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Why Do We Need The Beckhams To Be Perfect? | The Trews with Russell Brand

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Today's video discusses the furore over David Beckham revealing that he finds marriage life hard work and difficult - what can we learn from this? Subscribe to my channel here: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg (make sure to hit the BELL icon to be notified of new videos!) Listen to my Under The Skin podcast here: http://russellbrand.com/podcasts Or listen on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2POil1A Get my book "Recovery" here: https://amzn.to/2R7c810 Instagram: http://instagram.com/trewrussellbrand/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/rustyrockets Produced & edited by Jenny May Finn Trews Music by Tom Excell & Oliver Cadman
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Text Comments (351)
Robby Combs (22 days ago)
Russell Brand...a Brilliant man for our age; we are so lucky to have him!
Strange Fruit (1 month ago)
I think the most difficult part of Beckham's marriage was when he was screwing Rebecca Loos, and he had to keep up a charade, and now has to look his wife in the face everyday knowing they just have a 'Facade' and sham marriage and there's no love
Markeye (2 months ago)
David’s house in LA just over the road from Tom Cruise. David is Toms bird boy. That probably helps
larsnixon (2 months ago)
I love your understanding of things.
RYTHYM spirit (3 months ago)
I dont know who they are
Philip Martin Hammond (3 months ago)
Jeez a homage to the Beckhams get a fucking grip Russell
Chrono (4 months ago)
Ive been with my girlfriend for 17 years happily. Russell is correct. The more calm and serine the relationship, the better it is. Of course at the beginning you will be all jacked up with chemicals for the first 3-5 years. And then those crazy emotional will gradually fade into a very relaxed state of happiness. If you keep chasing the initial highs of the relationship then u will always be doomed to search for someone new.
Arcade Dad (4 months ago)
Didn't he shag his Secretary or had everybody forgot about that!!!
FrugleBugle Oogle (4 months ago)
I was always more into Melanie Brown/Scary Spice than Posh. She's hot af. [email protected] she's fine! But I digress. Yeah Idk why all the uproar in the uk about David Beckham's marriage being hard work b/c all marriages are. He's just keeping it real. I mean any relationship, be it friends, family, or lovers is work. I agree w/ u. Ppl have unrealistic expectations of celebrity relationships as well as their own b/c many are brainwashed by movies & media, and our own innate romanticism to want to believe that love is all u need when in reality, like u say, ppl are complex, want diff things and diff times, are multifaceted ect, and thus it can be challenging to make it work, and u often get what u put into it, just like anything. Not only that, one has to juggle their work and their relationship, finding enough time to accomplish one's dreams as well as make time for their relationship so even if ppl get along great, and are very compatible, it might be hard sometimes finding time for one another which can put a strain on their relationship.
Gina Marie Shakespeare (4 months ago)
Nice compassionate analysis Russell...
Declan Cahill (6 months ago)
I'm in love with my sadness Russell and I love your videos 👏
D L (6 months ago)
in fact we don't need to do a video reply. this comment serves an analysis of this video's analysis of the media's analysis of the beckhams' relationship. furthermore, if you reply critically to this comment, you may be liable for conducting an analysis of my analysis of this video's analysis of the media's analysis of the beckhams' relationship... heaven forbid we get a chain of back & forth comments...
VALIANT JOKER (6 months ago)
Beeble Brox (6 months ago)
Shut up Russell you're a dork.
Mimou (6 months ago)
The whole: you can only be in love for about 3 years is just not true.
Tris (6 months ago)
It would be nice if there was an option to remove the subtitles for people that can hear fine. Not necessary but would make the videos more enjoyable
Nadine Buttery (6 months ago)
I was married for 24 years. Alone doesn't have to be lonely. It can be much more lonely living with someone who doesn't care. Truth.
