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The Roots of Religion: Genevieve Von Petzinger at TEDxVictoria

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A PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Victoria, Genevieve Von Petzinger's main area of interest is understanding the geometric imagery of European Ice Age rock art and how we can use this type of behavior to identify cognitive and symbolic evolution in modern humans. Her work was featured on the cover of New Scientist in 2010 and Science Illustrated in 2011, and she has also appeared on the Discovery Channel's popular program Daily Planet. http://tedxvictoria.com http://fellows.ted.com/profiles/genevieve-von-petzinger In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Text Comments (1416)
Daniel Holm (2 hours ago)
"No one can articulate everything that they believe, if you could you would be omniscient." Jordan Peterson Everyone then, has a religion. Whether they like it or not. Your religion is what you act out.
Jeffrey Kalb (3 days ago)
Another intellectual virus... Do you have to be a poorly educated Ph.D. to make these videos, or is this open to other classes of brain-dead individuals?
Zinc Chameleon (5 days ago)
Trying to understand the source of the religious impulse is a laudable effort; but assuming that it can be understood by everyday scientific reason is likely a dead end. Better to understand the limits of human reason, based on modern neuroscience. Our language centers may only be a transitory phase in our evolution. The best review of this possibility is "Lucid Dreaming Wakes Up" by Alan Hobson.
Mark Wise (10 days ago)
Nothing Evolved it developed
OZ Dunstan (14 days ago)
I would inflict a religious name on one of my children , how dare she make unfounded claims.
Googi Shite (15 days ago)
Would have liked some mention of a genetic reason for religions. Is it plausible that there is a survival advantage for religious behaviour?
Archaeoptery X (15 days ago)
I'm pretty sure the spiritual world existed long before humans. The realm of nature spirits. Plants, animals etc. The spiritual sense has always been there. But humans are perhaps the first species to try to make rational sense of it? It is fundamentally mysterious however.
Greg Keen (16 days ago)
Cluelessness epitomized. Well played.
Dean Hamlin (17 days ago)
My goodness i love this woman. She's so smart and hot 😊
Eddie Morrone (22 days ago)
The "lion" standing on two feet is an important key. Cats and quadrupeds in general can stand on two feet, if only briefly. Meerkats alternate between bipedal and quadrupedal locomotion regularly. However, the carved stripes recall the markings of a tiger which we don't associate with bipedal locomotion. It's possible this is merely an accurate representation of a large cat standing on its hind legs. Viewing the figure and interpreting it as a cat, with a human body is perhaps the genesis of religious interpretation. I think the important question is when did we start interpreting these depictions as impossible entities? Ironically, it's probably after these depictions were made, not when they were made.
Human Evolution (22 days ago)
She's good. Had to watch her other TED Talk for a class. Legit.
Jim Doe (23 days ago)
From this expert we learn almost nothing about the topic at hand.
Herod Antipas (23 days ago)
Thankfully belief in supernatural deities is on the wane, certainly in the West, and when South-East Asia and Africa are allowed to develop, they too will forsake our childish need for a safety-blanket. The only outlier in the "need for religion goes down when the standard of living goes up"-thought has been the USofA, but, of course, the US was to a great extent founded by groups of fanatical, extremist religious zealots, and even in the US, religious affiliation is going down, and atheism or "no affiliation" is on the rise. It is time for humanity to put these fairy-stories to rest and get on with saving our common planet from our own limited intelligence, or stupidity in another word.. It is however a fascinating topic of study...
Yusef Endure (23 days ago)
This does not prove the roots or origin of 'religion' as we understand it today. Gevevieve Von Petzinger is an excellent speaker, and by now, an accomplished anthropologist, however, in this video she showed evidence of abstract, symbolic art and complex burial rituals; not organized religion. We don't know if there was another mechanism or paradigm used thousands of years ago to account for the art and burial ceremonies. If it turns out to be conclusive evidence, then so be it, but for now, it's a leap to a conclusion based on our experience with organized religion of the present.
