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How To Find Peace? Let Go - Russell Brand The Trews (E359)

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Today's spiritual Trews discusses simple and effective ways to let go of the obstacles to Enlightenment and become free of negativity. Come see the Trew World Order tour in South Africa, Australia & New Zealand - click these links below Australia: http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=RUSSELLB15&eg=FANC&ep=FANCLUB South Africa: http://online.computicket.com/web/event/russell_brand_trew_world_order_tour/928355356 New Zealand: http://www.ticketmaster.co.nz/Russell-Brand-tickets/artist/1206095 Subscribe Here Now: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg and send links to video news items of topical stories that you'd like me to analyse. Buy a 'Trews' Tshirt here: http://www.russellbrand.com/trinkets/ Produced directed & edited by Gareth Roy. Trews Theme by The Rubberbandits Thanks to Jimi Mackay: @jimimackay and Urban Nerds: www.urbannerdscollective.com for our creative services
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Text Comments (1881)
Bruce Winship Wright (3 days ago)
Russell Brand is cool.  I made a little video about the most powerful and heavily suppressed truth known to man.  Check it out when you can...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4aHae6p__g
H Z (6 days ago)
Wow i had no idea this man has 14 years clean .....it does show , great talk by the way !
Wayne Pilling (19 days ago)
We should all follow the wolf into the forest and not return to this synthetic system.
monstersince (1 month ago)
brand is the most self absorbed punter of shite. never suggest this pratt to me again youtube. https://youtu.be/88WZqARFXt4
jesse ******* (2 months ago)
Haha so good 😏
Charlene Chartrand (2 months ago)
Wow... what a difference time and experience has on a person. The innate set points of a personality are essentially the same... but the demeanor can change so dramatically. 2015 Russell's energy level is soooo high. It's like his thoughts are flowing faster than his mouth can speak them. But now... 2019 Russell is so calm. His speech is so measured and calculated. 2015 Russell is overwhelming... 2019 Russell is so comforting.... how a person can grow! There's hope for me!
Irene Alexandra Chirtas (2 months ago)
It`s quite amazing how much he has matured and how much calmer he is now (2019) than when this video was filmed.
asjeable (2 months ago)
I never believed in a god. But to me Russell is..Did i hear that right your saying that your a .lunatic? .....Great! I'm the townsfool.
Cynthia Waldrop (2 months ago)
Mad World
Om Love (3 months ago)
What IS that white hunk on the bed above the book?? Tissue? Cauliflower? Two pieces of bread hand mashed together??
Lucy Wright (3 months ago)
Love love love love love love love
Nina C (3 months ago)
I appreciate that you have a more strong presence on YouTube. YouTube has always really resonated with me. Your story, political viewpoints, and attempt to truly deal with drug offenders in a more fair way, makes your style very intriguing, and I highly admire your unapologetic authenticity. Having a good pep talk is always a huge benefit to not getting bogged down with all of life's bullshit, and your words do it. Thank you for expanding to YouTube to share your experiences, and share your wisdom, to those who may benefit. I need that dose of positive philosophy to balance out the completely deflating viewpoints of others who spread their ideas through this platform, ones I've been exploring a lot more lately. As such, I've noticed to pay heed that maybe nothing is worth it, but I know that's not true. Much appreciation for keeping my mentality and outlook a bit more balanced, and easily accessible videos such as these are really motovating.
Lee Thomas (3 months ago)
Highly intelligent person must been a hoot in recovery with him
Miss Lemon (3 months ago)
Thank you. I'm halfway through "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, to balance me out between chapters of "Being and Nothingness" by Jean-Paul Sartre (an intense read). Finding myself inspired by the synchronicities and hope in such stories/ideas, including what I've heard in this video.
ann brewer (3 months ago)
There is no peace for black ppl. They r being murdered and beaten to death by the police here in America. The cops r arresting ppl for helping the homeless too. The pigs also harass other races too, everyone. It's a total fucking nightmare here, has been for decades even centuries!!! I don't know how much more I can take. Sometimes i wish i could just die in my sleep. I really hate the pigs here. They r everywhere on every corner just to waiting to beat ppl up and kill us!!!! I have no warrants, i have done nothing wrong so why am i so scared? Because i have dealt with them on traffic stops and i have seen them do things to ppl that is very evil. I can't take living this way much longer Russell. America is a pig state. Nothing but pigs everywhere .