punkybrewstar83 (6 months ago)
Why do people want their relationship to be supernatural? Escapism. People use them as a fantasy, just like fairytales, romantic comedies and porn. The reality is hard to face; that life is complicated, that nothing is guarenteed, and that no matter how hard you try you cannot always make things work or get what you want. We prefer to bath in dopamine at times, hence drug use and chocolate. Our own lives and relationships are hard, and the Beckhams are a product marketed as escapism. They curated and gained from that narration quite purposefully, so yeah, they can't have their cake and eat it too. The thing is that real life is actually better than fantasies in a lot of ways, because enduring suffering, overcoming hurdles, giving and receiving empathy and hard work, lead to actual sustained happiness. Such happiness is more like a big long bear hug, than a quick rub or tug of your bits. The Beckhams can be human in private, but publicly they have to stick to the slogan, or people don't understand what the product is, and they naturally get pissed off. Make yourself a product, behave like a product. People don't want their lawyer stopping midday through their courtcase to talk about her period, or their waitress sneezing snot all over their food because they have the flu, and nobody wants to hear about your genital warts during a job interview. The Beckhams are not exempt or specia, in this regard.
gharga jan (6 months ago)
The beard looks good mate
Isaiah Duque (6 months ago)
You are awesome Russell!! To your wisdom and suggestions I have been going to Kundalini and it is the breathing is awesome. Such as Dragon Breath that is actually in Avatar: Last Air Bender. Do not be afraid of anything, everything is the same, everything is love. I have read most of your Revolution book and I want you to thank you for writing truth, Of saying truth like you do on this channel. Bless your soul. We can bring more happiness to this world.
ouldon aunt (6 months ago)
well Russel, you probably have not yet witnessed the full hypnogogic powers of the Beckhams sufficiently enough to give a proper assessment the due it deserves. for instance !! if you want to see this hypnogogic x factor for yourself you can watch Andrew Fenlon’s heroic confrontation in the episode of American Idol where Victoria carried out the invocation.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRbwdJ15ezc following this episode Andrew Fenlon then somehow found his way to be able to tell non other than noam chomsky about the encounter and was able to share chomsky’s views on the matter. this can be shown in this second video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDc8T9hT2Cw
Lee Benstead (6 months ago)
What's worse than being single and feeling lonely, being in a relationship and feeling lonely.
Dragonfae (6 months ago)
How much of an expert could that person have been, to say he can’t be in love if he says it’s hard work? The whole point is to CHOOSE to work things out when things get hard because you love them. I don’t have much relationship experience, but it seems that a lot of people get into relationships because they’re in love with the idea of being in love, or they don’t want to be alone. Or they love the fake Hollywood bullshit idea of love. I’d rather be single than be with someone just for the sake of not being alone.
richard mason (6 months ago)
Jesus loves you Russell accept him into your heart
LordAugastus (6 months ago)
Being alone is easy. With drugs and other escape mechanisms.
Thal Rosen (6 months ago)
did she say secret source or secret sauce
Jyeah89 (6 months ago)
i love everything that makes a better and less selfish person, and your videos and books do just that!! Thank you Russell!
James Ross (6 months ago)
im gald that you're losing your huge fame status now we can get to some real truth! you ever tracked the stars Russell ? like navigation wise with a map etc and watched the nite sky that much ??
culture cypher (6 months ago)
sir russell brand- legend
BooBoo Buddha (6 months ago)
I think people are just jealous of their 'perfect' lives and want to see them fail in their marriage!!!! which is obviously horrid!
Physhtail Swims (6 months ago)
Marriage is hard work. It seems it'd easier to surrender and break it off then parse through those tough emotions. Does anyone else miss the old intro? I miss that catchy song Russell would play.
J samya (6 months ago)
Mate, you look like you are doing this video in a Taliban strong hold somewhere in a cave. Relationships need to be managed, that’s how they last. Working together for a common cause takes effort. But I would rather be single than fighting with my partner all the time at the risk of being lonely. There is someone out there for everyone. This is not to say that ‘the one’ exists, there are though, many ‘good fits’. And people tend to hold onto a bad fit because they might feel like they can’t do better and are indeed afraid of being alone. That to me is a scary and sad reality.
Paul King (6 months ago)
No one cares.
Marty2310 (6 months ago)
Thanks Russell. I think any partnership will only ever work out long term happily; as long as BOTH of you individually grow and achieve your own goals. Being alone and happy really is for the emotionally guarded or tainted individuals sadly.
