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A Song of Ice and Fire: The Deeper Dorne Part 3

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Qyburn is aligned with Doran and Oberyn Martell https://www.patreon.com/prestonjacobs?ty=h The Dornish Master Plan may be gone in the show, but there is little doubt that something is brewing in the books. Especially with their crony, Qyburn.
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victor bruun (1 month ago)
oh quite a bit more than one cook.. more like a headcook hat does almost no cooking, several overcooks, hundreds of cooks and hundreds more of undercooks and a damn thousand or more kitchen maids (yes women preform all the heavy labor) So among those esily a headconfectioneer, a few dozen confectioneer plus underlings. 500 skulls should take less than 20 minutes. Read up on victorian servant hierarchies, and those were just regular poor nobles.. nothing like proper fricking kings. The 50 servant range vs 2000. Such as the ridiculous notion of some lord stark travelling with any less than 200 servants, 100 squires, 50 knights and such.. including naturally about 500+ horses even as the servants walk or ride wagons. Every knight for one would have 4+ horses and squires 2. And no high lord goes anywhere without 50 own horses in case of injury, palfreys, chargers per need and fancy etc and all those hundreds of packhorses. Falcons! With tenders. And lets not even get into supplies like the tents, foods, portable libraries, gold baths + scrubbers +scents +boilers, beds.. yes the full assemble in ebony and silks version.. scribes, ravenmasters etc. And lets not forget trunks of clothing. No nice modern suitcases. Nope the human height version of steel and wood closets you need a minimum of 6 person to move. See so the clothes hang straight. Once more its women that do all heavy lifting. Orchestras. With instruments and chairs and whatever painted paper-balsa screens desired. Need i go on? So when the world of ice and fre has a mounted knight(?) in a picture riding alone, i groan. Even a simple knight would have a squire like the ones Brienne encounters. And those were the dirst poor variety. Like no 6 horses each and additional servants with horses and packhorses or even a more respectable 2 to 4 squires. A band of less than 10 for one well dressed fellow is thus obviously common scum once one begins understanding the class implications.
Haze der (2 months ago)
why does no one reply to my comments
I hate most videos, but I must say thank you, Preston! I know how much it takes to do this. Your work is no less than impressive. Wondering-Have you looked into Dr. John Dee? Astrologer, alchemist, spymaster (so much so that James Bond/ 007 was modeled after him, by Ian Fleming) he was closest to Queen Elizabeth. He even chose her coronation day by astrological charts. He also had the largest library ( in his own home) 2nd only to the Library of Alexandria. Pretty interesting dude. I used to think he was Varys, or M. Lewin, but now, after a reread I think he may fit Qyburn pretty well, the timeline fits better as well. The bishops hated him. He was always getting the better of them. He could also be a shadow of Richard Neville, called kingmaker, (and spy) in the time of the Wars of the Roses. Neville wasn't very well known, but Dee was. Even Shakespeare it'sa said top have been a spy under Dee. He wrote down the Enochian alphabet from a medium who could hear angels. Very cool history & mythology. Just wondering what you thought.Thx for your videos. I knew I'd have to really commit once I began listening... so I'm glad I waited. As I thought, they're as brilliant as I'd heard for so many years♾😊
Clan Toriador (5 months ago)
About the meal- how the hell can they serve Sherbet? Wouldn’t that require some kind of refrigeration or freezing? Did I miss something in the text? Dorne is freaking hot.
PodsmacK (5 months ago)
Damnit Pj, it's time to begin the deepest Dorne. Get out your rubber gloves.
Adam Osborne (6 months ago)
james taylor (7 months ago)
Obv rodrik the reader sent a raven to oldtown for a fancy book in exchange for a whisper on euron
Furthermore, in the watcher chapter of ADWD, Doran reveals to the sand snakes a plot to assassinate Trystane, which he learned about through "friends". The only people I can think of with access to this information who could be Doran's moles, are Qyburn and Cersei's new BFF, provided that Cersei is stupid enough to trust her with something like this.
J Snow (11 months ago)
So was the spun sugar skull desert joke just a wink and a nod to the fans, or was it a signal to someone in world?
