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You read that right! Two root canals in one day! OUCH! Welcome to Nay's Days! Always think positive. Never Give up. Live life to the fullest! I'm a daily uploader, vlogging about life, work, family, and much more. Here on this channel, you'll get to know me a lot better with vlogs and tag challenges. Hope you enjoy and be a part of the Nay's Daisies. Thanks so much for watching! Please make sure you LIKE 👍🏻, COMMENT 💻, SHARE 📲, & SUBSCRIBE ✅! Don't forget to turn on the post notifications 🔔so you never miss a video! Love you all 💖! SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VLOGS! ►► youtube.com/naysdays Business email: [email protected] Follow me on Twitter to stay updated when I post! Twitter: https://twitter.com/naysdays_yt Instagram: https://instagram.com/naysdays_yt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naysdayswithstephhagerty Snapchat: stephhagerty Also check out: John Hagerty: https://www.youtube.com/johnhagertyvlogs RBX BUMP: www.youtube.com/channel/UC5hAUarg6UePJSovr3V0Yhg Invisible Creeper and The Brain: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbFT3FoFuuQCSf458qp6GAA
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TheMindOfAMom Vlogs (10 months ago)
I think it's awesome that they let you vlog while you getting that done! I have watched this twice and both times I've watched it I've just wanted to give you a hug. You're amazing Nay! Love ya girl 🌼
HermanTheGreat (10 months ago)
Wow that sounds intense Nay 3 hrs at the dentist, I hope you feel better soon
Mallory Zieger (10 months ago)
Wow that’s a long at the dentist. Your dentist seems like a nice guy. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!
Samie Lorraine (10 months ago)
That's so cool they were cool about you vlogging!! We brought my camera in when I had a lot of work done and bill had it out and they were like uh no you can't film in here... Lol dentist offices are always the worst lightening haha
Nay's Days (10 months ago)
Samie Lorraine I just did it. And talked about my channel. And they subscribed lol.
The AlphaGinger Show (10 months ago)
Oh man, 2 root canals! Hope it doesnt hurt too much. I was fortunate enough to just barely avoid getting a root canal. Great video!
This Is Chrissy (10 months ago)
I think the worst part of the root canal for me was the impression! It was sooo gross tasting.
Nay's Days (10 months ago)
This Is Chrissy that was nasty. And the recovery is worse for me
Tristina Rose (10 months ago)
It's so awesome that your dentist let you film all this! Seems so painful lol. New subscriber 🤗
letsvlogwith bigjohn (10 months ago)
This was really good the dentist and his assistant were really cool about this
Jocey Potts (10 months ago)
You're a trooper! Two root canals and still smiling!
Nay's Days (10 months ago)
Jocey Potts then went home and it was painful
anne Zimdahl (10 months ago)
Awww Nay's I feel so bad for you 😢 I wish you didn't get this done I would of just had the teeth pulled . Was it painful like I've heard ?
anne Zimdahl (10 months ago)
Nay's Days Yeah that recovery is going to be unbearable I feel for you tho . I'm glad John is there for you ❤️
Nay's Days (10 months ago)
anne Zimdahl the procedure not bad. Recovery is tough
MaryR (10 months ago)
Never had that done, but it seems like it would be painful. Did you get to go to the gym after or did the dental work stop that.
O Kh (10 months ago)
Nay's Days you are finished with you appointment?
Nay's Days (10 months ago)
Sunstone/MaryR I went today to get adjustment.
O Kh (10 months ago)
Nay's Days you are going back to the dentist tomorrow?
MaryR (10 months ago)
Nay's Days aww sorry about that! I'll be sure to watch the next one! Hope you're feeling better!
Nay's Days (10 months ago)
Sunstone/MaryR no I didn’t. Got lightheaded and nauseous. That’s tomorrow’s video lol
The Roulette Life (10 months ago)
I would totally love to meet you!! You seem like such a friendly person :) you are so brave for getting those root canals! I don't think I could even handle one haha. I love how cool the dentist and his assistant were too :)
Nay's Days (10 months ago)
The Roulette Life where do you live? Any dental work isn’t fun! They were very cool
vittomusic23 (10 months ago)
Excellent video! Big LIKE
Sez Francis (10 months ago)
Well done, Nay; so proud of you. Sending lots of love 💖 xxx
Nay's Days (10 months ago)
Sez Francis thanks love
MichelleandFamily (10 months ago)
How are you feeling today?
Nay's Days (10 months ago)
MichelleandFamily still extremely lightheaded

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