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My Top 10 Hollywood Undead Songs

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As the title says, these are my personal top ten best songs from Hollywood Undead. Enjoy :)
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Kz PsyKoZz (1 month ago)
There all good but : 10-We are 9-Levitate 8-Young 7-Bad moon 6-Usual suspect 5-California dreaming 4-Believe 3-Circles 2-Undead 1-Hear me now Love them
Nickolas Buczek (2 months ago)
Real fans like both deuce and Danny!
JaNRaD (2 months ago)
good choice
1SoK _District (2 months ago)
10) Bullet
Undead Army (3 months ago)
10.)Everywhere I Go 9.) Bottle and a Gun 8.) No.5 7.) Mother Murder 6.) Does everybody in this world have to die 5.) Gotta Let Go 4.) Street Dreams 3.) Black Dahlia 2.) The Diary 1.) Undead or Levitate
Selli Kelly (8 months ago)
My top 5 : 5. Bullet 4. We are 3. Lion 2. Pigskin 1. Another way out
ThrashDonut (8 months ago)
I LIKE THAT MEDICINE IS IN THIS LIST. But personally it'smy number 1
InsectiGaming (1 year ago)
soo where is war child?
métallo25 (1 year ago)
my top 10 : Black Dahlia 9 : How We Roll 8 : Dark Places 7 : Undead 6 : Dead Bite 5 : Young 4 : Usual Suspects 3 : Day Of The Dead 2 : Ewerywhere I Go 1 : We are
netanel ben shitrit (1 year ago)
undead and we are are my best songs
netanel ben shitrit (1 year ago)
Дибил этот топ составлял здесь лишь одна классная песня Undead А другие Noname
Love4Jesus (1 year ago)
10. Every song they ever made!
Atiwat Chief (1 year ago)
We are is the first song I listen and love it
Kids Fischer (1 year ago)
undead is a great song but the lyrics are messed up
Funkelkorn1630 (2 years ago)
I Love the song Medicine !!!!! I like your Top 10 and sorry for my bad englisch :)
Rais Cooper (7 months ago)
Medicine is the best
ThrashDonut (8 months ago)
dylan stanley (2 years ago)
top songs all of them no favs all of them are the best songs in the world
Logo Zest (2 years ago)
my top ten 10: Scava 9: glory 8: been to hell 7: black dahlia 6: outside 5: pain 4: party by myself 3: bottle and a gun 2: let go 1: knife called lust
Yodeling Quickscoper (2 years ago)
My Top Ten list: 10) Medicine 9) Pigskin 8) The Loss 7) Undead 6) Circles 5) Rain 4) City 3) I'll Be There 2) This Love This Hate 1) Knife Called Lust Honarable Mentions: We Are, Black Dahlia, Christmas In Hollywood, Pain, Levitate, all other HU songs
Yodeling Quickscoper (2 years ago)
+Logo Zest lel
Logo Zest (2 years ago)
voldemort 03 we have very similar #1's
dollynhoxdd (2 years ago)
10-We Are 9-The Diary 8-Hear Me Now 7-Glory 6-Been To Hell 5-Day Of The Dead 4-S.C.A.V.A 3-I Dont Wanna Die 2-Undead 1-Black Dahila Honorable Mentions:Lion,Believe,Levitate,Everywhere i Go,Paradise Lost
Hayden Humpherys (2 years ago)
10: Dead Bie 9: I Don't Wanna Die 8: Pimpin' 7: Paradise Lost 6: This Love, This Hate 5. No .5 4. Tear It Up 3. Bitches 2. Turn Off the Lights 1. The Diary
Hayden Humpherys (2 years ago)
oh and City, knife Called Lust, pain, circles, and the natives are in there too
Gimme Dat Ass Bish (2 years ago)
My top 10 are 10)Rain 9) Apologise 8) The diary 7)Been To Hell 6) Paradise Lost 5) Circles 4) Young 3) Black Dahlia 2) S.C.A.V.A 1) Knife Called Lust
Logo Zest (2 years ago)
Gimme Dat Ass Bish there we go scava!
Stupid and Anxious (2 years ago)
What about "I don't wanna die" and " kill everybody" ? Honestly, those are my top faves :P
Jeferson Lima (2 years ago)
Day of the dead
Ghost Rider (2 years ago)
10.Lion 9.War Child 8.Coming Back Down 7.Bullet 6.Levitate 5.This Love,This Hate 4.Lights Out 3.Dark Places 2.Gravity Honourable Mentions Let Go,Street Dreams,Party By Myself,Sing,Hear Me Now and I'll Be There 1.Rain Edit:Put Party By Myself in Honourable Mentions.Put Gravity in number 2.Got rid of Comin' In Hot.Added Hear Me Now.
Skyruler26 (2 years ago)
Somebody enjoyed Swan Songs!