Krystof Dayne (1 year ago)
I love your videos because you go into so much detail but sometimes you're just waaaay reaching, and this spun sugar skull thing is just for me a representation of why so many of your theories rely on way too many details that can't possibly have played a part in GRRM's foreshadowing. So, for example, the spun sugar skull thing; here's several reasons why that argument just falls completely flat (if you care to read them, I mainly just want to vent): 1) I don't know much about the intricacies of spun sugar dessert making, but you're probably right about the complexity and time it takes for such a dessert. Still, does GRRM really know or care about this? Throughout the series, he goes into some detail in describing the foods presented at feasts which I find really great and based on the detail, he does seem to know and care about what would be appropriate and/or possible for Medieval feasts or even just standard tavern or common people's fare. But he never describes in any detail how this food is prepared, indicating he mostly doesn't care about this detail or just knows too little about it. I'm no expert in the details like you and just too lazy to do the research but I'm pretty sure there have been other meals in ASoIaF that would have been impossible based on preparation time, gathering of ingredients etc... So I really don't think the fact that spun sugar would take way too long to make in such a short time is something GRRM would acknowledge. 2) As bad as the joke is with the dessert skulls, would it really have been worse had a rotting head arrived as expected? I mean, I imagine creating spun sugar rotting heads is still more complicated and intricate than just skulls, even more so to liken them to the image of Gregor Clegane, a man the cook probably never has seen in his life. Seeing that a skull could just represent a head, and even more so a dead and rotting one, I think the cook could have gone for that bad joke regardless of knowing whether a rotting head or an actual skull would arrive in Dorne. 3) If the cook really did know to spefically make skulls and not heads, how would he have gotten that information? I know you imply Qyburn is a secret spy for the Martells, and I would agree, but would Doran tell his cooks that he *knows* about a skull arriving? Wouldn't there be a chance of the cook wondering where Doran got that information? Or did this news leak through some kitchen gossip and the cook just decided to go for it? If that's the case, then how did it leak? And wouldn't Doran know what meals the cooks are going to prepare for this feast and thus be informed of this information leaking? *OOOR* did Doran just tell them to prepare skulls and don't tell them why? Wouldn't there again be the danger of the cook wondering about that when he later finds out that an actual skull had unexpectedly arrived? All of these seem very improbable if we accept Doran to be an actually cautious man. So there. Sorry for venting, and if you've come this far, wow, thank you for reading. It just bothered me so much the way you presented this spun sugar skull thing like fact and actual evidence for your theory (which, in general, I still totally belive. But just without this particular argument.)
Jose Delacruz (1 year ago)
Hmmmm...You make great points however, the last one is a toss up. The cook would likely just do whatever his Prince ordered. He would also not care, or if he did the Prince wouldn't care. Finally maybe the cook is used to receiving excentric meal orders,, after all this IS Dorne..😊
Hmmm. GRRM lives in an area with rich Mexican traditions, which probably include the eating of spun-sugar skulls on the Day of the Dead. https://www.mexicansugarskull.com/sugar_skulls/instructions.html I wonder if the sugar skull reference is merely a shout-out to this custom.
Taedo Palleb (1 year ago)
Why would qyburn clean ser gregors skull before sending it to Dorne? Why not just send the rotting head? Also was it even gregors skull?
Gjergji311 (1 year ago)
"Opening the bodies of the living" almost certainly refers to vivisection. Crazy stuff.
Jewnboy (1 year ago)
The skulls is the only reach in my opinion. They might have prepared skulls even if they were expecting a rotting head. But it still seems that Qyburn is aligned with the Martells
Bazin Amaha (2 years ago)
new YouTube policy. comment for love
Radle Grebdron (2 years ago)
Or maybe they just used skulls because the whole thing was macabre anyway. Skulls represent death in general.
Anthony Pringle (2 years ago)
Two points of contest a) the euron info: to claim this comes from glass candles begs the question why does he give only one glass candle bit of information and not multiple... b) the spun sugar skulls, why would Doran a patient and cautious man tell/leak to his chef for a desert? I sense a) has another answer and b) author oversight or they were meant to be heads and Swann misinterpreted. Opinions?
Phil Smith (2 years ago)
Well if George RR Martin didn't plan for Qyburn to be a Dornish plant he should have done, because it does fit the extremely well.
Krystof Dayne (2 years ago)
I think you read WAY too much into these spun sugar skulls. Regardless of whether a rotting head or a skull would be arriving in Dorne, the joke (however bad it might be) would still work. Or do you really think that, had a rotting head arrived, the skulls would not have made their point? So I don't believe that this is any indication that Doran or his cook knew that a skull would be arriving. Furthermore, HAD Doran known, do you really think he would have let his cook (and probably whole kitchen staff) know that he had access to such privy information? Imagine the gossip in Sunspear then. Other than that, I totally agree with you that Qyburn works for the Martells ;-)
Altorin (2 years ago)
i had a similar "iron island?!?!" response in the show to Varys reporting on Stannis's death, as much as you can have an incredulous response to the show anymore. from my reckoning there was no way Varys could have known. i think it was stannis's death. dont remember exactly
nicoletje111 (2 years ago)
I can't imagine how much time it takes to make these vids. Keep up the good work:)!