Da Vinci (6 months ago)
Anyone seen this guy, Jack O'Lantern https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMhAxbNjSFs&t=49s
Beth Bonnet (6 months ago)
Who Cares
Transpersonals (6 months ago)
Who the fuck are the beckhams and who cares. Turn off your TVs and phones and there is reality.
Wallace Pearse (6 months ago)
From cartoon pirate to messiah...nice look lol
Matthew Parrish (6 months ago)
Jesus examines the rough draft of "Bob's" masterpiece Alternate History Military Thriller being sent to Mark Collett: "Dad, is this something akin to the same kind of gift Agamemnon's men sent to Paris of Troy back in.... Way-the-thousand ever before-my-Initial-Birth?" Drinking more of some of the best coffee I've ever had: "Maybe, Lord...." "Uh-huh! I'm just a bit afraid of that, you know? ....And in the history of this made-up world, King Henry VIII chops Ann Bolenn's head off, just as he did in our Earth, only- the industry is on a vaster scale than it actually was, and so the English Civil War, because of agreements and alliances with various realms and nations jostling for power among the Royalist and Roundhead forces who start murdering each other in mainland Europe thanks to an earlier emergence of rail networks and radio communication allowing Diplomats and Industrial moguls to arrange for the mass-slaughter of their fellow brother human being brothers and sisters far more efficiently and conveniently than ever before?" "That's right." "And then.... Eight nonstop years of absolute CARNAGE between the English Empire and the Royalist Alliance, after trenchworks stretch.... Literally for MILES between Cardiff and Winchester, and various other places where the Irish have made their seaborne landings, and the blood of an entire male generation is pretty much drained on either side.... Japanese reinforcements arrive barely in time.... But accidentally make the horrible conditions in the trenches WORSE by introducing a MALARIA epidemic into the Divided Kingdoms?" "That's right, and Japs start dying as well- right along side of us Micks, because some lunatic has tricked them through Occult magical powers, that they still owe SOMETHING to the Master Race, you see?" ".....And, by the time August 1540 comes around, and the all-clear signal is given across the Irish/English artillery-shelled trenchworked countryside, we find out that none of those casualties amounted for ALL that much, strategically in the long run, because a second Magna Carta is signed into law, effectively ending the Civil War, along with- among other measures taken to ensure such a terrifying political disaster never happens again, that humiliating financial reparations are heaped onto the Irish economy, forcing even MORE Irish immigrants to come to America for financial survival, and the Queens of England, from then-on in that parallel Earth, become property of the House of Commons to ensure that yhe next King who'd like to behead his wife under a guillotine for whatever reason, needs at least, the People's Vote for it to be legal?" "That's right!" ".....You know the BIGGEST problem I have with this Alternate History idea of your's "Bob"? It just feels TOO RIDICULOUSLY REAL!" (Going through page after page of Alternate 16th century British history,) "WAY too real! ....It feels too much like I'm going over things which truely did happen! That's the biggest problem you havd with your scripts, here."
sszz130207 (6 months ago)
Totally agree with you Russell.
Creating a safe space for one another to Be accepted and loved for who they are, is Love....simple but not easy....I wish them the very best.
Susan Hughan (6 months ago)
Well said ! As usual
shari rood (6 months ago)
Well said. I agree and have been married 25 years.
Mark Bullock (6 months ago)
I have no respect for anyone that takes advantage of the law through a false sense of privellage by paying for dodgy lawyers. As for posh, my wife spent 4 years studying fashion and is a brilliant artist. Posh can't even draw stick men and she calls herself a designer. That's like calling yourself an Astronaught because you own a telescope.
Mark Bullock (6 months ago)
+culture cypher I'm not one that commits crimes of any kind with any form of wealth you fucking moron. I do quite well in my world without being a classless, brainless dick.
culture cypher (6 months ago)
why blame david beckam for that? blame tye justice system. i'm sure if you were a multimillionairre you'd get yourself a dodgy lawyer to avoid jail time. anyone would
Jason Conlon (6 months ago)
A true Paxman-esque beard now, Russell! "Grow it longer... tangle it into your armpit hair!"
