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Ep. 18 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSp1Ft4XyLY https://h2odelirious.com/ Social Links! Twitter: https://twitter.com/H2ODelirious Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officially_delirious Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1wjyGOd Old Merch! Shop 1 - http://dbh.la/delirious Shop 2 - http://h2odelirious.spreadshirt.com Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos! https://www.youtube.com/user/MrTOOCHIEF https://twitter.com/SPACEMANCHAOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-spaceman-chaos/id904688257 #Delirious #RDR2 #Act3
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Text Comments (933)
H2ODelirious (13 days ago)
Ep. 18 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSp1Ft4XyLY
Eclipse _Crusher (8 days ago)
That was the guy u accidrntally killed with ur horse XD
Eclipse _Crusher (8 days ago)
Salim Mustafa (10 days ago)
Good videi
Tim Wever (11 days ago)
hey h2o. at 59:31 they speak abaut braithwaites daughter and nobody seen her in years... go back to the braithwaites place... to the lil hunt you fisit penelope the first time. the lake in your back go right... there is a small forest. in that forst you will find a lil wc... go close and discover the dark braithwaites secret!!!
Their daughter the Braithwaite is crazy and locked up in an out house
BATTLESKULL 96 (5 hours ago)
Delirious why did you not go to that burn house that might be the serial killer basement that video that I found in youtube
Ben Howard (19 hours ago)
how does he only have 500 dollars in the beginning of the video?
Aarish Muhammad (23 hours ago)
The tip to know if any man is gonna steal your horse: he says 'just in time sir'
Black Jack (1 day ago)
lol, the last word of this video.
Yuri Alves (1 day ago)
So... Delirious sucked the black mamba... heheehe
CrazyEkco 76 (1 day ago)
35:26 horse-1 H20Delirious-0
Nicholas Jusino (1 day ago)
At 26:20 I think he was flexing
Yfhdbdn Usbchd (1 day ago)
Sucking the venom out is a myth, not for the game but for real life
Rhys Dobson (1 day ago)
Plays rock music in 1896
Ilario King (2 days ago)
As an ohioan i understand😂
Casper Xk (3 days ago)
We they hit that tree I was dead 😂😂😂😂
Brandon Amador (3 days ago)
I miss one week from watching this and now there are 30 episodes, I know what I'm doing during thanksgiving
Aldrix Ligasan (3 days ago)
Cullen McLeod (4 days ago)
“Why you gotta be so COMPICLATED beh beh
Joshua wesbroom (4 days ago)
Delerious dealing with racists and womans suffrage makes me happy
Jason X24 (4 days ago)
22:23 Arthur Doing The KOBE
Caleb Parrett (4 days ago)
you look like the red lone ranger
Bailz Quinn (4 days ago)
I’m almost 12 and I still sleep with teddy bears but I’m just trying to keep the teddy bear species alive for the DELIRIOUS ARMY! 🐻💙💙💙🐻🤗
Andrew Dirks (5 days ago)
H2O delirious mail man in the day robber by night
V1RuS L1nxXx (5 days ago)
33:36 delirious its just a game
Marc Yee (5 days ago)
H20 can you go live streaming
Brenden LaDeau (6 days ago)
the kkk people just watch them its a surprize
K'hari Lancelin (6 days ago)
I like how he kills someone for robbing them while they’re dead then kills the dude and robs him😂
YaBoi Blackhole (6 days ago)
Ah yes the Romeo and Juliet Cliché
Somalia Marine (6 days ago)
That was some mission impossible shit right there
GTA5gamer (6 days ago)
I didn’t sneak right beside the house I rode my horse around the property and no one saw me Lol
Fortnite Dance Moves (6 days ago)
Imagine you take lenny on a mission and the rasist stop u
Sam Eggerling (7 days ago)
The greys and that other family remind me of Romeo and Juliet
Solid Snake (7 days ago)
Ouch train, rock,fence ,tree another tree, bridge, wagon, rock, tree , rock then rock again, telegraph pole, tree.
Kaiser Lott (7 days ago)
Instead of your small game arrows you could also use the varmint rifle.
William Agner (7 days ago)
hackers and mcCoys all over again
Enzo Calle (7 days ago)
Why does delirious have only 500 bucks. In the last episode he got like 3000
weapon_X (7 days ago)
1:06:07 "don't even care" one sec later "what was that"
Kr4v3 (7 days ago)
17:53 I remember when delirious ran him over
Sakonema (7 days ago)
Can you not blame the horse? Just the same you can blame your car for driving in to people or buildings.
RadBoy K (7 days ago)
I’m not tryna tell you how to play the game or anything but aye delirious. WEAR YOUR MASK BUDDY😤😤
Somalia Marine (8 days ago)
So Arthur likes suckin people
Vean Studio (8 days ago)
36:30 classic horselirious
Anthony Shelton (8 days ago)
Hey hey Cleveland Ohio is pretty alright you hoochie lady
ItsJustDan (8 days ago)
35:44 who was that saying hey it spooked Arther
Jerry frd (8 days ago)
1:44 horselerius what happened to you hair????
Dr_Blitzkrieg (8 days ago)
I just beat the game today. And now I wanna go into a corner and cry for the rest of the year.
H20 Gaming (8 days ago)
45:21 game of thrones soundtrack ????
