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Best Studio Monitors (Speakers) for Sound & Music Mixing

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My recommended camera gear https://kit.com/TomAntos More info: http://tomantosfilms.com/?p=8940 Exclusive tutorials: http://tomantosfilms.com/store/ FREE filmmaking tutorials here: http://bit.ly/Tmd65z Behringer MS40 http://bhpho.to/1T8VlWO Mackie CR4 http://bhpho.to/1OmPueS M-Audio AV 40 http://bhpho.to/1PUtCJx PreSonus Eris E4.5 http://bhpho.to/1HgYbYr B&H Photo Video Studio Monitor Stands Kit with 1/4" TRS Cables http://bhpho.to/1lDpPVI ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember, in filmmaking there's no problems, just a lack of solutions! Follow me on: Twitter: http://twitter.com/TomAntos Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomAntosFilms Google+ http://bit.ly/18oyRJB My name's Tom Antos. I am a film director and cinematographer with over 15 years experience in VFX & animation. Jak sie masz?! I'm originally from Poland ;) Check out my channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/polcan99
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Text Comments (321)
Andreas Nold (29 days ago)
Only one thing to add: If room acoustics are shit, you might wanna go for a smaller woofer or invest in bass-traps. I have 8-inch woofers, Tapco S-8. In my previous home & room they sounded great, there was dampening from carpets, bed and non-concrete walls and ceiling! Now, I'm in a cube with tiles on the ground and concrete walls. There are low frequencies that are pronounced horribly by room reflections.
rubik224 (1 month ago)
The L/R switch is really just for OCD people, no? Because you could just swap the left and right inputs...
tibo (1 month ago)
i just bought the ms40's yesterday... waiting for them right now
Pixel_B (17 days ago)
tibo Sorry, I should have clarified. I meant ‘find’ as in did you think they were decent?
tibo (17 days ago)
Pixel_B well g, just a very big music shop... i guess they should be available like at any good music/multimedia store
Pixel_B (19 days ago)
tibo How did you find them, looking at buying some myself?
D C (1 month ago)
As a beginner with limited space that works on both music and film. Sense I'm on a budget I've been stuck between the MS40s, E4.5s and the HS5's. I need something with just enough low end for music production but bright enough for video. My research keeps showing 50/50 reviews on the Behringer MS40 and presonus E4.5. does anybody have any experience with these?
leohobb leohobb (2 months ago)
The behringer montiors with pwm amp for bass section and class b a/b chip amp make loud hiss to.
leohobb leohobb (2 months ago)
For nearfield monitor you should at least have a matched pair.You show 2 speakers with the tweeter mountet to one side.Both of them the same side to HA HA.so for nearfield monitoring what do you think happen to the sound stage?Do you have some insigth in sound,like speakers and amplification etc?
leohobb leohobb (2 months ago)
Behringer is crap. horible short lifetime.that is specialy the case in their switch mode power supplyes witch should not be used in a audio system at all. the lower prize the worce those pcu is in their elektronic.The same goes for other brands on that point.A 4 inch woofer can not play down to 60hz without hevy eq of the speaker system.
leohobb leohobb (2 months ago)
a pair of powered monitors to around 150 dollar is noot usable for critical soundmixing.cheap drivers with heavy total moving mass is bad.Slow to stop and start.low on details witch camluflate sound signatures.Use a triangle to test monitors fidelity.monitors with crap drivers and amplification make the mixer turn up some frekvenses to compansate for the monitors flaws.So when that mix is played from ordinary good speakers it sound crap.Speakers are the weakest link in a audio system.If a amp cost 200 dollar the speakers should cost 10 times more for a pair as a rule of tumb
WV591 (2 months ago)
this has to be a joke. i wouldn't trust a mix to any of these toys.
grisza owniuk (3 months ago)
have both mackie and senheiser ms40 = I would say that ms40 are richer and louder.
Leny Storozka (3 months ago)
Hey dude. I didn't hear any sound of your speakers actually so I couldn't make my own opinion about them. But it's OK. Another thing is that why the hell I found your video just now??? I already ordered Meckie CR4 from Thomann and these Berhingers looks quite better :'( What is your opinion to diferences between these two products? Actually I am not film maker, I am amateur musician and till now I used as sound monitoring my Hi Fi system From Sony (Sony MHC RX-70) but it broken unfortunately so I have to chose another monitors. As I said I already ordered Meckie CR4 because I liked their sound from reviews I have watched so it is too late to make another order for me :'( I just want to know about your opinion if these speakers are at least good or they are just crap. Thank you in advance man, keep doing what you do cause you do it just well ;)
D C (1 month ago)
+Leny Storozka Fair enough. I'll keep that in mind with the mackies. Good luck with your music
Leny Storozka (1 month ago)
+D C one think more. I don't do dance music or house so I no need ultra bass just like in the dub step or trance or any kind of techno. My Meckie suit my needs just well. Maybe I will buy something better by the time but for now it is really enough for me 😉
Leny Storozka (1 month ago)
+D C thank you for your opinion, actually I am happy with them at all finally. They are more natural, more realistic in my new room so I can hear differences between headphones, speakers and then in earphones. Good luck and thank you for your reply 😉
D C (1 month ago)
I'm a beginner but I know enough to tell you that if your a musician I wouldn't go with CR4's. They give pretty crisp high end but the low end just isn't there even though its kinda cute how hard they try. They're better off as desktop/office speakers for listening
Phosphorescence (4 months ago)
how can you tell if a monitor is self powered? I'm extremely new to all of this... so basically I was told older monitors had to be run through an amp of some sort. Newer ones don't have this requirement do they? hope I'm making sense, cause I need to purchase a pair for my setup here soon and I don't wanna waste my money or waste my time and ship it back. I'm looking at a pair of 305P MkII right now, it says "powered" so this means self powered right? That's all sry if this is a dumb question.