Patrick Smith (6 months ago)
Absolute genius of a man
Edge Mastery (6 months ago)
All good and well, any person is a better partner when they are not worried about this phenomenon of lonliness. If you are really good on your own, you will be a better partner. The sad thing is that people do not actually have a desire to be healthy in relationships. Generally people are longing for the excitement that you talk about in the beginning of a relationship and later on when the oxytocine vanishes it is transformed into oxyto.......toxico.....toxicity to keep those endorphines going. The marriage contract is a notion of distrust and laziness on either side of a relationship if the union is anything more than a symbolic profession of love. A healthy relationship expresses itself always in the NOW and not as a safeguard for future unlonliness.
John Carpenter (6 months ago)
RB, while I detest the idea of the monarchy, I do have sympathy for the people in it. I don't even want to think about the pressure on Prince Harry and William and their wives. The pressure put on them to have children is insane. I am an American of Irish decent, not British. I knew a young lady in high school who was the daughter of a famous person. He died in a gruesome and famous manner while we were in high school. She had to hear about it in the news for days. She was good friends with two of my female friends (and I really mean they were just friends, I do not think my girlfriend would have tolerated more and that would have been bad for me). After the death of her father, she was sitting with my friends at a coffee shop that we all hung out at. By all, I mean the miscreants. The ladies invited me over to their table and I said something like, I am sorry for your loss and then changed the subject. She had heard enough on television about her dad and didn't need questions or comments from me, she needed to be treated like her, just another teenager. Harry and William never stop hearing about their mother or their step mother. They never cease hearing speculation about what happened. In our country, I have watched people talk about Chelsea Clinton's looks since she was a kid and now I have seen Rosie O'Donnell go after Baron Trump as possibly being autistic. My whole life I wanted to go into politics until I was doing well and was offered the chance. I thought, I don't think I can put my family through, the constant partisan observations and publicity. The fact that people have money or fame does not mean we should not have empathy for their pain or ignore their challenges. Envy should not blind empathy. Here is where I say something really weird. The monarchy teaches their young that they have a responsibility to their nation and that other wealthy people do too. The wealthy today do not raise their children to believe that. It may actually be good that the monarchy sets an example; but, what a price they pay in their personal lives. Just some thoughts.
Xavier Hunter (6 months ago)
A new interview with Morrissey is well overdue
Lynda Murray (6 months ago)
Check out a The New Chartists Movement uk
Matthew Parrish (6 months ago)
Nahh, Russel.... We need to keep trolling- keep acting weird in front of White Supremacists on the internet.... Do that extra shopping, send your kids to Dobbsland. Cuz' as W. Bush might say in a romantic Alternate History story of the English Civil War featuring WW1 technology: If we DON'T continue to bomb London, them Ethnostatists WIN!😬 [email protected]
Enat P (6 months ago)
dougheller (6 months ago)
Good stuff from Russell. Give him another few years and he’ll be voting conservative.
john koca (6 months ago)
You always see the truth... Great!!! Keep Breathing....
Serena Hussain (6 months ago)
I mean even if their marriage is on the rocks they won’t ever show it, they want to display the perfect family. They know the media lap up anything to do with their kids these days so they keep forcing that perfect family image forward at any given opportunity. I don’t know why we should care so much about their marriage.
sunflower (6 months ago)
I really don’t need to hear about the Beckhams. Russell, we miss your long podcast. Smart interviews and the like.... you’re awesome 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
Maddy (6 months ago)
Victoria Beckham looks really quite unhappy and joyless. There's no purpose to staying with anyone if you are miserable. That's just my opinion when I see her face she looks deeply sad.
What's The Frequency (6 months ago)
Good luck to all the couples out there!
