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Der Eisendrache: ALL PERK LOCATIONS & Power Switch Location (Quick Guide / All Perks Tutorial)

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Need help getting all the perks in Der Eisendrache? I have you covered. ✖ More Videos! http://bit.ly/roflwaffles ✖ ✪ Follow me on Twitter! http://bit.ly/twaffles ✪ Looking for "Call of Duty Zombies"? Interested in the Call of Duty Zombies Storyline, or hunting for new Black Ops 3 Zombies gameplay? You're in the right place. I'm a CoD BO3 Zombies expert, and your new best friend. Let's hang out. As always, thanks for watching! Be sure to stick the LIKE button in your waffle iron and give it a good cookin' if you enjoyed the video, and I'll see you next time! - Milo x
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Text Comments (216)
Keen Python Playz (23 days ago)
U forgot the wonder fiz that gives u widow wine electric cherry 3 gun perk and other ones only for 1500
Ronni Swort (3 months ago)
Finely! Someone pronounces Der Eisendrache correctly!
Blaine Henry (1 year ago)
I had to look at this 5 times because I just bought the map lol,thxs for the video I really appreciate it,keep making good videos
Flame zZzZz (1 year ago)
Nice guide Dude 😎
Great Pineapples (1 year ago)
Really helped on my high round attempt thanks 👍
admin admin (2 years ago)
ohh yeah thany veryy muchh
KillNichMich (2 years ago)
You can say eisendrache right? No american can ^^
JerkyChew (2 years ago)
Extremely useful video, thank you!
MrRoflWaffles (2 years ago)
+JerkyChew no problem. :)
Tevin Sewer (2 years ago)
Quick to the point. Great Video.
alicia abella (2 years ago)
How do people get widows wine?
fuck face (2 years ago)
How many doors before power???
theEquinox (2 years ago)
Nabeil Mishari (2 years ago)
Where is widows wine
SQ (2 years ago)
I r8 5/8 m8z n33ds more hand on power switch m8 -IGN
iknowthetruth4eve r (2 years ago)
Why is it when I have perkaholic I can get widows wine on this map
Mdx (2 years ago)
+rachel osoiro You can get widows wine deadshot and electric cherry from the wunderfizz
Devin Dixon (2 years ago)
What about dead shot and electric cherry
forrest4e2d (2 years ago)
I wish they added a dolphin dive on the next map and Ph.D Flopper :D
milad mirhoseini (2 years ago)
brother you and noah are the best
Tsumio (2 years ago)
Wait so we can't get widows and electric man I don't to waste my perkaholic
Ayee Lmaoo (2 years ago)
+MrRoflWaffles Deadshot too
Tsumio (2 years ago)
+MrRoflWaffles thx
MrRoflWaffles (2 years ago)
You *can* get those, but they are only available from the Wunderfizz :)
Jabba Desilijic (2 years ago)
What about cherry and widows
Blaine Henry (1 year ago)
You have to get it from wonderfizz
monstrplayr (2 years ago)
he forgot the last perk hehe....
Ricky L Ayala (2 years ago)
but what about widows wine and electrick cherry??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim Wonka (2 years ago)
Noob guide.
Mark Gamer (2 years ago)
I used perkaholic there are waaaay more perks than this
It's Magic (2 years ago)
where is electric cherry and deadshot daquri? huh?
casimeritos FER (2 years ago)
WHAT TA FUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! um where are the rest perks?
MidNightGamr (2 years ago)
where is widow's wine, dead shot, and electric cherry... or are they secret perks I saw them on a live stream.
MidNightGamr (2 years ago)
ohh thanks after I said this I was like... wait there's a wunderfizz
Luna Wolffe (2 years ago)
Der Wunderfizz
drew hendrix (2 years ago)
what about widows wine electric cherry and deadshot?
call-me- xk (2 years ago)
you can also get deadshot daiquiri and other perks that aren't on the map from the special perk machine also. It's randomized however but only costs 1,500. also it can give you any perk already on the map i believe.
Luna Wolffe (2 years ago)
Yup. It's name is Der Wunderfizz, and it first appeared in Black Ops 2's Zombies Map," Origins."
Flying burrito (2 years ago)
where's electric cherry and widows wine?
Flying burrito (2 years ago)
where's electric cherry and widows wine?
Moon Man (2 years ago)
Thanks! I've been trying to find other vids on this but they're way too complicated.
superflamz (2 years ago)
but there is electric cherry and dead shot I got a perkoholic
jaxx attax (2 years ago)
no mule kick?
That Guy 123 (2 years ago)
It kinda of seems to be setup like kino
NbW Snipes (2 years ago)
Where is widows wine and electric
Nikki Ngo (2 years ago)
But How do you get to power switch if its in a room i cannot go in until its been switched on?
zj0ker20 (2 years ago)
+Nikki Ngo There's always another way.
ratdog (2 years ago)
So MRW, if you do see this, did you happen to find the Keeper language in the fireplace in the church?
StandardCrown15 (2 years ago)
Does the perk machine change there spawn like in the other maps
Elijah Willson (2 years ago)
when does it release for xbox one?