Arvaa Kuka (2 years ago)
Could the dornish cook be one of his contacts? Just a thought
Arvaa Kuka (2 years ago)
And btw... if Qyburn is spying for Dorne and he had this good contacts with in the faith, then what was Dorans purpose to send of the sand snakes (cant remember who, was it Tyena?) to Kings landing. Doesnt he know about Qyburns contacts, or does she have some other mission than just spying the high sparrow? Would be interesting to know
minch333 (2 years ago)
Okay, yeah. I believe you on the Qyburn link to Dorne.
Katerina Drakos (2 years ago)
Qyburn told Doran that he was sending a skull and not a "head", and then Doran told... his cook...?
Franz Perez (2 years ago)
Preston, skulls are probably the most universal sign of death. The feast was as much a celebration of the death of the Mountain as anything else, so any symbol of death would have worked. Plus, skulls are just prettier than rotting heads and would be more appealing to prepare and eat.
turbo potato (2 years ago)
whats the name of the song in the beginning?
C M (2 years ago)
I love these little animations where the guys creep up or waddle in.
M B (2 years ago)
if they hired you for the show..
Andriy Fadyeyenko (2 years ago)
What if Qyburn's mystery contact in the faith is Tyene Sand's mother (or someone set up by Tyene's mother)? She was a septa. Heck, it might even be Septa Unella. Of course, the High Sparrow himself is also a possibility, since he appeared right after the Brave Companions and could have been set up by them. Doran sent Tyene to the HS, supposedly to gain his trust, but maybe to aid him somehow? And since Qyburn has Faith contacts, Doran already has someone trustworthy there so it's not just to befriend HS.
Andriy Fadyeyenko (2 years ago)
Also if I remember correctly, the High Septon calls Rhllor a red demon, just like Qyburn.
Tiago Marçal Ferreira (2 years ago)
Is part 4 ever coming?
davedark27 (2 years ago)
Winter has come and gone and come again, and we don´t have the next part yet :( (Not being a dick, I know +Preston Jacobs is breaking his back to turn out two videos a week, but I really want to know where his deeper theories on Dorne go)
the derpy doodleman (2 years ago)
Part 4?
CarlitoQ (2 years ago)
Your theories are a lot more interesting than the actual books lol
SerHaHa (2 years ago)
I post a lot on GRRM's "Not a Blog" - he seems to enjoy replying to what I've written there, of the 20 or so posts I've made, he's responded to about 15 of them. (Ever since he found out I have owned 4 RX7s through every generation, and an identical one to his, he's always answered me now...I"m connected to the greatest author of my time through Mazda...)  I asked him once about his writing method, with all the complexity throughout both the books and the other works like TPATQ and Hedge Knight/etc, what he used. He told me he used both a board method, with notes/lines/connections, as well as just kept much of it in his head. He must have an amazing memory. Seeing Preston break down all the details and connections, the incredible pieces of this huge puzzle - I don't know what impresses me more, Martin's ability to create it, or Preston's ability to see so much of it that I've missed, even after re reading it all 1/2 a dozen times. Truly a gift, this channel is. I can't wait for season 6 TV to be over, so we can get to part 4. Congrats on the 100k Preston, that special Youtube silver play button plaque will look nice on the wall...
akstra18 (2 years ago)
So where is part 4?
ellmuffin (2 years ago)
Latest GOT episode 6x08, Qyburn confirms a rumor to Cercsei, timing and context suggest that the rumor is about hidden caches of wildfire throughout kings Landing. All foreshadowing points to Cersei destroying kings landing. The Dornish could create their own capital to the kingdoms if this occurred.
Captain Cloud (2 years ago)
Love your videos
Jason . Donoghue (2 years ago)
is there a part four?
Jim Struss (2 years ago)
Part 4 please!
Ákos Kovács (2 years ago)
One thing I wondering recently is.Does robert strong controlled by someone via telepathy?(If we assume there is litelary telepathy in GoT universe)Because otherwise he would be pretty uselss without an actual head because there is no brain that sending the impulse of the mind to the muscle of the body.So if Benjen have obsidian in him in the show then,maybe strong have one too?If so who would control him? Am I make any sense? No? Probably not....
bbnykis (2 years ago)
I love how these theories are supported by the time cook would take to spin sugar. I think GRRM is a brilliant writer but no one is that brilliant.
