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The Pro Jr. & Blues Jr. IV with Sadler Vaden | Hot Rod Amplifiers | Fender

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Watch as Sadler Vaden (Drivin' N' Cryin', Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit) demos the newly updated Hot Rod Pro Junior IV and Blues Junior IV amplifiers. Learn more at http://bit.ly/hotrodIV SUBSCRIBE NOW: http://bit.ly/FenderSubscribe SHOP FENDER: http://bit.ly/ShopFender About Fender: Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is the world’s foremost manufacturer of guitars, basses, amplifiers and related equipment. With an illustrious history dating back to 1946, Fender has touched and transformed music worldwide and in nearly every genre: rock ‘n’ roll, country and western, jazz, rhythm and blues, and many others. Connect with Fender: Visit FENDER WEBSITE: https://www.fender.com Like FENDER on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/fender Follow FENDER on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/fender Follow FENDER on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/fender Follow FENDER on SNAP: https://www.snapchat.com/add/fender Follow FENDER ACOUSTICS: http://bit.ly/FenderAcousticsIG The Pro Jr. & Blues Jr. IV with Sadler Vaden | Hot Rod Amplifiers | Fender https://www.youtube.com/fender
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Fender (7 months ago)
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Len Bias III (17 days ago)
Guy is a boss.
creepshow69 (18 days ago)
I'm interested in the Pro Junior. I need a gigable, super-lightweight amp (around 20 lbs., I have a bad back injury). I wish it had a bit more clean headroom, but it should be ok. A musician I know uses one live and recommends it. Unfortunately, in every demo I hear for the Pro Junior, they are using either a Strat or a Tele. I'd love to hear a good demo like this video, but with humbuckers.
Jim Harris (1 month ago)
Very well done Demo!
Alex GyCa (3 months ago)
Is that amp capable for live playing?
z z (3 months ago)
A few things Fender could have revised on these amps that would have made a big difference.Fender makes fortune off these amps I'm pretty sure.Talk about low cost components with their buying power. Those cabs are both too small/shallow,you are limited in speaker choice and it makes them sound small and boxy.If Fender insists on particle board (PJ is anyway)can't they at least allow us the very inexpensive upgrade of extending the cabs 3/4 inch deeper?It would make a world of difference for very little cost. Fender should put bias trimmer pots inside,my BJ was biased WAY too hot(a common complaint),what a pain in the @ss to rebias them.A trimmer pot is very cheap component,Fender scraped pennies where they could have greatly(and cost effectively)increased the usefulness of these amps.The transformers(both) are anemic but could be argued are part of the charm in the tone(get's loose and compressed,somewhat muddy cranked),I don't hear of them failing often though.Those excessively hot power tubes can't be good for the PCB's they are mounted to either. Fender get's by on it's brand recognition but like most things when companies skimp and trim too much it comes back to bite them,not a good long term strategy.Are you listening Fender?
Eric Beil (4 months ago)
This guy is great. Super demo great playing concise explanations. Well recorded as well it doesn’t sound like close miking barrow sound that most demos suffer from. Great work and two great amps
lanthaniated1 (4 months ago)
IMO gotta be a 12 inch speaker Jr. I had a Tele in mind until I saw this review... now I need to demo the American Pro...
Blake Estell (4 months ago)
I just got a USA pro jr but with the Fender v 1030 instead of the Blue Frame. Any suggestions on how to beef it up? I’m not too happy with the tone right now
Tom Monfron (6 months ago)
Sadler might be my favorite session man ever. Well, maybe after Duane. (Edit) and Steve Cropper.
john Richardson (8 months ago)
It seems like the new Pro Jr. just has a different taper to its volume pot. So you have to turn it to 10 rather than 5 on the older models. It's great that they finally put a P10R in it as a stock speaker. It's much better than the Fender Special design speaker.
Rick Danner (9 months ago)
how about playing a couple of single note lines?
Wade Older (10 months ago)
is the input jack still wired to the circuit board?
Ceci Shaw (10 months ago)
Pro Jr all the way man
Colin Barbarin (10 months ago)
Anyone can tell me what's the song at the first? Please.
