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Girls Transform Into Pinups

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"I want to dress like this everyday!" Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow MUSIC Quirky Moments Jiggle Stomp Hully Gully JBossa Hyper Twang Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. With special thanks to: Sasha Dobies from Sherbet Birdie Pin-up Photography http://www.sherbetbirdie.com/ Lucy Topp www.lucytoppmakeup.com.au Hola Chicka Boutique – www.holachicaboutique.com Retrospec'd Clothing – www.retrospecd.com GET MORE BUZZFEED www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.facebook.com/buzzfeedvideo www.instagram.com/buzzfeedvideo www.buzzfeed.com/video www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet BUZZFEED YELLOW More fun, inspiring, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed crew. New videos posted daily! Subscribe for more BuzzFeedYellow! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow
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Text Comments (4470)
xKalphax (19 days ago)
1950 clothes look dope
Sandy Holmes (26 days ago)
Change indeed
Christine Madeline (27 days ago)
The 'lady in red' & blue just wow ❤
Rocket Cat (1 month ago)
girls be pinups guys be greasers , do teen loves and be happy! 50s back! <3
Jayne Skye (1 month ago)
I love that style so much its beautiful i wish i cpuld wear those clothes everyday to its so lovely
mary gatah (1 month ago)
Bolsonaro President of Brazil
Gia B (2 months ago)
that one girl reminds me of Alex Turner
Greasy Sack Of Shit (2 months ago)
돈Dawnn (2 months ago)
Tania looks like a stunning Teddy girl in the 50s omg
Lauren Dolezal (2 months ago)
Awww I wish I could do this
Violet Alfred Keenan (2 months ago)
I love the pinups
Ac Ca (3 months ago)
I’ve always want to dress up like this literally . I want to look like thissss
Tiffany Vedette (3 months ago)
kathleen swenning (3 months ago)
So cool, gorgeous !
Bonnie (4 months ago)
I LOVE Tan's style. She's so androgynous :) I also love how happy and confident the lady in red was once she saw how pretty she is.
personwhoexists (4 months ago)
tania looks absolutely stunning i cant
Lidianna Mason (4 months ago)
katie497 (4 months ago)
anyone know where the shoes from 0:51 are from they are lush :)
Paula (4 months ago)
Did anyone else notice Sorelle at 1:13?
Mary F. (4 months ago)
Rory Gray (5 months ago)
I've always dreamed of having my hair pinup like the 50's... Hope I'll get the chance to do it someday 😍
Anoushia (5 months ago)
I'd recognise Sorelle Amore anywhere!! I love that she helped out with this.
Lorelei Nelson (5 months ago)
All of these women look so absolutely beautiful! Wow!
Victória Poloni (5 months ago)
I love their hair and make up... specially the blondie! The one with a pink top looks like a Brazilian Funk dancer/singer though
Sana Chana (5 months ago)
The girl with the blue dress looks drop dead gorgeous!
Stefanie Radutu (5 months ago)
Love this video
Paupers Budget (5 months ago)
at the 1:30 minute mark I think she looks hotter before than after. She is naturally sexy but in the after she looks plastic.
Mimi Cole (5 months ago)
Vintage clothes ROCK! Amazing all of them!!
Zu Zu (5 months ago)
oh jesus they look gorgeous :D
Rhiannon Whitehead (5 months ago)
The girl in the red looks stunning
Aww, this inspires me to try this hairstyle. All of these women look so beautiful and i'm so glad that they gained so much more confidence afterwards♡
miat789 (6 months ago)
Why do all the women have accents?
Maddie Price (6 months ago)
All of them are absolutely beautiful, with or without the clothes and makeup. Get it girls!
el coco tierno (6 months ago)
Los vestidos estan de diosa !!!!
The Swinging Door (6 months ago)
Pinups? Then they really went off the rails with Tan, huh?
Daniela Smith (6 months ago)
Love it you all look fantastic..... thanks for sharing :)
evii (6 months ago)
I don't understand why they are so nervous but okay
Jo Hunter (7 months ago)
I am like the girl in red.  I want to wear these dresses, but cant find any in South Africa.
bluemermaiid (7 months ago)
The asian lady's outfit is just so, SO wrong. Jeez.
Holly Guy (7 months ago)
I’d love to do a photo shoot like this 😍
Reese Dyck (7 months ago)
getting some serious crybaby vibes from the girl in all black. loving it! EDIT: 2:43 she agrees with me:)
Juses Crus (7 months ago)
Did she say she wishes to be less curvy and more flat chested?
I absolutely love the pin up look
mike gossner (7 months ago)
it is true any woman looks good in a pin up. Great art since WW.
the middle man (7 months ago)
1st girl looks like Katy Perry
Sarah Tran (7 months ago)
Whenever Tan comes on, I'm just like OH GOD HERE WE GO
BCPR (7 months ago)
The woman who is androgynous, I don't know her name... but the way she's made up reminds me of Lady Gaga's masculine alter-ego, "Jo Calderone".
For Christmas (8 months ago)
These girls look amazing!