Airborne (2 years ago)
GRRM : dis nigga b thinkn 2 much
Kristin Steele (2 years ago)
Maybe this is a stupid question, but if all of this is true then why does Qyburn reanimate the Mountain?
the derpy doodleman (2 years ago)
Probably so that Eventualy he can use it to kill dorne's enemies and expose cersei
Larry Hinkle (2 years ago)
Hey Preston. I havent seen you mention this but it occurred to me that if similar show events played out in the books, wouldnt Aegon become Prince of Dorne. Aegon has a very strong cliam
Clothy22 (2 years ago)
Can you do part 4?
kyuubigan (2 years ago)
Hmmm... I have a theory. And it all hinges on one speculation: Prince Doran knows the Others are coming. My theory is that Doran is trying to create a scenario where House Martell saves the world in order to elevate his family's status beyond any other. I mean, what better way to win the Game of Thrones than to make the throne irrelevant? This theory explains Doran;s actions and plots; almost all the parties he has been working against seem to be players capable of fighting the Others and hogging the glory. The Lannisters, Illyrio/Aegon, Dany, the Daynes, Stannis; all of them possess resources which would be helpful in a war against the Others (wealth, manpower, reputation/heritage, experience, weapons, etc.). The only parties that Doran hasn't made any moves against that fit this criteria are the Tyrells and Littlefinger. And considering that Littlefinger has already made moves to destabilize the Reach, its likely that Doran may make a move against the Vale soon, probably through Tyene, Nym, or Qyburn. Or perhaps by using the Brotherhood. I don't know. Doran is likely going to hunker down in Dorne at let the rest of the kingdoms get ripped apart by the Others. By that point he'll probably be able to gather the resource necessary to fight the Others (dragonglass, Valyrian Steel, Dawn, and maybe willdfire). I mean historically speaking Dorne is difficult to invade from the north. The Dornish Marches and Red Mountains make for some impressive natural defences. Combine that with trained guerilla fighters with dragon glass weapons and you've got a recipe for a lot of dead ice men. Plus Dorne has been untouched by all the wars. Between all these factors, Doran has a right to feel confident. Now like I said earlier, this theory only makes sense under the assumption that Doran knows the Other invasion is eminent. If we look at the Dornish Master Plan videos, it seems likely that Oberyn and Marwyn are in contact (or at least know each other). All it would really take to get that information would be for Marwyn to glass candle someone at the Wall (Aemon and Jeor most likely) and look for concrete evidence of the Others' movements (the Battle of the Fist of the First Men). One quick message later and voila! Doran knows the ice zombies are coming. And with Sam now under Marwyn's tutelage, the Mage knows how to kill Others, information he's probably already passed to Doran.
Janedoe Doe (2 years ago)
It baffles me every time on what things you pick up in the books. Sugar skulls... I read right over that 3 times! Not saying that I believe it necessarily means anything but it's due to those details I like your videos. Thank you!
Rahul Raghu (2 years ago)
Maybe its because skulls represent dead people, and it didnt matter if the skull had skin on it or not?
WellingtonBananas (2 years ago)
the spun sugar skulls are probably representative of Oberyn's crushed head and Swann was uncomfortable because the joke was in bad taste
Shenanigans (2 years ago)
I doubt Doran would allow his cook to mock his beloved deceased brother and I also doubt people like Arianne and Daemon would take kindly to this either.
Cpt. Gavorn (2 years ago)
I watched ALL your videos in a massive binge ... they're really good and interesting keep em coming!
TodKF (2 years ago)
q&a: do you think that Martells and Tyrels have some kinde of conspiracy betwen them? I have noted that Oberyn and Wilis are friends, sending messages to each other, about fine horse flash.
Rockett Launch (2 years ago)
Is it just me, or are all of the preview chapters of TWOW boring as shit.
TheLostRob (2 years ago)
I will just say the sugared skulls can just as easily be explained as being symbolic artistic license of the cook for the arrival of a head to Sunspear... I mean crafting rotting head desserts would be kinda unappetising, over some equally poignant and more attractive delicate sugared skulls (with dessert brains). Also if Qyburns Dornish contacts exist and he warned them it was only a skull arriving, surely the contact would be within house Martell and therefore they shouldn't have been prepared for a decomposing head? Qyburns contact, working to exact the Dornish master plan, isn't the Sunspear cook...