Bear Talk (3 months ago)
Piss be upon that pedo rat mohammed
Terence Hennegan (3 months ago)
Jacob Rees-mogg seems to have what Russel is referring to. No external influence effects him he’s on his own frequency. Quite impressive.
Family Fun Jeannie K (3 months ago)
This is one of my favorite Trews Each time i hear it i get something new to understand
S Lmont (3 months ago)
I didn't feel good today. I watched this and felt better. Thank you Russell
Mae Weft (3 months ago)
Natasha Covich (4 months ago)
Brilliant.... You are always such an inspiration. I totally understand living on the edge of the fense of insanity and tranquillity.... It's a very fine line huh lol . So your explanations and advice are again.... So helpful. 😜😎
Carolyn Rivergem (4 months ago)
Russell, at 3:45 you said, "You, to a degree, have such a strong relationship with your inner life, with the Infinite Consciousness within you, the Consciousness that I would argue, and am arguing now, is connected to all phenomena, that external stimuli are not what governs you."  (I copied that down for my quote book.)  When you say things like that, so rapidly and fluidly, yet with perfect grammar and brilliant syntax, it almost seems as if you are "channeling."
CJ 422 (4 months ago)
My favorite person
Kate McKay (4 months ago)
One word: same haha!!
Aimee Montgomery (4 months ago)
My thoughts exactly 😂 I get muscle testing done a lot, it’s done wonders for my health. It is amazing how when you can go inward and acknowledge your needs and start doing just meangless hobbies it turns into self love
Agent Smith (4 months ago)
If I slow the video down to 0.75 speed Russell sounds like a normal person
Mansell5Senna8 5 (4 months ago)
I have to play this at 0.75 to understand it all
PAULA HERRON (4 months ago)
Get yourself a nice bit of black turmaline 🕉🕉🕉 ground all that abundance of energies coursing through you're body 😂😂😂
PAULA HERRON (4 months ago)
Ruled by the moon 🌙 I think a nice bit of full moon release ritual can help mind body and more importantly soul/spirit 🕉✌️🌈
Sabrina Marie (4 months ago)
Really good!
Jamal Nabhan (5 months ago)
You put the A back into Amazing Russel.!!!
Latasha Ratliff (5 months ago)
I have been watching your videos, and wearing a pair of russel underwear! Your awesome, on my knees here, I need you
Peter Stone (6 months ago)
Self realisation is the starting point of reality! We are all seeking something, but what it is that we are truly seeking. ...is our Spirit/Self realisation! Because it's only the Spirit that can give us 'Complete ' Peace and Satisfaction. ..because it's absolute! We must achieve our yoga/union with the Self! Sahaja yoga is different from other yogas, because it STARTS with self realisation, instead of that being an unobtainable goal, of a false practice /ritual! Btw SY is NEVER ritualistic, but is a protocol, to achieving our Second birth!
3506Dodge (6 months ago)
If someone is completely content, they'll never do anything. isn't some discontent good for human psychological development?
3506Dodge (6 months ago)
So "trews" means 'truths"?
jayone23 (6 months ago)
russle i was in a 3 year relationship with a woman who would always go out clubbing and stay in hotels in placing like south hampton exc and i always suspected she was unfaithful but never let it get in the way of our relationship, now that we have broken up im starting to think about these things and its become hard to let go! not because of the love we shared but because i have no idea what the truth is. as human beings we are always searching for the truth and i think its difficult to just let go of wondering. is it possible to truly move on?
