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Putin Jokes On Driving Tesla Car: Why Not? We Don’t Drive Carts or Tanks Anymore!

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Credit to RT Play https://www.facebook.com/RTvids Russian President Vladimir Putin says he has tried driving various foreign electric cars, and may even buy one himself. Because, believe it or not, it is not all carts and tanks that people drive in Russia. When asked by a journalist whether he could see himself buying a Tesla car, Putin replied: "Why not?" The Russian leader was speaking during the plenary session at the Russian Energy Week. “We are open, we buy and sell – we buy everything that is useful for us, and sell everything that is profitable. Therefore, there is nothing special about it. Do you think that we will only drive carts – or tanks? No, we don’t drive carts anymore,” he said, RIA Novosti reports. And Putin certainly seems to know his stuff when it comes to the latest eco-friendly motor technology. “Our [Russian] manufacturers, who dream about electric vehicle production, have shown me some of these cars. I’m familiar with American, Asian – in particular Japanese – electric car manufacturers,” he said, adding that he has experience of driving such vehicles. Praising their fast, efficient and maneuverable nature, Putin added: “I like these vehicles, especially the modern ones. “They are very good for cities because we don’t need emissions in places where lots of people live. But I think that natural gas vehicle fuel is more eco-friendly at the moment.” Tesla was founded in 2003 with a mission to create electric vehicles that “can be better, quicker and more fun to drive than gasoline cars.” Support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/TeamRussiaInsider Visit us! http://russia-insider.com/en Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RussiaInsider?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RussiaInsider
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Text Comments (513)
ALHA ONE (4 days ago)
Russia can't make any cars worth BUYING...🇺🇸
sherry Martin (12 days ago)
Trash the sucker Mr putjn Google own Sharia bryd stolen DL print cell bank hiests cars embed codes in us tx London and serail # bar codes run it Thur Google bAr scan any part tx London cells hiest why do u think I can't att valid account or tmoblie Verizon ect use ur head Mr Putin pipeline gas water precious oil espinage liars going to country to country Trump pay your dues on tariffs does Sharia write u another KGB book map Mr Putin that was a joke sir
KonstantinGeist (17 days ago)
"we have good thanks tho" kek
hermit (24 days ago)
The question has so much malice on it! The guy asking insinuates something about technology not from russia..its as if mocking russia what they dont have;) But what he gets is a very sound answer..a sensible one.. The bad intention is burnt outright!;) hahaha
Anierutan Balaji (2 months ago)
Then why did Kalashnikov develop an electric car
Elvis P S Sangma (3 months ago)
Putin the great ia a versatile all rounder hero of this generation
mickeymerc260 w124 (3 months ago)
Vladimir Vladimirovich will for sure, not be so dumb as to buy ill-functioning, unreliable and expensive U.S.-American trash. He might one day, drive a H²-f-cell electric vehicle Made in Germany, developed in co-operation with: www.clean-energy-bonn.org
DravenWolfe (3 months ago)
It's not often, you get a great comment section on a YouTube video. However this is one of those times! Lol.
Dididadum Tadaa (4 months ago)
Stupid question but a superb answer from mr. Putin like always. He gave ambiguous answer and u can’t fault his answer or twist it in a bad way at the same time he managed to promote Russian tanks.
nitz vision (4 months ago)
Russia want to sell it's oil and gas lol
Felix Nurwahid (4 months ago)
In Musk We Trust
kelvin moses (5 months ago)
Putin chose Thug life.
Roborav (5 months ago)
Why would anyone want to drive those ugly and dangerous tesla cars? Already there have been a few accidents because of auto pilot on them. They are dangerous and I predict tesla will be out of business in a few years.
CabooseNor (5 months ago)
The editing! :D
Anna Vajda (5 months ago)
Oh dear Putin is not happy about the perfectly good tanks going to waste this is right around the time Russia was developing all those beautiful new missiles they have now.
Greasy nPoor (6 months ago)
always the dumbest fucking questions! like asking a mexican if they only eat burritos in mexico. hahaha dumbfucks!!! how bout asking an american politician if they ever plan on doing an honest days work in their life!
tech nerd (6 months ago)
He is a boss
Ryan Crypt (6 months ago)
Tesla cars can be remotely controlled. I advice against owning or driving one.
