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Here's what happened when a fashion brand on instagram decided to block me, take down my pictures and buy fake twitter accounts to send me a message. Follow me on Insta @kristenleo A S K: http://kristenleotsakou.tumblr.com/ S O C I A L: BLOG - http://kristenleotsakou.blogspot.com/ INSTAGRAM - http://instagram.com/KristenLeo/ SNAPCHAT kristen.leo TWITTER - https://twitter.com/KristenLeo TUMBLR - http://kristenleotsakou.tumblr.com/ __ Top by American Apparel (sweatshop free) http://store.americanapparel.net/en/ __ WATCH THIS! 101 Reasons to Go Vegan https://youtu.be/W4HJcq8qHAY Gary Yourofsky's Best Speech You Will Ever Hear https://youtu.be/es6U00LMmC4 Sweatshop Documentary: http://bit.ly/1G2tvqh The True cost Documentary: http://truecostmovie.com/ LEARN MORE ABOUT UNETHICAL MATERIALS FUR https://youtu.be/DE56fAD3HyE ANGORA https://youtu.be/PtAFHyXS31M LEATHER https://youtu.be/6WB7ekqInfc WOOL https://youtu.be/M5Ge5raSOfU FAQ'S: Are you Greek? - I'm half Greek half Portuguese. Where do you live? - In Greece Why do you have an American accent? - My parents grew up in the US so I was raised bilingual speaking Greek and English What camera do you use? - For my main videos I use the canon 5d mark ii with a 24-70mm f/2.8 sigma lens or the 40mm pancake lens. For vlogs usually my gopro hero 4 silver or the canon s120 (very bad audio, wouldn't recommend this to anyone) *This is not a sponsored video
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Pang Kou Xiong (8 days ago)
I love how you went about it. It sucks because of how easy they block your comments and delete your posts. I hope everyone opens their eyes to what's happening. I've watched the True Costs, and several documentaries, and it breaks my heart. I hope everyone can at least put a thought into what they're supporting with their money. Thanks again!
Lizzy Mae (18 days ago)
i completely understand those feeling like the #govegan was too much but you can clearly tell that they use sweatshops based on the prices and the style.
blonde_ redhead__ (1 month ago)
I experienced similar events. I feel you and see you. that kind of work is important! <3
Jasmina (2 months ago)
Two years later and I blasted their instagram again, hope the memories of bad pr and messiness will resurface
Ines ID (3 months ago)
Big companies with money can take everything down, they don't need a reason if they have money.
shagufta jilani (4 months ago)
Haha You are freakin' awesome !!
Abril Tejeda (4 months ago)
For some reason MiuMiu blocked me on IG. No idea why lol
Sabina (4 months ago)
Hey, I am so happy to find your channel recommended by Shelbizlee! You are my new hero and it is so easy to just post your videos to my friends explaining them what is on my mind (cause I am not very good in saying it in my own words)!!
Kristen Leo (4 months ago)
Wow thank you so much! 💖💖 Shelbi is amazing, so glad you found me through her ☺️
Dana M (5 months ago)
Ive had issues with VergeGirl too 😂 theyre so unprofessional
Aeri Miao (6 months ago)
I know this video is 2 years old but i just haaave to comment YOU GO GIRL! I've been watching your videos and am a fan. Please keep it up and continue to inspire/educate the world <3
Gitte Van de velde (7 months ago)
I'm not vegan and I'll never be, because eating vegan often involves having to eat food that definitely comes from the other side of the world if you live in a relatively cold climate, like I do, and it isn't all sunshine either (animals are actually killed to allow many foods that are praised by vegans to grow ) and I'm just not into that. But once I can actually choose what I eat (I still live at home, am 17) I will definitely ask questions, of where the meat comes from and where it is produced. My parents already often eat biologically produced (as in, not from giant factories where the animals are treated like shit. They just had a happy life and were then killed, and everything dies) Also comparing it to eating your dog or cat doesn't work for everyone. I hate my cat (my sister's actually) with a burning passion. The fluffy beast doesn't have any manners throws up, pisses in the house, and he doesn't understand it when we lock him outside for a day that it is because he did something wrong. If there ever is a famine I would definitely eat him, if that means surviving. Don't get me wrong - I understand the ethics by not eating animals, or consuming anything from animals. They are often treathed badly, in their short life, and it also has many environmental issues. That's, without a doubt, a fact. But everything has at least *some* kind of impact, wether you want to admit it or not. I would try to take care of animals and the environment by eating locally, and unless I want to survive on cabbage and carrots all winter , that also includes a healthy amount of meat, a healthy amount, a normal amount, not the excess unnessecary polluting amount that's often eaten. (Besides, my body doesn't like several kinds of meat anyway, but that also counts for vegetables.) And, so far, I don't plan on buying a car (they're ugly. Unless I find a coral of light warm green coloured oldimer-style hybrid car I won't buy a car) in the future either. So my carbon footprint is also minimized because of that. I like your videos, but your agressive approach regarding veganism in this video really, really puts me off.