Evan Hoffmann (2 years ago)
plus along with handling tywins body, quyburn made the lion smile to mock him which im sure was dorans last fuck you to tywin since he was so proud of never smiling for some odd reason
Xerxes2005 (2 years ago)
I wonder who is the maester of Pyke and what were his original alliegence. He could be Qyburn's source of info about the Kingsmoot. And if he's from Dorne, that would be another link between Qyburn and the Martells.
Abhi Bhargava (2 years ago)
'There's a Radio Silence going on' :)
james casey (2 years ago)
I see a new Dornish preview chapter up on GRRMs blog site. The not-stabbed book Doran has send Arianne off to treat with Jon Connington. Lots of sideline characters, including a trans-person blackfyre. Can't wait to see your analysis.
Ward Huyskes (2 years ago)
yeah, no. not convinced. the dorne rumours could've also been picked up in king's landing. the only slightly convincing argument is that qyburn is weirdly around all three deaths and that he clearly has an agenda.
Tman2042 (2 years ago)
The Tower of Joy is in the Red Mountains, maybe near the Blankmont's castle. I don't know what to make of it, but if you are right about them being closely allied to "the rhoynish plan", then is it possible Rhaegar was planning things with Doran Martell?
Halsey R (2 years ago)
You're in so deep Preston. I hope your pull out game is strong.
mankytoes (2 years ago)
Good video, I like the idea of the Brave Companions being Oberyn's company... but is it really believable Tywin would hire them? Presumably the idea is that he didn't know Oberyn founded them, but that seems out of character for Tywin.
Barry Hood (2 years ago)
It only just occurred to me, if Oberyn poisoned Gregor and Qyburn is working with the Dornish, then the Mountain might not have died at all. Maybe Qyburn had the antidote to Oberyn's poison and the whole point of the venture was to make people *believe* the Mountain had died. The big flaw in this is why would Qyburn want to save Gregor if the Dornish are after vengeance? I mean if Gregor is alive he's a threat to Qyburn and the Dornish right? Unless... Qyburn has a way of reliably controlling him. Does this sound far fetched? Maybe, but no more far fetched than Qyburn raising an undead warrior, possibly with someone else's head. Also, we are told the story of the Blue Bard, which adds some weight to the possibility. Qyburn has the Blue Bard taken prisoner and initially the bard strongly denies all of the claims about Margaery. However, Qyburn then tortures and breaks the man to the extent that he seems to fully believe the stories about Margaery. Even the torturers of the Faith are unable to make him change his story, so whatever Qyburn did to him it was likely some form of deep psychological torture that has brought him over to Cersei's side, he was so terrified of Qyburn that he endures subsequent torture. Could Qyburn have done the same to the Mountain? We're told that the Mountain died and it took a long time and that he was in agony, screaming the whole time, but nobody other than Qyburn seems to see any of this. What if he never died, Qyburn treated his poison and then spent the subsequent time breaking his mind and turning him to the Martells, and that torture was the cause of his screaming?
Thunder Bull (2 years ago)
If Gregor is alive, this means that the Lannisters didn't hold up with their end of the bargain by executing him.
Jenn Maher (2 years ago)
Doran & the Kingsguard = band name
Է (2 years ago)
Does GRR even have this much awareness of his own story?
Jensaw101 (2 years ago)
To be fair, it is easier to write a riddle than to decode one. So much easier, in fact, that listening to people try to answer your riddle may humor or infuriate you. The same is likely true for writing a story. Take the sources of Qyburn Preston Jacobs lists in this video. If he is correct, all GRRM had to do in writing was make sure that a good number of the sources were from Dorne, and then just litter in some unimportant sources and other read hearings without much thought as to what they were specifically.
Kristin Steele (2 years ago)
nope. he does not!
Musketskeptic (2 years ago)
+Preston Jacobs Not related to Dorne But Do you see Arya being sent to kill Jon for taking a life from the many faced god by being resurrected
mans0011 (2 years ago)
Great video, but I think the spun sugar skulls bit is reaching. The cook could simply have thought that skulls are more appetizing than rotting flesh heads.
Sybille Stahl (2 years ago)
The captions to this video are hilarious! The running head!
ExileOnDaytonStreet (2 years ago)
The video just sort of starts with the assertion that Qyburn is a key element in the Dornish master plan, but I don't recall where that assertion comes from, and it isn't really explained. What am I missing?
brunilda12 (2 years ago)
I like this theorie, but there ir one detail that doesn't match: why Doran would need Tyene Sand posing as a septa near the High Sparrow if he has Qyburn and his mistery contact in the Faith informing him? Big fan of your videos Preston!