Johannes Busch (27 days ago)
Stay away from religion. Religion poisons everything.
daapdary (27 days ago)
I listened with wireless headphones without watching. Despite the Canadian accent, sometimes I thought I was listening to Tracie Harris from The Atheist Experience. :-)
Scorpio Rob (28 days ago)
Magick = the Art and Science of bringing about change in accordance with the will (power). .. The aim of religion, the method of science = THELEMA.
Scorpio Rob (28 days ago)
Sanatana Dharma/Hinduism is brilliant and Ancient and very scientific. ..It is basically Indian Paganism.
Scorpio Rob (28 days ago)
She says something factually WRONG within the 1st few minutes of this film. ..ALL peoples were originally Shamanic/Animist/Pagan in their beliefs originally, as ALL peoples originally lived in tribal societies = FACT. They were NOT Atheists or even Agnostics. .. NATURE was perceived as DIVINITY manifest by our most Ancient Ancestors and that is a FACT.
Tiger Tiger (28 days ago)
Lol I just think that for a great many people.., religion is a learned habit.. a culture that they were taught and have never bother to examine or question.... its a comfortable place or comfort zone.. sadly ..., it’s an illusion that works for their being happy.. n safe.
Chris Trinder (1 month ago)
I have a very strong sense of morality and I am an atheist. Death is a natural conclusion to life. Religion and religious beliefs have caused war throughout modern history and cause wars, brutality and terrorism today .
K A Nesiah (1 month ago)
Religion is a socially reinforced psychological condition. People are just as religious today, only the Brands have changed.
jjerichoo realartist (1 month ago)
It is said that religion are for those that feel they need to be saved where spiritual people already know they are saved. Just saying
Paul J (1 month ago)
Bullshitters Bullshitting the Bullshat, Pretending to know all the answers. Terrorists telling Bullshot fools what to do, or else. kings stealing the imaginary authority to rule.
Chris Austin (1 month ago)
Many Educated fools here
Bruce Mulvey (1 month ago)
She’s going to invoke the religion of evolution to refute religion. Perfect! And she gets avTED talk? She’s a debate dolt. 60million people were killed by the secular nations of Russia and China during the 20th century alone! That’s more than the previous 19 centuries put together! If you want to “lump” the “religion” that cuts the heads off of helpless people on camera with God become man who laid down his life for his followers and told us to love our neighbors as ourself, you go right ahead-pardon me if I don’t buy your idiocy. Meanwhile, try to give a (truly) scientific for the non special, non temporal, non matter creator of time, space, and matter. Good luck
Groovism.org (1 month ago)
Religion exists as a primitive response to our brain's God "node". True or not, we all have an instinct(?) to believe in a higher power. Instincts are said to proliferate our species. Religion & music, will combine with technical advances, for our religious instincts to go global. Groovism is the belief system that will provide The One Groove for all of humanity to Be with!!!! When this reaches the proper level of Groove energy ..... miracles will occur!!
Perry Weeks (1 month ago)
Boy she's careful. And good at it. Otherwise she would not get so many to listen. She knows a lot more than what's said.
Jesus Castanares (1 month ago)
Religion is part of your being as human. We can read you as an atheist. That's the result of being a rationalist and you tend to enjoy to invent an idea of your own. You took some ideas and you are excited that you can formulate out of the ideas of Freud, Marx, Darwin, and other scientists and anthropologists and perhaps that's what you memorize , what you learned and that's what maybe you are reciting about now.
WhipperJesus (1 month ago)
"Modern humans left Africa"? Oh, really? In this loaded language called "English", what you saying is white people are modern and who is now left behind in Africa are "non-modern, savages..". As a Linguist & philosopher, I don't let English or any language slip through. I put them all through my close scrutiny.
GKBStudioD (1 month ago)
There has always been a religion, it was just in the form of a set of rules. Animals all survive And live with a set of rules, humans are just the first to learn how to document it.