ValueOfNothing (4 months ago)
M Audio at 80 hz? That's more than horrific. That makes me doubt your whole video. Hopefully that is -3 decibals.
ValueOfNothing (4 months ago)
CR 4 are *70* hz at -3 decibal(Presonus and Berh. are likely the same?). That is horrific. However, it is much cheaper than the Yahmha HS5, which has similar specs.
D C (1 month ago)
+ValueOfNothing Yea I hear you I'm getting to that point myself. I figured there was a reason why most of the budget speakers are only available online. Thanks for the feedback, Ill just have to save up and buy in a higher tier that I can actually go and test out somewhere. Hope you get a chance to upgrade bro
ValueOfNothing (1 month ago)
+D C The problem is everyone on YouTube is selling something, and the ones that aren't are professional music pros who buy outrageously expensive stuff. I'm stuck using Klpisch multimedia 2.1 and want to upgrade but was so confused by the sheer madness of it all I gave up.
D C (1 month ago)
I've actually been stuck between all three. The MS40s, E4.5s and the HS5's because I need something on a entry level budget with just enough low end for music production but bright enough to edit audio for video. If you had to choose between them would you still go with the HS5?
Paul Zenco (4 months ago)
PLEASE: check out the Edifier brand to get the best bang for the buck that you ll ever find.
Luis Guerra (5 months ago)
I’ve been looking for a video like this. Very professional and informative. Thank you.
Moosic Is life (6 months ago)
If u buy these speakers online, do they come as a pair or do u have to buy them separately
phaelax (7 months ago)
That first set of speakers that let's you pick which one is L or R is ingenious!
Banjo String (8 months ago)
Best?!!! hahahaha the worst selection of the lowest budget range. Not the best by any means. This is a really shit vid. keep searching for other vids folks, this is bollocks. You don't need "features" on a studio monitor. You need a clean flat response with a driver above 6" in diameter. You do not need ANY additional bass, trebble or headphone jacks on your monitors. That's what your soundcard does. Using all the shitty controls on the likes of the behringer colours your mix and not giving you a true representation.
cleft turnip (8 months ago)
Are the presonus any good? ps.You only showed 3 kinds
Sanna Artism (10 months ago)
I have these, these are not flat in respons. the bass is bossted like hell, and when you lower the bass you get a low cut filter.. totally a bummer!
D C (1 month ago)
Which ones are you talking about?
Alex Barredo (1 year ago)
I agree with what you mention, in many aspects, what I find difficult to understand, something I never understood about JBL, not in the most professional models of course, but they had a number of completely symmetric monitor models, the principle basic of the triangulation that you explain, or listen to near field in frontal form, depends absolutely on the distance that exists between the emitter and the receiver, in this case, speaker and ear, if the monitors are symmetrical, the reference is asymmetrical, or vice versa, in your first image you are mixing asymmetrically. (???) the high frequencies of your left side come later to your ear, than the ones on the right, due to the proximity effect ?, that is why the speakers with a diffusion are the coaxial ones, secondly the asymmetric ones, as if they were seen in a mirror, and in a very, very last place, the symmetrical ones, ah and to pray at the moment of hearing it in another place where there is no asymmetric reference. ohh I forgot, please do not anyone think to buy the Behringer MS40, they are one of the worst monitors that have ever been done, they are not even close to a real reference nor in stereo panorama and much less in frequencies, ??? Tom Antos! you do not recommend those things to people!
Nick ball (1 year ago)
I have those
Scott 1 (1 year ago)
They are not even refrence this the best lol look at the freq curve on them lol wow talk about boosted
diaves Ernie (1 year ago)
Thanks for the sound monitor test. The video monitor you show, is it a TV or what size and kiond of monitor?
Deborah Saunders (1 year ago)
Hello Tony! :) I just got the Behringer Digital Monitor Speakers. Can you tell me what cord you use to hook up the computer to the speakers? Thank you!
