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Barbershop For Men Only. "Real Russia" ep.111 (4K)

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Nowadays in Russia more and more popular barbershops for men only. These are the places where you can make a stylish haircut and take care of your beard. In this video is the deepest insight into the "Chapaev Barbershop" in the city of Ufa, the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan of Russia. It is a comfortable and welcoming salon with a stylish design of interior and a lot of vintage things. For less than hour and 1,000 Russian Roubles (~$14) you can get a stylish haircut. (Up to date for 2015). Intro music by Tesla Boy "Minsk-2" "Real Russia" is the first independent English-language channel about Russia created by videoblogger Sergey Baklykov. The main idea is to make the deepest insight into the real daily life of Russia. Just everything "as is". This is the channel from Russian people to people from all over the World to show that we are more common than different, that we are the children of the same World. Since February of 2015 became the first Russian channel which is started to film and produce in 4K-resolution. http://youtube.com/user/realrussiablog http://facebook.com/realrussiablog http://facebook.com/sgbaklykov [email protected]
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Text Comments (375)
Wicked Coolname (4 months ago)
I would never get a haircut from a guy with a man bun.
B Cortelyou (4 months ago)
West coast rap in Russia? What the hell
musk4mars (4 months ago)
Excellent hairs cut Сергей! This is an American style hipster barbershop very popular in California and New York City. Looks good on you.
DG (6 months ago)
why do all barbers play tacky loud rap music.. drives me crazy. Great to see how all men's barbershops are the same from US to Russia.
kag2306 (9 months ago)
Serial killer smile
oswaldo rivaroli (10 months ago)
Nice haircut Sergei! Bravo the Barber..
MGTOW (10 months ago)
I Really Like This kind Of Barber Shop. I Live In Quebec City And Go To The Same Kind Of Barber Shop.For Men Only. This Kind Of Barber Shop Is Getting Very Popular In Canada Too.My Barber Shop Is Barbier Le Gentlemen On 3rd Avenue.Quebec City..
Ty Hen (1 year ago)
Back when I went to Russia (1995) there were no barbershops like this in Moscow. I had to go to the посольство. I think I will come to Ufa next time
akram laklasse (1 year ago)
thank's 4 sharing dude ! i appreciate it . good continuation
wolfe david (1 year ago)
Russian women know how to please their man.........been there.....interesting....they like americans....for now...til we fuck Russia up....just matter of time.........
alex carter (1 year ago)
Oh, just like downtown San Jose, "silicon valley" California. Yeah, nah, I go to the Vietnamese barbershop that's between the the pinata shop and the storefront church, pay $9 (but I tip them 2-3 dollars more) and get a good cut without the 'tude. That being said, if I were a barber, I'd want to set up a place like this. WWII memorabilia, hot rod magazines, free shots of Jack, you know the drill. But beards. I don't think I could deal with those nasty things.
Mark E. Barnes (1 year ago)
I liked ninya shop better.
iAm Wolfie (1 year ago)
You're videos show a lot of common ground between the Russian and American People
luvzfrance24 (1 year ago)
Omg the music!!! I didn’t know Russians listened to Ice Cube. Lol
djjerome (1 year ago)
A hipster barber shop in Ufa, Russia. Nice. If I were ever to get to that part of Russia I would definitely check it out. Do they do hot shaves?
Andrew Bruce (1 year ago)
Is it custom to tip (give gratuity) to your barber?
+Andrew Bruce No. In Russia they never tip a barber. Also in such a barbershops the prices itself considered as high. At least twice more expensive than in a regular hairdressing saloon. But the main reason it is just historically so that in Russia people do not tip barbers. Waiters - yes. Barbers - no.
gary schultz (1 year ago)
real 🇷🇺Russia & real 🇺🇸America have a lot of style in common .........(not a fan of the c-rap music)
1935rmb (1 year ago)
Could I get a price break if I told you I did not vote for Hillary Clinton? You look so handsome after your haircut. Most communists and socialists in America have long hair and maggots at the roots. The shop would go broke if in New York which is the land of hippies and queers. Greetings from Donald John Trump and thanks for throwing the election to him. We republicans now love you. My best to Mr. Putin. Give him a close shave, please. Hillary should think about having her pussy shaved at your shop so Donald won't grab it. She looks masculine so don't be offended. You betcha.