Peter Howie (2 years ago)
Maybe you should consider that rather than Qyburn being an agent of Doran, Doran is an agent of Qyburn/Marwyn. I don't have anything to back this up other than a feeling that the author is building towards Marwyn being a major player in the Game of Thrones.
Katharine Sullivan (2 years ago)
Don't you have to do spun sugar at the last minute or is will melt? Well I do when I make it.
Valerio Romano (2 years ago)
In previous videos, you made the hypothesis that Jaime's infatuation for Cersei was arranged by the Martells (breaking the chain of marriages of the Westerosi high lords). I had an idea: what if this was arranged during Oberyn's and Elia's visit to Casterly Rock? At the time, Oberyn was 16 (older than Cersei when she went to Maggy the Frog) and was more than capable of getting his hands on a love potion, while Cersei and Jaime were 7, just before the age at which they started doing stuff. What if he gained the motive for breaking the alliances among the high lords in Oldtown from Marwin? What do you think? Did Qyburn then remove the charm to set Cersei and Jaime apart and cause strife among their house?
Troy Soileau (2 years ago)
All of this conjecture is a mystery to us because we don't know the name of the sellsword company Oberyn founded. But don't most well-informed know this detail? And since all of our information comes from POV of other characters, why couldn't they put together the Oberyn-Qyburn connection? Unless knowing Marwyn is such a big part
Ned OfTheHill (2 years ago)
Just on Marwyn, i reckon he is related to the Lannister's..... He is said to look like a Mastiff and Kevan is described in exactly the same way in AFFC. And his name sounds a lot like Tywin/Martyn Lannister. Maybe he is what remains of House Reyne or Tarbeck.
tulbanhawk (2 years ago)
Sooo, why did Qyburn let the Mountain live? Watching previous videos, Preston claims that is the case because Doran said so in order for Qyburn to gain Cersei"s trust and then expose her as a liar? That sounds fishy to me, because she is already politically dead imo(courtesy from the High Sparrow). It would just give her one big stompy supersoldier and kind of put her back in the game. Did Qyburn defect from his Dornish allies in that case?
Yousuf Farah (2 years ago)
Preston you missed a bit of vital information. cersei had a plan for trystane and myrcella to travel by land to kingslanding through the Kingswood, were cersei plan to have trystane murdered by her hired swords disguised as hillmen screaming " Halfman ", with that info cersei can pin the blame of trystane's death on tyrion. but doran finds out and tells the sand snakes that he's informer in King's landing court told him about the scheme. This informer is most likely to be Qyburn.
Lightsellful (5 months ago)
Wasn't that supposed plan likely a lie by Doran though?
Castlerea 12 (2 years ago)
+Landis963 Cersei trusts Qyburn and since she iant very smart would have most likely told him of this plan. I wouldnt be surprised if it was Qyburn who suggested it in thw first place
Landis963 (2 years ago)
+Yousuf Farah But who did Cersei tell this to? If she didn't tell Qyburn, then Doran has a second mole. (Which, come to think of it, is eminently reasonable when talking about the capital and its corrupted pustule of a cabinet).
Dominic Labriola (2 years ago)
I think nobody gives a fuck anymore because the show destroyed his precious prize horse theory on YouTube.
howard biel (2 years ago)
another awesome video thanks man
Flowers and Indecision (2 years ago)
Skulls... filled with jam and custard? It is a not-so-subtle reminder of Oberyn, and very much a threat.
Flowers and Indecision (2 years ago)
+Alex Park Well, perhaps not to the Dornish.
Alex Parkinson (2 years ago)
+Arc de Seel that does also make sense but.. it's more extremely disrespectful to Oberyn than anything.
Andrew Palmer (2 years ago)
Preston, very good point about Qyburn strangely knowing about Euron being made King. However is there not a possibility that Euron is involved in this big plot in some way, and that Qyburn simply knew that he would be about to become king as that's part of their plan? Maybe they knew that there was a 90% chance he would be elected and that it was safe information to pass to Cersei and the Small Council?