TheChosenOne (1 year ago)
I think there's a little bit more to this than just picking out the speakers but I guess it's a start. Honestly, just save up and buy powered speakers because passive ones require an amp and usually they color the sound. Also, don't mix through computer sound cards because they don't accurately reproduce the full frequency range, instead use an audio interface.
Kenneth Humphrey (1 year ago)
Hi,what about the M-Audio BX8 D3 speakers?
fature bass edm (1 year ago)
hye plz stop talking about unnecessary thing in your videos
James McCutcheon (1 year ago)
I have a set of the 16 Watt Behringers. Good! I ordered the 40 watt set for my home studio. I am curious what other cables I would need a the moment I am using a 1/8th stereo plug which goes directly into my PC I am glad these were you best pick. The feature I like best about the 16 watt monitors are the Front Mounted Controls. Thanks for a great Review. .
behringer ms40 I think are the best monitors out of the all the monitors you showed (For people on a cheap budget) that said you forgot to mention its greatest feature that none of the other monitors had....... Front Bass Ports. :D
QuabmasM (1 year ago)
Anybody who owns the behringer ms40s, please do a sub test for me to see if you have the same problem i have. My problem is the sub on the speaker with the knobs is louder than the other speaker. You wont notice it all the time but only when the bass knob is turned up and the song has extremely loud sub. Listening to a sample of a kick or bass with 90hz and below boosted 20 db should be an accurate test. Please let me know asap so I can know to replace these or get a refund.
D C (1 month ago)
What ended up happening? I'm currently looking at grabbing a pair
Kyle (1 year ago)
hi my name is tomatos
QuabmasM (1 year ago)
i wonder why the Behringers arent symmetrical.....wouldnt it be better for balance if they mirrored each other rather than having everything on the same side of both speakers? Especially when these arent sold separately and are easily distinguishable via the controls on one speaker.
CeYK (1 year ago)
Can a cheap set of monitors be enough for someone who is writing instrumental but also pop songs? is it real?
Daniel Monson (1 year ago)
great video. I will be getting behringer now, useful if I upgrade my pc sound card. very good!
We Are ELECTRON (1 year ago)
what is good for edm music production??????????
DinoRexGamingHD (1 year ago)
are the mackie good I heard that they overheat which is putting me from purchasing them
Gun Slinger (1 year ago)
I got a set of Fostex PMO.N4 Pro Studio Monitors at the local pawn shop for a steal. They were priced at $100.00, and I got the lady to drop them down to $50.00 because they were not only on the bargain table, but it also means that they had been there forever and never sold, so I got them cheap. They have been one of the best investments that I have made regarding my home studio. They are phenomenal...the clarity and flat response are spot on and exactly what is needed when recording and mixing your music. Awesome product...and sadly, totally underrated. They are really great monitors.
bilal nasiri (1 year ago)
Hi Tom, would this work with video conferencing integrator sets like cisco and polycom?
PG Tips (1 year ago)
what about speakers purely for getting an awesome sound and bass?
Danny Stefan (1 year ago)
So let me see...i wrote best monitor speakers on yt and your video is the first who pops out and you show some basic cheap monitor speakers....don't call them the best monitor speakers if they are not !!! Decent maybe but not the best ;)
Brian (1 year ago)
Thanks for the review. I recently purchased the MS40 and i felt very disappointed with the quality of the woofers when a bass sound goes really loud and deep. The woofers don't produce very clear sounds, however, the twitter are awesome. I probably was asking for too much considering the price.
Digital Beat Music (1 year ago)
I got Behringer Ms40 for Homestudio and I am very satisfied with sound.
D C (1 month ago)
+Banjo String I've seen a few of your comments on hear so I wanna ask you. As a beginner with limited space that works on both music and film. Sense I'm on a budget I've been stuck between the MS40s, E4.5s and the HS5's. I need something with just enough low end for music production but bright enough for video.
D C (1 month ago)
Now that you've had them for a while what do you think? any cons? I've been considering them for a while now
Banjo String (8 months ago)
oh dear.
christopher dunn (1 year ago)
Believe it or not i mixed my song she thinks with these monitors and most people told me that's a great mix and it is.Honest these speakers are probably the worst you could mix on and based on my room setup you wouldn't have believe me if you saw where i mixed them and how. But anyways its true. https://soundcloud.com/plaintruth/she-thinks-update
Modestas Sadovski (1 year ago)
Aneesh Prasobhan (1 year ago)
Lets agree that buying a Headphone is far easier than doing all this sound dampening echo speaker height stuff...