I don't know. This is Russia and still people care way less about the elections in the US than Americans. Most are just observants.
TexasRose50 (2 years ago)
Love it! Just a question though. How come 'barber shop' is in English? Thanks!
J. Martin (2 years ago)
Great shop. Great haircut.
Eugene Scholl (2 years ago)
love this video. real russia!
Dhanuka madushan (2 years ago)
really a great work ..
Soozy (2 years ago)
I hope you still are going to this barber Sergey. He did an amazing job on your hair. The shop looks pretty typical to any shop you would find here in America.
Four times more expensive then usual!!! It is a special salon for special men (from bohemia). I have remembered, the word 'barbar' in English come of the word 'barbarian'. :-)
Nic Nak (2 years ago)
Camara man is cute!😻
sammy azad (2 years ago)
What an expensive barbershop....
C Mc (2 years ago)
I don't know if anyone told you the title of that hip hop/rap song you noted. It's Today Was A Good Day, by Ice Cube.
Corvo Attano (2 years ago)
some of the things he says sound so creepy example let's ride the bike
asamado asa (2 years ago)
where's Sergey pichugem?
Not in the business more.
Andy James (2 years ago)
Ahh, that's where Kim Jong Un gets his hair cut..
oopsie doopsie (2 years ago)
make a video on colleges/university and schools in russia
Ivan (2 years ago)
еее у тебя британский
TrinityLiberty1 (2 years ago)
Is that expensive? Is 1000 rupul expensive for a hair cut?
Yes! Four times more then usual. I mean, according to the prices in my city of Volgograd.
Eric Smith (2 years ago)
Thanks for the insight into your culture and way of life. Keep your videos coming.
Ilja Koroteckis (2 years ago)
RedSonja (2 years ago)
Real Russia 👍
+Ilja Koroteckis ПНХ
oldjunkvet (2 years ago)
That music, (if you want to call it that) is horrible!! If I walked into a barbershop and heard some crap like that, I would walk right back out!!
Swimbait1 (2 years ago)
The guy did a great job
oCezy (3 years ago)
Here in the United States "barber" indicates men only. Most men cut worse than women here though
Most of the hairdressers in Russia are women, even the hairdressers for men. This is a special salon - men for men... ;-)
Wally Lindberg (3 years ago)
He was born smiling.
Ahmed Ch (3 years ago)
Nice haircut sergey
Robert Sergi (3 years ago)
Well Sergey .. this is an amazing videos that your making they are helpful and with high quality and you are making everything to show the viewers thanks a lot keep going!
mvelde (3 years ago)
Это пункт для девченок стрижки . Нет мальчишек не допускается ?
justtim100 (3 years ago)
now do you tip after the haircut?
Altair65 (3 years ago)
+justtim100 You don't if the babrber shop happens to be located in Russia or any European country or any country in general other than USA. It might be cheap, might be super expensive but here you pay what they tell you to pay no more no less. Leaving a tip is enitirely up to you and no one expects you to leave one.
MrQbenDanny (3 years ago)
Bravo! Great haircut, style by a master. How much do you tip?
Lee Watts (3 years ago)
This is a bloody awesome channel. No Fake and No Bullshit! Sergey is 'The Man.'
OHM-968692 (3 years ago)
You guys should try edit the whole episode a bit like you edited the end
Bill Brown (3 years ago)
Sergay, My wife and I are coming to Moscow in 2 weeks, Love your videos, they are very helpful and entertaining. I won't be using the barber though because my wife cuts mine with a trimmer. I have not been to a barber for nearly 30 years. LOL keep up the good work.
danny Last (3 years ago)
hi again! I hadnt been getting your videos ,ill check it from now on..have a great day..
This Guy (3 years ago)
Is it customary to tip your barber after receiving a haircut in Russia?
This Guy (3 years ago)
That barber shop was really hipster. I didn't know that style existed in Russia. Great cut! I hope to get a haircut there one day.
