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Secrets to success Pt. 1

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ET share his secrets to success with MSU students General Info: [email protected] Breathe University Enrollment Open ENROLL NOW: http://www.etinspires.com/breathe Get your Copy of Eric's Audiobook by following the links below... Amazon - http://amzn.to/19N7IS1 Audible - http://bit.ly/10tnHSq iTunes - http://goo.gl/R3eRf If you are ordering from Europe, please use this link! http://www.incipioacademy.com/shop/en/ Click here to follow ET on Twitter! https://twitter.com/Ericthomasbtc To order your copy of ET's Debut Autobiography click here: http://shop.etinspires.com/collections/all/products/the-secret-to-success Wake Up Alarm Tones: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/etthehiphoppreacher17 General Info: [email protected] SOCIAL Subscribe to our channel: YOUTUBE : http://bit.ly/IiDzwu TWITTER : http://bit.ly/SHmeSX FACEBOOK fan page : http://on.fb.me/giLtcU INSTAGRAM : ETTHEHIPHOPPREACHER SOUNDCLOUD : http://bit.ly/Lys3S6 TUMBLR : http://bit.ly/OZlLYr WEBSITE : http://etinspires.com/ GOOGLE + : http://bit.ly/NihWSL AUTOBIOGRAPHY& Other Merchandise EtInspires Store Page : http://bit.ly/M6m06m APP -- ANDROID : http://goo.gl/wN3sAU APPLE: http://bit.ly/1b0Ceqs AUDIO CDBABY : http://bit.ly/OltzGs ITUNES (MP3's) : http://bit.ly/OGMDv8 AMAZON (MP3's) : http://amzn.to/SHnANx e-BOOK ITUNES (e-BOOK) : http://bit.ly/vwIoxX AMAZON (e-BOOK) : http://amzn.to/Q64C5C Barnes & Nobles : http://bit.ly/Q7dyGD
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Text Comments (1143)
I cry when I watch this video
Dynastie Music (1 month ago)
omg 9 years, time goes fast man
Zidane's Lover (1 month ago)
Nathan Slay (1 month ago)
Tub Thoj (2 months ago)
stavros l (3 months ago)
thank you sir!! one day I will meet you in person and thank you for what I become you are such an inspiration for me .good bless you
Livan Hernández (4 months ago)
Here's some tips for becoming successful. 1) Take control of your health. 2) Learn about the power of your mind. 3) Follow the path of successful people. I found these tips from the Magic Progress Shortcut (check it out on google) definately the no.1 info on becoming wealthy & successful that I've heard of.
anita subedi (4 months ago)
1) want success as bad as you want to breathe ; give up sleep; forget to eat ; cry to keep going (not to quite) ; all men are created equal, some work hard to make it easy 2) to be able to sacrifice what you are to be what you could be ; sacrifice phone;
Manzi James (4 months ago)
Greatest speech I have ever heard🙌🏿
ash h (4 months ago)
B productive stop watching YouTube videos if you can"t fall asleep =clean up your house\Do your bills... .
ash h (4 months ago)
It's physically impossible and mentally to stay up 3 nights in a row ,your health will deteriorate .other than that I like this guy: I say this because I know it , I've done it, not always on purpose But I have. by the third night you're dead K.0 lights out Moody charitable spirit ated loss of appetite not able to retain information can't remember the rest. I can't go to sleep. B productive stop watching YouTube videos if you can"t fall asleep =clean up your house\Do your bills... .
ash h (4 months ago)
B productive stop watching YouTube videos if you can"t fall asleep =clean up your house\Do your bills... .
aestheticxsoul (5 months ago)
i wish someone have told me this when i was in high school, it's just so inspiring and motivational, hope those kids are successful by now xD
Thana Maroua (6 months ago)
Thank you.
Johnathan Ayala (6 months ago)
A true story. About 6 years I was homeless and $20,000 in credit cards and student loan debt. I was party and drinking beyond my limits and I ended up losing everything. When I was at the shelter I was searching for motivational videos and I found this. Till this day this a has my Foundation of everything I believe in and it ultimately change my life. Today I am part of union making great money, have a beautiful family and a home owner. I wish had the chance thank him for changing my life. I love guy and I will forever follow he's widsom.
Laari Diva (7 months ago)
Dashie's brother?
