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TOP 21 Rare Soviet Cars. Unusually & Awesome Russian Cars. Prototypes Vehicles USSR.

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TOP 21 Rare Soviet Cars. Unusually & Awesome Russian Cars. Prototypes Vehicles USSR. In this amazing compilation you see most rare Soviet cars ever made. Best concepts and prototypes old Russian cars all time. In this video you see next unusually Soviet cars: 1. GAZ 73. 1953 Year. 2. GAZ-18 3. GAZ-62 4. GAZ M-20 "Snowmobiling North" 5. GAZ-24 4x4 6. GAZ-31029 Burlak 7. Concept AZLK 8. AZLK 2141 "Delta" 9. AZLK-2000 Istra 10. Moskvich-415 11. Moskvich-444 12. Moskvich 408 Tourist 13. Moskvich-2150 14. LADA-2 E1101. VAZ-2 E1101 15. LADA-2102E. VAZ-2102E 16. VAZ-2120 Prototype. LADA-2120 17. VAZ-E2121 18. ZAZ-970. 1962 Year. 19. LuAZ 1901 Geologist 20. LuAZ 13021-07 21. LuAZ-Proto My partner - http://bcd-urbex.com - Best exploring abandoned places
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Text Comments (7)
wickiezulu (1 month ago)
Does anyone have more information on the 1300cc and 1400cc engines planned for the ZAZ-968, also were 4-door versions of the ZAZ-968 ever considered?
Tanel Murd (1 year ago)
The bigest mistake Soviet-russia did in 1991 was letting Moskvich sink, they had far better grip and ideas für a future then Lada had, they where underfunded since 1980 yet managed to bring out "future " like cars, while Lada only made their boring ass nivas and 2105 that they made up untill 2006,like how dumb can one be
It is unfortunate that the world never saw these cars. Soviet author flourished... I Wonder what would have been the cars of these productions?
Morris McKinnon (1 year ago)
A lot of Russian cars look like European cars in early prototype form before they were fine tuned for production.
Anthony G. (1 year ago)
only lada, GAZ, UAZ and KAMAZ still exist until today
Pif Paf (11 months ago)
LADA, GAZ, UAZ, KAMAZ, BAZ, Ural, AMZ, PAZ, Trecol, Sherp etc. a lot of them
Oh never mind, whoever you steal it from did

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