Logan Tomlin (8 months ago)
you're my ethical idol tbh, thank you for inspiring me and others to do better!
Eileen L (11 months ago)
Back when I ate meat and enjoyed fashion without questioning how it was made, I would have been so offended by people like you. But now as I'm slowly realizing what is right and wrong and what really matters, I really appreciate activism like this.
Johnny Clean (1 year ago)
Most people are brain-washed into living this weird life we live. I'll give you an example App-le uses rento-crowd to give the impression that their product is some how unique, rare and some how as rare as the Hope Diamond but its just some crappy phone with heaps of bugs, design flaws, and appears to me from posts ive read in threads to not even be of merchantible quality. Now frankly I couldn't care less but what does worry me is how stupid and gullible people are. This is the conclusion I came to after Apple sold so many phones. People are basically really stupid. People are really easy to trick. People will almost buy anything if you use clever tricks and marketing to sell it. These corporations know this. Which brings me to this conclusion. Your not going to make a dent in their sales because like I said the intelligence of the masses is small. Women can be lulled into wearing clothes like a prostitute. They can be made to even behave like a prostitute. This us how powerful the media are now. Your a rarity because most women want to consume. Money is all they care about.
S Maddox (1 year ago)
The truth hurts ! Sometimes making truthful comments are a great way to peacefully question and or protest a subject! Keep doing what your doing. It's so important to shine your light on the subject! If everyone did that, companies would change their tune !!!! Good job girl!!!
A k (1 year ago)
keep fighting the good fight <3
misha (1 year ago)
Same reaction i had to a Vegan and CF skincare company who shared posts on their insta about eating meat. They got called out on it too! GOOD JOB 👏🏻
Carolina Vasconcellos (1 year ago)
Why? Just why would you f*ing do that? Are you insane? You are one of those people who make veganism a really annoying thing. Tbh you made me wanna eat meat just out of rage.
Jaclyn McCosker (1 year ago)
Disappointing that people in the comments think you should be chill about the exploitation of both humans and animals. So much violence and cruelty and we're supposed to be passive and unemotional to be taken seriously.
Niamh Barden (1 year ago)
i love that you are vegan and you are so committed to thrifting
Cassandra Baker (1 year ago)
7:09-7:45 had me in tears. I just found your channel a few days ago and we have so many similar beliefs. A lot of vegans who are thin and tall and beautiful can be a bit fatphobic or mean/rude about body size and appearance in general. It's so encouraging to see that you are open minded and full of love. Thank you!
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+Cassandra Baker love you! 💖 Beauty doesn't come only in one size and brands need to start embracing that rather than fight against it!!!! 😘✨
siobhan coll (1 year ago)
So happy you've made me aware of ethical fashion. Keep up the good work. ❤️
Julia Gamble (1 year ago)
Love Kristen but this story is eh like she kinda started it tbh
Chloe Brown (1 year ago)
they probably reported your pic for harassment even though you were only trying to use your voice and speak your mind
r cervantes (1 year ago)
My grandma always tells me to not complain about society unless I can find alternatives I think you need to talk to my grandma
r cervantes (1 year ago)
Instead of bashing these fashion brands and complaining, maybe state alternatives to the situation
Vegan Jenny (1 year ago)
You go girl, we're behind you all the way #govegan
Lola Parra (1 year ago)
If I could like this video a thousand times, I would. I love the words you speak and the message you're sending. Keep being you 🙏🏼🙌🏼
anna (1 year ago)
What was this brand? :)
Veronica Lopez (1 year ago)
Were you a customer? We're all the people that you sent their way customers? I don't think they were affected since you guys weren't gonna spend money at their shop anyways. Not exactly their target audience.
