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Is It Your Fault You're Poor? Russell Brand The Trews (E152)

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Russell Brand The Trews (E152). Reaction to a Fox News segment on poverty in the US and UK, and the common argument that welfare displaces work. Subscribe Here Now: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg and send links to video news items of topical stories that you'd like me to analyse.
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Mario Hernandez Woc (14 days ago)
Hello Russell! As the time of me writing this your net worth is estimated to be $15million. Me, as someone born in favorable conditions, to a "rich" father who, he himself was abandoned at 12, and was below the line of poverty in Guatemala for half his life, feel terribly bad. I am considered rich in Guatemala but adding what my father left me plus my own earnings I still amount for less than 10% your net worth. I think I get your argument, it is ultra rich, politicly involved, people who manipulates government in a way that creates structural obstacles for low income people, but the way you say "it's rich people fault" make me feel not only compelled to defend myself from poor people but also I think makes people hate me without me having actively tried to benefit at the expense of anyone else. Anyway, as someone in a favorable condition I always try to employ people who I believe have great potential but did not have great social conditions when born and that makes me happy. Thing is I can always employ one or two underperforming persons to help get thru a hard time but there is so many people I can do that with before I go bankrupt. How can "rich" emphatic people help?
L P (15 days ago)
I am poor, but if I score with Katy.....I wont care one single bit.
moonlily1 (15 days ago)
Sometimes it is; naturally sometimes people can make bad financial decisions and sure, some people are just lazy and just don't work, but most poor people DO work. The system does not allow mobility, and the middle class buying power is becoming less and less, such that more people who are educated and have job skills are becoming increasingly poorer because wages are stagnant, education is cost prohibitive, and living costs keep going up and up. There are jobs out there and we have almost full employment, but full time jobs with benefits that pay a living wage are increasingly hard to find even for skilled and educated people. Not to mention that student loan debt almost completely cancels out any financial benefit of having a degree in the first place unless you're in an extremely high status job or you're extraordinarily talented. Not everyone can be an architect and nobody can be held to blame for not possessing rarified talents.  And no, welfare benefits are NOT in any way generous.
Ladybugsong101 (19 days ago)
I was looking through these videos ..it’s closing in on the full moon..I feel all this anger..and there are people waiting in line in 30 degree weather for cheap electronics..I have beat the caffeine addiction that I’ve had for years of 2 shift working..but i want to add that this year alone I literally was scammed (intentionally mislead) into taking out thousands of dollars in student loans..my sons doct retires and the new doct charges 5000 dollars an appt we have been going weekly for months before we figured that out..and I got a 10 percent pay cut..how many shifts to do you pick up to cover that? You don’t ..i know if I had a tarot card reading before this i would have been more prepared..but at what point do you just say fuck it..and am I privileged even in that? I am starting my new online home based business sign up now..am I privileged even in that?
George B. Wolffsohn (22 days ago)
Are there no prisons ? Are there no workhouses ?
Troy Walker (27 days ago)
who limits jobs and wages? the rich. the rich create poverty/the poor. plain as fuckin day
Troy Walker (27 days ago)
the rich claim to be the most independent while being the most dependent upon their supposed enemy, "the government". btw, ubi × direct democracy are the solutions
Troy Walker (27 days ago)
america has suppressed wages and removed jobs for decades while reducing the social safety nets. employment is a giant game of musical chairs. poor people arent removing the chairs. 😑
Troy Walker (27 days ago)
meanwhile the rich are given trillions on the backs of future taxpayers. 🙄
Troy Walker (27 days ago)
varney is such a douchebag.
Todd Roy (1 month ago)
Aweome stuff Russell..I needed that laugh
Suzanne Blaylock (1 month ago)
That's right Russell, it's the fault of the Rich. Shame on them all.
