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Can Magic Mushrooms Unlock Depression? | Rosalind Watts | TEDxOxford

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A clinical psychologist from Imperial College describes how Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin), when used in a therapeutic setting, have been found to be a very effective treatment for depression. In this talk she draws on her experiences as working as a therapist on the groundbreaking Psilocybin for Depression study, and introduces us to some of the patients and their stories of transformation. Dr Rosalind Watts completed her clinical psychology training at University College London. After six years of practicing psychotherapy in the NHS, she joined a clinical trial at Imperial College, investigating psilocybin (magic mushrooms) as a treatment for depression. Her research explores patients' positive views of this intriguing therapy. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Gadget Underscore (5 days ago)
I met my demon on my first trip! I always had felt her presence but I never had seen her! She’s calm these days 🤝🧠❤️
seymour butz (11 days ago)
Had depression for over a dozen years with intense periods and less intense periods. After having the most incredible trip on a high dose of mushrooms I feel like a whole new person. It feels like I was just drifting through life waiting to die and now I want to make the most out of every moment, every interaction. I love mushrooms and encourage everyone to try them. They couldn't be further from the image that the government has given them as dangerous recreational drug.
Antonieke van Gorkum (13 days ago)
Yes!! They can!! Saturday one and a half week ago I had a large dose of psylocybin and my dysthymia is gone.
Antonieke van Gorkum (12 days ago)
+EagleNL Yes, it sure is. Thanks
EagleNL (12 days ago)
Super! Congratulations!
christiebelle1972 (14 days ago)
I was depressed since I could remember. I tried everything. Nothing worked. Tried micro dosing shrooms and it has dramatically changed my life. Now I only dose once a month or so..I started every four days. It has been an absolute miracle for me
christiebelle1972 (8 days ago)
+Tito Trinidad there are fairly detailed instructions online. Google microdosing shrooms. They all have the same info I used
Tito Trinidad (8 days ago)
christiebelle1972 What is your dosage? I am starting it for the first time in few days..
Fake Fly (16 days ago)
Mushrooms, like all psychedelics, can be a great and powerful tool... BUT THEY CAN F YOU UP TOO! Do not take any psychedelic lightly. They can help YOU make wonderful changes in your own life, but they don't do all the work for you. PLEASE REMEMBER, to always practice proper set and setting(look it up), and ALWAYS have a trip sitter who isn't interested in manipulating you. ALWAYS start with a low dose of whatever you take to see your personal reaction to the molecules. And always remember that hyperspace and alternate realities are EXTREMELY IMPROBABLE. Stay safe and much love!
Victor Miranda (22 days ago)
I went on a mushroom motivational trip one time, quit cigarettes thanks to it. I’ve also heard many stories of other people quitting the same way. The trick is to get all the knowledge and try and transform it into good habits, without the need of constantly having to use them. I’m still learning how to apply that information into my own life, it ain’t easy specially coming from a negative upbringing. Mushrooms were a huge help to me and I feel like most people would benefit from them too.
Charlie Chaplin (27 days ago)
Am I going deaf or is the volume really low on this?
Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS (1 month ago)
Might make you crazy... then again, it might make you go sane🍄❤️✌🏻
shayson1357 (1 month ago)
magic mushrooms are illegal because they aren't as profitable as lab meds since you can grow them yourself.
DAMARAMAA (1 month ago)
Why is the volume so low?
Blake Collins (1 month ago)
The sound in this is sadly so low!
Owen McColl (1 month ago)
click bait. the title made me think mushrooms may give you depression.
Arnie Gonzalez (1 month ago)
audio is very low and couldn't appreciate the presentation
spettit2011 (1 month ago)
Can't hear it
Alexander Duthie (1 month ago)
She's spot on. I always feel clear headed after a trip.
Saagar Singh Sachdev (1 month ago)
I wonder if it helps with Anxiety and OCD as well.