Mohamed Zobeidi (1 month ago)
What was all about? She didn't say anything useful at all. Is this what people class as reasoning and research?
ray salmon (1 month ago)
And Jesus said "Before Abraham was born 'I AM' " There is no origin of Jesus
HPB (1 month ago)
Quick! Hide the Vedic artifacts!
theorist 10 (2 months ago)
Jedi is the most legit religion ; Cause it knows it's based on fantasy
Worth Doss (2 months ago)
I want my money back i am a man and I dont have much body hair and cant grow a beard. NOT A HAPPY customer!!!!
bpunlife (2 months ago)
Susette Santiago (2 months ago)
Why don't they talk about the Neanderthal and how it has set humanity back by 10000 years...there were advanced civilizations in Africa, Indus Valley, China, some of Americas....it's obvious...
Bow Bot (2 months ago)
Communists have been running your schools, media governments and churches for a century now? everything you have been taught is a lie. the whole Christian world is now calling you out as time is near up for your life. This darkness is going to be defeated by Christ and his followers.
Andrew Ludlam (2 months ago)
Have you noticed that most gods are male even though half the population is female you also have the story of Adam and Eve, Eve of course made by god from a bone from Adam, This suggests that man made gods in his image, ?.
Andrew Ludlam (2 months ago)
+Worth Doss yep.
Worth Doss (2 months ago)
That is because men wrote/dreamed up god and history not women.
Don Bailey (2 months ago)
Your assumption is that your doctine of evolution is reality, which it can be said just as eazy that its not , religion is belief With out proof. You believe in evolution yet you cannot prove a bolt of lightning hit a chemical soup just right so Previously nonliving matter contains life , its an act of faith on your atheist part. Secular humanism therefore is your religion , Agnostics dont believe in GOD the way i dont believe in abortion. Atheist are against GOD the way i am against abortion. You come off as a compleat atheist, and your preaching your Gospel, i am against you and everything you believe and stand for, and i want my country back.
Abe Narayan (2 months ago)
Conjecture, Conjecture.
cc360 (2 months ago)
Religon is not needed to believe in God. It is merely a way to join with others to reach God. You can reach God by thinking about God. You will meet God when you die regardless of your religion or lack their of. If God created you, you will see him again. Happy believing.
Open-minded Skeptic (2 months ago)
"Campfire stories"
Allan Hotti (2 months ago)
God(s) exist as an idea in the mind of man, whether it, she,he exists outside the brain of man may be irrelevant. Man can only conceive of a god with human qualities and behaviors because man is aware of only human or life-form qualities. Fiction writers are gifted at adding imaginary qualities to their characters. We actually know nothing of God. We only know what ideas we have and what emotions we feel. Now a sizable majority of humans have a religion and I suppose most have some idea of a God. Because God is so ubiquitous in the minds of humans, it seems logical that God and religion serve a useful perhaps even necessary function in survival. Some have postulated a adaptive process in the evolution of the brain. Or perhaps the usefulness of the idea of a God is tied to some other identified brain process. The placebo effect is an identified and established brain process. In essence, if a person has faith that something or someone will help relieve suffering (e.g. pain) , the person actually experiences relief. If a person similarly believes that something will do harm, they will experience bad feelings. (Nocebo effect) Placebo and nocebo are scientifically well documented. One might speculate that a god redeemer and savior or a god enforcer would work via a placebo, nocebo mechanism. Certainly a god savior (father-leader) would have aided primitive man endure and plod on despite, adversity and uncertainty not dealt with by living fathers or leaders. Modern man would not be immune to this benefit. Religion persists for other reasons because it works, it seems to have had social benefits, aiding groups, tribes communities function and be successful by proselytizing moralities to counter excess individual greed that disrupts group cohesion. God the enforcer helps in this endeavor. Because God has such feel good effects , perhaps the six billion or so believers will ensure God’s existence for some time, hopefully useful moralities will continue as well. Each of the hundreds of religions is an experiment of nature, the most useful for survival will be decided in time. Just some thoughts, perhaps with some truths in it, yet to be established.
wayne montgomery (2 months ago)
which all goes back to.... in the beginning man created god in his own image
Worth Doss (2 months ago)
Witch not which?? Just asking just in case there is a hidden meaning and implying she may be a witch.
drummerglenchin (3 months ago)
You would have to be a total moron to believe that the complexity of life, chemistry, mathematics, geometry, sacred geometry, and the universe itself happened accidentally. The mathematical chances of all of that coming together to create just the little bit we have discovered in the known universe...all by themselves is immeasurable... Literally. THINK, people!
drummerglenchin (22 days ago)
David Bourne - What if God really is beyond our understanding using science that we have discovered at this point...