Aneesh Prasobhan (1 year ago)
+Synthematix good point there :D
people cant dance around headphones
Aneesh Prasobhan (1 year ago)
+Slaves of Avarice Thanks man :)
Falke Music (1 year ago)
I don't know. I only know their home theater stuff which is not what one normally would use as for music editing for that type of equipment is designed to work well with voice and film scores. But perhaps your equipment is great for mixing as well. If you already have that, I am sure you can save money and just set up your system so that it does the job as well as it can, especially if you just want to use it as a check for what you are mixing while using headphones otherwise. The main thing is, as always, to just have fun. So, connect everything and see whether you like the sound of it while making music. If so, great. There really is no point spending thousands on hardware if one does music as a hobby. I think your initial post here was hinting at that and is perfectly accurate. When you find that you are great at what you are doing, you always can upgrade later on if needed. It's not as if the equipment makes the music great. Good equipment might improve great music, however.
Aneesh Prasobhan (1 year ago)
+Slaves of Avarice doesnt Marantz normally give a flat Freq Response ?
George David (1 year ago)
Dude those CR4 Mackie sounds like shit, M-Audio makes only shit from soundcards to controllers and monitors. How the hell you can even mention them? Man I don't trust your opinion and I say to everybody not to buy those shitty things.. Behringer? Come on! .. The only decent priced monitor worth the money is the Tannoy Reveal line..402, 502 and 802.. I ordered the 802.. This guy is not a professional I can tell you for sure. You're better with a pair of hi-fi logitech speakers than with those shitty monitors he recommends.. Also most of them (all of them) have no low end.. 85Hz? ... etc.. Man that's nothing. You need to buy a sub also to reach at least 40Hz..and setting the sound with a sub in properly is more difficult trust me (I worked for Bose as sound engineer and I know what I'm talking about). You'll be better with a set of monitors getting out 40-20k at least! My personal list better than this guy: 1. Tannoy Reveal 802 2. Yamaha HS7 3. AKAI RPM800 4. Focal Alpha 80 I guarantee with those you won't need a sub no matter if you are into hip hop or electronica.. the prices are good and the quality the same. They may last a lifetime.. Please.. but please don't listen to this guy.. clearly has nothing to do with the music.. he's more on the filming side and video-clips.. I'm on sound 100%
hueseph (1 year ago)
Incidentally. Windows volume at 100% is unity gain. It's an attenuator only there is no boost.
hueseph (1 year ago)
Wrong again QuabmasM. It is the monitors distorting. Gain staging. He has windows volume to 50%, monitors at max. It's the monitors distorting. I NEVER put the monitor gain up to max.
QuabmasM (1 year ago)
Dimitris Alivas Before he replies, let me say it sounds like you are a noobie(not insult). I had alot of weird chasing my own tail problems like most people so i can kinda read inbetween the lines. I dont think your flat signal studio monitors are distorting at louder volume but rather your sound card. You have to be real careful about understanding your computer for instance I know that my master volume being turned to the max causes sound to distort so I find the volume point of distortion and then I turn it down slowly to figure out where it no longer does that. Having done so, now I know never to turn my master volume higher than that point. It doesnt matter what speakers i have in or headphones so I know its not the speakers. However my wave volume and my other volumes can be turned up to the very tip top w/o distorting so I rely on them and try not to touch the master volume. Now as for the low end, you need to try and understand what music really sounds like when its flat and isnt amped with extra sub like someone just selected the rock EQ preset on your stereo system. In fact, if the music you mix ever sounds like that youve already lost. Thats why so many rap mixes suck in this home studio digital ear bleed age of music. They try to get their hats and 808s to sound like they would sound on a stereo system, so when people finally listen on stereo systems those frequencies are then doubled having already been boosted to pre-sound that way(overkill). That usually isnt a problem for low end unless you mix your mid frequencies way lower to create the illusion of louder bass(think Drake's Grammy song...kick is waaaaay too loud in contrast to how low his vocal and the music is....if you turn it up to hear his vocal and the music the kick is wake the neighbors loud...then Future's vocals are louder than Drake's which makes more balanced in ratio to the kick but because you turned up the volume to hear Drake, Future's vocal sounds unpleasantly loud and bright making you need to turn it back down if youre smart enough not to damage your ears). I wont even get into earbleeding hi hats in digital "loudness war" "block of sound w/ no dynamics" music. Even analog mixes with very low highs sound close to ear bleed when you master it to be so loud it has no dynamic range. I say all that to say, learn what music should sound like...it takes work but good speakers help and those are good speakers you have. Listen to analog mixed and digital mixed classics and dont try to get the FEEL that commercial stereo systems give you. If you truly dont understand, force yourself to adapt by listening to song A, B, and C (3 different styles of low end) on the subby commercial speakers then listen to their flat signal on the studio monitors and learn what youre hearing and why(keep in mind people like me cant even listen to certain songs with earbuds because Im not dumb enough to let needle in the ear sounding highs stab my ears just so I can turn the volume high enough to hear the vocalist and some bass....because if mixers x, y, and z can mix it right so should every professional). Its a shame when I literally have to say "this album is going to ruin the ears of so many people and I cant even listen to this with headphones nor earbuds unless i remaster every track of this professionally released album. So again, studio monitors are NOT* supposed to sound like a higher quality version of commercial amped and colored speakers...if you want to mix with that sound just mix using commercial speakers and learn the hard way why professionals dont do that. Learn the sound of your speakers and truly learn the mix of a set of maybe 10 songs(make sure you listen to quality rips of the songs too). Learn it so well that you can easily tell a 320kbps mp3 of the song versus a 128kbps version. When you truly know how thing sound and should sound, you can finally be capable of knowing what your mixes REALLY sound like both on cheap $10 earbuds with the jazz EQ setting on as well as commercial mono speakers at a club. If theres anything to complain about studio monitors its should be concerning the mid range and highs not giving an accurate sound(cant be said of Mackie's monitors) or the way they sound in the room youre mixing in(which is a critique of your room, not the monitors). I just gave thousands of dollars and hours worth of insight....hope it helps somebody who even has any business investing in studio monitors(cuz im more than 50% sure most people who complain about sub really just want to mix on commercial speakers and dont even understand why studio monitors give a flat unaltered signal).