Cady Youngbauer (6 months ago)
whoevers holding that camera is driving me insane its wobbling lol
Kathleen Fredrickson (7 months ago)
What you say is wise, but it's hard for me to follow you because you speak so fast and you have an accent. If you could slow down a bit it would communicate more peace, in my opnion. Still, you have my rapt attention.
Hello from New Zealand. You're fuking brilliant. 😀
grimble (8 months ago)
This life won't leave you alone for a second. In the future, at some point, you'll get old (if you don't die young) and sick and have heart attacks and brain strokes and cancer and fear of death and anxiety, and the most painful disease of all; no one cares.
Suzanne Blaylock (8 months ago)
You make me laugh outloud ! OMGoodness you are a nut. Thanks for that.
Deandra Johnson (8 months ago)
Holy crap u talk fast!
Thuan Nguyen (8 months ago)
I download Letting Go on the kindle store and really like it so far! Its really relaxing and feels nice to let go of negative feeligs! Thanks for letting us know about this book :)
Thuan Nguyen (8 months ago)
Fantastic! Thank you Russell!
Naufal Avianda (9 months ago)
I've read 2 books written by David Hawkins: Transcending the Levels of Consciousness and Letting Go, I can't even describe how amazing these books are, i'm now buying other books written by him such as Power vs Forces as well as Healing and Recovery. I hope that his books are going to be published in more languages.
Samina Bukhari (9 months ago)
"Thank God, thank Mohamed!" You joker xx
caerulea0 (9 months ago)
Love this message so much, reality is in your own mind. Thank you for this video Russell it has helped me to be a little bit stronger in a pretty dark time.
Barrios Groupie (9 months ago)
I wonder if Russell takes cocaine like many celebrities?
summon_the _luminaries (9 months ago)
Very buddhist episode, Russ.
Mandy G (10 months ago)
Thank you. This is amazing 👍
Thomas womas (10 months ago)
This book changed my life. I discovered it a couple of years ago and ever since letting go of all my supressed/repressed emotions, life has never been better. I highly, highly recommended reading David Hawkins’ book. Cheers for sharing Russell!
Alfa Mo (10 months ago)
You are a gem Mr. Brand. Remain blessed.
CM G (10 months ago)
Craig Coates (10 months ago)
This man and his words, wisdom and views are literally mind blowingly amazing. BRILLIANT
Antoni Groulx-Comeau (10 months ago)
1:40 - LOA explained at its best 😂 haha
Katarzyna Kaczmarek (10 months ago)
I like what you are saying and you make me laugh too!!! 🙃💜
Laura Kennedy (10 months ago)
Ha! Yes so spiritually close to the surface I'm going to kill you. Lmao yes. Passions can certainly percolate
Noey Tindol (10 months ago)
December Leigh (10 months ago)
I agree with everything in the book, EXCEPT at the beginning he said Health & Wealth won't make you find happiness, peace, etc. If you have chronic pain, 24/7, for a decade or more....you can NEVER BE SPIRITUALLY CONTENT! So conversely, if everything else is in spiritual alignment, HEALTH CAN CONTROL YOUR MIND, making it impossible to find or keep peace. This is something you MUST experience to understand. The depth of despair, anxiety & depression ....your mind can't be at peace & think properly when you're in severe chronic pain caused by chronic illnesses & diseases, etc. It's the one thing where MIND OVER MATTER can't work.....unless you get the pain under control you can't control your thoughts. That's why the suicide rate is so high among Vets & others who have been cut out of pain management by the gov.. 7 people ODed in ONE small County in 7 days....5 over the age of 65!!!! Whether they turned to illict drugs or ODed on the pain meds they had left.....they committed suicide! There is NO "PILL EPIDEMIC"....DEA created a SHORTAGE in 2012. This is a culling of the sick & injured from society! People are too brainwashed to see it. The media lies & they believe them! The CDC has been sued for lying ....this EPIDEMIC isn't in the top 10 leading causes of death....but suicide is. I wish Russell or anyone famous would address this. 100 MILLION Americans essentially being put on death row...Veterans, the elderly, the young....pretty much like Hitler & who he killed 1st. Wake up, it won't stop with the VA.