David Bourne (23 days ago)
Sooooo...God did it. But that doesn't really explain anything. Maybe the people who reject the God theory are thinking.... at least they are looking for answers that really explain reality....anybody can say..what if a God did it.
drummerglenchin (3 months ago)
So, if anyone would care to listen, she is saying that she and others are making things up and telling people “that’s how it happened”... Totally disregarding the historical and archaeological record and their proof of the validity of religion. And she makes a living doing this! LOL. People, stop following and start studying and thinking for yourselves...
Joseph Moody (3 months ago)
It takes a much greater leap of faith to think that existence was a cosmic accident than to believe some greater intelligence initiated it.
Robert Diggins (3 months ago)
2nd talk by this cave art specialist and still no mention of WHAT WE NOW KNOW ARE PLASMA DISCHARGE FORMATIONS! Stop with the Uniformitarian and try to use those lobes to imagine early people may have seen and experienced something different in the sky. World-wide. The underlying forms of myth creation could be real experience and observation.
Largesse1000 (3 months ago)
What a bunch of pathetic cringeworthy comments here. I suggest some of you arrogant tossers read some Jonathan Haidt. Maybe you learn something, and stop being Dawkins' sheep. Pathetic.
shekarman (3 months ago)
Elephants also consider death as an event to grieve. And I bet other animals do too. I find this kind of interpretation tautological -- any explanation will fit the evidence so I am going to fit my pet theory -- of human centric perspective. This same type of analysis is used to study non European cultures -- and colonize them. Further, I really don't see the value of diluting such complicated subjects in 15 minute discussions -- no question/answer section, no context, little background.
Truth Seeker (3 months ago)
Gee, do you think the world would be better off if we all followed the 10 commandments?
Pearl Tears4u (3 months ago)
SINGING is the only time your hole BRAIN lights up....that's why music is so important to most people hallelujah means.... PRAISE JAH YOU PEOPLE
shady shane (3 months ago)
chimps sound like first year engineering apprentices
Third stone from the sun (4 months ago)
Zero sum. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Let’s all move ahead and drop the pretense of religion.
naya (4 months ago)
44 But Alma said unto him: Thou hast had signs enough; will ye tempt your God? Will ye say, Show unto me a sign, when ye have the testimony of all these thy brethren, and also all the holy prophets? The scriptures are laid before thee, yea, and all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator.
Sunil Nair (4 months ago)
She has long hairs. I don't expect intelligent talks. ROFL just a theory. ROFL 😂😂😂
1Skeptik1 (4 months ago)
Religion (the GOD business) is an $82 Billion a year enterprise in the USA alone. So long as profitable, it will be with us.
Hammett175 (4 months ago)
Jesus is God. The Catholic Faith is true. Be not deceived.
Michael Boylan (4 months ago)
The Roots of Religion,,,in 19 minutes,,,by a PhD student,,,using only Ice Age rock art, Incroyable, Adieu Durkheim, I know a 12 year old who can explain the Origins of Language in 5 minutes using only a matchbox and a ball of string; I just love these Ted Talk comedy shows
michael spencer (4 months ago)
Fascinating reaearch but starting with the assumption that reality is free of any religion affects the conclusions you arrive it. I dont see anything in the thoughts presented that precludes the existence of a God. The fact that humans are the only species capable of conceiving of a God suggests to some that there might be a reason for that. The fact thar your brain can believe in God doesnt mean theres no God any more,than the "Clinton cell" disproves the existence of Bill Clinton.
Patrick Pawol (4 months ago)
The human race almost went extinct 60,000 years ago. Was this the time of Noah? Genographic Project-Journey of Man.
Chimp Chowder (4 months ago)
Primative man was created by the creator when he said " let use create man in our own likeness-" but Adam was created by the Creator's own hands. All had a inkling of the idea of God. But when it came to Adam and Eve, they actually spent time with him in his presence on Earth. That leads to the history of the Jews. Pretty well done speech.