Mohammed Junaid (7 months ago)
10 years later and this dude still inspiring me
ALL SPHERES (8 months ago)
Mau (9 months ago)
Well, let me pute my phone down. 🙌
Baldeep Birak (10 months ago)
Sacrifices allow you to reach your potential.
Macho Véio (11 months ago)
I want to be successful.
Eduardo Fourie (1 year ago)
Where it all started for me this speech gave me goosebumps.Change my mindset completely still my favorite today.
Ayame Harada (1 year ago)
It's been 3 years since I heard this and it helped me to success so listen to his words and do what u need to do
nokwanda themba (1 year ago)
I'm so hurt wow ET always telling the truth.
Nathaniel Haslem (1 year ago)
Back to basic focus
Sanjit Saroya (1 year ago)
remember watching this as a kid back in 2010. its been 7 years Im in a UC school and I learned to not conform like others. I have research almost set up and my mind is intellectually on another level than others. I have been working on 4 to 5 hours of sleep almost everyday at University, working on my own side projects now.
George Sanchez (1 year ago)
First heard this in 2011/12. Still as impactful as the first day I heard it. #BPBF
Michael Chernetsky (1 year ago)
This dude changed my life. Thank you ET
Keith Murphy (1 year ago)
Watched this video for the first time 3 days ago it hate me light a bolt ⚡️ get up off your ass and do something. I started making changes in my life and attitude. Really wanna become beast mode. Thanks ET
Janice Mccord (1 year ago)
I like that he said degree don't come with time stamps on it that's one of the reason why people think after so long it's not the same as someone who finished on time I like that and you have to want it so bad you are ready to sacrifice. Because I know success is not real without sacrifice
John Smith (1 year ago)
what a pile of horse shit. another tony robbin con man
Kyle Ferguson (1 year ago)
How is this a good speech? I could hardly understand him...
Emily Cole (1 year ago)
I know that if you want to be successful you have to really want it but if you're going days at a time where you're not sleeping or eating you're living an unhealthy life. I'm 13 and even I know that. And he's pretty much telling them stop eating, it'll be good for your success, don't sleep, you're wasting your life if you do. Sorry that we're humans that NEED to EAT and SLEEP. There are so many people who have been diagnosed with anorexia and insomnia. He's just promoting these disorders!! I know he's trying to get the point across that your life should revolve around your success but I think he's laying it on a bit thick. I don't want any controversy on this, I was just sharing my opinions.
Bill Gates (1 year ago)
I wonder if anyone knew how many lives that speech would change?
Coach Bailey Cooper (1 year ago)
8 years later, still one of my favorite motivational videos!
PLAn Taz (1 year ago)
I watch this video alot!!!
Rachel Jc (1 year ago)
my favourite speech, you're the best !
WolfBound (1 year ago)
This was the video that changed my life 6 or 7 years ago when I was ready to give up on life.
Vincenzo Varriale (1 year ago)
I watch this daily and I still have goosebumps
Tony LWG (1 year ago)
the video that made me get off my ass a year ago and work on my craft
Waheed Khan (1 year ago)
Am gonna show u how great i am thats right 💪🏻
Anubhav Singh (1 year ago)
Happy 10th Anniversary! :D
Jack Rockholt (1 year ago)
its feb 20 2017 and i still listen to this story everyday
Bjorn Beukes (1 year ago)
Listen to those students clowinin'... smh
DrIncognito (1 year ago)
5:07 gets me every time. This is so deep.
Bagrat Shaov (1 year ago)
I listen to these words every year at least once. I wish you happiness and health. With thanks from Russia.
Fokwa Divine (1 year ago)
It all started with this video. I watched this 3 years back. The very first. Successful today. thank you ET.
Kgosi-Etsile Dube (1 year ago)
This video changed my life completely, this year, 2017, I'm going to do my 1st year at university of my dreams since childhood because of it. It was uplifting me last year, 2016. Thank you very much!
Angela miller (1 year ago)
SOB shortness of breath lol
I have just started making motivational videos and ET is going to be in my next one :)
Yahya Ibrahim (2 years ago)
Came across this video by accident back in 2008 and have come back to it a few times over the years. This literally changed my life. I've achieved major success in that time and I'm just getting started. Thank you Eric. I'm so grateful.