Dean's Life (11 months ago)
I see you've got a book behind you there by Neil Strauss. Isn't he the guy who wrote a dating book called 'the game'. I don't believe there is such a thing. It's confidence and flirting and enjoying yourself. Was you into pickup Russel and that's why you were always after women and flirting on tv because you thought they would bring you happiness or make you feel wanted? Would be interesting to know.
Talles Gabriel (11 months ago)
Elaine nicholson (11 months ago)
Russell you make me feel less scared about life 💛
Peregrine Moss (11 months ago)
To one of the most articulate people on planet earth (Russell Brand) why do people put a question mark at the end of a "How to..." sentence?
FreeFallin T (11 months ago)
That's me. I'm so focused on it because I have to be. It helps me stay on track and away from my addictions. Gives me happiness and peace within when I used to think you could only get that sort of contentment from a pill.
Mek Gurung (1 year ago)
100% worth watching
Sherry hendricks (1 year ago)
I CAN listen to YOU for hours👍🙏
Sherry hendricks (1 year ago)
LOVE the differente voices👍
Biutiful (1 year ago)
Letting is profound book indeed.Rereading 2 times would be sufficient.
Charles Merritt (1 year ago)
Sweet. I learned about that arm stuff a very long time ago by my massage therapist. It actually really really works. I can't explain it, but it does. I'm gonna read more up about it. She was the only person I ever met to talk about it. Glad I watched this!
Lucas Smith (1 year ago)
Biocentrism is the best thing that could happen in my life, biocentrism is the higher self
DMT (1 year ago)
Such a funny man
The Cooneys (1 year ago)
Fascinating man. I'm on the path just now and I'm loving every minute of finding my true self. Namaste X
Marlene Cronje (1 year ago)
Thank you Russ, I needed this ❤️ I’ve been in the awakening process the last year and am an intuitive lol not being peaceful 100% of the time is what people don’t speak of. Letting go and surrender is the ego’s greatest battle 😂😂
Carey M (1 year ago)
You do realize there is a band called the "Trews" and they are pretty big. You should give them a listen,they are pretty good!
Liz O (1 year ago)
Do you have a dog?
Dominik Kleina (1 year ago)
He's definitely enlightened, and I like it.
Rezwaana Ebrahim (1 year ago)
I always always refer back to this video. Some much truth. Love it! ❤️🙏🏽
jupiter moongauge (1 year ago)
1. "Spiritual truth" does not exist. The "spirit" is a construct of the human mind without any evidence. It is merely a lazy way of projecting and tying together certain ideas in the absence of fact. In brands case it's just a form of wishful thinking that he is taking to extreme and illogical levels(which also sums up religion) 2. 1:30 "the reason I have to focus on spirituality ,I'm a lunatic" yes Russell, I agree 3. Changing ones perception is not "spirituality" it is a mental process achieved through a combination of experience in the physical realm and thinking 4.shove your "spirituality" up your arse, you not very funny self confessed lunatic, we need thought and honesty not fairy tales. We have had thousands of years of "spirituality" in the form of the murderous, oppressive, raping, warmongering, homophobic cults of Christianity ,lslam etc. Spirituality isn't really working out, is it Russell
you are furious...