Doctor Chublins (2 years ago)
Why Gulltown? Qyburn could have just picked a random city to give the impression that he had a large network of spies? What if Cersie called him out on this and damnded Gulltown info? I think he used this town specifically because he COULD produce intel from there if needed. He, however, has not needed to do so because he has Cersie around his finger. This doesn't mean he doesn't have contacts in Gulltown. Nothing is by accident, and Qyburn didn't say Whitehardbor or other ports... he said Gulltown, so whats his connection? 1) House Grafton: An oddity in that they are vassals of house Arryn but supported the Targarians in Roberts Rebellion. This makes them a bit alone and in need of strong allies. The now support Pretyr Balish... an upstart in the Vale with no history. The Graftons are actively looking to advance their station (via Baelish) but maybe via others as well. Why would Martells/Quburn need them? As major port between major free cities like Bravos and Tyrsh and Myr... it is a great strategic location place for someone to develop a relationships with if they have bit plans for Westeroes. House Martel/Qyburn could use their connections via marriage to Aerys to gain trust of these former Targaryan loyalists to gain information and an alliance. Minor point: their banner is a burning tower, similar to that found in Oldtown, perhaps leading to a deep Measter connection. 2) House Arryn... of Gulltown... the offshoot, less respected, less mentioned but RICHER branch of house Arryn. While not the "second, lower house rival" of the main Eyre branch of house Arryn, they are well suited to take the vale by rights if anything were to happen to the main branch... and I mean a lot of people in the main branch. They are connected and married to merchants, I assume from across the narrow sea. Not much is said about this house, but GRRM has buried deeper clues than this. I truly think Qyburn was playing a hand to convince Cersie of his worth, and to appear to be well connected, and he had to play cards that could oay off if needed. Gulltown wasn't a random city, so if not, what is the connection? Is it house Grafton, the misplaced former targarian loyalists, or the lesser house Arryn? Two houses in need of latching on to a new house to advance their station.
Ororo Monroe (2 years ago)
Jack Pedersen (2 years ago)
A lot of what you said makes sense. But how do we know that Qyburn ONLY told Cersei about the mountain's skull? We have never had a POV chapter on him and Cersei definitely didn't ask him (at least not on screen). So who's to say Qyburn didn't tell the rest of the small council?
Ldaniel C. Beyliss (2 years ago)
i cant wait for your reaction on this sundays episode !!!
RetroUp (2 years ago)
why won't you just admit that Doran's "master plan" is fucking stupid as all shit?
Achilles (2 years ago)
Nice Observations. Don't forget Doran mentions to Arianne and Sand Snakes that he still has friends at court who provide him with information (Areo Hotah's chapter, DWD). That's why he is sure Mountain is dead.
13brk (2 years ago)
I think Qyburn is somehow involved in the Dornish Masterplan and that's the reason for his extensive knowledge of the Mountain's death.
DoNotTrust (2 years ago)
Preston did you see 6.2 what the FUUUUCK is Davos doing. Do DD even know what metagame is geeeeez!!
Andrew Butler (2 years ago)
+DoNotTrust More than likely Ramsay will write the pink letter demanding Sansa Stark back, Davos will leave castle black to gather loyal Stark banner to Sansa's cause, and a battle will ensue somewhere near the wall
Oddvar Stallemo (2 years ago)
Are there any more GRRM stories than the 24 Thousand worlds novels/short stories?
Alex Three (2 years ago)
Hey Preston I just wanted to thank you for being the one (of 3) asoiaf book theory people I followed on youtube that DIDN'T spoil episode 1 for me with the thumbnail of your recap. Cracked did it too! I'm a book reader and trying not to watch the show anymore due to little things spoiling/confirming etc, but a few other youtubers decided to just fuck me over on that.. I didn't expect to succeed but thanks for making it easier. :)
7DirtyWordsAndMore (2 years ago)
Isn't the head they send to Dorne really the head of the former High Septon? It was heavily implied, as far as I can recall. He was described as a portly man, or something like that, certainly a big guy who might have a big head to stand in for the Mountain. Of course, he doesn't look like the Mountain, hence, the beetles and all that, which might have been part of Cersei's scheme all along, although maybe she didn't expect Clegane to die in the duel when all this was planned. I certainly don't buy the headless Robert Strong theory, he should probably still have his head, all things considered.
Han Solo (2 years ago)
House Jacobs : "We're probably wrong about half of this"
victor bruun (1 month ago)
+benwhitnell and blocks animal & tree brainwashing...
Henrik Genzink (10 months ago)
benwhitnell valyrian tinfoil, to properly protect oneself
benwhitnell (11 months ago)
House sigil is a helmet of tin foil on a field of angry internet commenters.
Solublemoth (1 year ago)
They enter battle with the with war cry "and we are back"
Kasper Asmussen (1 year ago)
Lord Preston of House Tinfoil; "We're probably wrong about half of this". Got a pretty good ring to it.
J Howell (2 years ago)
Qyburn IS a Martell. That's my guess.