Lareh (1 year ago)
Louise Dupuis (1 year ago)
You don't have any proof of what you are saying about the ethical working conditions of this brand ... You looks like a angry vegan that tried to find anything to expose them. Please show your sources more than just saying "I know this kind of brands" . I just suscribed to you thanks to your thrifting but I unsubscribed because of this ...
Mayerlin (1 year ago)
Good job! Btw, verge or verga= penis in French and Spanish vergegirl lol
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+Mayerlin 😂😂😂😂
lokosxlasmanualidades (1 year ago)
You are kinda my new role model.... kinda:))))))))) love you kristen!
madeline brenner (1 year ago)
You seem really into yourself
Abigail Tejada (1 year ago)
So if you fight for human rights are you pro life ? 🤔
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+Abigail Tejada human rights and unwanted foetus rights are not the same thing 😉
Elena E (1 year ago)
I went vegan, loved it, and still love it. But I experienced some health issues and deficits. Did a lot of research. Now I am taking Fish oil, and have some eggs few times a week, sometimes even some fish, my health issues are gone. I eat mainly vegan because I don't like the taste of animal products, but I do not believe it is good for everyone. I am putting a lot of hope to the super meat industry where they "plant" fake meat, so we can stop the cruelty for the animals such as environmental problems.
ChirpTheOwl (1 year ago)
I want to become vegan, but I feel like it's really hard, and I don't think my parents would support me. I think I'll just try and shop more ethically so that I do have some contribution for the better for this planet.
Isadora (1 year ago)
I'm so happy to have found you. We need more people like you in this world. You are a DOER. You don't just say 'I love animals'- you ACT on that and stand up for their rights and refuse to accept their torture and murder! You don't just say 'I believe in human rights'- you boycott brands that abuse workers and take a stand against fast fashion! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE AND SUCH AN INSPIRATION! If only more people saw the world this way.
Marie B (1 year ago)
I am not a vegan but I fully support you for expressing your thought. You are fighting for what you believe in and they are idiots. Keep fighting!
Clairesmind (1 year ago)
THANK YOUUUU Kristen omg I love you <3
I love you! So glad you're speaking up! You're the best 💕🌿
Vlogs by Andrea (1 year ago)
that's one reason why I love gorman. their models are of many races and skin colours.
Kristen Joubert (1 year ago)
You are not a nice person... you reacted in anger and self-righteousness. There's a better way :/
lejla letic (1 year ago)
How about you fight for children dying in Syria and Palestine, children starving to death all over the world! Believe me of you were starving to death you would scoff that pizza down. This vid is a example.of first world problems. coming from Bosnia myself I was so offended when the west came in to protect the animals while they were murdering children every day! Priorities!
Kimo Malik (1 year ago)
You are so cool! Subscribed.
lola (1 year ago)
i agree with the idea of veganism and all your views on being ethical. but actually there are reasons for not being vegan - i have a chronic autoimmune illness and am living on a strict diet. without this i would have to take a lot medication like immunosuppressives and they don't help as the diet i'm on. the diet contains some animal products which are essential. i would starve myself to death if i would only lean on the vegan side. maybe you could consider that as another point of view.
lola (1 year ago)
doesn't mean that i'm fine with having photos of dead animals on food thrown in my my face. i agree with your actions etc., hope you don't get me wrong!