Chimp Chowder (4 months ago)
Well, according to the history book it wasn't untill Adam and Eve came on the seen that mankind began to be more than just Hunter gatherers. The book says there was no man to till the earth. But I think we know there were other peoples on the Earth. It says the sons of Adam and Eve had 2 sons who married and moved away BEFORE Eve bore any daughters! These were the "sons of God" who saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and they took of them all they wanted. And their offspring became mighty men. Men of renoun. As far as animal men? Many people's depict personalities or spirits they deem good to be. Still just a speculation.
MyJudgedread (4 months ago)
And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters: Genesis 5:4 KJV
Nyarlathotep Flagg (4 months ago)
3 points, just here from the start: 1. 6 billion ARE NOT RELIGIOUS. It's more like 3.5-4.5 billion. And either way, it is just an estimate. 2. How many were religious at any given time during out stages of evolution - That is not established. 3. Religious impulse? WTF! Yes we have an impulse to find something to believe in, something to cling to. But that never had to be religion. Some believe in a political system, some believe in advancing mankind through scientific exploration, some hold personal beliefs, and some are truly religious. But FAR, FAAAR from all are religious. And the impulse to find a reason to get up in the morning, is not the impulse to follow a religion! That is just an unfortunately common consequence.
Nyarlathotep Flagg (4 months ago)
Thank you! Although the odd typo does seem to leave it a tad questionable. But I will leave it as is this time.
Keyboard runner (4 months ago)
You comment is on point.
Tiago Goncalves (4 months ago)
We are not religious, religion is man made, the corruption of human spirituality. The root of all organized religions is astrology, all are astrotheological, as above so below. Nothing more natural to the ancients to start to study the stars even 20 thousand years ago..by the time the ice age ended in a catastrophy gobekli tepe was already build, so we know we had astronomers 14,13 thousand years ago..the ancients didn't separete science from spirituality, they saw in the stars a way to learn the cicles of nature, beaultiful knowledge that was the base for agriculture, navigation, calendars, geometry and.. religious texts and myths, astrology is the key.
William Pope III (4 months ago)
Is it just me, or is she kinda Super Hot??
luke 3:17 (4 months ago)
My god comes in a bottle with a cork and the more I prey the more bad things I do????
busyhive (4 months ago)
There should only be one religion , that of caring for your fellow human. It’s called Humanity , try it !
Grapho Man UK (4 months ago)
Sharon Stone lives
Kim Espen Stokka (4 months ago)
Its all because of hallucinogens. They started to us hallucinogens such as DMT and pslyosibine.
A. D. Erdei (4 months ago)
There was not a time, when we did not have any religion.
bob connor (5 months ago)
Oh ya she’s an expert in cave walls. Great! Enlighten us with your guessing
Keyboard runner (4 months ago)
So which god do you pray to?
bob connor (5 months ago)
Useless speech!
pb80tm (5 months ago)
religion, religio, religature, re ligature, bond back. by sin Adam was unbound from God. religion is connected back with God. Cicero's variant re legere= re read. Like Bible says God is The Word. re reading The Word mean connecting back with God. either variants drive to same meaning religion is action which take back to God. so i think the term religion even on old form isn't older then latin language. the term occur after Christianity raise up so i think the term is related to Jesus Christ. btw He came here to bound back to God and i think before that (b.c) people hadn't a religion, rather had a ritual, set of actions to worship things. So modern world and actual science misconduct us even in term interpretation like religion. now we call pagan religion, hindi religion, muslim religion, budha religion, shinto religion and all kind of "religions". that is wrong, those are rituals. only thing we can call religion is Christianity, before wasn't any kind of religion.
