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Maho sonesta 30th march 2018 after hurricane Irma St Martin

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St Maarten
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9119HELLO (10 months ago)
I turned 50 at this hotel on october 11,2015
Kelly Taylor (10 months ago)
I've been there 3 times and loved it...the last time it was under new management, not so good. I did notice something in this video....lots of construction but not a person in sight
ISLAND SHAPE RUM BOTTLE. (11 months ago)
SkepticAll (1 year ago)
When the camera panned to Penha, it zoomed to the tenth floor windows of the room at the Sonesta, where my wife and I enjoyed our honeymoon. Still shaking my head at the amount of damage Irma did and the repairs still required to get this beautiful facility up and running. You can be sure we'll be back when it reopens.
Darius ben (1 year ago)
Nice !
Alpha Girl (1 year ago)
I absolutely love seeing these videos of my favorite place I've ever been! I've stayed at the Maho twice and I loved it, everything about it! The location, the beach, the planes, the food, the nightlife. I can still taste those guavaberry coladas. Great to see the progress, the strength and resilience of the people. I can't wait to stay at the Maho again in the future!!
Darius ben (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend
kris brewer (1 year ago)
I love your videos. It is so nice to see all the wonderful progress the island has made since Irma. Will be back in May on our way to Anguilla.
Pamela Jenkins (1 year ago)
Horrifying and now realising the extent of the wrath of IRMA.
Kathy D (1 year ago)
Merci beaucoup.
Darius ben (1 year ago)
Avec plaisir.

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