Lesida (1 year ago)
if u want a good quality you have to use leather.. nobody don't want wear plastic leather.. I'm sorry
aggsummer (1 year ago)
as far as the whole food thing/dead animal picture is concerned, before i actually saw the picture with the pizza i literally thought that they posted a picture of a pizza with a whole big dead animal on it, literally. the way i see it you just went and commented in a pretty bad way on this picture which is considered to be a pretty much normal-looking picture, it was a pizza with prosciuto meat on it, italian style, its dead animal yeah, it is, but in everyday life we call it food when we see it, as im pretty sure when you were not vegan as well you did not say "oh i ate a dead animal today" i guess you were saying that you were eating food. so the fact that during this video you keep saying "the pizza with the dead animal on it" created a totally different picture for me in my mind. so what i see is that you just went ahead and commented/hated on this picture/account because of a picture of "normal looking" food that non-vegans usually eat. if you dont want dead animals in your feed you really should unfollow everyone that is not vegan on your instagram. another thing i did not understand was why you kept saying that this brand is not ethical when after a while you said yourself that you had no idea where and how they make their clothes, although yes, if they are ethical they should respond to this and address this, i agree. but just because they did not reply to you it doesnt mean that it is true, you dont even know if it is, as you said, so why say something like that publically without even knowing? i generally agree with the opinions you have and show on this video (models, body types, fashion industry should change more, ethical matters etc.) but i personally think that this whole video was all over the place, just cause it was based on a picture that someone shouldn't feel that bad to post and you made it seem like really dramatic. sorry thats just my opinion. btw, you should know that plants really hurt and feel love too, and they also really matter on this planet.
Giota -Idun (1 year ago)
Maybe i got it wrong but do you really unfollow accounts just because they happen to post food with animal products on them? Where is the Freedom here Kristen? I haven't really seen people who eat meat deleting accounts with veggies.. why is that you think?
Sari Na (1 year ago)
Giota -Idun she explained it, would you follow a person if they posted a picture of a dog or cat pizza? no. there you go
Kristen Leo (1 year ago)
+Giota -Idun I think everyone has the right to follow anything they prefer on their personal accounts but this is an older video that doesn't really reflect how I would act currently. 😉 I definitely used to be a lot more "extreme" a year ago but I still stand against this company since they refused to disclose under what working conditions their clothing is produced.
Eva 🌊 (1 year ago)
Laura Aguirre (1 year ago)
This is disgusting is this how we create conflicts and division... Gross
Caroline Mickle (1 year ago)
I hate hearing ads on the radio talking about how "humane" their meat is... sickening
Caroline Mickle (1 year ago)
totomomo (1 year ago)
you're a great human
Ja Gu (1 year ago)
am I the only one who thinks she sounds quite authoritarian. I was getting into some of her videos as I am pro ethical fashion and for decreasing the overall consumption of meat. I really don't think your actions were appropriate or persuasive. you are turning people against veganism and promoting negative vegan stereotypes by behaving in such an angry manner. you need to realise that people act defensively against aggression and are less likely to listen to you when they perceive your behavior as irrational. you sound like you behaved just as crazily as the owner of the social media account. this is the last video I'll watch of yours as I realise that people like you end up like freelee the banana girl. rethink your approach. maybe treat strangers like you'd like to be treated. they had every right to delete your post. they are allowed to control what happens on their account. they are not silencing you (except from when they deleted that photo on your feed) by removing your comment and it is not a violation of freedom of speech as you are not being persecuted for it. honestly, it's insulting to garment workers to say that your freedom of speech was infringed upon as they get beaten for standing up for themselves.
Naomi Beussen (1 year ago)
this is honestly hilarious like ????? everything they did is so ridiculous ?????? anyway i love you so much and everything you are advocating for!
Lauren Ruiz (1 year ago)
I support you Kristen. You truly opened my eyes to our environmental impact, I now pay much more attention in my ap environmental science class due to your ethical fashion videos. You taught me sooo much I had never knew before about fashion, and I now want to act fast! Thank you! Let's make a difference together.