DrewMI5 (3 years ago)
Hey Sergey! What is the SUV at 0:30 ? It is nice. You should take it to Mambet rock! Love your work man!
Аlex Scherbakov (2 years ago)
You are welcome!
DrewMI5 (2 years ago)
Thanks Alex!
Аlex Scherbakov (2 years ago)
It's Russian UAZ Patriot. http://www.uaz.ru/en/cars/upgraded-patriot
Leon Shaw (3 years ago)
Nice cut Sergey!
AwesomePossum (3 years ago)
A quality barbershop where you can play videogames while waiting and they play old school hip hop as well (big fan)... I must go to Ufa!
Adrian Ciochinaru (3 years ago)
Here is in Moscow?
Global Traveler (3 years ago)
@ 3:39... Ice Cube music.    HELL YEAH !!    greetings from texas.
benthead (3 years ago)
Sergei, I like your hair longer. let it grow out
+benthead I think I have try different styles from time to time :)
The Red Angel (3 years ago)
I loved the sweater you were wearing! It looked very warm and comfortable. :p Nice episode~!
+The Red Angel Thanks!
James McArthur (3 years ago)
The same price I pay here in Pocatello, Idaho.
john bob (3 years ago)
I think chinese are the most complex people on earth
natrone23 (3 years ago)
Got the pedo look going on there Segey......nice turtleneck.
Patrick Walsh (3 years ago)
very posh barber shop Sergey, just got round to watching this now and I'm very impressed!
Patrick Walsh (3 years ago)
Like I said on Facebook, super hairdo!
magnetique12 (3 years ago)
+Real Russia team, please can you found a French shops, cook, bakeries (and its baguettes, its croissants), ... in Russia, and Russians (and French peoples live in Russia, country I love :) ) and have their opinions. Good Luck, I love your channel. благодарю. Я люблю Россию.
hrnbrkdnztncy (3 years ago)
you look cute and cool with that hairstyle Sergey!!
Lee Taylor (3 years ago)
No fake and no bullshit anywhere. I checked!
Astral Traveler (3 years ago)
I love Real Russia!!!
71502 (3 years ago)
no fake no bullshit:)
BrooklynLass (3 years ago)
That is one cool, funky barbershop. The man that cut your hair worked like an artist!
Andrew Flyer (3 years ago)
Looking good...my wife thinks you look sexy .......another great video mate :)
Молодец !
Keith H (3 years ago)
Quite trendy up market type of place ,almost bit  like a coffee shop.
KingOfHammer (3 years ago)
i wish i had hair
James Lynn (3 years ago)
Excellent shop and great stylist. You were cool looking before this appointment and this cut added to your "great looks" ! Thanks for sharing with your followers, Sergey.
Ananda D'Aquino (3 years ago)
Hey, Sergey, how old are you? (if u don't mind to answer)
vann tedd (3 years ago)
+Ananda D'Aquino he is in the low 30's.. sometime ago ,if memory dont fail..
Shane Martinez (3 years ago)
90's American rap, in the background hahahaha!!!
Eduardo (3 years ago)
Revalution street and Parkourlhka street! XD Awesome xD
DiamondBack Queen (3 years ago)
Nice! Very dashing and your barber was rather easy on the eyes *wink*
goncasworld (3 years ago)
I heard the Ice Cube - Today was a good day music in the background, do many people get to know good quality hip hop/rap in russia?
Nikolai Fedorov (3 years ago)
Как насчёт перехода на 60 кадров в секунду? Ваш блэк снимает в таком режиме? Имхо лучше 1080 в 60p чем 4к в 25-30 кадров. Тем более что для вашего стиля съёмки, когда камера часто движется, переводится с 1-го места на другое высочайшее число кадров даст реально наилучшее восприятие рисунки, чем многопиксельность. Тем более у ютуба что-то обработка 4к какая-то кривая с реликвиями.... либо у вас битрейт на съёмке маловат для 4к. P.S. Заметил что снимали на люмикс. То-то качество не то...
