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Sport perfumes for Men

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Inspired by the Rio Olympics, this week we talk about Sport fragrances. Why would you buy one and how are they different to a standard fragrance? We also talk about: Pasha de Cartier Edition Noire Sport Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Sport You can also find us on Instagram: theperfumepros
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Mario Losberg (1 year ago)
Just bought today Issey sport and I really like it, fresh, aromatic woody fragrance... simple but very nice,and it's more on sofisticated side than sporty...
The Perfume Pros (1 year ago)
+Mario Losberg know what you mean. It reminds us a bit of that classic CK Eternity for men.
RealFrags for RealMen (2 years ago)
You ladies... with the weird accents, HAHAHA! :-) Can I ask your esteemed, professional opinions? :-) I am always looking for a fragrance that makes the cut for RealFrags, meaning: 1. STRONG Longevity minimum 6-8 hours, even on dry skin. This is a problem, especially these days. 2. Masculine. CK Eternity Now? Honestly? Any Lady might wear this any day and I would NEVER suspect it's a mens frag, HAHAHA! :-D So not too sweet, but rather spicy, herbal, bitter, sharp, STRONG. manly. You smell it, you know THERE is a MAN. The ladies should like it, but NOT because they might consider wearing it themselves! Thanks in advance, Mark
RealFrags for RealMen (2 years ago)
+The Perfume Pros Hey thank you, Ladies! :-) This is awesome, I will look into it! At the moment I have on my radar 'Jacomo de Jacomo' and Santos Concentrée Cartier for men, apparently two very similar extremely spicy and masculine, strong scents. Two more questions: 1. Where ARE you from in England and 2. What are your names, my highly esteemed very professional (and very pretty) colleagues? :-) Mark
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+RealFrags for RealMen hi Mark, we'll check out your videos to see which masculine scents made the cut for your strict criteria! We think it's quite a common thing for guys to want a fragrance that lasts, but when you're talking about a scent that lasts all day you need a high concentration - ideally a Parfum; and something containing some real fixatives - woods (Oud especially), ambers and leathers in a scent would be a pretty good choice. We recently tried the brand new Bulgari Le Gemme masculine scents that are launching in a couple of weeks and they lasted all day on us. Try Terre d'Hermes Parfum, which is also very masculine in our opinion. The whole masculinity question is such a subjective one as not all of us girls will agree on what makes the ideal "manly" scent!! It's true that in recent years - ever since JPG's Le Male in the nineties - we've seen a trend for sweeter men's perfumes; and a lot of perfumer's put florals in men's fragrances to increase their sensuality and appeal to the opposite sex. We like fougeres which is a traditional masculine aromatic accord having been around for 100 years; and we rate Montblanc Legend for its sexy scent (although may not be spicy enough for your taste). How about dunhill Edition - made in the eighties and full of cedar, oakmoss and Amber... See what you think? Oh, and we promise our accents are pretty normal where we come from! 😂 🇬🇧
Everyday Products (2 years ago)
Channel allure sport
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+istvan buda great choice!
Kologne (2 years ago)
Great video guys. Great to see a perspective from the other side!
CC33777 (2 years ago)
Great video.  Another good one is Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne (or Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport as it was previously known).  Lots of beautiful citrus in the opening, then a nice fresh/woody dry down.
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+CC33777 yes definitely agree with that, Chanel are great at doing sport fragrances
Danillon Pujadas (2 years ago)
nice vid beautiful ladies
Saab Replay (2 years ago)
Beautiful review. I love to see and hear you both.
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Saab Replay thank you
Lolani Fenring (2 years ago)
To the gym I wear Byredo's Pulp
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Lolani Fenring Ah: Pulp has fresh fig and grapefruit - a very nice combination in a fragrance. Byredo has really found a great following here in the UK.
Antonio Espitia (2 years ago)
Dior Homme Sport is still my favorite cologne, and I've smelled so many. It's like magic to me, or the closest you could get. Great video ladies!
