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Text Comments (2026)
Dany Mancino (1 day ago)
4:53 what
Vedran Dretvic (1 day ago)
Brandon Jones (3 days ago)
This man has crazy dandruff he needs some head and shoulders 5:49
joshua solis (3 days ago)
Barber in the Philippines fuck with your hair really bad.
joshua solis (3 days ago)
Barber in the Philippines fuck with your hair really bad.
Zion543 Z (3 days ago)
What is the song at 1:25
Swaggie 250 (3 days ago)
Why they shaving a babies face
Poke Sick (3 days ago)
Stop 🛑 ur doing an oparashing
Kim Namjoon (4 days ago)
Mr.wrinkles (5 days ago)
“Best men haircuts” lol dude these are teen hype beast hair cuts lol
Dark Lord (5 days ago)
Mind scrolling down my channel ?
jose sanchez (5 days ago)
These are fresh!! 💯💯💯🤩❤️
CJ Wallace (6 days ago)
6:20 looks like a madness.💦
Isai Ruiz (6 days ago)
What's the name of the son from the second hair cut plzzzz I wanna know
Dylan Tauscheck (6 days ago)
1:59 when u mixed half white and black
Craig Provan (6 days ago)
10:00 I know that song but I can't remember what it was called
Kelsi Romero (6 days ago)
It's an ncs release called fade or faded
I could tell the 2nd person is gay
Morgan treeman (6 days ago)
I can tell you’re gay because of ur name
YouTube- Dreamm (6 days ago)
M.i.d dgamer (6 days ago)
The second guy was crazy
Fergim Fezulla (6 days ago)
what you mama
KaptajnGuardian (6 days ago)
Random guy get new hair Goes out and Them he is 200$ poorer HOW!?
R1s3- Fire344544 (6 days ago)
2:33 Dudes Hair Look Like My art teacher paint brushes 😂
James Billy (6 days ago)
I Am Going To Tell You Who The Best Person In The World Is! (Read the first 2 words)
Thijs Hopman (7 days ago)
4:58 😂😂😂😂
Farrel Fadhilah (7 days ago)
Your face like Paul Walker
Қазақтар барма👋
Muslimahon Bahromova (7 days ago)
christopher thibert (7 days ago)
Did anyone else wonder why he is shaving the baby?😐
Parakeet Dude Vlogs (7 days ago)
Who else wants to open/found a barber shop. If so turn the like button blue
Traforz (7 days ago)
6 :11 An act of Moses.
James Broom (7 days ago)
What is the music starting from 0:10 ?
the co3l chop3er (7 days ago)
The 1rst one is Adam waheet
Neard sch001 (7 days ago)
I freaked out when Alan Walker played
Neard sch001 (7 days ago)
With the first guy I got scared
Jesus Chamamkese (7 days ago)
Do people pay good money
decay yhavi (7 days ago)
Puertoricans r the best
arman syah (7 days ago)
Sayamau cukur di situ
Asymawi mahadi (7 days ago)
Adam waheed❤❤❤
II BLACK BOY (7 days ago)
kedar singh (8 days ago)
Sagar Rana (8 days ago)
The second hairstyle looks awesome.
Kripa kripa (8 days ago)
And there is shower😂😂
didakus _ (8 days ago)
6:59 song ?