Dimitris Alivas (1 year ago)
Hey man, do you think that I would be ok with just one of the monitors you suggest? I bought the mackie cr4 but I am really disappointed, they distort the sound when you have them at max and the windows volume slightly above 50%. Moreover they have nothing to show for low frequencies, its literally not there. They have pretty good mid frequencies and it is clean, but their volume is super low... I am thinking of returning them and getting one of the Yamahas HS7 and at some point get another. I use it for guitar, midi and vocals.. What is your opinion?
hueseph (1 year ago)
FWIW, low frequencies are even more important in video editing. Particularly when you start going into 5.1-7.1 surround mixes. There is not a pair of cheap 2.1 speakers that will reproduce below 80Hz. Not one. I have KRK V8. They don't begin to respond until 40Hz and it isn't even usable value until 60Hz. Try using a frequency sweep on those 2.1 speakers. You MIGHT hear something below 60Hz but not enough to consider it usable. Those little "subs" are more low mid than actual bass frequencies. ~200Hz(boominess).
George David (1 year ago)
all the videos nowadays look the same... so it's your fault..
mmmyeahh (1 year ago)
I like this guy ! Thank you for the info !
Aziz Sarguru (1 year ago)
how about krk rokit 4?
hueseph (1 year ago)
Too small. Rokit 6 at least. If you get the 8s they can be boomy. Be careful and compare with other speakers. IE: your car stereo, and home system.
Armando Vargas (1 year ago)
hablen menos por piedad!!!! queremos escuchar las bocinas no su boca!!!!
Reuven Amiel (1 year ago)
The Symmetry of the tweets and bass port of the last behringer speakers are off!! at 8:07 and 9:54 bad choice!!!!`
leohobb leohobb (2 months ago)
you saw that also.The tweeters plasement he dont mention.
TheBudgie29 (1 year ago)
Also If You look at the Behringer Speakers the Tweeters are In the Wrong position Both are set to the Left. So Stereo Imaging Is going to be a Problem.
TheBudgie29 (1 year ago)
Hello World. Hi. On most Speakers, The Tweeter Is usually set In the Middle. But on Near Field Monitors You have the Tweeters Set As This. The Left Speaker has It to the Left and the Right to The Right. So They spread out the Top Rage for Better Imaging. If they are set as these are they give a Closed Image. If you look at the Other Speakers In this test they Have the Tweeters Set to the Middle. But the Behringer Speakers don't. they Have the Ports set to the Right and the Tweeters set to the Left as You look at them from the front. Now leave the Left one as It Is. But on the right one the Ports and Tweeter should be the Other way round IE: Ports to the Left Tweeter to the Right. Now do You get It. Pushing the Image farther out.
Hello World (1 year ago)
TheBudgie29 Are that really true? The speakers are left and right. Place explain in depth.
Jim Ass (1 year ago)
Should I get the Mackie CR3 or the M-Audio AV32? I'm a noob when it comes to audio but I listen to all sorts of metal and play a lot of video games, I appreciate the responses.
acamvmusic (1 year ago)
get the mackies. i sold my av32 due to them not having a lot of mid-range
Keep It Raw (2 years ago)
Hey man great video I just bought the behringher ms40's , and I have no idea how to set them up to my my laptop or audio interface , the box only come with the power cord and the cord that connects the 2 speakers together. How do I set these speakers up and what cords do I need thank you.
Yoshiro Poh (2 years ago)
Good clarification on the fact they are Studio monitors, not normal speakers for normal usage.
Banjo String (8 months ago)
they're not even for normal use. I'd hesitate playing a 16kbs mp3 through these
hueseph (2 years ago)
Another thing about the Behringers. The idea that they have a frequency response to 25KHz is first of all ludicrous. Most humans can't hear above 16KHz much less 20KHz and in no possible way 25KHz. It's a ridiculous notion. The older we get, the worse our hearing gets. The limit of human hearing is generally 20Hz to 20KHz. So, if you think that you are hearing more clarity because of this, obviously there is some placebo effect going on.