Andrea Amayo (1 month ago)
shrooms cured my depression. I started experimenting with high doses after reading research studies about it and i figured i had nothing to lose. changed my life! connects you to yourself and nature.
mark wellman (1 month ago)
*ugh*.. depression is related to feelings? blahhh.. sounds more like phrenology :P but still, sign me up.
mark wellman (1 month ago)
Can Magic Mushrooms Unlock Depression?? ... for an endless supply of depression
DasItMane (1 month ago)
3.5 grams did more for me than anything else. All the positive things she described, I experienced. I understand some people can have bad trips but this has been a game changer for me personally. No longer a struggle just to get out of bed or even take a shower. No longer procrastinating or constantly being late. Negative thoughts just go out like waves rather than come to me and stay. I'm more productive and happier. There's just a calm and steadiness that I never had before. I can't believe it took me so long to discover this treatment. Very grateful.
Yeezy westy (1 month ago)
20 people on high doses and 20 people with low doses might have given you better data.
benberkovic (1 month ago)
afterr all said and done, and seen and heard... is depression maybe a natural state of being in todays world?
UFC Fighter (2 months ago)
I know this a deep, meaningful and intriguing discussion, but did anyine else notice she has great tits?
Angie Joala (2 months ago)
we host psilocybin retreats here in amsterdam and it's always a beautiful experience to watch people go through a transformation. mushrooms aren't legal here, but magic truffles are (which are the underground portion of the magic mushroom) and they are a very powerful medicine.
Paul Humphries (1 month ago)
Do they work for someone who's already on a high dose of SRSI?
Abhishek xyz (2 months ago)
What will it take for me to marry Rosalind watts?
Anon El (2 months ago)
I agree with this of course, Mushrooms worked for me for 4-6 months. I would question the 'no side effects' though.
UFC Fighter (2 months ago)
Psychedelics freak me out, my life already feels like a bad trip so the thought of that being amplified frightens me. I cant even handle weed. Not knocking the treatment though. I wish it would work for me if I ever become desperate enough to try it.
Vojife (1 month ago)
It is of course different for everyone, so I'm not saying you should definitely do it, it's a big decision to make. But for me personally, weed is much more "messy" and uncomfortable than LSD (which I did have, I did not have shrooms as of now). Weed makes me confused, it makes me freak out about not thinking straight, about losing my train of thought. That's not what happened to me on acid, it felt much more sober despite those intense things happening to my perception and even though there were episodes of confused and being uncomfortable, there was never that... I don't know, dirtiness is the best I can describe it. It still felt clean and smooth. And of course, it could have also all been the set and setting.
MGTOW SADHGURU (2 months ago)
voice too low
dakota cook (2 months ago)
Unlock it.. Let your depression free. Just open the door and give it to everyone. I'm doing it, have look at my profile picture.
Maggie Cunningham (2 months ago)
This needs to be legal but it's to be strategically accepted by certain clients and determined by clinical therapists, psychologists etc. I cant wait until we see a community where this is accepted. It can even be supported and and controlled if need be. But people need it.
Shannon Peacock (2 months ago)
What kind of dosages were used?
Ron M (2 months ago)
I Really fear for her life. Pharmacutical companies could put a contract on her life as they could Risk losing endless millions upon millions, on percription drugs. Psilocybin has helped me with PTSD and depression, suicidal thoughts; etc. when all Else has failed.
x JayAyeWhy (2 months ago)
I'm so glad that the stigma around psychedelics has been tapering off the last few years. Hopefully legalization within the next decade.
Grapho Man UK (2 months ago)
Just think, Heinz mushroom soup full of magic 🤔
Simon Bormans (3 months ago)
I would love to try this in an attempt to cure my depression but i have such terrible anxiety just thinking about taking psychedelic drugs and losing control over my mind like that makes me so nervous. I'm afraid i will just start panicking and have an awful experience
grow like the wind (1 month ago)
You don't need to dive into a full blown psychedelic experience, at micro dose levels there are no hallucinations only positive energy, thoughts and sense of well being. Start There. Then slowly find your way into the full effects. The Mushrooms will guide you and let you know when you are ready, listen to them.
Sleeptank (1 month ago)
Simon Bormans you should go for it but find an experienced healer to guide you
Plubus Domis (3 months ago)
This video is too quiet. TEDX can you turn up the volume? I'm maxed out on my phone And speakers. Thanks!
Janey S (3 months ago)
please. I need to be a part of a trail!!!!!
Thomas Hancock (3 months ago)
This is great. I would though like to put in a word for experiencing the natural environment while on hallucinogens. The therapeutic scenario is inward-focused. Of course, if you go outside, you need to take extra precautions.