Anita Ezeh (1 year ago)
"There's NO reason not to be vegan"? Don't make ignorant statements,please. I was 1000% with you on this video and even on Instagram trying to block that brand before you said that. Don't act like everyone can be vegan. It's elitist and snobbish. It ignores economic factors, financial limitations, what part of the world you live in, the fact that some societies are still hunter-gatherers & the fact that on a vegan diet, you NEED to eat 2-3 times as much food (in volume) as if you were eating animal products and some people can't afford to do have that much food for the aforementioned reasons, and some other reasons. It also ignores the fact that people also have dietary restrictions that limits them to mostly animal products and a few other foods. However rare it is, there are people who's bodies are ONLY carnivorous. don't act like they don't exist. Like, I get it. I even recommend it. I recommend veganism to people around, I praise people around me who go vegan, I send them the vegan corner & cheap lazy vegan's videos. I know it's super healthy for you and all the benefits. I get it. And I get that the message you're trying to spread is a good one. But don't make sweeping, ignorant statements like "The more research you do, the more you realise, there's NO reason not to be vegan." Because you are clearly only doing research on WHY veganism is GOOD and animal consumption is BAD. If you did other research on why some people can't afford to be vegan, you'll find it. Veganism is a luxury. Yes, it is. You have enough means to CHOOSE what food you get to eat. Some people are at a place where they will eat whatever the hell they can find that day and they don't have the luxury of choice and a moral high ground.
Susana Weeber (1 month ago)
Anita Ezeh actually this is false... in South America poor people used to basically be vegan by just eating rice, beans and avocado... oatmeal, and lentils. So it’s not that hard and definitely not impossible if you don’t have a lot of money....
Eva M (2 months ago)
Her Life on Earth (6 months ago)
people who don't have the option to eat whatever they want to that point also probably wont be on youtube watching this video.
starletpen (1 year ago)
I've seen some really cheap vegan diets, to be honest, but I agree with another of your points. I have a friend who can't eat fish, dairy, gluten, or vitamin K. So his diet consists of meat and the few veggies he can still eat. Just for reference, the easiest way to make sure you're not eating vitamin K is to avoid all green veggies and soy-based products. So there are sometimes reasons not to go vegan. He has a hard enough time finding food.
Mylène Barre (1 year ago)
Anita Ezeh people in third world countries don't have the money to buy animal products they eat majority vegan. Yes we have a choice to chose what we put in our plate and it is because we have a choice we can make a difference .
Lenka Siváková (1 year ago)
For this video I subscribed you. Thank you for being you.
Critical Mass Film (2 years ago)
All of you YouTubers who are calling Kristen "disgusting".... Are you perfect God-like human beings who have never made a mistake online or in your everyday lives? It was brave of her to even admit she made a mistake when she was having a bad day, although I don't think she made a "mistake," and that definitely doesn't justify the actions of that fashion company. This is an ethical and vegan channel, so if you don't approve of those things, then.... Go somewhere else.
Amber Skye (2 years ago)
love this video
Goossens Maud (2 years ago)
You can blame it on the brands (which they are for sure responsible). But also the governments of those countries where those sweatshops are. Because they don't provide social rights for their citizens. I think if you really want to change something we have to take action on that level as wel. The result will be so much bigger than trying to convince people not to buy fast fashion. If the fast fashion brands don't even have a chance to produce clothes in sweatshops than the result would be so much better.
WeiYinChan (6 months ago)
Well the reason why the government have such horrible policies is because they know the brand would just move to another country with less cost, and a lot of the time these third world countries can’t survive without the business.
luvbug461 (2 years ago)
this is a good point but someone like Kristen doesn't have the power to influence government. she does however have the power to try to make people more aware. while the ultimate goal is legislation change, if people stop buying fast fashion then it is no longer profitable, if it is no longer profitable then companies will switch there practices, this will lose money for the governments who also profit of of these practices which in turn will make it much more likely that legislation will change. so while it may not seem like much, it is important that people like Kristen keep spreading the message.
Roimata Hooper (2 years ago)
Currently unfollowing Verge girl now! Thank you for this 💗
Mariposa (2 years ago)
This is an old post, and I'm not sure if you will read this. A LOT of people are very uneducated about this. They truly believe that it is okay to pay someone 50cents an hour because without the job, they would have nothing. It's totally fucked up, but some people actually think they are  helping and that 50cents an hour goes a lot further in those areas, which is somewhat true, but I could totally go on a rampage about this and not only is this terrible, but the fact that they are convincing us that we need their brands to  look like their models, or to be popular or whatever, and charging 50 times as much as it cost them to make their piece of shit clothes. Disgusting and I hope that more people start to wise  up. It just makes me so angry. I do think that people have the right to choose their diet etc, but I do not agree with eating animals. I keep it to myself unless someone asks, and  have had my family watch different documentaries in order to educate them so that they can make wise decisions. Some people are just heartless and mock me as they have for years. I don't care, they can all eat a turd.