Molten Lava (6 months ago)
Those reporters and Media agencies who tarnish Russia's image must be sent to Gulag !!! 😂😂😂 - Greetings from India 🇮🇳
Molten Lava (6 months ago)
Putin Rocks 😎👏👏👏
morgrid28 (7 months ago)
I would drive a Tesla tank
saysergej (7 months ago)
0:31 wow :O
rekt threads (7 months ago)
Putin wants to hang the gay
Aravind Ghosh (7 months ago)
thats how you advertise your produccts!!!!!!
Barrelz * (7 months ago)
But what is useful to them? Hahaha. A very high amount of new European cars in Russia are stolen from Europe. They don't buy them, they steal the fuckers.
Joseph Stalin (7 months ago)
In russia car drives you
Lucifer Morningstar (7 months ago)
I can´t understand why people insist thinking electric cars would be better for the enviroment when its not? Marketing!
Muhammad Saleh (7 months ago)
In Soviet Russia, Russains drive tanks...... *electric tanks*
Maxi Immortality (7 months ago)
Please stand by
pilgrim deep (7 months ago)
0:32.......when heart stops fr a sec
Ken (8 months ago)
At this point asking Putin what is his favorite color? Would be a better question... Seriously, WTF kind of question was that?!
??? ??? (8 months ago)
Putin is surrounded by dumbasses
Anand Kumar Pandit (8 months ago)
My advice all the dead bodies of Successful people should not be cremated, buried or left as carcass ,it should be through in space so that people can tell really that father to space rather good people yell he might in heaven and bad wisher tell that he might be definitely in hell.Because nobody has really seen heaven and hell.Now atleast people can do studies how dead bodies behave in space, is it a better option, what will happen to them if they are left in space.
etc7 (8 months ago)
We know you like cars, names 3 things that aren't cars
Vasily Krushev (8 months ago)
Out of everything this dumb fuck decided to ask about driving a car. Wow America, you're really short on intellectuals?
sydst (8 months ago)
Haha fuk tesla basically
Ivan Shmatko (8 months ago)
The guy is misinformed Moscow already has more Teslas than LA LOL
Vladimir Putin (8 months ago)
What a waste of my time . Although I may drive a Tesla
INSTALL GENTOO (9 months ago)
Nyet, car has no use value in Union. It goes blyat after day without electricity in Sibéria.
Star9 (9 months ago)
putin is boss
azalru (9 months ago)
Tesla Tanks will be better than fossil tanks.
Roxboy 550 (9 months ago)
He definitely would not use the electric car....but he will surely use Tesla Tank someday
Martin Baryanto (9 months ago)
он фаворит какой умеет и лобит шустить
Ivan Santana (9 months ago)
Funny and stupid joke. The future will come with or without him. I am sorry for Russia people (in this case).
mr. Z (10 months ago)
Thiaexixan would love Russia.
aywan krekorian (10 months ago)
American reporters always do stupid question . . . . . . Americans Media all about make people stupid and give Surface thoughts
John Sena (10 months ago)
What is a cart ?
prosimulate (10 months ago)
Ok Musk that's your next project an Electric Tank...do you know how long it takes to put out a fire involving an electric vehicle...days!!
Zachary Legaspi (10 months ago)
"we have good tanks though!"
m.youtube.com (10 months ago)
dame putin will drive electric carte .he will drive you to korea war
VladoMiniGamer TV (10 months ago)
*L E G E N D*
autodetect (10 months ago)
nice video. the secret behind vladimir putin's presidential car. https://youtu.be/aZm840WVsN8
Jacqueline Morrison (10 months ago)
manoman0 (10 months ago)
I don't like that strange man with his strange hair style.
VArsovski10 (10 months ago)
See children ?, this is how stupid self-marketing-inspired mind makes you look in public, make sure in future not to do that :P
Boosted Doge (10 months ago)
"... We have good tanks though" fucking kek
Dadson worldwide (10 months ago)
Id like know what he will drive when he retires as the leader of russia .lol
7 DusK (10 months ago)
He obviously doesn't have a good grasp of the English language.
Maxwell Airsoft (10 months ago)
"Glider" "fighter jet"
Redtide (10 months ago)
This retard thinks that only Tesla is producing electric cars or vehicles?