Banjo String (8 months ago)
Its just sales bs. just look at them. They're a heap of shit. I've heard all of these "monitors" in person. Great for an iphone or portable player, but for critical monitoring...no way Jose
hueseph (1 year ago)
@John Yang so you're telling me that the Behringers do in fact have a better frequency response than JBLs or Genelecs? Why bother to buy Barefoot monitors? Get the Behringers! The specs are way better.
hueseph (1 year ago)
@Synthematix Are you sure a about that? You're telling me you can feel hi frequency sound? That's the first time I've heard that. Low Frequencies, yes. You can feel those. High frequencies will hurt before you can feel them.
John Yang (1 year ago)
hueseph Your interpretation is like saying difference between standing up human and a dog is their height. You missed most of the more important things.
hf sound hits the bones aswell not just ears, did you know that clever clogs?
GODSON Music (2 years ago)
interesting that all of these stop way before they reach 50Hz and all have the slave style connection (one speaker getting sound from the other instead of having their own power). which is the best one for mixing jazz, classical, etc?
Banjo String (8 months ago)
don't buy any of these. Grab some high quality recordings (minimum of an original cd at true 44.1 at 16bit...not mp3!) go to a store and dem. Try some Yamaha HS 8s at a bare minimum. You could get some B&W from a hifi store, they're better than most "monitors" below £400.
agreed stay away from any of these speakers, theyre all pretty terrible
GODSON Music (2 years ago)
+hueseph thanks!
hueseph (2 years ago)
Spend a little more money. These budget monitors will be disappointing. $400 minimum for a decent pair of monitors. Or buy a used pair of HS5, HR824, Genelec. If jazz is your thing, don't scrimp. I found a pair of KRK mk2 R5 for $240 for the pair on Craigslist. A steal.
Muzik Michael (2 years ago)
How would you know what a speaker would sound like in a person home studio?
kyr05k (2 years ago)
Does anyone know some good monitors which are good for producing and for listening to music
Ænigmatic Productions (2 years ago)
heard great things about the JBL LSR305
Andrei Piatra (2 years ago)
Mackie CR3 or CR4!
P POLO (2 years ago)
i dont see much people with these but im thinking of getting 1 but the ms20 i want 2know can i hook it up on a presonus 2x2 interface
Banjo String (8 months ago)
checkerace50 (2 years ago)
So long as your monitors input is TRS or XLR balanced. I would stay away from any monitors that aren't self powered like the MS40's he has shown. You want each monitor to be self amplified. Even better, self bi amplified. A little secret would be to just buy yourself (if you aren't mixing professionally) a pair of Yamaha HS5's for 200 a piece brand new or get them cheaper used. You will never have to buy another pair of monitors again. If you are mixing professionally, then I would go with the HS8's. But the HS series are based off of the NS series from the 80's. It's a great investment.
Raphael Rety (2 years ago)
Fotonik Noise (2 years ago)
Thanks for this great review! Actually now Im convinced to buy the Behringer MS40, the only doubt that I have is if I can connect them to a mixer(I don't know about active/passive issues), do you think they work nicely without provoking any damage? the mixer that I'm talking about is this one: https://www.thomann.de/it/the_tmix_mix_802_2.htm
Danubio Rodriguez (2 years ago)
I have behringer MS20 I use this monitors more than 8 years and very good sounds.
Banjo String (8 months ago)
Well they're shit, but not as bad as your english though
P POLO (2 years ago)
ok thanks alot
Danubio Rodriguez (2 years ago)
I am use internal pci m-audio audiophile 24/96 sound card, of course ms20 have all audio interface analogue RCA or digital coaxial or spdif conectors 24bits/192khz
P POLO (2 years ago)
hey can those ms20 hook up 2 the presonus 2x2 interface ?
tekarts (2 years ago)
Forget the speakers and buy a razor! You hippie!
Aleks Rusty (2 years ago)
Hi!I want to buy MS40 to listen lossless music on pc on not great and a moderate level while sitting at the table directly instead of multimedia systems . Tell me it's a good idea or not ?
hbrookes (2 years ago)
Been mixing and mastering for 25 years, Yamaha ns-10's are the worst monitors for any music mixing! I would rather use a cheap presonus before those. I have used almost all monitors from pro to home. I currently have Genelec 1031's and JBL's. I have a small pair of presonus for very close listening. The best small pair I have heard recently are the neumans..expensive but very nice for a smaller room.
hbrookes (2 years ago)
Rennie Ash yes!!