Colin Barbarin (1 month ago)
+Max Ruffino no way, sorry... This is an impro, can't find the song 'cause it not an official song.
Max Ruffino (10 months ago)
Colin Barbarin you can’t have it all by sadler vaden
Robert MacDonald (10 months ago)
I'd recommend getting some tube dampeners for the Pro Junior. The preamp tube likes to wiggle it's way out of the socket after playing at high volumes. Fender really should include covers for the price they want. The Pro Junior 1V sounds more like a really good Plexi to my ears than pure Fender but it's very cool. I do like the sparkle and the touch sensitivity is great. It loves my Alnico 2 and 3 pickups.
Brent Henson (11 months ago)
Atlanta Shred Company
Arlinda mustafaj (11 months ago)
ColRizz99 (11 months ago)
One of the best guitarists alive Reine Fiske plays fender, why isn't he anywhere on this channel?
John Parker (11 months ago)
One Fine Player I was fortunate to see the other night with the 400 Unit. A huge part the sound of that band. Yes a legend in the making and you sold me on the amp too
Artamus Sumatra (11 months ago)
Ironically, this is probably the best sounding demo of the American Professional Tele on youtube by far - and that’s not even what they are trying to demo here....😆👍 Really great playing, makes me glad I bought my AmPro!
RamblinAround (11 months ago)
Sadler Vaden is a legend in the making.
okavipra (11 months ago)
have a felling that if you have a shittz guitar , this amps will tell it , but , if your guitar is normal . they will award you with tone of much more weight that they are ...
Dennis Schell (11 months ago)
Tune up...
colaboytje (11 months ago)
'let's take a look'...? Oh, and only playing the bridge doesn't help to hear what bass response it has. To me, these amps sound more Brittish than Fender. Fender did the same with the Bassbreaker series, which doesn't sell well. I think many Fender fans expect a Fender to sound like a Fender. And lots would like to have a real Fender head amp. Why was the Super-Sonic dropped? If it was on the market today in head format, I would buy one today.
colaboytje (11 months ago)
Fender Oh, and it doesn't show on Fender.com
colaboytje (11 months ago)
Fender Thanks for the reply. My dealer said they weren't available anymore and I can't find it at any major dealers in Europe.
Fender (11 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback. Our Super-Sonic Amp Head is still available (in both black and blonde color ways) for purchase directly from Fender.com, or through your local dealer or favorite online retailer!
Christophe L (11 months ago)
Awww that Jr IV sounds awful
Andy J M (6 months ago)
Same, I was pretty impressed by this video. That tele seems ideal with those amps.
ocguitardude (11 months ago)
Christophe L I’m not hearing what your hearing. I think they both sound great. I guess we all hear things differently.
Max Ruffino (11 months ago)
So let’s check that out
Kyle Smith (11 months ago)
i love sadler. 0 interest in either amps as i sold my blues jr awhile ago, but fender did a great job getting sadler to demo these amps.
Pete Clarke (11 months ago)
Sadler is just the kind of guy to be using in these ads. Intelligent, amiable guy that has great old-school chops. Amps sounds awesome too. Great job Fender!
yobhsiFehT (11 months ago)
Gee, if only guitar gear marketing was filled with more buzz words 😐🙄
yobhsiFehT (11 months ago)
bradleyjowe Built like a tank.
bradleyjowe (11 months ago)
yobhsiFehT They took a tried and true classic and made it more musical. Over the top tone.
Fraser Kininmonth (11 months ago)
First 2 riff names anyone? If they are actually songs?
Taylor Smith (11 months ago)
Their originals from his self titled album. First ones called You can’t have it all.
Corey Mineard (11 months ago)
Do I want another Pro Jr? Yeah. I do.
John Wanderin (11 months ago)
Saw Sadler play when I went to see Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit over the summer. One of the best concerts I've ever been to.
Abel Ramirez (11 months ago)
John Wanderin Jason is one of my favorites as far as country artists go
neilsthepoet (11 months ago)
Nice riffs man
Angel Martinez (11 months ago)
Hey this is great! What kind of Telecaster is that! It is fantastic. Do you have the link where I can buy it or try it out? Thanks..
