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Launching a clothing brand or fashion line? Here are some don'ts!! Want to start a fashion brand or clothing line? Let clothing brand mentor Jon Phenom help. I offer consultation/ brand coaching for start-ups. +Design +Brand Strategy +Production +Streamlining I love speaking at events or hosting panels. http://jonphenom.co +EMAIL ME Hi (at)jonphenom (dot) co +INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/jonphenom/ +TWiTTERS http://twitter.com/jonphenom
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Text Comments (32)
U.C.ME!! Visuals MG (2 months ago)
How would you transition from one site to the next i.e. like from Big Cartel to Shopify??...do I have to build a whole new site??
Wood Pepper (1 year ago)
interested. I am impressed Nandhu
Manny Garcia (1 year ago)
hey wassup.. ive been doing a lot of reasearch in starting my own clothing brand ..and had a name at first but re-thought it , i want a name that comes from "life struggles" ... i know peoples thoughts are their own thoughts but do you have a brand name or ideas i can use from that.?? thank you.
Manny Garcia (1 year ago)
+john phenom
Subtle Provisions (2 years ago)
Love your videos man. Hopefully I can launch my own brand soon.
Prince Shah (2 years ago)
and nice shirt dude...
Prince Shah (2 years ago)
dude go for subs and well done.....
Berto Flores (2 years ago)
Im looking to build a TEAM! looking for a marketing director / Sales team. check the BRAND out! -- G O D S -- Gold Oil Drugs Sin. its what makes our world go round. www.OfficialGODS.com please email if interested - [email protected] Look forward to hearing from you guys!
Jason Vinson (2 years ago)
what company do you suggest for hem tags and neck tags?????
G Man (3 years ago)
great info and honesty .thanks jon
James S. Bonds (3 years ago)
So much content and gems in your videos man. I have learned so much from you. Hopefully I will get to meet you at tradeshow or fashion event soon. Be on the lookout for my brand YoungAftertheMoney.
Jamal B (1 year ago)
James S. Bonds Good shit dude! looks good
James S. Bonds (1 year ago)
NoTime ToWaste Thank you! I'm humbled that you took time to check it out, So much in the works for this year. Gonna keep grinding and growing. 🏧🙏🏾
Tian ! (1 year ago)
Checked your brand out, super awesome stuff man!
Jon Phenom (3 years ago)
+James S. Bonds Yessir!! Imma be out there. Hope we meet. It's always crazy when I meet a sun from my channel. I still feel like no one watches me sometimes.
569lb_To_Beast (3 years ago)
how do you go about pricing your clothing. I know that i start with my cost to make the item like say i do a shirt that is silkscreen and the shirt is 1.50 to buy and i use waterbase or plastisol ink and i have 1 quart that cost 30.00 and i know from that quart i can make 300 shirts so i know i divide 30/300 it $.10cents so in total that $1.60 to make plus labor if i pay my self 10hr and i do 75 shirts hour  that .13cents that a grand total of $1.73 So how do your price for whole sale and retail and web based sale also for web base do i include shipping or have the buyers pay for shipping
Eric Martinez (3 years ago)
You don't account your labor, that's cost of being in self business
matt jackson (3 years ago)
Please can someone tell me the copyright laws towards putting a movie quote or song name and celebs faces on my clothing please
Jaz .C (1 year ago)
Jamal B 😂😂
Jamal B (2 years ago)
DimensionZombie MySpace? 😅😅😅😅😅
DimensionZombie (2 years ago)
check out the Myspace website
brandonharima (3 years ago)
Hey Jon you're videos are mad informative. I am starting a new brand and in the r&d stages at the moment. When we are at a stage when we think we are ready to launch is there a way of contacting you for professional consulting? And by all means we are willing to pay for your time and services. All the help would be much appreciated. Thanks
Jody Drinkwalter (3 years ago)
thank you for this info, im just beginning my venture.
Jody Drinkwalter (3 years ago)
Thank you Jon:)
Lorenzo Burton (4 years ago)
Thank you sir. www.facebook.com/LorenzoFitnessDoneRight
jno1lilno (4 years ago)
thanks john
Jackson O'Neil (4 years ago)
Do I need to spend alot of money on a web design?
Mosqidou (4 years ago)
Damn this was a good video 
Joseph Chazaray (4 years ago)
Can you please do a video on what needs to happen before you can put a famous person, movie quote, character from a movie, or graphic you find online on a T Shirt.
Gabriel Payne (1 year ago)
Joseph Chazaray Yes. I would really like to know how to go about accomplishing this too.
Minnesota John (4 years ago)
Soo enjoy your videos, and trying to soak up all the information.  Thank you!
Eduardo Castillo (4 years ago)
Thanks for answering the good questions

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