Manastic (1 year ago)
Mariposa, with regards to being mocked by heartless people, remember human beings are pack animals and mocking is a fear response. Those who carry divergent views are eliminated from the group and those who don't are privileged. Spend quality time with people who share your views on key subjects, for the sake of your own mental well being, but also be open minded to society at large. This way you can grow to become a more rounded individual like we all, at least try to be. But remember your core values are your individual traits and they can change when ever you wish; not through subjugation but through fact based ethics. I applaud you on your tolerance towards people who don't share your views and hope they show you the same in kind.
Manastic (1 year ago)
Mariposa, Capitalism is exploitative by its very nature, to go against that, will make businesses unviable in the long term. Produce as much as you can for as little as possible. This is an inherent core principle and is a key commandment, with which companies compete with one another, for the sake of the "bottom line." Which in and of itself a statement most commonly expressed by all of it's devotees. Tempering capitalism with socialism has led to a more viable society but it is an inherent struggle as they are of opposing views from one another and are both flawed systems.
ioanna xatzopoulou (2 years ago)
και σιγά τα ρούχα που κάνουν.....
Alisha (2 years ago)
As soon as you said you support veganism and ethical clothing I pressed subscribe. So much respect for people like you
As soon as you said Veganism I said I love you😂. A story time and a vegan?! Lol subscribed!
Spencer Karter (2 years ago)
Kristen Leo, I saw some parts of your video. Similar thing happened to me two months ago. Let me tell my story. Was a fan of this Bespoke Shirtmarker based in London called Turnbull and Asser (who makes shirts for Prince Charles) and that day I've checked their Instagram page and it says "Sorry, This Page is Not Available" and I've contacted T&A why their IG page is not working both via Twitter and their e-mail. Then I've asked others are they having the same problem. Guess what? Those sons of bitches BLOCKED ME on Twitter for no damn reason. It was wrongful blocking! All I was was asking a nice simple question. I've asked why I was BLOCKED on Twitter on their Facebook Page. I've tried to contact them by e-mail. They didn't reply! So I did a YouTube rant about my experience. And then month later, those sons of bitches played hardball at me again filling some silly defamation complaint against my YouTube complaint about T&A and they had the video BLOCKED in the United Kingdom. I was so fucking pissed off, so I did a YouTube rant about this using too many profanity words. I've talked to my mom about this when she was holding one of my dogs who was in her final breath and the dog died that day on July 20, 2016, we had the dog for 10 years, her name was Baby. Me and my mom had a disagreement. I've told her companies like T&A censors YouTube complaints is not a business, it's propaganda. I hate censorship with a passion. But I don't like it when T&A silenced my YouTube video complaint either. People should have their own platform on YouTube express how they feel. Shame on that Fashion Brand (you chose not to mention on YouTube because you might get sued for defamation, on my YouTube complaint I've mentioned T&A) and censorship sucks. I know how you feel. :(
Adiaz Couture Couture (2 years ago)
keep on the good work 👏👏👏
Mya Smith (2 years ago)
she just have been pissed today too bc it's nat'l fried chicken day #govegan 😃
Alba (2 years ago)
I think it is important to understand each brand has the right to promote whatever they like - it is the beauty of the free market. Many brands promoting 'other' body types only do it to boost sales, not because they are genuinely concerned. On the otherhand, good for you for promoting what you believe in, you should consider starting your own brand. The owners had every right to do whatever they wanted with your comments.
