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17 Minutes in Mc BarberShop: Men's Haircut Using Shark Fin Shears

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In this video, MC Barber demonstrates how to create a men's haircut using Shark Fin Shears. (Unedited).
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Улук Улук (1 month ago)
Dane Logan (1 month ago)
Don't people know how to cut hair with scissors anymore???? All I see is clippers. Cutting hair is an art and shouldn't be all clipper....
Richard Smith (6 months ago)
The guy in the chair looks so pissed off !!!
petervanbrock2 (6 months ago)
great haircut, great head but......too bad you gave him a blocknape. He has such a wonderful long hairline
Harmanlifestyle (8 months ago)
Very good gud mc barber really sharp, i work as a hairdresser, this is top quality of a haircut, i subbed u , thnx for tips
Eli Jaffe (9 months ago)
Love your work man I'm a huge fan. Can I ask- when u do that fade by just using the 1.5 blade, do u do that just to save time or is it ur preferred method?
AmazinFe (10 months ago)
Clipper giveaway winners?
Based Vagebond (10 months ago)
That gentleman has a face like a Roman emperor . And nice cut.
קובי אטיאס (9 months ago)
Based Vagebond
MARIA TERESA TABATA (10 months ago)
me encanta todas sus estilos de realizar los cortes de cabello muy bonitos
Jacky Waldon (10 months ago)
You are a genius at cutting hair it's like you know what hair is going to do what before you even cut it.
E mon (10 months ago)
Jason barber and educator (10 months ago)
Where can I find that hair brush?
guru deb Manna (10 months ago)
When u take scissors then cutting will be easy
Jonathan Parry (10 months ago)
Mc can you do more of these unedited versions,there good,feels like I was in the shop,captured the shops atmosphere
fespamo (9 months ago)
Jonathan Parry I agree with you
Kyle Ziemer (10 months ago)
This is the haircut I get. The top might be slightly longer at 1.5 inches. I also get a blowout. I like the classic and professional look.
David Waller (10 months ago)
Great cut was what use to get .I have ALS now and cant get to the barbershop.
Maksim Sokolov (10 months ago)
Abraham Aning (10 months ago)
ghassan eng (10 months ago)
Frank Colombo (10 months ago)
Are u sponsored by Shark Fin??? If so, get us a discount code!
William Hyde (10 months ago)
Frank, when you buy a shear using MC's code you get a free pro line stainless, swivel or non-swivel cutting shear. A $300 value.
Frank Colombo (10 months ago)
MC Barber — Thank You, Sir! 👍
MC Barber (10 months ago)
code is mc
Joseph Gregson (10 months ago)
Nice video

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