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Anti-Style Types: Messy Mommy

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Welcome to the Anti-Style types series! In this series I am breaking down BAD fashion and sharing actionable tips on how to correct these simple styling mistakes. In today's video is all about Messy Mommy. Messy Mommy is a straight up warrior, a gangster but unfortunately she has the scars to prove it. Messy Mommy bought life into this world so we can definitely cut her some slack, but there comes a point where it’s time to give Messy Mommy a time out. We'll uncover what's really going on with Messy Mommy and how she can easily update her style. What I'm Wearing: Tee Shirt, Andersson Bell Jeans, Frame Jacket, Sandro Shoes, Gucci Earrings, Nordstrom Rack Services: Virtual Styling - https://laurenmessiah.com/shop/ Personal Style University- https://laurenmessiah.com/personal-style-university/ Buy Lauren’s Book- https://laurenmessiah.com/product/the... Style Freebies: Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist for Women: http://laurenmessiah.com/ultimate-wardrobe-checklist  ‘How To Dress Right For Your Body Type’ :  http://laurenmessiah.com/body-type-ebook  SUBSCRIBE for pro fashion tips, insider trends and new videos: http://bit.ly/1N7xVjn Connect with me on social media: Visit the Lauren Messiah WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/1wCjCxF Like me on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LaurenMessiah Follow me on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1Tm2ruM Follow me on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/1L4iGZ4 Follow me on PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/1WfU0Ah About me: I am a fashion expert, on-camera talent and a premiere personal fashion stylist in Los Angeles. I believe that style is for everyone. I work to educate and empower women through my daily dose of fashion advice, shopping guides and styling tips. Anti-Style Types: Messy Mommy http://www.youtube.com/user/StylistLaurenMessiah
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Text Comments (73)
Ayanna Francis (2 days ago)
Look at that wack mom ... lol
Victoria LoveCraft (30 days ago)
I was never messy mom when I had my baby as I didn't want to look depressed
Tiffany Michelle (3 months ago)
I like this series, but why not show comparisons with what not to wear and what you should wear? That would be more helpful as opposed to just talking the whole time. But dang I love your style, hair and the way you talk. You sound very professional and articulate.
Natalia Shine (3 months ago)
"...putting clothes on your body so you are not nude."
Korina (3 months ago)
Lmfao tell me why I'm messy mommy and I have no kids
Miriam Oppenheim (30 days ago)
Korina 😂Lazy Lucy perhaps? Seriously moms don’t have a monopoly on messy...🤗
Craft Whimsy (3 months ago)
Great video! I related to it so much because I spent 3 years having my kids and throughout the whole transition it was difficult to find out who the new me was. Because I certainly wasn't the old me. Fantasy shopping is the tip that resonated most. I used Pinterest to piece together pictures of looks I liked or certain pieces. And even when I finally did shop, some things just did not work out like I pictured. So still a work in progress but I'm ok because every wardrobe needs fine tuning.
je t'aime (4 months ago)
I was 'Messy Mommy' before 'Messy Mommy' was cool. : )
Shelly Howard (4 months ago)
Thank you, Lauren. You are an inspiration.
Diana C (5 months ago)
Suggestions for a good mom uniform??
KittyDee (5 months ago)
I loved this! But please include what looks good not just the bad!
Tami Shine (5 months ago)
Wow!...this is a reality check lol!
klj788986sbb (6 months ago)
The whole messy mommy thing didn’t exist when I was a kid in the early nineties. Most of the moms at the school gate dressed casually but the clothes were clean, fitted and had clearly been chosen with some thought. Nowadays women have it in their head that being a mother is about constant sacrifice and if they put in the effort to look nice then they are obviously a bad parent, so now I always see the (mostly middle class) women wearing the ugliest, most utilitarian clothing they could find - North Face jackets, t-shirts with milk stains on and shapeless pants. Like seriously, you wouldn’t let your child leave the house looking like that, so why should you? Have some goddamn pride in yourself and stop acting like some martyr, as if no one else has ever had kids before.
Katherine Hamar (2 months ago)
In the pacific nw, northface jackets are stylish, just not "trendy"... more semi-timeless. Because we actually do things outdoors besides picking up the kids... other than that, I agree with all you said.
Scarlett Sulu (6 months ago)
very good content
carolanns (6 months ago)
On point totally .