Alex Nunez (1 month ago)
Believe-in-you 12134 (1 month ago)
what piss. I have 3 flipping degrees, and I'm working for minimum wage as a bartender. I don't even drink, and I despise the scene hence collage, and on the job training.. All while raising kids on my own. I worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs, and still qualified for help.. Hmmm let's see. maybe earnings should be a prevailing wage where you can actually support yourself. I'm only responsible for myself, and minimum wage will still not cover just me..
Jason Crump (1 month ago)
Russell your brilliant and funny . Lol
Dragostea Din Tei (2 months ago)
Damn. Even on this channel comments are toxic as fuck(
Christine Tilton (2 months ago)
Welfare is a necessity but it shouldn’t be a way of life. Perhaps programs to train and help people get work could be implemented. I also believe that churches need to do more in their particular communities. Help people with housing and job skill training.
Adriana Pusztai (2 months ago)
I like you Russell; you speak the truth.
Art Circus (2 months ago)
Throw up some subtitles!
Amy Jones (2 months ago)
When you're right you're right on
TJ Tampa (2 months ago)
Right on Russell. So glad you know it and say it.
Tim O'donnell (2 months ago)
This is my kind of news! Haven't watched news for a long time
Wayne Power (2 months ago)
Said by.rich smackhead who acks poor to get rich .freak
Beth Clay (2 months ago)
Francesco Albanese (2 months ago)
I would really like to kick these bastards in the ass all around there stupid world!!!
Ophelia Bawles (2 months ago)
"Sounds harsh but it's better than keeping them in a guided cage", made me realise that the rescued rabbits l got from Animal Welfare League are welfare recipients living a cushy life at my hard-working expense, and keeping them in a warm safe place "is stopping them from fighting their way up the food chain through their own individual drive and effort". Sure, l might have a few more resources to manage life in a large city than my bunnies, but l lovingly said my good-byes, and left them in an alley with some stray dogs to fight their way up through the food chain. Sounds harsh but it's better than keeping them in a guilded cage.
unity2 (2 months ago)
Perfection brv🙏
james higgon (2 months ago)
I ask you not 'would you rather be rich or poor?' but 'would you rather work or not work?'. People will happily take a bit less and do nothing for it, than take only a little more but have to get up out of bed in the morning and bother to go to work. You're a decent guy but seem to deny the fact that lots of people are lazy and simply don't want to work.
Elmi Nortier (2 months ago)
A loaf of hatred!!!!💀I died
william sharpe (2 months ago)
Lol I love Russell’s o’reilly voice
SNYC NICESLA (2 months ago)
Love this Russel
Cierra Baker (2 months ago)
It starts with the addictive food. Which highjacks human vibration. Then it’s all down hill from there. Induce the cycle of years of seeing your family broke and broken. But it’s my fault. Because I want this 😂 these fools. America used to be the WORST!
Cierra Baker (2 months ago)
Hahahahahahahaha. I love you so much 😭✨💕❤️😜
Jeremy Pickard (2 months ago)
Without job creation none of the other shit matters
Austin Klein (2 months ago)
In America you have five years for cash benefits. Five years ONLY. And the money may be enough for rent and electric. There's no extra for booze.And it doesn't matter if you have more kids the five years is the limit. This changed in 1993. $4O,000 dollars in benefits where?Food stamps is based on your gross income. If you can get section 8 housing with the waiting list you'd be lucky. I love how the rich for so out touch and do not even know the policies of Welfare.
Willow Tree Center (2 months ago)
At 5:23 I am doubling over with laughter.
ann brewer (2 months ago)
It's a trap! It's a trap! Stuart Varney is a douchebag. Oh God, Russell, this is funny, love the way u interpret these 2 cornballs. I just woke up, and i'm cracking up soo hard right now. Well look who is not on Fox any more, O rielly. These 2 jerks r nothing but fat cats ,they remind me of the 2 old guys on the muppets movie, u know, the 2 old rich men puppets that sit in the opera balconey making fun of other puppets.