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Antonio Espitia the Dior Homme range has been massively successful. The more recent Sport incarnation from 2012 is great with plenty of lemon and ginger on first spritz, which gives way to a sexy soft note. Very nice choice.
Asha Rozier (2 years ago)
how many fragrances do yall own
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Asha Rozier we have a lot between us! hehe 😄 Because of our jobs as fragrance trainers for a big UK distributor we have access to over 200 that we work with!
Samuel Gustav (2 years ago)
Pasha de Cartier Edition Noire Sport is gorgeous!
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Samuel Gustav we agree! We love the Non-sport one too.
edreamsincolor (2 years ago)
I so look forward to your reviews! Thank you!
Pine Rocks (2 years ago)
I love you videos, you are quite refreshing form the usual frag reviewers! My favourite sport fragrance was Paco Rabanne Sport, sadly long since discontinued. It was grassy and minty, yum!! I like Aramis New West and Lacoste Essential too. 😀👍🏼
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Pine Rocks wow Sport de Paco Rabanne - a blast from the past (launched in the mid eighties we think?) Escada's Silver Light fragrance (sadly also now discontinued) was similar. Try Cartier's Roadster scent too - less fruity than the Paco Rabanne one but still with mint, bergamot and a warm vetiver & Amber base.
Lucas Melo (2 years ago)
hello! perfumes pros, i'me a big fan from Brazil! Just love the videos, see u.
Lucas Melo (2 years ago)
Could you give me a hand? Among the Hollister sea wave and abercombire and fitch cologne, which of these would be the best choice? TY anyway
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Lucas de Melo Hello and thanks for your support. Great to have you on board!
John Grove (2 years ago)
I've been wearing Encre Noire Sport by Lalique a lot lately. I own the original and didn't think a sport version would work, but it does. I love it.
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+John Grove that's good to hear. We are familiar with the Encre Noire original and extreme versions but haven't smelt the sport one. Will try it soon! Sometimes when you have a really good woody classic masculine scent it's hard to imagine it reincarnated as a fresh energising sporty version. We note from research that the perfumer has kept the vetiver and cashmeran theme but added a lot of citrus and oceanic notes - on paper that could work!
sydgia01 (2 years ago)
You girls are just freakin brilliant. love your videos. Keep up the great work. I like Chanel Allure Homme Sport.
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+sydgia01 thank you. Chanel - always a good classic choice 👍
Mario Losberg (2 years ago)
Once again nice review. :) usualy I don't like name "sport" in world of fragrances but i had Davidoff cool water game and it smelled kinda sporty.. nice melony based frag - bring's back nice memories from the past : ) .. and also Kenzo homme sport. Now only sport frag i have is Burberry sport.. and honestly i'm not big fan of how it smell, ( to much sharp for my taste), but the bottle is great,so it is in my collection.. :)
Mario Losberg (2 years ago)
Agree with "blue " Kenzo..it smell beautiful..
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Mario Losberg We always felt that the original Kenzo pour Homme in the blue bottle was quite sporty with an ocean breeze type feel to it. The Burberry sport fragrance seems to have a lot of grapefruit mixed with marine type notes which is definitely adding to the overall sharpness of it. We also think that melon can be a nice alternative to standard citrus fruits in a mans scent. The new Jimmy Choo Man intense has a top note of melon, but it gives way to a much more robust spicy woody trail.
jaxlove (2 years ago)
Love the reviews. I'm not sure if you guys work with Prada lunna Rosa sport, smell very much like a night scent sorta like a date night scent very sensual. sometimes the sport means less strong than the original. go figure. thanks for the review. congratulations to Great Britain on the outstanding performance on the olimpics. cheers
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+jaxlove we find the Olympics so inspiring 🏅🎉 We know that Prada Luna Rossa is also inspired by boats (like the Cartier fragrance in our review!) but you're right - it smells quite sensual with plenty of vanilla in it : not conforming to you're usual citrusy fresh sport scent.

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