You just described me. Now I am well past being a new mom. My children are grown. But I have experienced a major life change. And not just becoming an empty nester or weight gain. I came down with a serious illness. It’s been nearly eight years now but i am not at all the same person. And I found as the illness progressed and I was in no condition to work , I was still hanging on to the hope of getting it together again. Time progressed and so did the illness and simultaneously so did my lose of identity. Acceptance has taken place. This is the new me. All the kids are making there way on their own. The downsize has taken place. And where I am left is realizing I don’t want much. I’m tired of taking care of stuff. I love clothes but as long as I have great jewelry to slip on I’m good. It’s not like I get out much. What I want , what I need is to keep it simple. A basic capsule wardrobe, great jewelry, lip stick and I’m good to go. As I get rid of each item in my closet I feel a since of freedom I have not know in many years. And as that basic simple style comes together I think I am liking the new me. Retired empty nesters patient equipped with knowledge to get through the difficult times. I can do this and still have style. Tomorrow will be better and if not then the next day. LA
RAY y (6 months ago)
Window (online) shopping is self care?! Haha got to tell that to my husband. I always feel like it's a waste of time. But so is youtube..
Cindy Palmer (6 months ago)
OMG. My daughter showed me this, she is twenty and I am sixty. You hit the nail on the head and now feeling aware - am going to do something about it. So grateful!!
missmayflower (7 months ago)
A mom of young kids is often lucky to just get a shower or have a pee by herself. This one is a bit out of touch with reality for a lot of women. So many are doing it on their own in our isolated society. There’s no grandma or aunts on hand to watch the kids while you have a facial or manicure. You’ve obviously never been in a fitting room with a toddler and a baby and your milk comes down and/or one of them poops! It’s hard. Fashion is the least of their concerns.
Miriam Oppenheim (30 days ago)
I hear you as a mom of eight aged 1.5-14 but still the goal for me is improvement not perfection...
Katherine Hamar (2 months ago)
It is possible to not allow the toddler and baby in the bathroom while you pee. Put the baby in a swing, let the toddler entertain themselves for 1 minute, and pee by yourself.
You said "your kid's 10 and you're still wearing maternity pants" and I thought to my self "ugh! I resemble that remark!" 😝😂 Thank you for the words of encouragement in the rest of the video.
Tea Todd Style Stingy (7 months ago)
In was in that stage for almost 3 years for my everyday life. Now I add heels & lipstick to any look and look so pulled together. Some days are a struggle to put myself first & get my look together but once I do I feel great 😊
MidnightBlack (7 months ago)
Dang, I’ve been a combo of Messy Mommy and Boring Betty. Little by little I am buying things to have a better style. My husband and I recently go rid of our mommy and daddy clothes 😂! You are speaking the honest truth and this includes hairstyle. I finally got my hair and nails done. I finally put myself first and my femininity to the forefront.
Florence Oriwo (7 months ago)
Love this series & thank God for my love for Fashion that I have never been a 'Messy Mommy'🙏🏾
Dionne Dean (8 months ago)
I fight every day not to be a 'Messy Mommy' :-( It's a struggle, but I'm committed to slay EVERY day! Thank you!
The Lauralinda Channel (8 months ago)
Ding. Ding. Ding. I think we have a winner! This is me!
Lyndell Werling (8 months ago)
You're so funny! Loved your comment about babies wanting cool Moms. Lol!
Fahimah Hedar (8 months ago)
Dang my mom's cool xD
liz yerolemidesemale (8 months ago)
Totally on the button - been through all of the stages you mention - now going through 70 year old ageing “has been “and getting a strong message from family and friends (and society generally) that they feel uncomfortable with a stylish grandma! It seems it’s ok for media personalities but not in reality! I don’t like disappearing into the wallpaper - what’s your take on ageing Glam-mas Lauren?
m l williams (2 months ago)
Tell them look at the advanced style blog!
Joy Adero (3 months ago)
Tell them off. Don't yell at them, but be stern and matter of fact. Tell them when THEY get to 70,they can wear whatever they want. One of the perks of being older is being direct and telling people how you really feel, no?
ocandro (7 months ago)
liz yerolemidesemale your family should be ashamed! I would be over the Moon if I had a grandma, and a stylish one? So lucky! Maybe you can tell these buggers really straight how you feel, maybe go a little bit dramatic? Like: it hurts me that you don't want me to feel visible and attractive, I am your mom and grandma, but I'm still a woman and looking good makes me happy (or something like that). Nobody wants to hurt their family, but sometimes they do that unaware. Straight up, serious communication (no joking and laughing) can resolve many problems.
