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Kim Brown (13 days ago)
Old Dawn (2 months ago)
dont mess with remy ok. remy is the real deal. u cant beat her in nothing.......fighting nor rapping. u should not respond
Sheila White (2 months ago)
Remy 🔥🔥🔥
Kevin Gonzalez (4 months ago)
React to Lil’ Kim - “Nasty One” video 👑🐝🎶
Kali Fornia (5 months ago)
Vh1 watch this u just got bodied by a love and hip hop bitch.........Murderrrrrrrr
tyshawna deward (9 months ago)
Nicki is a dummy how tf she gonna start beef with a battle rapper Remy bodied her for 7 mins she put her 6 feet under r.I.p st. nick ahahahaha
DAM YOUR PRETTY (9 months ago)
Logan Sanders (9 months ago)
most of the shit in this a lie
Fitzroy Muhammad (3 months ago)
R u DUMB..
DHPBRS AZ (1 year ago)
Maybe Nicki forgot Remy is one of the original female battle MC's
Inside Media Dot Com (1 year ago)
Do a reaction to Remy Ma & Lil Kim song Wake Me Up is so 🔥🔥🔥 https://youtu.be/pOEzjT-SED0
Vfujxdy Hfr (1 year ago)
Just like Pac fucked Biggies soul up with hit em up Remy fucked Nickis soul up ✊🏿
M J (1 year ago)
Every persons reaction when the ebro part comes up lmao 😂
Yens B4NE1 (1 year ago)
my favorite line was when she said "How you on the VMAs acting like you hood, way across the stage talking about "miley wussss good!!??" that's Hanna Montana she was always happy " lmao I died my ghost came to write this comment. Like I seriously thought I was the only person who thought that shit was not hard that dumb shit was like high school super senior trying to beat up an 8th grader. So fucking dumb. good shit #RemyMafia your reaction was mine! I was like "yoooooo omg wtf"
Monee Love (1 year ago)
the Remy Ma diss track has been brought to you by the letter L for Nicki Minaj
Monee Love (1 year ago)
no, the Capitol L
Duece Momm (1 year ago)
Queen 👑 Remyyyy 💕💕 This diss crushed my soul 👻
Delmira Brueggemann (1 year ago)
Audrey Gilbert (1 year ago)
Real Bars are back thank God.
Martavian James (1 year ago)
Nicki can t fuck with it because she scard lil wayne n drake are fuckin bitches and dick suckers. if nicki had a dick that bitch is a man
Michelle Watson (1 year ago)
BeenOn TopDraftPick (1 year ago)
Everything Nicki ever said towards or about Kim, is slowly happening to her. It's all karma.
Cam G. (5 months ago)
Still revelant MORE today in 2018
tyshawna deward (9 months ago)
sonia polycarpe (1 year ago)
#Team Remy ma 👑
Justin Fletcher (1 year ago)
Remy ma wins
S M (1 year ago)
you filmed this in vertical!! are you dumb?
Deanna Johnson (1 year ago)
Got Damm Remy ! whoaaa Game OVER!!!!
Rona Love (1 year ago)
That's Hip Hop sweetie! You already know!
Taneka Bellamy (1 year ago)
But Nicki stayed comin at iggy, mariah, miley, lil kim, Taylor Swift etc..smdh punk bitch when it came down to Remy Ma!!!!you quiet!!!! Rip!!!
Mrs2U (1 year ago)
We call that Jehlani get it? Semen in his pants! Yuck cause that's how her brother got caught for that child rape stuff! His semen was in the 14 year old girls pants! Smh
Joanna Villalongo (1 year ago)
Tracey Mcknight and Jelani is Nicki's brother's name
Randy Bagley (1 year ago)
12 year old, not 14. That shit was hard and fire! But when she said, "Usually, I have sympathy for the impaired, but not when you hard of hearing from untreated gonorrhea" That line was a shot at Foxxy Brown as apparently, Nickii was sitting up talking shit about Remy to her. Anyone who knows Remy, knows Foxxy is like shit in her eyes!
