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Jullian Gomes - Live from a Secret Location (Part 1)

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In the Mix for 1 hour with Jullian Gomes - A well known DJ and Producer around the world and especially here in South Africa, our Beautiful Country. Part 2 Available here from the Sunday Session - https://youtu.be/pTDWHXVyA4Y Check him out https://www.facebook.com/myworldwithoutend/ ______________________________________________________ Stay Tuned @ Café la Musica for 3x more Extended sets by Atjazz from the ARCO Labs - Atjazz Record Company UK Atjazz a very well known DJ and Producer around the world and especially here in South Africa, our Beautiful Country. Part 1 of 3 Coming Soon!!! Check him out https://www.atjazz.co.uk/label _____________________________________________________________ Remember to Like, Share, Subscribe and click the Bell icon to be notified when we upload new content. Contact Us *Web: www.cafelamusica.co.za Email: [email protected] Bookings: [email protected] Charity: [email protected] * Website is still Under Construction and will be updated in the meantime. Café la Musica - Giving Back We are doing a Charity Music Education in Partnership with Ableton in Berlin, Germany and we need some help to achieve the dream of giving the best music education for our poor & disadvantaged black communities for Free and keeping it Free. We do not profit from this channel by any means (Other exciting Hardware & Software Sponsors in the pipe line interested in working with us) The Vision is to provide the best education for free to poor disadvantaged children in our black communities. 1) Finances, funds, donations of money or equipment 2) 10x Extremely Powerful Laptops (Ableton Live, Ableton Push, Video Streaming, And Video DJing or Video Effects, Creative Sound Design, etc.) 3) 10x Apple Ipads (for Music apps that link to Ableton and our JBL SRX 800 Series Speakers can be tuned using Ipad app, many other uses in the classroom and music environment) 4) HD Projectors We Need Projectors to Display the Video in classroom of the different views, screens and cameras to educate theory in larger classrooms with more students learning in a class in projector screens we can teach many students at a time. We can also project visual effects with them and teach that as well 5) 2x or 3x DSLR Cameras 6) Video Capture Cards to be able to live stream 7) Any Instruments or donations to enable us to purchase what we need or feel to be of value to enable us to provide and teach the best and give the best 8) Help us keep this service maintained and running to enable lives to be changed If you can help and have the means - Get in touch to help support us to make a change with music education in South Africa. Every little Bit enables us to do so much. Let us do this together. No Copyright Infringement Intended, please contact us if there are any issues so that we can resolve them. Thank you from Team Café la Musica We Love You
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Text Comments (42)
Sharpeville Library (20 days ago)
i was there damn i remember the night..him and atjazzz killed it the night to remember
moshemabina william (3 months ago)
Nhlanhla Khambule (4 months ago)
Hi How does one get invited to these events?
Kagiso Mapukane (2 months ago)
Lmao...I feel your pain bro...just follow them on social media, they always post their whereabouts
Agreement Swedish (4 months ago)
track 45 min please unlsess is a secret reciepe
Agreement Swedish (4 months ago)
ahhhh first track ya bolaya man
T S Nanasa (5 months ago)
46;00 track id pls
QUESTGTI (6 months ago)
dope ..my kinda style...melo but deep...
Johannes Aipanda (6 months ago)
28:00 Track ID anyone? I remember hearing it a lot circa 2010/2011
karabo lethabo (6 months ago)
Yoh!🙌 Jullian Gomes I love you🎶
Monde Rwaai (6 months ago)
tokelo brown (6 months ago)
dankie gomes....salute
Avela Ngetu (7 months ago)
yeah what a mix , big up mr gomes.
Goodwill Zwelithini (7 months ago)
I wish I had find this masterpiece earlier, but I am subscribing to this channel no doubt! No more missing out 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mxolisi Mahlangu (8 months ago)
Quality Video. Quality Picture. I wish this Channel Grows. First track is my favourite by...... Dka - Bonjour LAfrique (Sobek Seven Sisters Remix)
Mxolisi Mahlangu (8 months ago)
It's a huge pleasure. This Channel earned a new subscriber. That's me. I am looking forward to every beautiful scene.
Café la Musica (8 months ago)
Mxolisi Mahlangu You will be happy to hear our Video Quality is improving soon to full HD. We will be also start doing live streams starting end of July 2018...so stay tuned and enjoy 🤩 Thanks for tuning, in much love 😉
Mataba Mofokeng (9 months ago)
This guy is soo talented, I just wish I could have a boyfriend like him....... #musicRomance.... Jullian Gomes
Mxolisi Mahlangu (8 months ago)
kgomotso maledu (8 months ago)
Tarin Maddocks (9 months ago)
Track id 28:00 pls
Mfana Mthethwa (9 months ago)
all of it, dankie mr Gomes
youd swear hori atjazz sa dula mzansi,when i meet the guy im going to address him in my native seSotho
mzansi mara we are the best no doubt,i dare anyone to dispute, asi moh states moh
Emmanuel ngwane (4 months ago)
Ive heard this phase coupla times what does it mean? asi moh states
Pule Mosikare (9 months ago)
Ntwana e sharp @JulianGomes
Johannes Aipanda (9 months ago)
I trust this man!
Keletso Kgatla (10 months ago)
15:00 track I'd
khutso defoe (7 months ago)
moon rocket-gefara
Simphiwe Sibisi (10 months ago)
34:12 ID please...
Simphiwe Sibisi (10 months ago)
teekay deeptee (10 months ago)
Eric Ericksson -Love Cannot (Mr Beatnick Dub
kalkev (10 months ago)
Track id 10.00 pls
mphikeleli majola (11 months ago)
40:00 track id pls
siphiwe clive khuzwayo (10 months ago)
Dawson - Luna.....from - Stay True Sounds LBL
Café la Musica (11 months ago)
Hi there, Thanks for watching and welcome to our channel. The DJ's don't give us tracklists so you are welcome to use Shazam, I am sure you will find it there , if I find the name I will add it to the description. Please like our video and subscribe to make it possible for us to serve you with the nice videos we will be updating in future with more amazing footage from some amazing music. Thanks for tuning in Peace
mphikeleli majola (11 months ago)
track id pls #35:30 yoh this track
Agreement Swedish (4 months ago)
but then the quality of this one is another job
Yazini Dube (9 months ago)
Eric Ericksson - Love Cannot (Mr Beatnick Dub)
Percy Maseko (9 months ago)
Got it bro?
Yazini Dube (10 months ago)
I'll get it for you. That song is amazing
Tshepo Cloude (11 months ago)
This guy is one of the best in the world shame👏👏👏👏👏

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