Colleen Mary (2 years ago)
You're wonderful! #inspiration 😊💕👏
Lili Kawaii (2 years ago)
I respect veganism, but I think there are some downs and by that I mean that its totally and dangerously unhealthy when you are younger and are growing, I think its important to say that because there are a lot of younger teenagers on the internet, I'm talking about my experience, I have been vegan before it even was a popular think 8 years of full veganism I was just 6 when I started that journal, I actually couldn't stand anything non vegan and it was not a thing yet in South America, now its more like veganism is cool and just popular, I mean I had soooo many issues because of it, doctors would always say its NOT HEALTHY, I respect veganism, but I think its important to say that its not healthy at young age, not to attack its just to spread a little bit of awareness, that's all, but I really liked your video😊😊💞
Colleen Mary (2 years ago)
This is a very common misconception about veganism but if you're eating a wide variety of whole plant foods you can get everything you need to grow and thrive. 😊 Definitely check out mango island mama and her vegan children or bite sized vegan who has a series on vegan kids.
Kristen Leo (2 years ago)
+Lili Kawaii veganism is healthy and safe for all ages. :) There are lots of people that have grown up vegan and completely healthy. My brother grew up as a meat eater and he also had health problems. I feel like maybe your doctors made you believe it was veganism that was creating those health problems for you when it was something else. Doctors can be very backwards thinking when it comes to nutrition, especially since they have almost zero training on it.
Manon Vercouter (2 years ago)
I'm giving it a go too, I asked on their last instagram picture "Hey, it would be nice to know more about your ethic (nothing about that on your website). Where are your clothes made for instance ? Thanks!" We'll see how they react to that (or how long they'll take to delete my comment) two months after your little argument :p
iman safeen (2 years ago)
wat does sweatshop mean?
iman safeen (2 years ago)
im sorry... im really new at this ethical clothing thing
Diorene T (2 years ago)
that is one terrible immature brand.
elysian spirit (2 years ago)
fuck you're so amazing!!! subscribing so fast
Gracyn D. (2 years ago)
Awesome video 😊 I was wondering where you bought your lanterns in the background? They're so cute!💕
Lauren Lee (2 years ago)
Love this Kristen, and agree with everything you stand for!
Kristen Leo (2 years ago)
+Lauren Lee 💜 thanks Lauren!!!
Penelope Rioux (2 years ago)
Wow I just love the way you think, I totally agree with you!!
laurynnb (2 years ago)
Thus video is amazing! Yes! So glad I found your channel
Michelle Leon (2 years ago)
who are these guys?? to make sure i dont buy from them
Hannah Brown (2 years ago)
PLEASE GO TO YOUR INSTA AND SEE THE COMMENT AND DM I TAGGED YOU IN! I'm taking your lead and commenting on disgusting images restaurants seem to think are okay to post. Please help! I need you to share this with your viewers. PS I love you!
nemi (2 years ago)
lol the fact that they made 111 accounts to dislike this video is sad :')) i understand how people get angry when youtubers criticize other youtubers i personally have NO problem when people attack BRANDS or COMPANIES ESPECIALLY when they are unethical, just boycott them and while you're at it boycott nestle too lol also at the end....''you have no idea where we make our clothes'' lol that sounds like an EMOTIONAL TEENAGE GIRL how unprofessional!! and how are people gonna know where you make your clothes WHEN YOU BLOCK THEM! kristen, mporis na kanis 1 video me mia lista gia eteries pu na kanume boycott?? osi exume logiki diladi PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO WITH COMPANIES TO BOYCOTT
Yevgenia Dudiy (1 year ago)
it's greek :)
Shenaii Kira (1 year ago)
what language is that? Loved the video
Kristen Leo (2 years ago)
+nemi ouuu φανταστικη ιδεα! 💜 ναι αυτο που ο κοσμος θιχτικε που εκρινα ενα brand δεν το καταλαβαινω. Ο κοσμος πλεον αγαπαει τα πραγματα τοσο πολυ που τα μπερδευει με ανθρωπους...
Sofia Mon (2 years ago)
I will never ever buy anything from this brand again. Seriously.
Sofia Mon (2 years ago)
+Michelle Leon vergegirl
Michelle Leon (2 years ago)
+Sofia Mon what brand is she speaking about??