TelecasticMagic (11 months ago)
Pete Clarke Yep it’s an American Pro
Pete Clarke (11 months ago)
No, it's a Fender American Professional Telecaster
Antoine Le Notre (11 months ago)
Angel Martinez I guess it is simply a standard Mexican tele Olympic white finish isn't it ?
Carl Montney (11 months ago)
A British voiced speaker in the new Blues Jr IV? Why in the hell Fender want to do that? Players that buy Fender guitar amps aren't looking for other type tones, they want the Fender sound. If I wanted an amp with British voicing I'd just go and buy a VOX. Aftermarket speaker manufacturers will be happy as owners rush to put replacement Fender voiced speakers in the amp.
adamwebb241 (5 months ago)
Out yo ass you be talking. The A type is voiced for American style tones
slimturnpike (8 months ago)
Along with the eagle and stars, yep, intended to be American in sound. Not sure it really achieves that. I would swap out for a Weber.
slimturnpike (8 months ago)
or 6V6
colaboytje (11 months ago)
The Paranoid Blues Man What are you talking about?
The Paranoid Blues Man (11 months ago)
No Blues Junior sounds like a true Fender. The old one I owned was exactly the same... Very bright, with almost no bass. They all have a distinctly Voxy top end.
Alexander Damm (11 months ago)
oh hai mark
yumadapaka (10 months ago)
so thats why it seemed to me like he's the expert
Carlos Cajilig (11 months ago)
I mean, the guitar, the music, the sexy amp... I mean, what's going on here?
Farhan Fahmi (11 months ago)
Alexander Damm ahahha he does look a lot like Greg Sestero
Robert Banyaga (11 months ago)
The Pro Jr kills!!! Such a great amp!!!
captainjaneway3000 (1 month ago)
It sounds cleaner and thinner to me than the Blues Jr which sounds warm and fat.
yashar ashik (11 months ago)
tesla pete (11 months ago)
Why so I start drooling when he cranks it all the way up? 😍
David Hawthorne (11 months ago)
I have the Pro Jr and have slowly sold all my other amps. Sadler Vaden has the best name in Rock and Roll
Kid-Again (8 months ago)
it seems the blues jr is alot cleaner and louder in this video
Artamus Sumatra (11 months ago)
David Hawthorne And some of the best chops!
Jerry Severson (11 months ago)
Nice pickin' Sadler!
Steve K (1 year ago)
I don't like having the studio mic right up on the amp speaker for demos. Let's try to get a mic in the room to simulate what it sounds like to our ears just playing. I realize you can't please everyone.....some would complain "but how does it sound in the PA?". And "can it cut in the mix?" It is my humble opinion that hearing the amp as best we can like we play it in our home or studio room is the most important thing. Recording or live gigs can be enhanced and supported. How does our ear hear the amp? I do not know because this mic is jammed up on the amp speaker/.
Jake Hoff (9 months ago)
Steve K well the camera’s are not too far from him and having a ribbon or condenser far away is still entirely plausible, however I don’t disagree. Part of why I watch amp demos though is to see the quality of the amp once it is mic’d, both for studio work and gigging. However I agree, seeing it mic’d to capture more of the ear’s response would be a nice addition. When they’re trying to show off the gain and the updated reverb it does make sense to record it close though. At least in my opinion.
Graham Preston (9 months ago)
Steve K (11 months ago)
Welll...All is see is one stuffed up in the speaker. And the amp has reverb. So where is this phantom room mic you say they have? I do not see it and there's no reason to "assume" there's one. Of course! there is no excuse to not just hear it for yourself and just buy n try. I am just saying hearing the close up mic and the room, might be different. WHo knows that they did to the mic signal.
Jake Hoff (11 months ago)
Steve K im assuming they have one behind the camera judging by the decay however it could be subtle digital reverb
ThreeChordGuitar (1 year ago)
Sadler Vaden is the man.
Artamus Sumatra (4 months ago)
Yes he is, I bought his album after hearing this demo, it’s great! 😁👍
Stephen Webb (10 months ago)
ThreeChordGuitar peter

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