Judyandthedreams (2 months ago)
"if hard work and determination were the source of richness and wealth every African woman would be milionarie"
tupak choprah (2 months ago)
I had 2 jobs and was still unable to afford housing, food, transportation, and education.
tupak choprah (2 months ago)
I lived in a shelter and worked myself into having stroke symptoms and never got it checked out bc I couldn't afford medical visits.
SassyL62 (2 months ago)
fuking love you lmao
Renee Dennis (2 months ago)
If you use the word love in place of poverty/poor things would change, the words are ideas and can be changed. Devil's advocate the people on assistance have a natural intelligence that will not allow them to buy into a system that destroys the Earth so we have to provide them with homes money and food because of how we want to live. The idea that being on assistance is negative and that you're lazy don't want to work or are ignorant is put in place for us to try and coax as many of the natural intelligent humans to see things our way and help us perpetuate our way of life.
Shelby’s Tarot (3 months ago)
hilarious & genius
Scenic Cycling (3 months ago)
When it is all said and done the ones that work the hardest, as a rule, go the furthest. I have lived in middle-class neighborhoods and poor ones as well; from my observations, the middle-class has a better work ethic. I.Q. must also be considered in the equation. We can't all own the company so the only fair way to advance is by merit. In other words, no matter your sex, skin color, or religious beliefs, the person that is most qualified, is the one who steps to the front of the line.
Paige Gruen (3 months ago)
Good thing he was talking about this during the Obama administration. There are now more job opportunities for people now and less unemployed and less people on Welfare... I think things are going more smoothly now than it was
shari rood (3 months ago)
I thought Bill O’Reiley was evil enough but Jesus Christ, Stuart Varner is like Darth Vader. Thanks for infusing humor into this depressing subject. America hates its citizens. We are supposed to crawl into a very patriotic hole and die quietly.
Jin Seng (3 months ago)
Fucking morons!!!! 🤢🤪
Mammy Belle (3 months ago)
Not long been on UC, and I can't afford bus tickets!
Adam Robbo (3 months ago)
😂🤣😂 Russell.. youve hit the nail on the head these absolute silver spooned people on the tele an in the media tryin to explain how it works in the real world always makes me laugh .ynwa m8 👍
Chantal (3 months ago)
ratshit partners (6 months ago)
is it your fault your a murderer? poverty? it comes from stupidity, is it their fault their stupid?
Natural Peacock (7 months ago)
Also , we Americans think that 1,000 a month isn't enough, 10,000 a month isn't enough and 100,000 wouldn't be enough This society doesn't know what enough is. Its a land of green greed. How can anyone be rich, when rich isn't enough? The richest man isn't rich enough here. Just ask. "not enough" In this societial ideology of American greed green, no one is rich, we are one step away from rich. So if we are not rich enough, we are poor.
Natural Peacock (7 months ago)
Education is key in these situations to make wise decision . Also dumb role models need to be a little smarter. here in the US the role model woman is Kim Kardashian with 5 father role models (baby daddies) . We look up to these mindless stars smoking some substance, as opposed to leaders with minds of substance.
Natural Peacock (7 months ago)
Economically speaking, its about the society government that is structured where we live. In a communist country, there is a limit in earning. In a capitalistic country, corrupt money can be made, swindeled, honest money can be made, invested, saved, spent wisely.
Natural Peacock (7 months ago)
Yes Its definitely my own fault I'm poor. Poor decision making in purchases, saving, and education. I cant blame the system when my potential is unlimited in USA
pl0xyserver (7 months ago)
ayy that Life of Brian reference at 2:11
Greg Benson (8 months ago)
All this talk about how we have to motivate people to fight their way out shows how little these men understand about mental illness. A mentally healthy and optimistic person will respond to a certain level of adversity with increased positive action. A person whose brain isn't in perfect working order will respond to that adversity by killing themselves, and it isn't their fault. I wish these men could learn to be compassionate, but I guess their fathers must have spanked it out of them.
Nikola Rodman (9 months ago)
Russell is such an entertaining idea that it's a scary thing to think how much the world could be hurt if this idea was attached to just a little bit of intentional negativity. Russell is the best
laura bittner (9 months ago)
Raquel Alhaqab (9 months ago)
The Jesus look fits you Russell.
