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"Issey Miyake" Spring Summer 1995 Paris 5 of 7 pret a porter woman by FashionChannel

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David Mehnert (7 months ago)
Thumbs-up if the dancing mushrooms from “Fantasia” brought you here... But seriously: to have been alive in Paris while Miyake was still working, to have seen (if only on television, but even so) the “defilés” of each season, with all their revelation and astonishment, is something I feel so privileged to have experienced. And I know I am not at all alone in this: even though haut-couture is a very difficult business, it had—it still has—a very passionate following that has drawn from it infinite pleasures and inspiration. They say that YSL’s Mondrian show caused a sensation—and I’ve never seen that 60’s footage and wonder if it still exists—but I can only imagine the gasps of recognition, of joy, as it began to unfold. I am so grateful to Issey Miyake for his example. #日本への原子爆弾投下 #plusjamaistoutcela #三宅一生 #answer #toi
cubicle (1 year ago)
ready to wear? lmfao
Sergio Méndez (1 year ago)
lettheonerightin (3 years ago)
2:24 Valeria Mazza

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