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Fiya Skwad (Young Inferno & One Piece Free Verse)

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I decided to take to youth under my wing and mentor them through the art of hip hop. I got them spittin a verse to promote the 2016 Y.o.u.th Summit! Hope to see you at the concert! If you have youth with a talent, sign them up to perform. portlandyouthsummit.org Check out all our respected orgs and collectives i am involved with down there. rlmentertainment.com http://www.kboo.org/ http://otfpdx.org http://hiphopcaravan.net/2014/ http://www.upandovertour.com/ http://metroeast.org/
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Text Comments (4)
Nigga Fagg (2 years ago)
nigga ain't one piece an anime or sum. gay rapper name. y'all like 6 , sad
Arjuna Gautama (3 years ago)
Dope dude! Love that you are helping these young stars shine!
Phoenix (3 years ago)
Dymond queen (2 years ago)
Phoenix. agree 100 percent

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