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Wonder woman VS Supergirl- Justice League Action

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Hugo Motu Ela Mikue (1 month ago)
super girl looks like Diaspro from winx club
matt mc (3 months ago)
what if the guys identifies as non-binary will the anti-male spell work then :P
Darklight Sephiroth Can you English please?
hacker playz (1 month ago)
Feminine wall
Mila Luv (2 months ago)
the spell reveals the truth. And if he does he can go suck some guys balls.
matt mc (3 months ago)
I was being a smart ass with it.
Darklight Sephiroth (3 months ago)
Yes, because dont mater what he identificate whit he still a man because be male is biological not psycologyc.
kenpoarniceguy1 (3 months ago)
Aporia Yakuza (4 months ago)
Two fighters in a head-to-head clash. Wonder Women negs.
Vincent Ly (4 months ago)
Wonder Woman = Wyldstyle ((aka Lucy) The Lego Movie) Supergirl = Fiona the Human (Adventure Time)
Paul Bauman (5 months ago)
These boots are made for walking
Paul Bauman (3 months ago)
Navid Haider lol the Supergirl promo where she was wearing Diana’s boots made me think of the song.
Navid Haider (3 months ago)
[Dave Mustaine voice] -- and that's just what they'll do!
Zeles (5 months ago)
Supergirl looks bad
Jason Todd (3 months ago)
Hair n forehead
Tender Loin (5 months ago)
nigga stfu
Louis Mcarthur (6 months ago)
See what ppl fail to realize is superman and Supergirl are civilians let it be the military might of krypton someone as experienced as wonder woman I guarantee shed get her ass handed to her man or woman
Tanoshi of M (5 days ago)
She once fought agains Zod and Faora and won, in the new 52
Mark Bacchus (6 months ago)
Supergirl kick wonder woman almost everytime they fight
Albert Marcea (2 months ago)
+Fernando yeah bro:)) have a nice day
Fernando (2 months ago)
+Albert Marcea i see facts only!
Albert Marcea (2 months ago)
+Fernando supergirl never was close to ww, she is much above, she is superman level amd we all know how superior superman is to supergirl....and with powergirl yes she is a bit stronger then supergirl but not by much, ww defeated her everytime they fought too, even at her bloodlusted form and full power with sucker punches she wasn't able to beat a holding back ww....
Fernando (2 months ago)
Lmao Wonder Woman always put Supergirl in her place even in recent comics Also Supergirl never won a fight vs WW Wonder Woman even beated Powergirl and Superman
Albert Marcea (2 months ago)
+Mr. Check Yourself in melle combat yeah ww would stomp her, like u all ever seen her moves with the sword slaughtering the parademons in jl war?? Damn she was a badass savage....but in martial arts skills still lady shiva uts better, YET
Anastazia Jenkins (8 months ago)
Super cool
Charles Lanohan (9 months ago)
pea-shooter BR (11 months ago)

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