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Issey Miyake Intense

78 ratings | 9926 views
A very underrated fall fragrance
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smokeybirdman (1 month ago)
aaamazing almost as intense as ISSEY ISSEY MIYAKE INTENSE SEXY MASCULINE MYSTERIOUS https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264182511783
TrephineArtist (4 months ago)
Great review, thanks!
Grand Themes (5 months ago)
The opening is tart
Tasha salmon (11 months ago)
Smells so sexy
Lionel Woods (11 months ago)
Tasha salmon I don’t reach for it as much as should
james roberson (2 years ago)
to say this is popular in the black community was funny lol .but now that i think about it you might be right because i did have this on when i met my wife who just happens to be black .and all this time it wasnt me it was issey .DAMN!!!
Russell George (3 years ago)
pick this up at tjmaxx for $20 2.5 ounce great stuff.
Snip-Snip Tear (1 month ago)
Thank your for sharing! I was not planning in buying this because I thought it was just not a hot purchase compared to niche fragrances. Anywho, I am sold into buying the 4.2 oz for about $30.
bullzeye1423 (1 month ago)
You must live by a great TJ Maxx
UrbanGentSociety (1 year ago)
Same here!
VeeSentDays’ Endz (3 years ago)
Yeah I'm thinkn about this one,I'm trying to get good fresh scents in my collection for work,I prefer fresh as well as thee ladies.Great Take!i haven't try this one..
brian cardoza (4 years ago)
i work at bloomingdale's my customers love this fragrance on me and my coworkers!! my skin just really complements this fragrance..my friend gave  this cologne to me because it was to musky for him. i collect colognes its my thing. when he gave me the bottle i smelled it and i was like godam its to musky for my taste! i love dior, yves saint laurent homme, versace eros, i love sweet fragrances. but me being a cologne head i took it. it stayed in my cabinet not being used! one day i was like fuck it lets wear it! i gave it a shot. non stop complements the whole day! under rated fragrance!
Kornjaca Rade (4 years ago)
Great review..Wanna buy this fragnnace but I am little confused becouse there is two bottle colour on market..Fully transparent and grey..Do you know is there any differents between those two?..Maybe refulmation or..?
dachucktaylor1 (4 years ago)
Lol issey is very popular in the black community
burningknuckle26 (1 year ago)
UrbanGentSociety (1 year ago)
Rick Ross put me on
Victor Esquivel (2 years ago)
dachucktaylor1 Why is that
JOHNNY BLAZE (5 years ago)
Jay- z rapped about Issey before anyone else.
Biodun Dada (1 year ago)
no snoop did
ismellnice83 (5 years ago)
So what's the main scent/fragrance for asian guys? Just wondrin' :-)
Jermel Kidd (5 years ago)
Yeah man. Good to see you make time for us Bro lol. Own this one and love it.
Lionel Woods (5 years ago)
Some people sound so dumb
MrHank475 (6 years ago)
Thanks for the good review
Lionel Woods (7 years ago)
@shogunate83 LOL, one my favorite emcees of all time. Kamikaze is a classic in the same vein as Ready to Die and Illmatic!
shogunate83 (7 years ago)
Props to Twista lol.

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