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Dating/Sex Sites and Social Networking

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Had to let them go, its so hard for people to speak
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Memori Moon (8 years ago)
yeah i tred those sites because im shy in person but they are all just sex so i wanan just say to hell with them im not lookign for sex im lookign for a relationship :/ iv dated in my city but i dont think ill find what i want where i am its very lacking here in houston
Odell Thomas (10 years ago)
Hip Hop cultures has many confused black men trying assimilate something that their not and running after men who are just as confused aS them. Civility and good social skills aren't common in todays Gay Culture.
Morgan (10 years ago)
There's nothing wrong with having fun online with the various sites. However I had 1 bad experience and that was enough to delete and never return to certain sites. I met someone who became obsessed 2 quick. Anyway, I agree it's nothing wrong wit speaking to folks casually online, but I learned that most people want to know if they can fuck from jump. So I'm over that phase, i was neva gud at it no way. I love the Jazmine Sullivan song, it's stuck in my head now;o)

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