Claire Kurdelak (8 months ago)
Excellent job, Lauren. Not judgemental at all as I experienced it. Guys, here is another helpful vid re transition periods https://youtu.be/pHs-S8htZS0
Claire Kurdelak (8 months ago)
Messaging we can control! Yes! I decided long ago, as a mother, that I want to make a little effort to make motherhood look good.
K Mejia (8 months ago)
This was disrespectful and ignorant
klj788986sbb (6 months ago)
You‘re not some sort of martyr for having kids. No one expects a mother of very young children to look like a model but if you wouldn’t let your kids go out dressed like shit, why disrespect yourself in that way? It just screams “I have no personality outside of my kids”.
CARIBLOVE (7 months ago)
You must be a messy mom then
whitwhit87 (8 months ago)
K Mejia i guess you could relate
Bella TCup (8 months ago)
K Mejia how? This is not for you...
Alexis Glover (8 months ago)
👏👏 cheers to the relationship status change. I became a complete slouch and depressed after my breakup. It's so difficult to feel like yourself, sexy, or even confident afterwards and that makes you not want to 'play dressup'. I went through a complete metamorphosis trying to find myself again. You don't realize how much someone had become a part of your life until it's gone.
Inner Wilderness (8 months ago)
Anti-Style Types are a very good Idea to show the opposite of a perfect sylish social media fashion type. Knowing that now, I would be interested in a video about the "middle types": A Fashion tool about how to wear not total fresh and super fitted clothes. I mean the clothes we all "normals" have in our closet. We need help to find confidence to wear this stuff till everything is changed up. So how can we decide what is not perfect but ok to wear.
Rhonda woods (8 months ago)
I'm in the process of getting out of the "messy mommy" mode. It's so hard
shoeboxenterprises Linda (8 months ago)
Facial or two hour movie? How about a shower on my own, or a bathroom trip by myself! Seriously, me time doesn't really exist for many with children. I watch your videos while I breastfeed my baby, if my 3 year old doesn't also need my attention! My "style" has come a long way since watching your videos, but some days if its clean and comfortable and I can breastfeed in it, it ts going to be worn, regardless of whether it's particularly stylish. My biggest messy mummy issue is hair - I had it chemically straightened pre-children. I'm excited to get it done again once I've finished breastfeeding, as it's my main messy mummy issue (and me rarely wearing makeup!). I wore an unironed silk blouse this morning to my daughter's ballet lessons- I did feel like a bit of a hot mess between that, no makeup and crazy wild hair.....
Duct_Tape Heart (3 months ago)
shoeboxenterprises Linda maybe make a uniform? Like, clear out one drawer for stuff you can just grab that doesn't need ironing or extra attention. That way, whenever you have to look okay you don't have to think about it! Also, I wear earrings 24/7. I sleep in some teeny pearl studs and occasionally switch when I'm feeling fancy... Maybe that would help you? Leave a moisturizer by the sink, so when you wash your hands or brush your teeth or whatever, you do the sunscreen/deodorant thing! Then, you can twist your hair into a high topkot and voila! Chic. I don't think looking/feeling good should take a lot of work. People who do are overthinking it imo
Dash Son (6 months ago)
shoeboxenterprises Linda Honey I hear you! That’s why I said when my youngest turned 2. It took me THAT long(don’t ask me why). But you’re da bomb dot com you grew a whole human!
shoeboxenterprises Linda (8 months ago)
Dashauna Jimerson haha yes! My youngest just hit 4 months, so I am already up at the crack of dawn, without the self-care mani pedis! I will probably be back on track in about 8-12 months, though first time around I decided to work from home between about 2am and 7am, when my daughter woke up. I think self-care time will take precedence over working from home 2nd time around!! Girl needs a break!
Dash Son (8 months ago)
shoeboxenterprises Linda I hear you but when my youngest turned two I put a stop to that madness. My kids clothes are more stylish than my mine. And they leave looking well put together but I would leave the house a hot mess! Never again. Yes I wake at the at the crack of dawn but it’s ME time. I love it. Home facials mani and pedi and make up.
Claire Kurdelak (8 months ago)
shoeboxenterprises Linda good point. Lol! I have several children and have had almost ten years in which style has had to bow to functionality- can I breastfeed in it? I still do try to look nice, but that functionality is #1
Kelli DiFrancesco (8 months ago)
This was a fun one for me. I am a recovering messy mommy. I relapse sometimes, but that is what I have Lauren Messiah for :)
Zoraida Magana (8 months ago)
Omg...okay that Lady with the double stroller lmao...with the hat...Yes!!/that was me all last summer...except wearing yoga pants....trying to lose weight... 10 of which I gained back during Christmas, thanks mom for those delicious tamales.....but yes...omg....lol....that lady looks exactly how I felt(feel) with two young boys!!!!