Ribea Watson (1 year ago)
Remy killed Nicki ass lol
Remy Ma got that bitch it's about time, karma is a bitch
09319531 UCD (1 year ago)
i swear this track just keeps on giving, everytime you listen there's a revelation...
Ray Iamlistening (1 year ago)
remy,"Wait a minute "featuring phresher Nikki 3-0
Valerie Naylor (1 year ago)
love it
thedarkestdawn1 (1 year ago)
*sniff* *sniff* you smell that? I think I smell silicone burning!
Squashedbanana Queen (10 months ago)
😂 😂 😂😂😂🔥🔥
Aaron Anderson (1 year ago)
thedarkestdawn1 😂😂😂😂😂 this comment is so savage it should be reported #dead
Terryana Scott (1 year ago)
thedarkestdawn1 The petty award goes to.....
Nneezz Sweet (1 year ago)
Remy killed Nicki Manaj in this life and the next lifetime lmao
liz rosa (1 year ago)
lmao rite
Daniel Blanton (1 year ago)
this shit wack ass fuck Remy garbage ass fuck she can't fuck with Nicki
Randy Bagley (1 year ago)
bitch you whack - nicki ain't shit and she bodied the fuck out of her on this track. She spit straight fire for 7 mins, pure facts, real rap and no hooks - she wen ham on that plastic, fake and dumb ass bitch - she literally is dumb
Monet W (1 year ago)
Well Nicki replied and it was GARBAGE
Daniel Blanton (1 year ago)
i been to prison 6 times this kinda shit ain't nothing to me Im Triple OG & I said what I feel & I wasn't looking for no feed back u ain't gotta like it but u will respect it that's if u a Real Nigga
Daniel Blanton (1 year ago)
Little Nigga Im straight outta Da Streets in fact the Streets of Chicago aka Chi-Town aka Chiraq & I lived that life I been to Prison times little Nigga so why in the fuck will I call any mother fucking body parole office Nigga I dont fuck with the police at all u motherfucker gotta watch the shit u talking when it comes to a Real Gangsta Ass Street Nigga so I'll say it again Remy wick ass fuck & Nicki will murder her & that's how I feel & fuck how u feel about it little Nigga
johnni davis (1 year ago)
Black Pudding (1 year ago)
Alice Hildwein (1 year ago)
Black Pudding lol
Donald Simpson Jr. (1 year ago)
she got on Manaj ass lmao I can't take it oh my looooord
Kim Erik Johannessen (1 year ago)
Rip barbie
Scotch Bonnet (1 year ago)
she on biggie shit... we fire up damn rem
lee dixon (1 year ago)
Nikki gotta respond with that 2pac hit em up, by Monday. You better get it up there Nikki. "Messy Monday" 2pac hit em up beat give her the business or take the L.
mdgraves02 (1 year ago)
lee dixon Word on the street Remy got another track dropping Monday Childs Play or something like that
mdgraves02 (1 year ago)
lee dixon Word on the streer Remy got another track dropping Monday Childs Play or something like that
Mimi 5star (1 year ago)
I swear Nikki knew better Remy MA is hands-down the truth
liz rosa (1 year ago)
career suicide smh
Try-One VH#22 (1 year ago)
Remy is da truth!! point blank!!
liz rosa (1 year ago)
since day one-Nicki should have known better lol
Milo Jackson (1 year ago)
4t comment
Don Derb Jr (1 year ago)
perfect beat Naz went haywire on that shit too.....
Karisma Grier (1 year ago)
Remy Ma Wins!!!! FATALITY!!!! 😂🔥💯
Martavian James (1 year ago)
Lol mortal Kombat Remy wins
Monee Love (1 year ago)
Martavian James (1 year ago)
nicki manaj loses I knew she was goin 2 lose

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