Eliah Holiday (10 months ago)
Worth mentioning there use to be more incentives to work. My grandfather supported a large family and owned his own house all while working a blue collar job. Of course that was in an age when salaries were more in line with the cost of living.
Sharon Bell (1 year ago)
o riley is a dickhead
Sharon Bell (1 year ago)
Sharon Bell (1 year ago)
we have poverty because MANS MIND SET sells us an image ,,that seduces the mind to strive,,,,when all you need is LOVE ,pure compassion for those who are suffering  ,,not abled people who want more food cause they're accustomed to being over fed
Zaman Fou (1 year ago)
Thank you, Jesus! :Ρ
Simon Parnell (1 year ago)
Fox news are cunts
MaryAnn Dixon (1 year ago)
Russell, this is a much better use of your time and intellect. Keep talking!
HuMan PanDora (1 year ago)
Right on Brother!
H.Nichole Flowers (1 year ago)
Funny I've tried to "fight my way up" and am now in incredible amount of debt that I cannot repay for an education and a piece of paper that says look I'm educated for a job that I previously did 12 years ago without that piece of paper but for some reason cannot get hired for now unless i have an expensive piece of paper says i am educated. Thank you so much! now i am in debt with the government for student loans and still on food stamps living in poverty.
Arizona Sunflowers (1 year ago)
Don't listen to him, I'm on disability and I get $9,600 a year!!! I got married because I can't afford to live alone. Im on his insurance through his work, but they still take money out of my stipend for Medicare, which pays nothing anyway. So I gross less than the yearly sum. I can't work, but I get no "free stuff", I get nothing gilded nor any beer!!! Wtf are they talking about!!! If I drank or smoked cigarettes, I'd not have enough to even afford anything besides the beer & cigs. They're crazy! The govt does not offer me ANYTHING, much less snow me under with their offers!! I would work if I could find a job in spite of my disability, but there are specific symptoms I have that the average job wouldn't allow in their workplace. So, what am I to do? I would like to meet the poor people on welfare that get $40k a year!!! I don't believe it!!! That's how much my husband makes a year after all the deductions!
Paul Johnson (1 year ago)
I think the politicians could do without an 11 % pay rise and free taxpayer subsidised lunches in parliament plus expenses for a start. Start fucking serving instead of being so self fucking absorbed!
Angelina Eli (1 year ago)
omg your grate
queenofcups (1 year ago)
Love it Russell, thanks. I work 40+ hours on a zero hours contract and I still can't afford my rent and am facing eviction. Work ethic has fuck all to do with poverty. And choosing a career caring for other people is so disrespected in our society that care work inevitably means no job security, no way of getting a mortgage, zero hour contracts with no guaranteed hours, and the minimum wage which goes nowhere when you look at the UK's growing cost of living.
Marilyn Wisbey (1 year ago)
Greed is the problem worldwide! Plus UK has the biggest prison population in Europe it's the smallest country? Why? That sums everything up.. I'm beginning to think they want people on social security reason being there are only so many " well paid" jobs. To go round. For those that have degrees.
David LEE (1 year ago)
funny my food case just closed because i have state health insurance that only pays preventative here that means pay for nothing so i cant go to the doctor to show that im not able bodied so i cant make money needed to pay for a Dr even when its documented i need specialist Dr where 1/4 the cost of office visit is $280 1/4 which must be paid up front so can this fucker tell me again how you can get all kinds of benefits from the government that denied me twice for ssi i paid for by working which caused half the issues i need to see the doctor for so maybe i can get repaired so i can go back to work to pay for benifits i cant fucking get i cant stand these fucking clowns fuck them id like to break there leg a tell them to walk it off a get back to fucking work
Lady London (1 year ago)
FFS I can't believe how horrifyingly fascistic these 2 sound!! 'THE POOR' we're talking about people not another frickin species!!! ANYONE can become poor. And these IGNORANT & socially uneducated idiots have media jobs??? How dare they pontificate about something they clearly know nothing about
Lady London (1 year ago)
Two privelleged picks who haven't got the left brain capacity to decipher that perhaps they've been 'dealt an ok hand of cards' whereas some aren't so lucky....