Killme. (8 months ago)
The girl with the blue shirt is so pretty I love her hair!
01artist (8 months ago)
Old School Pinup girls didn't transform into pinup girls, that is they way they naturally looked. That is why the girls today look unrealistic. You can not learn to be something you either are or you aren't. Like Betty Paige, yes she put on different close but in the looks department, what you saw on film was what you got in real life.
Hope Tikvah (8 months ago)
omg i love the blue dress! now i want to do this!
DewLusion (8 months ago)
I love the 50's.
Tan low key looks like Steve Harrington from Stranger Things in that outfit. But I’m a good way!
Michelle McBriarty (8 months ago)
I would totally do this!
jimmy (8 months ago)
the girls in blue and red are both soooo gorgeous omg!!
fiona dream (8 months ago)
tania was my lesbian awakening
Natasha Nichols (9 months ago)
Go buzzfeed Australia
Christa Carlsen (9 months ago)
i am so attracted to tan right now
Jodi Thiele (9 months ago)
Whatever happened to BuzzFeed Australia! I miss you!!!!!!
Saundra Price (9 months ago)
The one who said she stopped dressing up because she gained weight, was the most gorgeous one of the four!
Iva Jonov (9 months ago)
Johnny Depp curl😍😍yasss
Lola Lilac (9 months ago)
The makeup artist did a bad job
Isabella Camacho (9 months ago)
I would kill for that flowery dress!
Evelyn Saunders (10 months ago)
My fave was the blue one,
Thelittlegiant (10 months ago)
What was that tan did you spread your legs
Cutsie Productions (10 months ago)
The girl with the sunglasses and jacket is like a genderbent Danny Zuko! #DaniellaZuko
SherlocktoWatson (10 months ago)
They basically ignored Tan
Lexi Willcutt (10 months ago)
0:33 why does she look somewhat like hannah from 13 reasons why...?
Rickey Blitz (10 months ago)
To the beautiful girl with the flower in her hair who said that people would judge her for dressing like she's from the 50s. I myself am a vintage lifestyler who dresses this way 24/7. I'm a junior in highschool so I put myself out there as a girl who stepped out of the 50s in front of hundreds of judgmental teens. It was terrifying, but it has been so incredibly well received. At first people are gonna ask questions and questions and questions but then, they just get used to it. I'm treated the same as everyone else despite my pin curled hair and circle skirts. It's a way that you can look beautiful without having to show a lot of skin and it definitely gets people looking at you when you pass by them on the street, but I've never been harassed for it. I say go for it!
Max Christison (10 months ago)
That is fabulous, so stylish
Dark Angel (10 months ago)
They all look amazing! I especially love that blonde girl. She looks beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!❤️
VeggieBurgerBabe (10 months ago)
Who is the girl in the blue dress???
Tirza Nelmodja (10 months ago)
The girl in red dress SO SO SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! I want those outfit and makeup 😍😍😍
Coco Nout (11 months ago)
Grace Ghoul (11 months ago)
Oh my god the blue and red dresses are absolutely GORGEOUS where did this beautiful style and fashion go?
Nate Rothwell (11 months ago)
Shanti Sumartojo (11 months ago)
Yes, Tan
Akana Frabu (11 months ago)
Hey look it's Tan the manspread justice warrior
Michela Ensminger (1 year ago)
Tania made me gay
peachy (1 year ago)
The girl in the leopard pants looks more like 80s...the styling was way off.
Holly Comulada (1 year ago)
The girl in the blue is soooooo gorgeous, and I'm living for her dress
sapphicshuri (1 year ago)
theyre so beautiful ahhhhhhhhh
Mena Awsumb (1 year ago)
I want Tania's hair.
bri bri (1 year ago)
I want them to look like that for a day
Fangirloflife queen (1 year ago)
I only came for Tan!
Edgy Drawings (1 year ago)
They look gorgeous
Prisilla Cope (1 year ago)
Torchwing2 (1 year ago)
The lesbian is MAN SPREADING!
Sebastian Larsson (1 year ago)
The girl that dressed like a dude looks so much like a 50s gamingbeaver
heyitssyd! (1 year ago)
Australia! Aussie 🇦🇺
liliana lol (1 year ago)
Why is nobody talking about how gorgeous that blue dress is?!
Alana Kahiapo (1 year ago)
My teacher is actually a pinup haha she's always late to school
Katydid-99 (1 year ago)
They all look amazing! I love the dresses and Tan looks like an extra from "The Outsiders".
Britt Bellury (1 year ago)
Tan is so cute
Eve (1 year ago)
Tania looks sooo good my god 😭❤️
Hurricane Katrina (1 year ago)
The ice cream girl was definitely giving off mad chonga vibes.
Dasiy Potterhead (1 year ago)
Tan is so beautiful. I'd love to see her and Jen in a video together haha
Reagan Moore (1 year ago)
Tan looks like when Lady Gaga dressed like a guy in the You and I video and I love it
Josephine Feser (1 year ago)
Tan metioned my favorite aactor and movie cry baby and johnny depp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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