Redtide Yea i'd prefer The Rimac over any Tesla Soley based on the fact that Teslas look like ass.
Mohamed Y (10 months ago)
Putin has a unique way of getting his point across. Very intelligent man
J Vili (10 months ago)
A dick
weltvonoben (10 months ago)
Such a dumb questions. And then those socks. Total gay.
mt (11 months ago)
Good tanks? You mean those that stopped enroute to Georgia?
rk hitler (9 months ago)
forgetful history t90 n amarta bitchhhh
Ghost_Rip (11 months ago)
Did you guys see that bad bitch in the crowd that they blatently showed? #russia
Audrius Simonis (11 months ago)
The best Leader ! Can wait to see somebody nuking fucking Yanks ' anybody ?????
Chinggis Han (11 months ago)
0:25 The guys thinking “Aw fuck, no just no, what the fuck is that question, please stop the cringe Kill me now”
edison t (11 months ago)
Actually That was a tough question for a country that his main economy is the petroleum 🤣
Ali Labeeb Alkoka (11 months ago)
I respect Putin response to a stupid questions. They seem to love ask Idiotic moronic questions about nonsensical topics of Putin. I wish these Idiotic morons anywhere would grow up. It just shows how childish the world is becoming anymore when college educated adults ask such stupidity of world leaders. And to think that one day these Idiotic morons will be leading Humanity into the next dark ages with this ideas.
Abd Palistine (11 months ago)
"We sell everything that is profitable " So you sell kidneys, drugs, children as labors, hoes, world destruction weapons, even your own dignity?? Wait he has no dignity
Mr Green (11 months ago)
That was a stupid question. I felt like he too was shocked by how stupid it was
Muhammad Saleh (11 months ago)
Well hello...who's this hottie? 0:32
Edwin Robinson (11 months ago)
"We buy everything useful, we sell everything profitable." There is NO State Capitalist (like Putin) who could have EVER put it more succinctly...lol.
mosouss (11 months ago)
You get the chance to meet putin and you ask such a shitty question... putin is a savage tho
John Rockett (11 months ago)
That chick in the glasses is hot af
T. Thomas (11 months ago)
every country should drive eletric
ῠ̔ποκρῐτής (11 months ago)
Russia Putin Tesla Elon US Trump Hi CNN I got your story
joe3k (11 months ago)
next question was probably gonna be , whats your favorite color , such waste of everyone's time.
Weezy F (11 months ago)
Ninja Man (11 months ago)
He's lying the people of Russia casually drive tanks on the weekend to the pub
Steve (11 months ago)
What kind of carts did mr putin say?
gen unsaved (11 months ago)
When its not gay
Matt Garcya (11 months ago)
I’m curious if he’s really worth $200 billio
Victor Von Doom (11 months ago)
I deadass like Putin. I've heard his speeches and he seems knowledgeable and fair for the most part. Well spoken and thinks before he answers. I wish OUR Pres. Was more like him
Uros Opacic (11 months ago)
in russia you drive electric tank
Joe Cam (11 months ago)
Buy a all electric car so it can be hacked and drive u off a bridge i dont think so
Jim Clarke (11 months ago)
Putin knows his cars!
Dr Feltersnatch (11 months ago)
“We have good tanks too” 😂😂😂
stephen paxman (11 months ago)
Rollo Lawson (11 months ago)
Putin will never have a reason to drive a car again, idiot.
Forchan Chan (11 months ago)
0:31 hot girl!
pagansforbreakfast (11 months ago)
No, but i'm kicking around the idea of stomping the living shit out of your faggoty little ass in the next moment or two.
Bobur Mukhamedjanov (11 months ago)
stupid question great answer
Jassius Clay (11 months ago)
Who is that feminine journalist?
NOOB's PUBG Gameplay (11 months ago)
Jason F. (11 months ago)
Man is a boss.
Dāvis Vasiļjevs (11 months ago)
Putin is an evil dick
wealthy black man (11 months ago)
Like a boss...
Yurii (11 months ago)
put in lox
Wade McLure (11 months ago)
It would be interesting to see a Russian electric car, however it would probably be garbage like everything else they make...

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