t a (1 year ago)
These men are GROSSLY misleading. They wouldn't survive a week on welfare or in the Ghetto. They would be curled up in ball in a corner if they lucky enough to have a corner to curl up in. WAKE UP!!! I used to think these people are just ignorant not any more they really only care about their own hate and fear that supports their agenda. Dangerous. By the way there are no gates or bars preventing entrance to these neighborhoods come on down and EXPERIENCE it for yourself. Free of charge.
Margaret Dennehy (4 months ago)
t a
browie (1 year ago)
6:10 LMAO
XxSEETH3RxX (1 year ago)
sick chip tricks (1 year ago)
Lmfao brilliant
EM EX (1 year ago)
What about the poor in Africa! FIRST WORLD APARTHEID keeps Africa poverty stricken ....propegating the starving futile child with hands out
zero bliss (1 year ago)
being rich in a financial manner is not necessarily attractive to a great portion of the human world for wealth without humanity equals disconnection.
V C (1 year ago)
Oh gee what a temptation guilded fkn wellfare cage of all of 700$ a month! gee wtf would i rather have?! That barely sustainable shit! ffs here's 2 rich white dudes to argue over wtf is best for us! ( they already do charge ppl to live in jail) those who get more came here illegally and are getting double pay wtf i do cuz I'm a white man single dad raising a kid on fkn 700$ and 100$ in food oh boy bill so we Deserve a fkn pint of Guinness which ya can't afford if you're on well fair ffs! Bad parents there it is! Of course is not them 6ppl controlled the $ and sold us on the trickle down economic mythical status fuckin creature nobody's ever seen excist! ffs bill ya moron! Of course we should be allowed a fkn pint of beer but no pot oh boy that pots soooo much worse for fuck sake! Maybe we should make them live on only 700$ a mo period and see how long they last ffs id bet that both of those men both spend more than that in a fucjin day then i make in a mo. yep rekindle somehow or other the way we were 200yrs ago yup they're all dead now! But we'll ask them how since were in fkn fantasy time travel land or some shit ffs to watch fox one must suspend their disbelief like scifi fucksake. but yes I'd say let's end these trillion $s a year wars and throw that$ into the wellfare deal and let's see if were still destitute after that id bet i would come out makin $ and help the economy not burden it further the whopping dent all of 700$ a mo does oh and I've got over 900$ alone monthly in just paying the Dr's bills! But yup sure isnt destitute ffs! Climb out I'm disabled tho so how?! smh its our fault were poor cuz pot and Guinness &nothing to do with the wars and the 6ppl hoarding all the$ in the world nope dont look over here but blame urslef poor ppl cuz u are significantly at a disadvantage and have no hope of climbing up cuz trickle down economic illogical fallacy the $ never reaches those who need it but wtf do 6ppl need everything of value on the entire planet while the rest suffer for it?! ffs shit pisses me off. fuck u fox fux news lies and all of MSM! ya wanker cunts are sooo disconnected from reality they're fucking insane have no idea wtf its like! we should make them try to live on a wellfare budget. n those who actually do drinks it makes me sick so i can't drink but when i used to a pint of Guinness was never in the budget bill! ffs they're lucky to have nasty Ice ol natural ice beer or bud light which ever is on sale atm for cheaper! Name brand beer pffftttbb ffs bill rate unheard of in poverty we are barely 1 step above destitute ffs i only weigh 99lbs at age 32! Wtf are these idiots on about
Amor Y Paz (1 year ago)
Russel puts a hilarious spin onto a very insulting outake of the working class.