Nick Gray (2 years ago)
power from spawn would have been helpful since two of the doors you go through are locked until power is on
Srj Gamer (2 years ago)
Whats the maximum perks? In Giant and SoE it was 4
Mdx (2 years ago)
+Sancho Janssen with unquenchable you can get all 9 perks
Srj Gamer (2 years ago)
+Shit Balls thx
Shit Balls (2 years ago)
+Sancho Janssen Still 4, 5 with unquenchable, of course.
Marcus Leskiw (2 years ago)
anyone on wanna run some today? psn: LesQ_187
As S (2 years ago)
How many perks can u have, without perkaholic?
DeadisBetter (2 years ago)
Show us the new gobblegums
Jose Enriquez (2 years ago)
there was a random crow near the top of the mule kick. Maybe there's an easter egg with that.
Dmitri Lopez (2 years ago)
Would you happen to know where Widow's Wine and Electric Cherry is as well? Or is it in the Wonderfiz machine?Thank you.
Miguel Guedes (2 years ago)
jeremiah sweat (2 years ago)
How do we get the gravity spike?????
Click clack (2 years ago)
hey there r secret other perks I'm not sure how to unlock them but I had the perkaholic gobble gum where it gives u all the perks on the map and it gave me a few others not sure how to get them can we get a guide on that
DoomDestroyer22 (2 years ago)
No new perk? fucking shit....
Los Vaowl (2 years ago)
there is so many good train locations
Evanz111 (2 years ago)
Samantha's House? Hype!
Ted Kennedy (2 years ago)
+Evanz111 it was where she was staying when maxis was there. at least thats what i got from what the doctor said
stardust 932 (2 years ago)
are there any new perks?
Sgt DeBones (2 years ago)
Do the Box and Wunderfizz too
DehLeh (2 years ago)
Milo! Someone got a perkaholic on this map and got three extra perks widows wine, electric cherry, and deadshot!
Skymarcer CS:GO (2 years ago)
First time i regret being part of the PC masterrace D: #NoDLCuntilMarch
Person186 (2 years ago)
Can you do a guide and show where all the wall weapons are?
Thunder (2 years ago)
Rofl i found an easter egg step. I don't know where to go with it but go up to some pictures, hold square and these wolf symbols will glow. Im sure you can find out what to do
Miguel Guedes (2 years ago)
That's for the Wolf Bow one of the upgrades of the bow
Danny Howe (2 years ago)
Thank God the perks don't move around in this map!
TheSociopathicpanda (2 years ago)
Is there a new perk?
Rift Gaming9958 (2 years ago)
Do the perk spawns change
Rift Gaming9958 (2 years ago)
+DoomDestroyer22 good
DoomDestroyer22 (2 years ago)
+Oliver Blinston nope, they don't change
Imjonte (2 years ago)
Electric cherry?
Mee Myself (2 years ago)
First two steps of the easter egg done. Stuck on the third part!
Munk - Graffiti (2 years ago)
Cookie to you. I'm actually suprised.
MFKING Zombies (2 years ago)
What about Dee wunderfizz m8
Ancapistan 88 (2 years ago)
This map is confusing
WALLBREAKER_935 (2 years ago)
Awesome!! Do the perk machines move??
Hmod Punk (2 years ago)
I found how to make the rocket flies talk to me in instagram hmodpunk
damon Fanning (2 years ago)
Make a video about the wall running in the pyramid room about getting those boxes on the wall
o VR11 o (2 years ago)
I could be on round 50+ right now, but i have xbox:(
H Zaragoza (2 years ago)
Awesome video Milo like always! i made it to round 20 on my first run :)
Pijo Jay0x (2 years ago)
OMG they need to have the machine for Electric Cherry so we can FINALLY hear the Perk Jingle!! *Rage Face*
Adolfin Himler (2 years ago)
Exactly needs a jingle
Scattered69 (2 years ago)
Milo! I have something you might want to look into! I think I've found the first cipher! I know there's a lot in this map, a lot of text going on throughout this map. But this code stands out and is very interesting!
Luiz Ruiz (2 years ago)
where are the 3 sheild parts...I only find 2
Mee Myself (2 years ago)
I have found cyphers already!!!
Troll Hallswine (2 years ago)
no lyfe.
Luis Ramirez (2 years ago)
For everybody who is asking only that perks? Of course not, list of every perk in Der Eisendrache: Quick Revive Juggernog Speed Cola Double Tap 2.0 Stamin up Mule Kick Electric Cherry 2.0 Widows Wine (it has a little change) So yeah 8 perks, no Deadshot Daiquiri thats why the new Gobblegum
Simplicity 101 (1 year ago)
Luis Ramirez what the hell is electric cherry 2.0
Verbona (2 years ago)
Dead shot Daiquiri IS a perk though, you can get it out of the wonderfizz
DoomDestroyer22 (2 years ago)
+Luis Ramirez What the fuck does Electric Cherry 2.0?
Luis Ramirez (2 years ago)
+KalleNixon i was trying to make somebody fall in the trap but whatever, any case all the perks of origins(but electric cherry becomes electric cherry 2.0 ) with the change of PHD with Widows wine.