Renaye Elder (6 months ago)
daniel ashley (6 months ago)
The Word is God because God is energy, the Word is a recording of energy that was designed by copying a sound wave made visible in order to be read, written and understood. Once the energy was made visible it gave the ability to study it, change it and control it. The understanding that it gave was the knowledge of God (the understanding of energy). With the knowledge of God, beings where given the ability to alter energy, transforming one state of energy to another, just like the sound wave you look at on paper and hear when its spoken out loud. God (energy) man made in his image. The energy of a being took the Word (energy of God) of a sound wave and created man. The energy put into the word "man" transformed a beast (living energy) into a living soul allowing it to have its own purpose in another state of being because the sound wave said it was so and man believed in the word because the word was God. So the beast was transformed to man like these very words where made visible on paper, even though its a sound wave and it can be read, written and understood in another state of being. God is the magic of energy.
Warning Signs (6 months ago)
John Reynolds (6 months ago)
So fucking what
K Dizzle (6 months ago)
I very recently had a revelation that love isn't a magical thing that we can't control. Instead, it's a choice that you make. At first, this honestly bummed me out, but the more I've thought about it, the more I find this truth to be even more romantic. Knowing your partner could leave you at any time and they're with you every day because they want to be, it's lovely. If they're still showing their attraction and sexual desires for you on top of it - as well as laughing at your jokes, gazing at you lovingly...well then that's even better! To choose someone every single day...I like it ;)
Summer Song 12321 (6 months ago)
Knowledge is power or *application* of knowledge is power? Relationship skills are not innate. Now the choice becomes do the work to acquire them or choose not to. Either way own it.
LokiV (6 months ago)
you look like Charles Manson without the swastika 😂 🤣
sarah jane (6 months ago)
There's actually nothing wrong with being alone. It's only our beliefs and thoughts about being single as something bad that creates feelings of loneliness.
M B (6 months ago)
Yeahhhh ,no I know their marriage is no where near perfect and how dear we demand it be. Here in the states we have something like a singles population at a little under 90% married people under that and divorce rate almost double both . I know it sounds hypocritical since I'm watching the vid.
elmonte5lim (6 months ago)
Why do we need the Beckhams?
Samuel Vouga (6 months ago)
demuzik (6 months ago)
Refreshing truth spoken here; thanks Russell, my man. An important thing to add (from someone married 9 years now) is that, fortunately, the euphoria and infatuation can (and often) return after going through difficult periods... and perhaps stronger and richer then when you first fell in love. So there's possibility of a unique relational 'reward' for pushing through and enduring the tough times.
David Jones (6 months ago)
"Why do we need the Beckhams" would be a more pertinent question.
And She Was (6 months ago)
Does anyone really care about the Beckhams? I mean does anyone really think of them everyday? I know I dont!
essenceofman (6 months ago)
I don’t understand why V and D are congratulated for a long marriage despite being under constant public scrutiny. Firstly, it’s their choice. Secondly, I can only imagine that their massive wealth can in fact buy them as much privacy as they want, if they really want it. How traumatic is it being whisked through the entire airport process, not mingling with plebs, being waited on and ushered into a spacious and private spot on an aircraft before being collected by a limousine at some far flung island to be taken to a private retreat that either I owned or belonged to some other filthy rich friend. They live in a bubble and feed off the publicity they seek out and can switch off as and when they want to. I am not saying their life is necessarily any easier than the average working couple, but I don’t see how they deserve any slaps on the back for ‘doing so well’ despite the ‘challenges’ of being insanely rich and famous.
um t (5 months ago)
Because statiscally rich and famous people struggle to stay married. Or just rich people in general. Largely because they don't have the lifestyle and financial and other day to day to concerns that sometimes keep a couple together and because they have more options that it seems most people in David Beckhams position of wealth or fame do take.