Stromitzky Mash (3 months ago)
Took psylocybin a couple of times. It dident had any lasting changing effects . I went about my dull life as usual. The Lady in this talk is btw contradicting herself with all the "Data" mixed up. She did an analyses of " The symptom measure of depression going right down" I like to see this magical device that can deduce a person suffering from less depression without asking the patients . This is ridiculous science.
Randomness (1 month ago)
How do you objectify, subjectivity?
toughluck8012 (3 months ago)
One of the most brilliant things I've ever heard. I loved everything about her discussion
Dan Kleffmann (3 months ago)
Make the volume of the videos louder.
philsaspiezone (4 months ago)
They (shrooms) grow up the road from my girlfriend's house
Andrew s (4 months ago)
mushrooms should be legal. why do i feel shes advocating against it?
Andrew s (4 months ago)
terrible rep for nature vs "medicine"
Jeffery Barmann (4 months ago)
thewheel246 (4 months ago)
i moved to the country...dont have to see all the screwed up people as much and its great...but yes acid or mushrooms are great
Seeds of Ecofrog (4 months ago)
Mushies allow you to percieve and profoundly promote at multiple levels of resolution your value structures aka Angles :)
UserDisconnected (4 months ago)
Did i just hear her say: "We do not know the cause of it? (Depression)" I can tell you right now, it is caused by forgotten trauma you haven't healed from on a soul level. When you reach these levels you need to stop thinking in a human fashion, you need to talk Soul to Soul. That is also why most depressed people try 25-50 different solutions which sometimes results in a tragic suicide which no one understands. Except for the Ones who do. Hope this helps you to get a ground or foundation on any future ideas.
sanjuansteve (4 months ago)
Yes. The psychedelics give us new temporary interneuronal synapse connections which can be made permanent thru normal neuroplasticity, aided by the initial temp connections made. It's a wiring upgrade that opens the door for inter-connectivity and change.
Indigo Twilight (4 months ago)
As a person w lifelong/4+ decades of 'medication resistant' depression, the title itself is just excellent, in my medical convention-jaded, psychically exhausted opinion. So I am choosing to just sit with & enjoy the title for awhile. But here's a like. Thats just how good that title is. 😑
Downergirl0001 Black (4 months ago)
I wish...
Coda Patrick (4 months ago)
This video is way too quiet, c'mon TED WTF
el nata (4 months ago)
Where can i meet this lady so i can become her patient
Randomness (1 month ago)
Why not be your own patient?
Leia Cardinal (4 months ago)
What would the dose be for someone who wants to help cure anxiety? Microdosing or huge doses? and for how long? Thank you
Prasun singhal (4 months ago)
How can I take this treatment and where I can find this medicine? I am from india and don't know how to treat my depression with psychedelic drug. Kindly help me if someone know about it. I will be grateful for your kind help.
Randomness (1 month ago)
Best bet is to read on how to grow yourself...
Jason Byers (5 months ago)
If you are suicidal, you don't want to live for some deep pain or reason inside you. Psychedelics might help to change your perspective, but I argue that anybody with a severe depression which causes you to be unable to pretend, unable to work, unable to live properly - that the experience is not enough. The reason you are so depressed, is not going to be unfolded in a single trip or even multiple...your reaction to a memory or a subconscious pain is too much to handle - first of all, you need to understand that avoiding the truth will not help, you must face the truth and re consider your attitude to life...Taking a trip to solve this problem is like ignoring the reality you have found yourself in. You, in your own time need to understand and learn to enjoy what life you have. Taking a trip could leave you more suicidal or 'free minded' - just as much as it might make you feel joyous for a few months...ultimately, you will return to those ideas and memories if you don't truly change your reaction to the pain causing the weakness.
Louie Lowe (5 months ago)
Where can I get it?
Nick Chapman (5 months ago)
Wtf is whispering? I can barely hear with the volume turned up.
Andrew Tao (5 months ago)
Nothing is better than nature at curing depression
Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS (5 months ago)
I took SSRI and other anti depressant meds for over 20 years... made things worse most of the time... had maybe a dozen high dose sessions with psilocybin and nn-DMT... I’ve been happier and more appreciative of life and love than ever before
Paul Humphries (1 month ago)
Were you still taking the SRSIs when you dosed with psilocybin?
sten beetlex (5 months ago)
Only chosen ones are gifted the chance to heal by these divine mushrooms.....