KalleNixon (2 years ago)
+Luis Ramirez You can get Deadshot  Daiquiri
Tabish Rajpar (2 years ago)
Bro. Milo. u don't know the feeling of being a PC gamer and looking at that release date.
Tabish Rajpar (2 years ago)
+MessyDuck7 I can feel your pain bro. Just don't lose hope. And stay strong #prayforpcandxboxforthebo3dlc
BirdDuck (2 years ago)
Ikr cuz I got Xbox One and this sux. I just keep watching and dreaming lol
Tabish Rajpar (2 years ago)
+JayQuinn1994 ikr.
TheQuinnPlays (2 years ago)
+Tabish Rajpar That's why I bought a PS4.. Sucks though, PC games always get left to last.
Noscamaroz28 (2 years ago)
Delete this channel! Only losers need this shit!!!
Christine Leslie (2 years ago)
+Noscamaroz28 STFU you no life try hard not everyone plays all dame day like you
DezoyV2 (2 years ago)
My name is too Milo. Nice name bro :)
Luuk Hermes (2 years ago)
At 0:32 you see a bird on top of that ledge, you can kill it maybe you need to kill all the birds on the map???
Luuk Hermes (2 years ago)
a month later yeah
Venm Comment (2 years ago)
why would we need to kill all the birds for? We already found the easteregg
Caputi357 (2 years ago)
It looks like a vulture
EFX (2 years ago)
+Luuk Hermes Ooooh nice idea haha
WILL2WILL25 (2 years ago)
I got dead shot and electric cherry
Austin Johnson (2 years ago)
what no PHD flopper again
Maverick (2 years ago)
Hey milo I found a cipher :) I tagged you on rCDZ
ThePiXbO (2 years ago)
No New perk? :/
P.L.E.B Gaming (2 years ago)
+Cope The Gamer Yes I know it was from Origins, I meant he said eletric cherry was from the wunderfizz.
Cope The Gamer (2 years ago)
+P.L.E.B Gaming actually that's not new that was in origibs
THE bean (2 years ago)
well its confirmed im a dumbass
P.L.E.B Gaming (2 years ago)
+P.L.E.B Gaming wonderfizz
P.L.E.B Gaming (2 years ago)
+THE bean No he's saying you get it from the wonderful.
Gino Pravisani (2 years ago)
can you already download it?
Max Fernandez (2 years ago)
I need to know the Easter egg
Max Fernandez (2 years ago)
Ilkay Gursu (2 years ago)
is it max 4 perks?
lazybenzo (2 years ago)
love your work mate!, is there any new calling cards or camos in DE? if not thats very disappointing takes out reputability for me
Angel loredo (2 years ago)
Does anyone know where the first shield part is? (The part with the window)
sweksparrowFTW (2 years ago)
+Angel loredo no probs
Angel loredo (2 years ago)
+Wessel Focke Found it! Thanks man!
sweksparrowFTW (2 years ago)
In the zero gravity room on the wall
Armed Titanium (2 years ago)
Is there wonderfizz?
Nathan Casey (2 years ago)
What about electric cherry and deadshot... Noah got them from his perkaholic so they are in the game any ideas on there location yet?
Adolfin Himler (2 years ago)
Wonder fizz my friend
Xanasy (2 years ago)
Are there any hidden perks or are those all of them?
ckamps (2 years ago)
The map is HUGE
Olivia Arteaga (2 years ago)
+ckamps2020 Its actually not too bad from what I've seen of it. Definitely bigger than the giant, and smaller than soe.
H Zaragoza (2 years ago)
+Runis Oh wow lmao
Rune (2 years ago)
+The Californian i cant get passed round 15 cause i keep trying to slide and prone instead then die cause the zombies stop you from getting up
H Zaragoza (2 years ago)
+Runis True, it's really good though :) i made it to round 25 on my first run
Rune (2 years ago)
its the size of a normal bo1 map
Logan Stephens (2 years ago)
You a good cod player this will help me so much
Edgard C. (2 years ago)
what about electric cherry?
Edgard C. (2 years ago)
+Jelle Kleeven thx u too:)
Edgard C. (2 years ago)
+Sondomon thx
Jelle Kleeven (2 years ago)
you probably get them from the wunder fizz machine
Sondomon (2 years ago)
Der Wunderfizz.
Edgard C. (2 years ago)
and widows wine?
HesH (2 years ago)
electric cherry? deadshot? mulekick? widows wine?
michi King (1 month ago)
HesH s
Hawkeye TKO (6 months ago)
Andrew Renner wonderfizz
Hawkeye TKO (6 months ago)
HesH wunderfizz
Rigbone (2 years ago)
rum1eli (2 years ago)
omg this map is soooooo gooòooood
hamad alflasii (2 years ago)
thanks for the video i downloaded the patch but when are we going to have access to the map in UAE ??
Nasser Shahrour (2 years ago)
hey milo I just found out how to wall buy the brm in the pyramid room when the pyramid starts glowing blue you can wall run and beside these blue circles is the brm you should basically buy it while wallrunning
Javell Pereka (2 years ago)
Thanks man now I won't get lost lol
I'm glad there not random like giant

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