Mark Anthony Garrett (2 years ago)
This is great!! Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom.
Dana Perez (2 years ago)
I needed this
Jacob Tran (2 years ago)
guys I work for a company for 8 hours everyday then come home to work on my own side project. Now my portfolio is on the way to get me a even better job with higher pay. Listen to this guy.
Amit S (6 days ago)
Did you get it?
Jesse 11 (2 years ago)
can anyone write what he said for me?lul
Siby Sabu (2 years ago)
i watched with video 2 years back. The idea of "To be successful as bad as you want to breath" inspired me a lot !!!.Motivated me to come out of my comfort zone and push myself to new heights...
I'm taking it from the top!!
Maximo Rodriguez (2 years ago)
I have to meet this guy, for real. I don't know how, but I have to.
Aj Miles (2 years ago)
Seriously guys, I watched this video 6 months ago and I started working like crazy to make money, now I'm earning double. I swear try this .. it works. =)
InvaderDin (1 year ago)
Well done
Aj Miles (1 year ago)
Hey thanks! I hope everything works out for you too.
Keith Craw (1 year ago)
That's awesome! I'm glad everything is working out
Aj Miles (1 year ago)
+Keith Craw I'm a writer and an online English teacher. =)
Keith Craw (1 year ago)
kim ian tumblod what is it you're doing?
William Ward (2 years ago)
I just want to say Thank You E.T. I started my own Youtube Channel because this is MY Year!
swecool (2 years ago)
can i use parts of this speech in one of my videos without getting a copyright strike??
Joshua Brown (2 years ago)
How bad do you want to be successful ?
Bianca Dudley (2 years ago)
Thank you so much!  Your words are so encouraging.
Denise Gonzalez (2 years ago)
E T . YOUR words breathe LIFE INTO ME .. i thought about giving up but tht isnt me.. And hearing you just.remotivated. me and please dnt stop spreading the truth the love and most of all the knowledge.... MUCH LOV3.... I CAN I WILL AND I MUST.
simonesquared (2 years ago)
Showed this to Donald trump and he became president
Tameera Henderson (2 years ago)
jjboy (2 years ago)
shut your ass down bitch
Mariah Smith (2 years ago)
I think this has been the best thing I've ever heard (his story at the start) because it is so true. Alot of us want it but how bad?
Another Games (2 years ago)
One in 80 people, dislikes this video.
simonesquared (2 years ago)
showed this to donald trump and he became donald trump
Forever Yours (1 year ago)
simonesquared nice one lol
Jessica Eccles (1 year ago)
Top Kek (2 years ago)
+Simone Simmons bruh
Michael Young (2 years ago)
What's the rap song that starts out with part of this speech? Can't find it...
Tony LWG (2 years ago)
Can i use a sample of this speech in my new beat i just made. I really love this !
Casey Walker (2 years ago)
Go watch him go in on the high school students he was talking to...
Rusty Ryskoski (2 years ago)
198 people just kinda want it
Jfreak!89 (2 years ago)
+Marcelo dos Anjos Antonio Hahaha, exactly!
farid merrad (2 years ago)
There are many components to achieving success. These include: Taking control of your own health. Learning about the power of the mind. Following the path of people who have already done what you plan to do. One resource I discovered which combines these is the Magic Progress Shortcut (check it out on google) definately the most incredible info on success i've heard of. Check out this extraordinary website.
kostas Dimitriou (2 years ago)
If anyone is interested in becoming successful the best success that ive ever had was by using the Magic Progress Shortcut (i found it on google) without a doubt the most helpful course that I've followed.
John Rafael (2 years ago)
Mid or meepo
Eric the man!
Nat L (2 years ago)
I loove this speech, it never fails to inspire me.
Ozymandias (2 years ago)
Lol gotta dream big but be realistic, I'm British 5'8 always to be in NBA as a kid but it was damn near impossible for me to make it
Kory Zimmer (2 years ago)
+SugarRayValentine Nate Robbinson is 5"9. Still in the NBA, Dunk contest champion... it might be harder for you to make it because of your height but, it isn't too far fetched to accomplish. You better develop, speed, vertical leap and an automatic 3-pointer with some crazy fast handles. Break your impossible dreams into attainable goals. How long will it take you to build your legs for some more vert? How many 3-pointers are you willing to shoot every day so when it is game time you are automatic with it? Put in the work, no matter how long it takes. If you really want it you will find a way. Cheers, Instagram - #zimagery for motivation.