Аlex Scherbakov (2 years ago)
В обычных руках GH4 снимает достойно.
Irshad Hussan (3 years ago)
1000 rubles is too much, ruble and indian rupee have same rates. it will cost 60 indian rupees to cut hair in india.
Аlex Scherbakov (2 years ago)
Standart haircut costs about 200-350 rubles. This is fashionable place, that why the price is so high.
Oka rus (3 years ago)
Тебе этак отлично, Сергей. ) Но могло бы быть чуток дешевле. Я этак же приблизительно могу постричь. Пора мне обнаруживать собственного "Чапаева"....... )))))
John Ambrose (3 years ago)
Yes, this is the real you!
Dr Dre playing in the background - what a cool barber with a good taste of music!
John F (3 years ago)
So Sergey do you like this barber shop better than woman owned place you had haircut in previous video?
Eusepio1957 (3 years ago)
What only 1000 rubles ??? Compliment for the interior frankly for me it looks like a body piercing & tatoo studio (and I mean that positively) Good work Sergey & Niko! Saluti
Akterman (3 years ago)
Wonderful haircut - I like the new look!
Slam-Master (3 years ago)
Awesome cut job brother
Dennis Bryant (3 years ago)
Quite a big step up from the Barbershop Sergy used in that other visit. I think it was also a female barber.
dholt96 (3 years ago)
Another cool episode. Thanks Sergei! I discovered another hip male barbershop called Chop Chop in Tyumen, although there are many other branches across Russia and the former republics. There is always free coffee, great music, nice atmosphere and service from lots of cool people who became friends. I was lucky to be around for their first anniversary when they brought in an excellent St. Pete Indie band called Сегодня ночкой (Tonight or This Night in English) for a very cool party. Keep making the great videos and showing the world Russia (beyond the Putin headlines).
Warrior (3 years ago)
Interesting your Video Real Russia.
Warrior (3 years ago)
When i go in barber here in Greece i pay 10 € (contain washing hair after haircut)
Ham Tyler (3 years ago)
Russian Homeland Security around 3:30. I kid. Then again, not really.
Phil the Stalker (3 years ago)
6:17 Adolf?! XDD
iniputu (3 years ago)
Sergey, the guys from the barber shop looked more like bikers than barbers. Does Ufa also have a bikers scene, maybe a chapter of the Night Wolves? If so, wouldn't it be interesting to pay them a visit?
+iniputu Yes, we have a bikers here in Ufa, Russia. But I think the Night Wolves club is only in Moscow.
eganzale (3 years ago)
Here in the States I go to my homeboys barbershop, he hooks it up with a number one fade on the sides with a comb over on top with square tapered edges and side burns and just for added flare the three Adidas lines on one side, taken it back old school for em' one time :P All for about $30, not bad if you ask me always tip your barber. That barbershop tho' has a cool setup thanks for sharing this video with us Sergey :)
D'lish Donut (3 years ago)
30 dollars is way too expensive. I got 20 dollar haircuts in brooklyn, that's too expensive!
sirjames45 (3 years ago)
Very cool.......His barbershop has a lot of style and atmosphere!
Neil R Bradley (3 years ago)
You don't get Barbershops for women. And if you want to get your Birds cut you'd probably get locked up.
Charles Harper (3 years ago)
Sergey, maybe I missed it, but I didn't see where they sanitized the combs. Looks like he just pulled a comb from a jar? Good segment. Sports Clips here cost from 17 to 22 dollars but the all the barbers are women.
Allen Israel (3 years ago)
Sup Sergey.. Another great vid. Just recently found you on YouTube. Love catching all the older vids you guys have done in the past. Very informative, entertaining, and very interesting to see how you guys live and how we live here in the US. Your country is very beautiful!! I don't think that Americans stop to look at the beauty of our country as much as you guys do yours. One day, I hope to visit over sea's and Ufa is going to be on my list to see. Keep up the vids my friend. You will have your own show one day very soon!!!
lacosanostra20 (3 years ago)
sergey the rap song was it was a good day by ice cube just in case you wanted to know
+lacosanostra20 Got ya! thanks for info.

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