Arseniy Bashirov (1 year ago)
damn it I want a kite from the government
MisterSir (1 year ago)
Further to my old comment on this video, the poverty web isn't imaginary, it does technically exist but the causality of its presence has little to do with the theories from this video *
Russell you're so funny!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
kat ales (1 year ago)
Shitty people they are these fox old fools. "Bad" parents- wtf is this argument? No one is guilty of their parents not earning "enough" money, snd this does not mean they are bad people... the size of one's salary or rank or a scientific degree does not correlate to one's being a good or a bad person... and most importantly, is there really nothing in the life than just earning more and more? Are not there really any other goals , things to aim at in life....
cabbat doolab (1 year ago)
I love Russell brand and agree with him 99% of the time! This time though I'm not entirely sure he's right! He says 'us' but he's rich and has a lot of money! Also, I'm not rich at all but I don't see why the rich should get blamed for poverty. They worked for their wealth so they should be able to CHOOSE how to spend it and how much to give to the poor.. They get taxed, I know some evade taxes and don't pay enough but they contribute to the economy in a lot of ways. My question is, how does the system prevent mobility? In England I come from a poor/working class family and I've worked my way up through education to get the job I wanted in a short period of time by becoming more qualified and employable. The system doesn't prevent you from succeeding if you have the will to do so. Therefore I'm sorry Russell those two old men are actually right!!
queenofcups (1 year ago)
Yes but he does a lot of good work, which is the important thing, When he says the rich are to blame I think he meant the corporate banking system, Capitalism itself and the ones at the very top of this shitstorm (designed to be unfair- go watch money as debt or zeitgeist or whatever to understand better if that's all new to you) , the people who run the entire show and perpetuate a growing wealth gap. It's rigged in their favour, and him being rich does not make him a hypocrite. He's more like a whistleblower from that secret world of fame and bullshit.
Massingbird, Esq. (1 year ago)
Didn't intelligently answer the question in the title, again a useless video by Russell Brand.
Brent Moore (1 year ago)
Russell,you are a true humanitarian,and a breath of hope.Keep up the fight,and let the truth be your sword...
Philgeta (1 year ago)
Q: But how do people who have no skills get skills? A: You've got to WANT TO! *slaps forehead* Why didn't I think of that??
SoulPlay (1 year ago)
I was born in a time (1987) , were the generation before me paid £20,000 for a 4 bed house in my area. But the same house now im old enough to buy one, is over £400,000. It was cheaper to live post-WW2, than it is in 2017. In a time where food was rationed, but people could afford a house. When you compare it to 2017, where a loaf of bread is £1.50 and a house is £400,000. How the fuck are you supposed to afford anything on £1500 a month after tax ?????
blendedbananas (1 year ago)
What does he mean "You can get all kinds of things?"  Not true at all.  Unless you have kids, are homeless, and have a disability.  And disabilities are not fun.  A decent job that brings in 20,000 a year is way better than being on welfare.  But I don't include the lack of good healthcare.  That's another topic.
1 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. 2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. 3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days. 4 Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth. 5 Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter. 6 Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you. 7 Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. 8 Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh." James 5:1-8
Oh, if only Bill O'Reilly could experience life on welfare for ONE YEAR. Then he might actually have an epiphany in which he finally understands a little bit of what poor people in America go through. But he will never go through that, not for one hour, let alone one day. Therefore his pontifications are dangerous, because some people will consider them factual justifications for pulling out everything and anything poor people are given. And it's not FREE, either. If you've ever been on welfare you know you are paying for it on several levels.
Tiffany Clark (1 year ago)
costelloj70 (1 year ago)
Varney is on $600K a year with a net worth of $10M.
Kat Gardner (1 year ago)
amazing how these experts that have never been poor or oppressed or lived with absolute lack or been getting welfare as your only income have it all figured out don't they.
b11 5 (1 year ago)
Russell like your videos 😍 I would like for people who calls benefits handouts and who say welfare is generous it is so untrue them people who say welfare is generous should live on benefits for six month to no that it is far from generous and not anuff to live on and they need to stop looking down on people who are on on benefits

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