Rennie Ash (2 years ago)
Which Neumann did you mean? That 120 model? (Forgot what it's called)
Rennie Ash (2 years ago)
Well compared to the $30 Logitech speakers' "sub" , the ns10 is a sub XD
hueseph (2 years ago)
No sweat.
checkerace50 (2 years ago)
+hueseph My bad. I read HS10. I never catch that when I'm reading it.
Peter Chun (2 years ago)
JBL LSR305 are AMAZING and you can pick a pair up for like $200
Andrei Piatra (2 years ago)
Amazing in what sense?
Peter Chun (2 years ago)
lucahs1 craigslist
lucahs1 (2 years ago)
Parasram Productions (2 years ago)
I currently use the Behringer MS40 love these speakers as i work on a mac system with a digital audio i utilize the Digital from the speakers to the computer.
Najeeb Puthiyallam (2 years ago)
Starts at 4:26
DRE PRE (2 years ago)
4:30. Youre welcome
QuabmasM (1 year ago)
Some of us are mature, patient, and enjoy thorough information. Thats why so many people die from mixing pills because they never stopped to read, consider, and be thorough. Anyone who isnt lazy knows they can skip. We are audio people after all. Better to have higher quality files that at any time can be dumbed down to 128kbps or lower(ughhh guess thats for folk like yall) than have everything permanently in 128kbps which cant be converted into something higher. Simple maturity of thought prefers options.
RegularPolygon (2 years ago)
MY GOD! WHY PPL TALK SO MUCH??? thanks dude
I'mEnergyEclipse (2 years ago)
Would you recommend the MS40s for Multimedia usage and heavy gaming? I've mostly considered them as well due to there incredibly deep bass compared to some other studio monitor speakers I've tested and researched, however I am worried that they'll lack the ability to perform in gaming with gunshots and the typical shouting from another player or AI. My main verdict is I would consider purchasing these for the bass and more music side, though I am unsure wether they'll suite gaming standards. Could anybody help possibly? Thanks! :D
Rennie Ash (2 years ago)
I don't see why they'd have a problem with gaming. Unless you like to turn speakers up past their limits ;p
David Gamel (2 years ago)
Which would you prefer with the TRS 1/4" inputs? I'm trying to find the best bang for the buck using the 1/4" jack inputs. I just don't like the aux cable set up. Also i just purchased a focusrite 2i4 interface and the outputs for the monitors are 1/4". So I'm just trying to keep things simple using the 1/4" cables. Thanks and I enjoyed the video.
Let's Channel (2 years ago)
wouldn't it be better not to adjust bass and treble on the speaker if your monitoring music production because you would want to get realistic feedback from your program? or am I wrong on this one
Banjo String (8 months ago)
Rennie Ash (2 years ago)
Yeah the controls are also used for adjusting for room placements etc. A totally flat speaker will not be flat once it's put in rooms especially when people put them close to walls, in corners etc :)
Let's Channel (2 years ago)
That makes sense! Thanks for breaking it down for me.
Johnny Ha (2 years ago)
It would be indeed "better" to not adjust any settings to keep an accurate representation of your mix. However, most speakers that are not monitors are often made to colour sound; emphasizing certain frequencies. Having the ability to cut bass and or treble frequencies on your monitors can be a useful tool to mimic the behaviour of different speakers. It can be seen as having many speakers in one in a sense. By cutting the bass frequencies through the monitor, you can gain a better idea of how your mix might sound out of speakers with very little to no low-end response such as a TV or laptop computer. This way, you can audition your audio through several speaker behaviours with just 1 set of monitors. Furthermore, the ability to change bass and treble levels on your monitor can also be used as "room control" tools. For example, if you are in a smaller room without any acoustic treatment, you may want to slightly reduce the bass. Doing so will produce a sound that is less affected by the size of your room which also colours the sound. I hope this helped.
Stuart Haight (2 years ago)
Sold on the dual inputs.  Computer connected to one, music from phone to the other. Using a Matrox for video monitoring in my setup, I would have music streaming on the computer, but when I hit the space bar, music would stop, and the video application would take over.  Great review.  It's hard to find videos of the MS40.
Peter Len (2 years ago)
I have the Behringer and they sound terrible. Now function as speakers for the kitchen...
hueseph (2 years ago)
Yamaha HS7 or HS5(or anything in the HS series). These were meant to be the home studio equivalent of the NS10. The NS10 actually started out as a bookshelf speaker for your stereo. There was an old trick using a layer of tissue paper to cover the tweeter to dampen the often piercing highs. Not saying they are bad. There was a joke going around that if you can make a tune sound good on NS10, it will sound good on anything. Take that however way you want to.
Daurys Perez (2 years ago)
if your recording in 24bit/ 192khz is it necessary to have speakers with that frequency range for the actual play back during mixing?
YAYVIDEOGAMES (2 years ago)
thats sample depth not frequency response.
marilynn seits (2 years ago)
Thanks - this was helpful in making a decision about monitors for a small home studio....