Keyboard runner (3 months ago)
+pb80tm Okay, even if we agree that "religion" only describes christianity, do you think that this makes christianity somehow true or more right than other ideas of deities?
pb80tm (3 months ago)
​+Keyboard runner1) religion is a determinist word so meaning of that kind thing can't exist before what trigger that thing. and this is existence of Christ. like existence of islam was trigger by existence of some pearson named mohamet. 2) wher is my own definition where islam is some kind of religion? i state clearly the only religion is Christianity those others are rituals or pseudospiritual- socialized habits, if i may say so. we can't know what was a term that define a ritual in the past. that makes history not a science but a opinion. so like some wise guy said we can't be more than what we study in university and in university we had that teachers, who taught us , what they teach from their teachers. and most of that things passed to us, are frustration and own misunderstandings. what most of people doesn't understand is religion is not a scientific matter is a believe. like we don't have a unit for religion and can't measure that, what is the point to discuss from a atheist pow or scientific one about religion? if we encounter an alien with other sense then seen, hear and so on and they can telepath, what our science will said? is no such sense?? that discussion is between the people who belief the God exist and people who belief the God doesn't exist. but both belief. no one proves.
Keyboard runner (4 months ago)
1) just because a word appeared later, that doesn't mean is doesn't fit earlier things. 2) Islam came AFTER Christianity and is therefor a religion by your very own definition.
Stephane Alegoria (5 months ago)
Religion OR spirituality, not "AND". Cannot connect with the message of the speaker. It is not about God it is about sacrality and death transcendence . God is just the need to transcend the symbol of a leader, very necessary in those precarious time where protection by a superior authority was key for survival.
Tom Maj (5 months ago)
The history of the emergence of clothing, tool use, the progression from hunter-gathering to agriculture, tribes, cities, states and empires in Africa and the Near East is fascinatingly illustrated in the narrative of the Bible.
Frank DeFelice (5 months ago)
The rishis of Ancient India experienced God, or as they called it the "Self". The ego does not really exist, since if the body dies, the ego dies as well. If we talk about reality, that which lasts forever, then God does exist by definition. We are part of spirit, then we as spirit exist forever. There is only One spirit.
Azzrudin Jamil (5 months ago)
Religion are there to keep some of us in check since we human, most of us tend to be the worst species of all.
Keyboard runner (4 months ago)
And in many of us religion brings forth the worst.
rickster348 (6 months ago)
- aren't we beginning to see what a world without religion look's like right now?
Patrick Karlsen (6 months ago)
No clear answer, just asumption.
Dean Deković (6 months ago)
We can assume having a permanent cave back then was life saving. Basically someone in the past started building his sacred safe place/portal outside a cave. We call them churches, mosques etc places where people gather and feel safe.
Ronald Stimphil (6 months ago)
This is an interesting TEDx talk. The speaker alienates at least 95% of her audience from the start. I am part of the 95%, and I stopped watching as soon as she affirmed that there was a time when there was NO religion. She made this sweeping statement that is not supported by facts nor written history. There is no known record of a universal absence of religion in our world at any time of the human existence. She just made it up, and she wants to prove the very fake fact that she made up. Remarkable!!!
Keyboard runner (6 months ago)
What about the time before modern humans existed? No language --> no religion.
Stanzi Curtis (6 months ago)
religion is a product of ignorance
Diego Gonzalez (4 months ago)
+Keyboard runner mostly fear
Keyboard runner (6 months ago)
And fear
Soreofhing (6 months ago)
Nobody is born believing in a god.
Fathil Ismail (6 months ago)
Humans are descended from apes. We know this to be true because many humans have superior intellect and less hair. It is clear that physical strength & prowess in swinging from trees was becoming redundant when we stopped fighting and invented the automobile, so we dispensed with these skills. This is called natural selection.
Michah Himmelman (5 months ago)
Monkeys have bigger stronger fingers, that happened after we invented the keyboard. You know, it was important for humans to be abe to hit single keys. Duh!
William Good (6 months ago)
Ultimately mankind worships only himself. -Sir Richard Burton, British Anthropologist. To me this seems at least partially true and I also believe that religion will eventually disappear altogether when man has progressed beyond the last vestiges of primitive thought. Maybe this is why religion is failing in advanced societies today. We are already advancing.