RealYears0935 (2 years ago)
10. Dark places 9. levitate 8.mother murder 7. does everyone in the world have to die 6.tendencies 5. been to hell 4.this love this hate 3. black dahlia 2. undead w/ danny 1. bottle and a gun BY far the best songs yet
RealYears0935 (2 years ago)
the big guy (2 years ago)
I love bottle and a gun!!!
Ace of Fools (2 years ago)
Top Ten 10) Circles 9) Young 8) Everywhere I go 7) We Are 6) Day of the Dead 5) Tendencies 4) One More Bottle 3) Sing 2) Save Me 1) Ghost
Ace of Fools (2 years ago)
Honorable Mentions: The Diary, This Love This Hate, the entire band themselves and their songs.
LK HartlyLion (3 years ago)
my top 10 hollywood undead songs: 1. gravity 2. young 3. we are 4. Lion 5. believe 6. everywhere i go 7. levitate 8. undead 9. usual suspects 10. comin in hot does somone agrees? if no then tell me what you'll change from THIS LIST
LK HartlyLion (3 years ago)
why is we are number 8? :( i would put it as 3
4:16 dammmn Charlie back at it again with them white vans!
Logo Zest (2 years ago)
dank memes broken dreams have you seen when his friend says that to him when he gets off stage they put it on their insta
Ace of Fools (2 years ago)
God fucking damnit. It's everywhere
Black Hearted Otaku (3 years ago)
Lonley Star (2 years ago)
i love the song medicine
Lonley Star (2 years ago)
i love the song medicine
Lonley Star (2 years ago)
i love the song medicine
Lonley Star (2 years ago)
i love the song medicine
Black Hearted Otaku (2 years ago)
its liek.. the BEST
Landon taylor (3 years ago)
10. Believe 9.we are 8. Dark places 7. Party by myself 6. How we roll 5. Gravity 4. Dead bite 3. Outside 2. Tendencies 1. Glory
Logo Zest (2 years ago)
Eric taylor hell yeah this is the closest I've found to my list
Люблю Всех (3 years ago)
Fuck yeah! Levitate first. My favourite song.
Hanna Sampsel (3 years ago)
Does no one like Pigskin?
DarkThinks Studio (1 month ago)
Man I’ll let ya take a bite out of my scoop
Undead Army (3 months ago)
I love Pigskin!
Lucie Pořízková (3 months ago)
Me! 😆
Konrad Marcin (5 months ago)
The Undead Alpha (9 months ago)
HUT 1! HUT 2! HUT 3! GO! (I love it too!)
Kicking Guy (3 years ago)
my top ten 10.Day of The Dead 9.The Diary 8.Bullet 7.Hear Me Now 6.Been to Hell 5.Turn out the Lights 4.Scene for Dummies 3.Rain 2.Christmas on Hollywood 1.S.C.A.V.A.
Killer Miller (3 years ago)
My list 10) City 9)Rain 8)Pain 7)Young 6)Undead 5)Knife Called Lust 4)Sing (is that still a song?) 3)This Love, This Hate 2)Black Dahlia 1)Believe
Eric Sanchez (2 years ago)
Killer Miller fuck yes finally I'm not the only one who's favorite is believe
TCWNETWORK2015 (3 years ago)
10. Coming back down 9. Another way out 8. Lion 7. We are 6. No.5 5. Undead 4. Young 3. Hear me now 2. Gravity And one is........ Been to hell
Ethan Walker (3 years ago)
My top 10: 1.) day of the dead 2.) sell your soul 3.) undead 4.) here me now 5.) gravity 6.) been to hell 7.) lion 8.) young 9.) we are 10.) black dahlia
Victoria Flanagan (3 years ago)
Seams like the ones I like nobody else does
the big guy (2 years ago)
what are you top 10??? I might like them
Lila Bidwell (3 years ago)
10.hear me now 9.black dahli ( how ever you spell it) 8.bullet. 7.gangsta sexy. 6.lion. 5.undead. 4.no.5. 3.we are. 2.comin in hot. 1. day of the dead
Cassie Myers (3 years ago)
My top 10: 10. Fuck The World 9. Day Of The Dead 8. Usual Suspects 7. Black Dahlia + The Pharmacy Remix (Thought I should add this, it's my favorite remix of the song) 6. Apologize 5. Comin' In Hot 4. No. 5 3. From The Ground 2. Everywhere I Go 1. Undead And We Are Honorable Mentions: Dead In Ditches, Street Dreams, No Other Place, City, and Dead Bite. Other Honorable Mentions: The rest of HUs songs.