Zoraida Magana (8 months ago)
Ohhh here I am....lol...or was....who am I kidding... I can still be found this way most days..... even though I have been cultivating(vegetables) my closet....lol....speak to me Lauren!!
Mena (8 months ago)
Oh my gosh your not old at all 😂😂😂😂
Sheila Ramey (8 months ago)
Rocked messy mommy from 2015-2018 with my second. Switched a minimalist type wardrobe focused more on good fit and jewelry and feel SO MUCH BETTER
Christine Montez (8 months ago)
Love this! I've done the same and it's changed my life!
Sheila Ramey (8 months ago)
Also, if you are a messy mommy you need quality items that hold up. Spit up, accidental spills, don't buy fast fashion unless it's an accessory, learn what fits, start all over with the basics. Create an after bedtime routine for yourself, or wake up an hour earlier to have genuine time to yourself. Remember to shower! Seems ridiculous, but your more in the mode to put on "real" clothes when you're already clean!❤
Jeannette Mann (8 months ago)
I remember that I bought an overall when I first became a mom. I went home looked at it and decided that’s not who I am and went back to the store to trade it for a black cotton jersey sleeveless jumpsuit. Definitely more me. I almost slipped into a dowdy mommy as I thought an overall would be more functional. Instead I chose something functional yet stylish.
Tiffany Goodman (8 months ago)
This was me for the longest time! My daughter is almost 8 and I turn 30 in a month, I have maternity underwear I need to throw out 😆I've gotten too comfortable with being comfortable. Time to hit up Macy's soon! I need help with dressing my age.
Coco Luxe (7 months ago)
Just because you turn 30 doesn’t mean you have to get dressed a certain way. It’s really no different from being 28 or 29. There’s no dressing a certain age. If you like wearing rocker T-shirt’s or shirts you liked in college and are an edgier person you can still wear that. What I do suggest is if you are in your 30s or even 20s, have appropriate attire for a professional setting like work or meeting clientele etc. You can still be edgy and professional. You can wear a blazer with a t-shirt just the way Lauren Messiah styles herself sometimes.
Tiffany Goodman (8 months ago)
Zoraida Magana I love Pinterest too! I was told find a celebrity that you like and how they dress, I love Jessica Alba. She's kinda basic street style, I do like basic, it's just finding the right kind. I don't want to be too bla or over the top.
Zoraida Magana (8 months ago)
Tiffany Goodman Yes...this was my problem for the longest time...I felt like I was still in my 20's...but knew I was in my late 30's...so shopping was either too dressy or too blah... I have been doing fantasy shopping since the fall on Pinterest, for a particular outfit ..fell into the world of capsule wardrobe and minimalist, and 10 items 10 ways... and I couldn't believe I had never knew or thought about this...anyway good luck, have fun finding yourself again...I'm still not where I want to be ..but sure not where I was!!!
LittleDormouse (8 months ago)
Lauren, you are not old!!! Honestly, I hate how sociate makes women over 30 feel like they are old! (Rather not mentioning general views on being childless or sigle....)
Edwina Monsoon (8 months ago)
LOVE this series! 💙 😊 You are such a great observer! Stylist AND psychologist! 😉 😁 I hope there are many more videos to come. Have a most wonderful day! 👖👕👠
Lauren Messiah (8 months ago)
So glad you are enjoying the series! More to come :)
Ivy Edgington-Rice (8 months ago)
How about outfit suggestions for each anti style type? Like easy comfy outfit ideas for new moms. Or retro inspired outfits for dated Debbie? Just an idea.
missmayflower (7 months ago)
Ivy Edgington-Rice Great idea! It would turn it around to end on a positive note. I’d love to see that.
Sylvia Mann (8 months ago)
Awesome advice and series. Everyone needs to practice self-care and making themselves a priority on a regular basis.
Mari Mari (8 months ago)
Messy mom in recovery myself. Lol.
S Lines (8 months ago)
Awesome. Reinvent yourself. 😊
remmirath42 (8 months ago)
Do I see an Appetite for Destruction T-shirt? Maybe you could do a video on how to wear band T-shirts and still look chic :-)
Coco Luxe (7 months ago)
If you like band/rocker T-Shirts check out my Instagram @jenni_willi I have different ways to style band tees and make regular t-shirts look comfortable
Lauren Messiah (8 months ago)
Great idea! I LOVE me a band tee

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