Adventures with Frodo (6 months ago)
Good and bad.
erikbarrett85 (6 months ago)
It would look like this at WORST, would look better at best
Steve Fortuna (6 months ago)
Religion is the reaction of a self-aware organism to the knowledge that we are powerless to extend our lives and that we all die. Most people have egos that resent the knowledge of mortality, ergo they strive to create "importance" or "meaning" of the limited time available. To be the product and instrument of some invisible all-powerful creative force has immense gratification, pushing the temporal limits of life into the eternal. This is man's attempt at living forever. It's a notion based on envy, fear, denial, self-aggrandizement, collectivism. A self-actualized person will say "I don't need to exist eternally, my life is finite, I accept that'. Ergo, no ego boost to putting your intellect on a shelf and grabbing at myth to fill the hole in your life. I have no problem with not existing before my birth or after my death. I love the idea that RIGHT NOW is all that exists and my life in total is a series of RIGHT NOWs. I'm happy knowing that my talents, my experiences, my ideals, my NOWS in total are all the god I will ever need.
Godfrey Jemand (18 hours ago)
Wonderful comment.
iok-1 (4 days ago)
People who are young can't fathom the complex interactions between religious ideas and the maturing human.
Telum Atramenti (14 days ago)
Religion is a more complex than just an opiate. Opiates and fraternities aren't sufficient to explain religions and why they believe in similar things. 120 000 years ago there occurred a crucial mutation which changed how the brain would function. Religion is but one of many consequences of this change, philosophy, science and civilization: - are among its other consequences. 120 000 years ago we learned to create a lasting copy of the real world and of ourselves inside our heads through fully internalizing a spoken language. The copy we created wasn't real, there's no real Eiffel tower or London Bridge inside your head. But the illusion became maintainable for much longer periods of time and became much more believable. Abstraction works BETTER than the real thing, because it's relatively pliable, and can often allow one to imagine and predict the end result of one's work, - an incredibly useful ability to have, but there are side effects to maintaining an illusion. This is a period in history when objects and ideas began to be viewed as inherently separate, and this is what's behind the belief in bodies and souls and "Physical and Spiritual".
Swami Anupamanand (7 months ago)
The way of her delivering the talk seemed really boring to me (my apologies) at the same time informative too.
Jason Rees (7 months ago)
I think religion is how we compartmentalize death. Anyone ???
Reid Garwin (7 months ago)
Has any scientist ever thought that maybe they put their belongings in the burials because it just was the dead's stuff? No spiritual reason attatched, just a primitive form of waste managment.
Keyboard runner (6 months ago)
"maybe they put their belongings in the burials because it just was the dead's stuff" Maybe.... "just a primitive form of waste managment." definitely not. Because in almost all cases the burial items are from high quality and value.
Jerry Robitaille (7 months ago)
The roots of religion started when man figured out how to sell lies to people, and because it worked and they made money it continues to this day even though....science.
WhipperJesus (1 month ago)
Thats a nice narrative. I say "jews" created all religions.
Augustine Hourigan (3 months ago)
Gabriel Sorzano (7 months ago)
Religion seems to be several people united trying to find an explanation for our life on earth, this need to find the power that is responsible for us seems to be universal , it can only be hidden by studying years and being deathly afraid of finding it. The original problem is still scientifically unsolved, Jesus has answers that will continue bettering the world.
ARIA ARIAN (7 months ago)
Anthropology was stablished as a faculty for ONLY one purpose, to study and analyze the OTHERS, WHICH MEANS, NON EUROPEANS! A Eurocentric discipline!
Keyboard runner (6 months ago)
So what?
theresbob (7 months ago)
Shaman I understand. However, making the leap from an animal adorned figure is a large leap. Any serious hunter would, sooner or later, realize camouflage/wearing the dead skins would allow the hunter to move closer to the intended prey for greater success.
mikitz (7 months ago)
There are also people who have seen through all this and realized it's all about the communion. The question is: are Atheists the next step in development or an anomaly?
Keyboard runner (6 months ago)
"are Atheists the next step in development or an anomaly?" Definitely the next step. Because for the very first time in human history we are able to actually answer our questions with hard facts instead of fairy-tales. Atheism is just the reaction to an unsupported claim.
davisx2002 (7 months ago)
She thinks she is John Lennon...
Michah Himmelman (5 months ago)
that guitar in the background as well...

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