Bryan M (2 years ago)
+Preston Jacobs Wow. Bra-freakin-vo. I don't know what was better, the content, or the seriously stepped up animation. Raising your game PJ, I dig it. When you said 27 Whispers, I thought, "there is no way he is going to go through all 27....holy crap, hes going through all 27!" And you were right, if there was any doubt in my mind, the spun sugar skulls solidified it for me, great placement with that part. I remember you mentioned that dinner a while back as being important and I must have read it have a dozen times. I knew the skulls was what was important, but I couldn't puzzle together the importance of how long it takes to make spun sugar skulls! I just read it and said, "yeah, everyones expecting a rotting head, a skull shows up, they serve skull candy, even if Doran knew it was going to be a skull whats the big deal?" It constantly amazes me how I can look at the exact same data and come up nothing, while you nail it. Again, Bra-fuckin-vo. All that being said, I've got a few questions I hope you could address. First, why is Qyburn religious? Second, I see the similarity between Oberyn and Qyburn (hell, their names are almost anagrams of each other), but I dont see the overwhelming evidence that the BWB is Oberyns sellsword company. Yes, I agree with you it is a probably inference, but I don't see the smoking gun or spun sugar skull on this point. Lastly, this is more a statement then a question, how would the docks know the GC landed? What merchants are going to go to where the GC landed? Also, if merchant ships landed at any captured castles, they were probably held so as to keep word from getting out. I would think it was much more likely that his contact in Dorne told him, since the Dornish are aware of this news. Anyway, great work as always, I hope to hear from you, cheers!
Jacobo Uztariz (2 years ago)
Do you think that in yesterday's episode Jon was in Ghost?
Diego Silva (2 years ago)
Also explains Dora's source for Cercei's plan to kill Tristane via the 'halfman' outlaws plan.
RoMMeL1337ak47 (2 years ago)
I don't get why people dislike and distrust Qyburn so much. He looks like a scientific genius in a world devoid of science and empiricism. He also seems fervently against religion or at least established religion. A secular freethinker that is laying the groundwork for the scientific method sounds pretty good to me. It reminds me of Galileo Galilei.
RoMMeL1337ak47 (2 years ago)
+ArtPlays Just because something is a social construct doesn't imply moral relativism. Social constructs are not all created equal, some are good and some are bad. Morality is however not entirely a social construct, there are many many biological factors involved. I believe that the general trend is set by evolutionary biology, social aspects can however make morality deviate from that trend, for better or for worse.
ArtPlays (2 years ago)
+RoMMeL1337ak47 Dude. Morality is a social construct. Virtues ARE NOT virtues in every society, and vices are not vices in every society. Cavemen would sometimes eat their own children. Qyburn was KICKED OUT of the Maesters FOR experimenting on people and trying out dark magic. He WAS FUCKING TAUGHT not to do it, and he still did.
RoMMeL1337ak47 (2 years ago)
+ArtPlays You are kidding right? Virtues are still virtues, vices are still vices, regardless of context. Sure, ignorance is a mitigating factor but it doesn't absolve anyone of all guilt. "Qyburn, however, has been rejected by society for what he does, so he must be held to a higher standard, because he was taught better." Taught better? You mean taught WORSE! The maesters where the ones that taught him and they knew jack shit about how to do science. And what has society's rejection of him got to do with it? Are you saying that the tyranny of the masses is right?
ArtPlays (2 years ago)
+RoMMeL1337ak47 Judging people based on modern value is generally a no-no, how would you know something was bad if your parents and society hadn't taught you it was bad? They live in a society where lust for power and ruthlessness is good, we can't blame them 100% for no knowing better. Qyburn, however, has been rejected by society for what he does, so he must be held to a higher standard, because he was taught better.
RoMMeL1337ak47 (2 years ago)
+ArtPlays Still, other people in GoT that have done way more harm and in a more intentional way, yet they get more acceptance for their acts than Qyburn. I would argue that his pursuit of knowledge is a more noble and productive trait than the people who kill for power, lust and hatred. I think this is because people don't feel emotionally invested in finding the truth so they don't sympathize with Qyburn as much as with other characters that are driven by more primitive urges like lust, love, hate and vengeance.
Der Shizer (2 years ago)
Perhaps Euron & Oberyn had schemed together for the attacks/ Revenge on the Lannisters & Martells?
Oscar Fellows (2 years ago)
If the Dornish knew about the Mountain's head being a skull then why the scented candels? Skulls don't smell. It seems a bit expensive for a ruse, and I doubt anyone would notice a absence of scented candles.
Brandon Marroquin (2 years ago)
the picture you have for Varys is funny
Dr. Qyburn M.D (2 years ago)
Loving this series Preston I thank you for it

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