neil williams (6 months ago)
essenceofman absolutely well said, bunch of spoiled cunts
Brian McGlade (6 months ago)
This is merely an instance of the hypertiligenic bond of subcutaneous ions in paraplystic dimensions
Matthew Parrish (6 months ago)
Jesus looks doubtfully at "Bob:" "Mark Collett is LITERALLY Sir Oliver Cromwell, the Hammer of the Irish? "Bob," that IS pretty superstitious, even by your own rather homeless wandering standards of life! Do you really consider that a FAIR characterization?" Can you prove both souls are NOT one-in-the-same, Jesus? (Jesus glances skeptically at a painting of a smug English statesman in a hat and finery from the 16th century during the English Civil War, and a photo taken of Mark Collett this year.) "Well.... The smug self-convinced grin is certainly identical! -Look, I don't think bringing up the embarrassing horrors of England's past is really quite the best political move for us these days, "Bob," is it?" I betcha he's a Catholic Holocaust Denier, Lord.... I just BET you!😬 "It might not work as a proper mudsling, you know? Sir Oliver Cromwell? Henry VIII's pet pimp on a leash, really? Look, he's not LITERALLY, Sir Oliver Cromwell, alright? I'm LITERALLY Russel Brand, you are LITERALLY Matt Parrish, Heir to the Catholic Throne of Ireland.... That cat over there is LITERALLY Ann Frank alright? I know, because I have conversations with her telepathically, when I'm on drugs..... Tara McCarthy is LITERALLY a traitor to the Allied Cause of the UK, and.... You really are taking the Internet War far too seriously are you not, "Bob?"
Melinda Mahalo (6 months ago)
You may be pleased to know Russell, that the last time I took any notice, you only had one kid and a girlfriend. Alllllriiiiight, high five me :)
Chi Funk (6 months ago)
God I hate the stupidity of the egocentric twats like the Beckhams ffs I'd kill myself if I was like that in the head
dirty chopper (6 months ago)
My grandparents were together all their lives happily married. They were in love until the end
Cassandra Etc (6 months ago)
Secret sauce 😂
Emma Leadbetter (6 months ago)
I agree with whst you said here except the last bit..you don't need to be in a relationship to escape lonliness I am. happily single - i dont think marriage is for everyone x
Stacey Bing (6 months ago)
I didn't think that we needed the Beckhams to be perfect...I thought we all just liked them both 🤔
Paul Edwards Music (6 months ago)
'Why Do We Need The Beckhams To Be Perfect?' - We really don't. People are just nosy, and we're invested in celebrities lives in the same way we're invested in the gossip about our neighbours etc. The window into their lives is open, and we can't help but listen and look in.
Zoe 000 (6 months ago)
yea it must be difficult being trapped with that one person for all that time, ill be amazed if i ever get married. i think as long as i have a good connection with myself and try to follow my heart then it will be ok. and get out of the house now and again.
Mister M (6 months ago)
Don’t give a s...t about the Beckhams or any celebrity. I don’t need them, they need me.
RandomnessTube (6 months ago)
Essex couples usually just go down to Ann Summers.
Antony T (6 months ago)
Why do you need people to be hooked on drugs?
Laura Powers (6 months ago)
God bless you and your continuous talent for remaining insightful through all the temptations. So glad you have chosen to continue to offer all your gifts and hope the rewards are ever himbly fulfilling.
Randy Thibeault (6 months ago)
" The end of humanity will not be the death if the last human."
Chewy1yum2yum (6 months ago)
I thought the phrase was secret sauce. Surely I’m wrong Cus Russell is an encyclopaedia
thoughtlesskills (6 months ago)
"We"? I think you mean very stupid people.
Fufubunny Iz100 (6 months ago)
Their faces are uncanny valley af.
jasony7 (6 months ago)
that Lisa wilkinson is an absolute virus so im not surprises shes trying to ruin their lives. she probably says he abuses her too
grimble (6 months ago)
Because people demand demand demand. Ordinary people is the biggest aholes of all.
Chad Reffner (6 months ago)
Go drink some zima
David Gately (6 months ago)
I never tire of RB. I feel smarter every time I listen to him. TY Russell. And two kids now. Congrats.
Daza do (6 months ago)
We need no celebrity no false idol and no wanker would only ever kick a bollock around. We need a revolution a hanging of all these vermin.
Laz Arus (6 months ago)
Who are the Beckhams??.
AlanPHarrison (6 months ago)
Wait, does Russ have two kids now?
brainsareus (6 months ago)
Too many people don't even try to see Celebs as humans.
kelv 1979 (6 months ago)
@Russell Brand, wtf makes you think people care what you have to say ? You're a shill and a fake, fuck off and leave the people be.
brainsareus (6 months ago)
You disturbed sad ugly fart. he's just talking about humans, whch I assume you are not.

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