Wickle Pinksnout (2 years ago)
Awsome video dude. simple, tot he point and very clear. =D
Matthew Garcia (2 years ago)
Are these good for just listing to music?
Rennie Ash (2 years ago)
That depends. Some people like "flat". Most of these are basically multimedia speakers anyway, so they'd be ok. Flat doesn't mean harsh and fatiguing aside from if they have distortion mechanisms in the speaker :)
Mikey Lee (2 years ago)
No, they are just reference monitors. They will sound to flat.
Studio Buster (2 years ago)
this video shows monitor models that are soooooooooooooo far from the truth and the true sound. SOOO FAR, so they could be sold like dekstop pc speakers.
ivan riobla (6 months ago)
chill f.out...... most people looking at this video are starting or need some on go travel monitors, and is better to start and train your ear. is all about training your ear over the monitors.
Rennie Ash (2 years ago)
"Multimedia Monitors" they are ;p
WONG Tak (2 years ago)
Mackie CR3/CR4 vs Behringer MS20/40 vs M-audio Bx5 carbon vs Fostex 0.3d/0.4d ~ who's the best speakers for listening music like pop songs ?? guys ~ plz help ~
Andreas karlsson (2 years ago)
Great video! Wish I could get the Behringers but they are too big and cant find any monitors I like in the right size. :/ Anyone know of a pair of speakers that are maximum height of 20cm? (I have a very small room and as such a very limited real estate and have to place the monitors on the desk beneath the monitors)
sir will (2 years ago)
Save yourself some time and start the video at 4:26
Andreas Nold (29 days ago)
That's rude! He gives very useful information!
ChristCollection (2 months ago)
Mark Evans (3 months ago)
Thanks!!! Haha
Nicholas Pellettiere (3 months ago)
sir will e
Paul Oketch (5 months ago)
The world needs more people like you.
Dog Lips (2 years ago)
Tapan Sampat (2 years ago)
Hi, this is a nice review! Am still finding it difficult to decide between Presonus Ceres 3.5 BT, Behringer MS40 and Alesis Elevate 5. Wondering if I can attach a Bluetooth adapter to Beringer or Alesis since that too is a priority. Could you please suggest?
Sauna Mart (2 years ago)
best? lmao
Prankin Stein (2 years ago)
Bruh where tf are your eyebrows?
SJ (2 years ago)
i am the only person that wonders if these speakers arent built in the same factory in china ...the components of each look so simular ?
chinelo betserai (2 years ago)
can you add a seperate sub woofer to these speakers
Banjo String (8 months ago)
you can add a sub to anything. You can't pollish a turd though. All these monitors blow big style
LESTOR J (2 years ago)
Hi, Tom, how about the KRK Rokit 10-3 speakers?
Brad Trevenen (2 years ago)
Damn I like that monitor
CrankCase08 (2 years ago)
All these sub 5" speaker units will produce poor bass response. The quoted manufacture frequency response is bullshit because they take it from a low level threshold. Anything below 8" will require a sub-bass unit, which will add more cost. The best option is to pay for 8" speaker units.
Ivan (2 years ago)
Great video. BTW, what display is that you're using at 3:11?
keloo tembeloo (2 years ago)
i bought them.. and the sound seems muffled or flat.. if i want bass the sound is muffled if i want clearer sound then it becomes flat.. i'm regretting buying them
Dead channel (2 years ago)
what should i get 2 rokits 1 gen 300$ or 2 mackie MR5 mk2s for 300$
Banjo String (8 months ago)
PMC or Genelec
SamSistema (2 years ago)
+Cadiop Yamaha HS7/8, Tannoy 502/802, JBL LSR 305/8. I prefare these and would tend to 8 inch subs if u wanna wanna hear very low ferq sounds and ur not an expert wit adding an additional subwoofer.
1wibble2 (2 years ago)
With all due respect, these monitors are total junk, you are absolutely not even gonna get remotely close to the 'truth' of the music through such low budget boxes. Remember we're talking a price that includes both the speaker and amp electronics. I get that you don't want to cover the high end monitoring, but high end to me and most other professionals means $3000+. Reasonably decent monitors start around $800 a pair. Ones around $300-500 you could kinda get by with, but the ones you're showing are just garbage. Not to mention the fact that you won't have a clue whats going on in the sub-bass region on any of them.
Refraction Launchpad (22 hours ago)
bruh hs8 is godly and its 800 for a pair
ivan riobla (6 months ago)
chill out...... most people looking at this video are starting or need some on go travel monitors, and is better to start and train your ear. is all about training your ear over the monitors.
Blast The Beat TV (2 years ago)
Im sorry but this is stupid. The MS40 speakers are awful, the sound quality is just simply terrible. I bought a pair years ago for my studio and i instantly regretted it. They are now used only when im playing games. They are not good for audio monitoring or mixing at all
Jan Martin Ulvåg (2 years ago)
+BlastTheBeatTV What is good?

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