Evil Devil (9 days ago)
Dalerious play infamous second son I promise you will love it promise love H20 delirious
Pavle Kralj (9 days ago)
Noo why did you killed them the cross whud fall on them
adlei deleon (9 days ago)
🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕-Im sorry
assasinscreed45 (9 days ago)
Don’t kill the KKK, they kill themselves in a funny way
Francis Sedo (9 days ago)
47:58 now i know why ohio is where pauls exists some poor great grandfathers and grandmothers of them must be shipped to ohio
Adam Richey (9 days ago)
1:05:00 that looks like the house from open sesson
Adam Richey (9 days ago)
26:20 fu...sion...HA 😆
Sakonema (9 days ago)
4:31 He pushed 2 horses with 1 hand. Strenght.
Jeffory007 (9 days ago)
i cant stand watching delirious being the good guy, it just doesn't suit him
David Phares (9 days ago)
penelope braithwaite how dare you make fun of my home state
Roscoe Coltrane (9 days ago)
Not to be weird or anything but if no one taught you that racism is wrong then odds are you would never think anything of it...such was the case in those times. Ignorance is still ignorance....no matter how much dynamite you throw at it.
Yogi Gacita (10 days ago)
What's so bad about ohio
NinetailfoxG (10 days ago)
36:28 That cinematic fall
Nathan Karns (10 days ago)
I like how the greys have so much land, but yet one of their sons are broke AF
_ LowcusTheYellowGuy_ (10 days ago)
50:07 that blaa blii Hilarious delirious
Tomas (10 days ago)
Wtf 18:29 so wrong hahaha
Theodore Eaton (10 days ago)
Anyone else hear what that guy called beau
Robert Vunderink (10 days ago)
Ohio is not that bad dang
Theodore Eaton (10 days ago)
The ledger listed slaves he had returned to their owners also I’m not agreeing with anything Slave owners did I am highly against it
Theodore Eaton (10 days ago)
Slave owners usually had bigger estates and lots of land for growing cotton or other items his house wasn’t that big and wasn’t as grand
Theodore Eaton (10 days ago)
So I’m guessing jerimaiah was a slave catcher
James Cargill (10 days ago)
I'll I'll I'll I'll end I'll end it for you haha love you delirious
thomas higgins (10 days ago)
there needs to be a horselirous crash compilation at the end of this series or ill have to make it myself haha
Doug Blankenship (10 days ago)
ohio isn't that bad I LIVE IN OHIO AND I AM AFENDED
Phonz_X (10 days ago)
Noooo you killed the time travelers
Kenneth Dela Cruz (11 days ago)
Now we really need the Horselirious Epic Fails Compilation now XD
lau family (11 days ago)
I think you can climb through the window to get upstairs and you will find a creepy surprise, well I think that's the house
Zoey M (11 days ago)
I love how Cartoonz and Nogla always get online when he's playing :0)
Shawna Pietens (11 days ago)
he pad them
BaddestPuppet69 X (11 days ago)
I’m down for fist fights with dummies
BaddestPuppet69 X (11 days ago)
3rd cousin to keep the money
Richard (11 days ago)
Delirious! Sometimes waiting to attack with those stranger meetings, like the KKK, ends up with really fun results!
Guild Inkwell (11 days ago)
It's not an episode until delirious eat shit on horselirious
Gabriel Villarreal (11 days ago)
Don’t offer people rides unless you just saved there live
Ty Warden (11 days ago)
Lmao I live in Ohio it’s hell 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
red panba rpg (11 days ago)
He lasted 36 minutes till he crashed longest he lasted was a lil over an hour lol Edated he crashed at 50 minutes again
Matt Nimesheim (11 days ago)
The Varmint rifle is used for small animals and doesn't destroy the pelts
William estey (11 days ago)
good deed Delirious at work 34:09
MYLO SCHLECHT (11 days ago)
He did say that they took his whole career xD
jayy soup (11 days ago)
What is this game anymore lol
supreme buttertop (11 days ago)
"you thought I was gonna let you live,you fuccin thought so" lost my whole mind💀💀
AerialAce XYZgaming (11 days ago)
50:07 complcicated
chris hellon (11 days ago)
Delirious can't ride a horse for shit, horselirious gets all the blame some how haha
Steven Thibodeaux (12 days ago)
the last house had a basement. the door was on the floor in front of the last room you searched in.. did anyone else see that trap looking door?
ayuub ahmed (12 days ago)
What’s wrong with Ohio
Bryan Naranjo (12 days ago)
42:59 is like Romeo or Juliet shit
Owen Slutz #19 (12 days ago)
Every time I Get Near Finishing My Binge, I See 2 More Post POP Up.
Hope (12 days ago)
that was the best horse throw :')
Jim (12 days ago)
"they'll send me to someplace awful like, Ohio" *[offended in Ohioan]*
Isaiah fouty (12 days ago)
What's wrong with ohio?!?
IceCube Kidz (12 days ago)
Danky The Turtle (12 days ago)
Use ur other masks in the bandana category
EPICSKILLZ ! (12 days ago)
You can actually save someone's life by sucking the venom. As Long as you don't have any cuts or wounds in your mouth you should be fine.
Dylan Rose (12 days ago)
I like how he’s talking ab the letter to pa, “this will never reach pa now” when the guy was the dad that received it. 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Dalton Smith (12 days ago)
What the fuck is wrong with Ohio
Orange Juice (12 days ago)
I’m from Ohio and find this very offensive

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