vivek kr (8 days ago)
In india very less skilled barber my hair is curly and i cant style my hair perfectly
Mosammat Izdani (8 days ago)
Hot head Zy (8 days ago)
I like that
Darryl Ray (8 days ago)
6:16 when u beating your meat and the person u beating ya meat to walks in
Aarr_21 saad (8 days ago)
ماش ياذا الجيل التالي
Zara Zara (8 days ago)
Umm ngnhnng. Jon hi
Sushan Gurung (8 days ago)
The flat top one just take a bath and look what happen to your costly flat top hair 😂😂😂😂😂
Gökcen Coban (3 days ago)
Ich meins ernst du bist so schlecht hören mit YouTube auf wallah
Jaya Crom (8 days ago)
2:28 is pogba
Russian Scream (8 days ago)
5:17 Малый повзрослел
Shin Eastwood (9 days ago)
1:53 Lunox Nigga Version
Bethel Mamre (9 days ago)
Why is that little boy wereing aftershave 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
XxELiTExX2 (9 days ago)
5:07 why tf are you shaving a babies face
2 um (9 days ago)
leticia gomez (9 days ago)
MT programado esses vídeos puta que pariu
leticia gomez Dahora
Bluekid 71011 (9 days ago)
5:50 was soo satisfying
Swaggie 250 (3 days ago)
Are you satan
Spongebob Indonesia (9 days ago)
Who Curly hair🖐️
Mama Mia (10 days ago)
Fuck this barber
Gilg fortnite (10 days ago)
4:55 is, a kid, really, going to get shaved?
Faten Sakly (10 days ago)
الي عربي لايك
_ Julian _ (10 days ago)
8:20 =Best *MAN* haircuts, OK Guys. 😆
Adnan Yussuf (11 days ago)
the lil kid probs has more facial hair than i do rn
muhammed emir (11 days ago)
ı love you
Linda Alsén Seirup (11 days ago)
Linh Dương (11 days ago)
Dre Rollins Jr (11 days ago)
That. Is Amazing
Arras MasterX (11 days ago)
So satisfying when I look
ari st (12 days ago)
6:20 his edges doe
Ivan Perez Hernandez (12 days ago)
Que bwcan
Team Lollipox (12 days ago)
Moh ld (12 days ago)
2:29 when u realize school is tomorrow
Cris Capurro (10 hours ago)
Nate -_- X faggot
no (4 days ago)
@Waleed Mansoor you didn't put a comma after "no hate"
Waleed Mansoor (4 days ago)
Gavin Williams comma is needed, no hate but it’s needed
no (4 days ago)
@Nate -_- X when you realize that "realise" is incorrect.
Brian Magee (6 days ago)
Nate-_-X who cares
Yosgart Alvarez (12 days ago)
When fake fans try to be like x
M. Ananda Tw. (12 days ago)
Orang indo likenya mana dong😁😁😁
فهد فهد (12 days ago)
هاي بالعراق الحلاقه غير لوو بالعراق هاي
riolito dineros (13 days ago)
0:54 that guys look like a barbie
Kasey Igl_101 (13 days ago)
The guy in the vid where the man has black hair on one side and yellow on the other we are cuz
Almir Marques (14 days ago)
cut a lot of hand
Jutisu Lover (14 days ago)
Joe Scanlan (14 days ago)
You know you bout to receive a fresh trim when the barber got gloves and apron on
Emil melih (14 days ago)
06:14 omg pls
Ernes Shala (14 days ago)
So good ❤
beni TheAbazFamily (15 days ago)
Leon Wendt (15 days ago)
Diesen Kampf wo diese zweite Typ hatte habe ich auch
Dan K. Meme (15 days ago)
beginning went mad weird mad fast
Amo a ese men
Keelzeys Movies (15 days ago)
5:18 lol 3 yr old gotta beard that’s so cute
Dorothy Bledsoe (9 days ago)
Chi go guy go go chi
Alpacino Corleone (16 days ago)
Some body Arizona Lizard🙂
Şükran Çağlayan (17 days ago)
5.20 very cute
Shuniya Boo (17 days ago)
4:58 pray the kid/baby don't get cut
B Kelyse (17 days ago)
The first guy was "if u don't mind " 😂
ツRandom_helmoten (9 days ago)
But it still has the tag
rato do fut (17 days ago)
Brasil {°_°}
Thays Oliveira (17 days ago)
5:10 o menino nem tem barba
jaz myne (17 days ago)
Thays Oliveira jura ? Pô eu pensava
Gurpreet Singh Momi (18 days ago)
Angxl GH (18 days ago)
5:20 WTF
Jelly Baxter (18 days ago)
So cool

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