Dani Lauren (2 years ago)
I absolutely love your channel and the messages you get across! You seem so real and down to earth :)
Eva Panagiotaki (2 years ago)
#teamkristenleo fight for the true! 💪
Maria Gk (2 years ago)
You slay👑🔥❤️
Lizzie Monsreal (2 years ago)
Kristen your such an inspiration, keep doing what you do! :) The world will and is changing!
preston wicker (2 years ago)
girl! that's so crazy, i poured my glass of soy milk before you started talking about your veganism, i subscribed right after because as of today i'm vegan! you also seem really chill, i would love to see your future videos 💗
JKD (2 years ago)
they posted a post about you 3days ago
Allicia Mignanelli (2 years ago)
I won't be purchasing from them anymore! #TheVeganRevolutionIsComing
Henya Mania (2 years ago)
this is hilarious! worst social media manager everrrrr! can't believe insta took your photo down. really disappointing. I think they just reported your photo from a million accounts or something...
Kristen Leo (2 years ago)
+Henya Mania Ahhh so true! I think because I simply tagged them in the photo it was enough for them to make insta take it down. So basically instagram's policy is that don't tag anyone unless you want to shower them in rainbows and hearts 💖🌈 😜
M3RRY (2 years ago)
1) 30,000 people may be subscribed to you, but not all of them will follow suit...you may have been giving people too much credit 2) My only issue with most vegans is the imposition of your lifestyle on others; you don't see meat lovers bombarding your vegan posts with "activism" 3) I congratulate you for speaking your mind albeit in an obnoxious way
Kristen Leo (2 years ago)
+Daily Dose of Merry Thank you for being kind and open minded about it ☺️💜
M3RRY (2 years ago)
+Kristen Leo makes perfect sense, I'm looking forward to the documentaries! Thank you for sharing your point of view :)
Kristen Leo (2 years ago)
+Daily Dose of Merry Really happy you're open minded enough to give these documentaries a chance. I can't take credit for this form of activism since it first started by Fashion Revolution, a movement focused on bringing awareness to the public about the people that make our clothes. Their method is simple, they encourage the supporters of fair fashion to go to different brands online and publicly ask them, who makes their clothes, under what conditions etc. This is an extremely powerful way of raising awareness since social media are such a huge part of our lives now. Brands and corporations should be held accountable for their actions. We live in a profit over people society that will not change if all I and everyone else does is 'preach' to the people that already agree with us.
M3RRY (2 years ago)
+Kristen Leo will do, thanks for the suggestion. There is a difference between speaking up against an issue on your OWN platform, versus trying to force people/corporations into your way of life. That's all I'm saying, when you do that you have  to know that they are not obligated to explain anything to you...commenting on a post on instagram is not going to stop animals from being killed all over the world...there is so much to be said but i digress, and admire your passion nevertheless...
Kristen Leo (2 years ago)
+Daily Dose of Merry would you call a feminist activist "imposing a lifestyle" an antiracism activist "imposing a lifestyle"? A gay rights activist or a human rights activist? No. Then why would a vegan activist, a person fighting for animal liberation, to put an end to the inhumane and pointless torture humans subject billions of animals to at the cost of their health and the destruction of our planet be any less meaningful? Please educate yourself on the impacts of animal consumption. Watch Cowspiracy, Earthlings and Forks over Knives if you would like to learn why eating animals is not just vegans' but everyone's problem...
Stella Annie (2 years ago)
81 bought dislikes? :D
Johanna Blagoie (2 years ago)
you are so amazing. i need more women like you. <3 from Romania
Sasha CherryNose (2 years ago)
And still not saying where their clothes are made. Any owner of the company would be proud to give that info out! It's their hard work! Keep fighting Kristen, if you believe in it, it will work! :)
Cla Dat (2 years ago)
You say the garment workers earn 50 cents an hour, but I think for most of them (in India anyway) it's actually 50 cents a DAY ... Yeah, messed up industry :/
Alexandra Elise (2 years ago)
they posted a pic a few days ago about you: https://www.instagram.com/p/BEHfz7CgRjh/?taken-by=vergegirl&hl=en xxxx
veryfancydoily (2 years ago)
Oooooooh myyyyy goddddd 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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