Natalia López (2 years ago)
Nothing it's impossible!!! You can accomplish anything if you want it bad and you work really hard!!
Another Games (2 years ago)
Give up on your friends and start developing yourself. Give up on yourself and start getting knowledge. Give up knowledge and start execution. Give up execution and start making money. Give up money and start making friends.
Hezekiah Pewtersmith (2 years ago)
I need better consistency with my programming practice. I want to be a software engineer this year.
Don't feel bad bro I started a business but my consistency is crazy with all that I do and on top of all that maintaining my school and obtaining a degree to better my business. You just have to sike yourself out into believing that discipline is a necessity.
Jeremy Coronado (2 years ago)
where can i find the emmitt smith "i can rest now" video?
Carlos J. Malave (2 years ago)
This is the video that started it all for me 5 years ago. Since watching this video I have become an educator and youth speaker. This video changed my life. Thank you!
GayWeebsNMemes (2 years ago)
My teacher forced me to watch this the guy is annoying
Byron Dunn (2 years ago)
+EmilytheMoonwalkerMJForever you look like a winner.
SunshineBeats (2 years ago)
Hey guys i made a beat with parts of this video , please take a look and let me know if you liked it ! https://soundcloud.com/unshinebeat/success
The Killing Joke (2 years ago)
What a great inspiration
PersonalFitness3 (3 years ago)
Anytime I find myself in need of a "jump-start" after wearing down from all that I'm trying to accomplish, I come back to this video. When a friend told be about this video years ago, I watched it and instantly got hooked! I watched all the videos that were to follow, especially the TGIM series, eagerly waiting for each new one to be posted. I've watched ET grind day in and day out til he became Dr. Eric Thomas. This same man who took 12 years to get a 4 year degree, is the same man who continues to this day to share his PASSION for being SUCCESSFUL to the multitudes around the world. Be sure to download the Eric Thomas APP for iPod and Android if you're looking to stay up to date on the many EVENTS involving Dr. Eric Thomas. Thanks E.T.!!!
Jason King (3 years ago)
I'll meet you at the beach at 4AM!
R.Y.1/O MaruPhoenix (3 years ago)
To be able to sacrfice who you are at any moment to become what you what
The modern Monk (3 years ago)
I want success in bodybuilding but the worst part is u need more sleep in order to get big
Mostly Sports (3 years ago)
Favorite video, speech, all of that. Not sleeping now. thanks ET.
salman617 (3 years ago)
Respect for you ET but there ain't no Ivy League high schools. Lol.
blonde lollypops (3 years ago)
THE best speech I've ever heard.
Bar Brothers Nz (3 years ago)
is it okay if i can use this for our coming up video? will tag your youtube name under the description.
strahija zelic (3 years ago)
please listen to me hhahahaha
Kaiser blake Sebastian (3 years ago)
you suck!
SpitnGames (3 years ago)
I gotta stop watching this video.. its wasting my time in being successful
Victor Pavlov (9 months ago)
+SpitnGames I've been studying success and found a fantastic website at Magic Progress Shortcut (check it out on google)
Mihir Baviskar (1 year ago)
That is exactly what I was thinking
If you want to be successfull study success - Jim Rohn
Sviatoslav Hryb (2 years ago)
+Sushi Prince I've been researching into how to become wealthy and successful and found a great resource at Magic Progress Shortcut (check it out on google)
Account for Youtube (3 years ago)
2008. Figures.
Athena (3 years ago)
this speech is so damn powerfull
A Hurley (3 years ago)
Best speech I've ever seen to this day
Jenon P. (3 years ago)
Yeah 50 cent is successful. Bankrupt and broke now.
Davius Grant (3 years ago)
he is not broke he filed bankrupt to keep from paying 100% of his two lost lawsuites now he only has to pay 10% no your facts before you judge
Junaius Stewart (3 years ago)
I guess 50 getting his sleep now then. lol
Jenon P. (3 years ago)
+Israel Large that's why I like to hang out here with all you losers.
noctis strife (3 years ago)
+Bob Loblaw you must hate your life. sorry about that.

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