)
Aap ke shop kha per hai
翟子晴 (6 months ago)
Ramim Kaji (6 months ago)
bro plz cl me 8761043703
Toast (6 months ago)
That first guys beard...damn
luis varagas (6 months ago)
Video no apto para pelones :v
Adrian Gonzalez (6 months ago)
Clip beyt
3r3ais (6 months ago)
Vai toma no seu cu
soul (6 months ago)
Is that haise sasaki
S. Diaz (6 months ago)
Most of these haircuts are gay as fuck.
JJ cell (6 months ago)
Rivan Naber (6 months ago)
2.26 ما افتهمت شنو هاذه الي عله راسه مجاي اعرف شنو هاذ دوخني عله خالي بلاش
Chinmaya ray (6 months ago)
Sala thumbnail dekh k vdo chalu kiya mene .
Ragnarok (6 months ago)
qual nome da musica??????
Manoel (4 months ago)
Mano tem várias músicas
darek AJP (6 months ago)
11:00 this fake beard looks ridiculous
Calf (5 months ago)
Nah, it look alright. The only thing that makes it look bad is the line in the border of the beard on the cheek, which is darker and makes it stand out.
Brani the Brownie (5 months ago)
Matthew Zigrang (5 months ago)
It’s really weird
Tom Atela Guelea Bisho (6 months ago)
Wtf is up with that thumbnail?😂
Lalturua Vanchhawng (6 months ago)
9:00 is that Sumail the Dota2 Player
Emma Lee (6 months ago)
2:26 What the fuck is in his head..??
the man (6 months ago)
2:42 wtf is in that guys hair
miry na (6 months ago)
So good
Omer Aamir Shah (6 months ago)
I didn't see the thumbnail dudes
Omer Aamir Shah (6 months ago)
aya buya noise beef wtf is the sound track lok
Ritika Singh (6 months ago)
si cool (6 months ago)
2:27 Quail Eggs 😱😱😱😉
Matías Ivan Franco (6 months ago)
Ojalá que me corten el pelo igual que el de el minuto 5.50
попросту супер
Vanush Shahinian (6 months ago)
Есовен ара 😨😨😨😨
osvaldo A.G (6 months ago)
d elnoFHJ (6 months ago)
Zookepers - Vessel LFZ - Echoes
Chazz Ram (6 months ago)
These boys are not from this planet they're aliens for sure..maybe mars or Pluto or maybe even cybertron...I bet you they can even cut a do on optimus prime and Megatron Damn these boys are good..
Amandita Poggi (6 months ago)
amo ese peinado del minuto 5:25
Nevool :3 (6 months ago)
first song pls?
d elnoFHJ (6 months ago)
De nada mamuh :v
Maria Ramirez (6 months ago)
+El Homosapiens Crack
Maria Ramirez (6 months ago)
+El Homosapiens Gracias paps
d elnoFHJ (6 months ago)
Zookepers - Vessel
Juan Apaza Lonconi (6 months ago)
Donde es eso ?
Si kieres yo le pongo los huevos en la cabeza no
حلبي يا خال (6 months ago)
حسبيا الله ونعما الوكيل
Caring Mother (6 months ago)
Did they hat one fella have bird 🐦 eggs in his head?
Soggy Like Tots (6 months ago)
8:45 is my favorite
Red mid (6 months ago)
Como se llama la canción del comienzo? ♥️
d elnoFHJ (6 months ago)
Se llama Zookepers - Vessel papu ;v
HINDI MOVIE (7 months ago)
Wow nice video
[G R I S S O ] (7 months ago)
خلي ع هذي الدقيقه وكلي ما راح بالك بعيد 6:22
saitama onehit (7 months ago)
link musie
d elnoFHJ (6 months ago)
Zookepers - Vessel LFZ - Echoes
Yurem Arano (7 months ago)

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