Soul caliber (3 years ago)
my favorites 1. usual suspects 2. day of the dead 3. paradise lost 4. young 5. bullet 6. lion 7. we are 8. believe 9. my black dahlia 10. this love this hate 11. everywhere I go 12. chirstmas in Hollywood 13. undead 14. gravity
S u m m e r B o y (3 years ago)
my top 10 10-Usual suspects 9-Hear me now 8-Dead bite 7-Paradise lost 6-Everwhere i go 5-City 4-Undead 3-no.5 2-Young 1-BULLET
DiceStorm X RAY (3 years ago)
Mike Post (3 years ago)
Kayla Rose (1 year ago)
Mike Post yea
Star Lord (3 years ago)
My Top 10  10. Gangsta Sexy 9.Up In Smoke 8.Glory 7.Undead 6.Hear Me Now 5.Coming Back Down 4.Everywhere I Go 3.Party By Myself 2.Bullet 1.Comin' In Hot
christian nielsen (3 years ago)
Deuce vs danny? im with Deuce he is really good :)
christian nielsen (3 years ago)
i know the danny pic is just awsome and there is not one of this with deice :p
Thatq Tho (3 years ago)
+christian nielsen i really like how you say you like deuce more when you got a danny pic!
they got T (3 years ago)
holy shit you have good taste
Zack Bolks (3 years ago)
If only street dreams was on spotify
Carina Vicente (3 years ago)
10. Day of the Dead 9. Bullet 8. Everywhere I qo 7. Been to Hell 6. We are 5. Younq 4. Apoloqize 3. No other place 2. Hear me now 1. Levitate (:❤
DANtheMANofSIPA (3 years ago)
My top ten. 1. City 1. The Natives. 1. A knife called lust. 1.Everwhere I go. 1. Up in smoke. 1. Scene for dummies1. Dead In ditches. 1.Black Dahlia 1.Undead 1. Every other song by them.
Ivanka Zayarnyuk (3 years ago)
+DANtheMANofSIPA Lol same))
TornadoBeastGaming 101 (4 years ago)
my favorite i see WE ARE
Ethan carter (4 years ago)
We are is the shit
Люблю Всех (3 years ago)
+2MLG4U где я навязывал своё мировоззрение? я только высказал своё мировоззрение
Люблю Всех (3 years ago)
+2MLG4U куплеты хуйня наиполнейшая, а это 1/6 песни. песня говно
Aaron Dvoika (4 years ago)
+J-Dog Калифорния норм)
Люблю Всех (4 years ago)
+Сергей Боболев чё?
Aaron Dvoika (4 years ago)
+J-Dog California 4L !!!1!!
5th Dimension (4 years ago)
the question is why one of their greates hits in no 3 levitate is a song they never sing on a concerts or anything they even dont have it on their vevo.
Brett Reuille (4 years ago)
I would have to squeak in SCAVA in there in place of Levitate. I would probably have The Diary number 1 because of the meaningful lyrics. But great top 10. It is hard to choose only 10 songs to include.
Shelby Woodall (4 years ago)
My favorite is dead in ditches
Same too bad it's not on spotify
Aaron Dvoika (4 years ago)
Average Music Reviews (4 years ago)
Not on the list
NUNDA WIEKRAM (4 years ago)
you have a gread top 10 eyeless
Zombikilla5 (4 years ago)
10 we are 9 undead 8  levitate 7 sweet dreams 6 bottle and a gun 5 this love this hate 4 the diary 3 bullet 2 believe 1  black Delilah 
Average Music Reviews (3 years ago)
*Black Dahlia
Shelby Woodall (4 years ago)
Street. Not sweet.
olumide ijandipe (4 years ago)
I'm a bit disappointed that you and the people that commented don't have Young in their top ten but hey, to each is own
olumide ijandipe (4 years ago)
I don't really have a top ten (yet) but Young and Black Dahlia are definitely on it. Great list btw bro
Bel (4 years ago)
Like this video, your last one is my first xD I love City
oddfire lll (4 years ago)
And levitate as number 1, havnt even heard it lol
oddfire lll (4 years ago)
I do like medicine but number 2, ok.
ThrashDonut (8 months ago)
I Love it too first song I heard of them and my favorite
Victoria Flanagan (3 years ago)
I love medicine
Alex Lloyd (4 years ago)
+Ellie Sapphire he says "my" top 10 so it is his personal :)
Peter King (4 years ago)
my favorite is no. 5
Matt_Crosse (4 years ago)
my favorites new day
NoNickname (4 years ago)
My favorite is Been to hell
Ellie Sapphire (4 years ago)
This is a great video :) my only criticism is the title suggests these are the best Hollywood Undead songs but your description says these are your personal favorites. Be specific otherwise you'll get a lot of upset HWU fans
James Montgomery (1 year ago)
Idk how ifnu lik the band your here soooooo why complain
annabunny iorio (4 years ago)
city is not that good
Hayden Humpherys (2 years ago)
city is amazing
Juan Bonilla cevallos (4 years ago)
cool top 10
Lily Black (4 years ago)
put the full songs and i'll listen to more then the first song

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