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Women have cellulite. Men have WHAT? | Family Feud

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Women have cellulite... Name something unwanted that men have on their bodies... SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/FamilyFeudSub PLAY FAMILY FEUD LIVE: Android: http://ludia.gg/FFLAndroid iOS: http://ludia.gg/FFLiOS Visit our NEW STORE: manicmerch.com/familyfeud FACEBOOK: facebook.com/FamilyFeud INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/familyfeud TWITTER: twitter.com/FamilyFeud WEBSITE: familyfeud.com
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Text Comments (23)
MARTEL WEBBER (6 months ago)
Yup not racist at all
Johanna Auten (6 months ago)
Kai The Nugget (9 months ago)
His name is Straw Berry. His parents did not love him.
khalid ronaldo (9 months ago)
This is one of the most hilarious ones I've seen
TrackmaniaKid27 (11 months ago)
Women have cellulite. Men have _cellulose_ . How was that?
Riad L. (11 months ago)
Mr. Straw Berry
Prettygirl Ky (1 year ago)
Ahh sir...most people like thicker lips 😉
000 McKing (1 year ago)
Straw be dressin'
JP Mackey (1 year ago)
Steve: “What...is THAT?” 😂😂😂
Luke Mulford (1 year ago)
Do women really want a thin lipped guy? Lol
Marie Petite (1 year ago)
Luke Mulford not too thin and not too thick; Rather be thin on a man.
Jassiepoohbear (1 year ago)
Luke Mulford no I love plump juicy lips on guys, but everyone has a preference so maybe some prefer thinner ones
Dean William (1 year ago)
that's a good name 4 his answers
john Baldock (1 year ago)
We were always told that wearing a hat in doors is bad luck!
rubberbans fou svn (1 year ago)
His name is Straw?
Al Cd (1 month ago)
Name or what he has for brains?
Creed Redemption85 (1 year ago)
YS ii True Klansman name.
Nick VanHoutte (1 year ago)
YS ii his last name is Berry
ViceCityMasta (1 year ago)
He's gonna have them done? lmaoo
Miguel Jimenez (1 year ago)
One time it was funny, then nothing
Mysteria 5 (1 year ago)
Some people like it thick. ;)
no chargeback niggas (1 year ago)
He looks like george rr martin
Octo Maxie opolis (1 year ago)
Wonder how a cowboy like him knew that

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