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RECYCLE Magazine Fashion Blog #1 - Medavog Couture Cape - Madonna Vintage Posters!

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Madonna adorns me from my head to my toes! Check my newspaper dress here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAzoGar6neM STAY TUNED FOR THE ULTIMATE AN FINAL VIDEO BLOG WILL SHOWCASE THE MODEL IN A HIGH FASHION SHOOT FINALE!
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No (8 years ago)
ok this is kinda creepy... at least at the begining
Ryan Howell (8 years ago)
@medavog you're a awesome artist ever.
medavog (8 years ago)
@xLuiKangx007 The cape is actually now cut and major work is going on as we chat!
Ryan Howell (8 years ago)
I'm loving this.

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