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God of War 4! How to Unlock The Magic Chest!

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God of War 4 Walkthrough Part 1 - First 2 hours! PS4 Gameplay 4K HD. The first 2 hours of the amazing god of war 4 2018. Gameplay and cinematic, also walkthrough to the game. for watching the full game and many other games: SUBSCRIBE to my channel! and lets enjoy it!
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Text Comments (5)
Yazan Abu hamad (4 months ago)
Omar Zoubi (11 months ago)
did you finish the game or not yet
Hamzi Swidan (11 months ago)
Thx man you are the best!
Omar Zoubi (11 months ago)
Hamzi Swidan nice keep it up bro
Hamzi Swidan (11 months ago)
-_- took me 4 days to finish it, i did on 24.4.2018 long time ago abo alzo3bi

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