Gabrielle Bernstein talks a lot about fear in fact it seems to be reoccurring in most things I am listening to/watching/reading #spirtualjourney #spiritjunkie
Duncan Nortier (1 year ago)
I just like way he speaks
Our spiritual “practice” is people in every day living. The “difficult” ones are our greatest teachers so let’s embrace the next lesson that awaits us. 🙏🙏🙏
hina ajmal (1 year ago)
Dear Russell, the mention of Muhammad and Jesus together from your mouth is like honey to my ears :) This video reminds me of a lecture by Nouman Ali Khan who wonderfully explained the 8 levels of personality people can have.. And he began by describing the lowest level of personality and that is..."a personality in pursuit of happiness" (the American dream of Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness) Then he takes you one by one to higher levels of personalities and as you listen to him you judge your own self..which personality am I?? And when you pursue what the greatest personalities in human history (all prophets , like Adam, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Jesus, Muhammad) pursued then happiness comes automatically as a byproduct.. So what is that thing we should pursue? First guess ..then watch the video to find out ;) Skim thru if you dont have time :p https://youtu.be/vX-8i9t5SYc Dear Russell, when I heard the above lecture I thought of you and you are right, you are a bit like Jesus because you pursue the highest thing a human can pursue..but above all, the most important thing is that you "pursue". I am just editing this comment to tell you I just prayed that you listen to this lecture..if you do, I swear it's divine intervention cz you possibly can't be reading my msg out of 1K comments unless God wills.. I pray you find the truth and find the strength to stay with it and leave the world with a legacy behind and succeed in this world and more importantly the next. Take care!
Jael Pyykönen (1 year ago)
DJBLESSD (1 year ago)
How do you escape life and emotions without inducing anything. When you don't want to be alive anymore??
K Moher (1 year ago)
Love your videos!!
Paul Jessen (1 year ago)
Thanks Russell :)
Rebecca h (1 year ago)
I couldn't agree more with the intro. I am super interested in a calm, rational, connected, intentional life because I am none of these things most of the time. My boyfriend on the other hand thinks it's all ridiculous and but he is most of these things in his natural state. Lucky bastard. :P Thanks for the Trews Russel!
Hello Russell thankyou soo much for this channel and for being so awesome i need some advice iam a Survivor of teen dating abuse from two Ex Boyfriends starting at age 16 and a survivor of domestic violence and assisted Suicide from my father and his wife when I was diagnosed with depression at 18 I was on Suicide watch at my fathers house no one was talking to me Music saved my life and my father and his wife handed me a knife to end my life with and they just stood there laughing but I had a amazing experience in that moment the knife was laying in front of me I was able to see myself going to work the next morning so I Survived
Michelle Taylor-Gill (1 year ago)
Money for nothing and chicks for free! Hello revamped trees!💃💃😂💃
Trish Mc (1 year ago)
bless you man my soul thanks yours 🙏
Trace This Space (1 year ago)
Second time watching this; feels just as insightful as watching it for the first time. Thank you!
led zeppelin (1 year ago)
You make me feel so calm. Wish I could meet you and give you a beeeeeeeg hug. x
girlsoup01 (1 year ago)
God i love this man
Michelle Taylor-Gill (1 year ago)
If anyone feels suicidal after this listen to kid Cudi 💕💕💃👟💕💃😊😊💃😊📚📚❤️️💵🔥
Michelle Taylor-Gill (1 year ago)
The way you talk it sounds like you treat 12 step meetings like a knocking shop. Frankly Russell I have lost all respect for you.💕💃👟💃❤️️😊❤️️😊👚👚🇲🇽👚😊👚🔥💯📚📚📚🙏😊😊😊🇯🇲🔥👚call chip somers
Michelle Taylor-Gill (1 year ago)
1:30 that drunk mf there are not any in 12 step meetings and if there are you only purpose in being there is to carry the message to them to learn more Google Russell 💃💃💕💕💕👟💕👟💕🇯🇲💕
t a (1 year ago)
Oddly enough he makes more sense than any therapist self help book,program etc that I have been working with for decades. Plus he has a ability to hold my attention span and it's free.
Colette Concannon (1 year ago)
fantastic 😊

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