Ruben Miranda (5 months ago)
Just wondering if my 1 gram experience is normal. No visuals, lots of energy, very comfortable around people and talking to anyone, enjoying music, makes me go out and just have fun. I took some at 2pm and it is almost 1am and I am still wide awake. I want to take more but I need to make sure this is affecting me as it is supposed to. Not sure what 1.5 or 2 grams will do if this is what happens on 1 gram.
Chris Bown (5 months ago)
I think every human being should be able to experience mushrooms, it really makes you realise what matters in life and it also made me realise that everyone you see is going through problems and I’m not alone, we’re all in it together
Brian Carrillo (6 months ago)
This is a very important talk. Please fix the quiet, skipping audio.
Dean Kosmač (6 months ago)
Well she looks like the crazy girls you meet at psytrance festivals...
Sweet Pea (6 months ago)
I wonder what magic mushrooms would do for people with Alzheimer's or Dementia?
marcman5109 (6 months ago)
Anti depressants are poison and do nothing but put you in an overall worse mental state.
Sagar Rao (6 months ago)
I've seen several people make the defrag analogy.
Awakened citizen (6 months ago)
GreyPoupon (6 months ago)
Is this speaker related to Alan Watts?
Master Dovahkiin (6 months ago)
Yuh I know someone who said there axinty and depression got worse after taking LSD or shrooms don't remember
Trash Bin (6 months ago)
I wanted to die then i did shrooms and life was pretty good after that
Reginald Burnbridge (6 months ago)
Thank you so much, light....
Beanmachine91 (6 months ago)
i didnt hallucinate but i felt sedated and happy by the shrooms
Dionis Leev (6 months ago)
Can you guys normalize the audio? I can barely hear anything on some of your vids.
Bill Bill (6 months ago)
Hi guys. Have been searching everywhere and couldn’t find crucial information on the following: micro dosing (0.3-0.5 max) of dried mushrooms (with some good/interesting experiences) , but has led me to BP readings of 130-140 over 90. My everyday BP is 110 over 70. Is it normal? What would will happen taking the correct therapeutic grams with my BP? And what to do to control this rising in BP? Heart rate also does increase a bit . Could someone shed a light on this issue/concern please? Thanks in advance.
Blanco Escondido (7 months ago)
Try some 5meoDMT and then let's talk :) Craziest thing you can do in life! If anyone wants to make donations to acquire some let me know :) great opportunity for those who are depressed, mentally ill or just want to enhance life/make a quantum leap. Depending on your donation will determine how much DMT you will receive. Just putting out to the universe if interested parties want to contact me and we can discuss further your needs and what is a preferably solution. Have a wonderful day and will be awaiting those who want to change their life. Take care everyone.
Cat So (7 months ago)
I'm currently undergoing my own micro-dosing with MM. so far so good, less depression all around
D S (7 months ago)
Oh great. Can understand her accent
Jbinaguy (7 months ago)
There's a question I have been asking myself, if there are cases of severe depression in my direct family, can psilocybin awaken it in me? Or is there no risk for depression?
floyddango (7 months ago)
Because of a physical illness I was not able to do sports for over a year. And the conviction of not being able to exhaust my body got so ingrained to myself that I didn't even try sports again for a long time after I was secretly healed already. A trip helped me reevaluate the situation and I went on my bike 2 days after, feeling so strong again. Sprinted up a mountain on a summer day and sitting down on top of it watching into the colorful scenery was soo liberating. I truly believe that mushrooms break stubborn patterns...
Batzhor (7 months ago)
The audio in this video is intolerably low.
mbaxter22 (7 months ago)
I so want to try this but I'm in one of the flyover states...
BLOODless RVC (7 months ago)
Yes they do
Kawthar Mohd (7 months ago)
How is that illegal?
dragon fly (7 months ago)
Great talk. Spreading awareness about real cures.
So if you go off the shrooms you get depressed again? How is this any different than taking anti-depressents?
Ocean Water (7 months ago)
needs more volume
Anne Boleyn (7 months ago)
It must be so awful to have depression and *nothing* works . Ive been lucky to have found medication that has helped. In the book The Noonday Demon , the author had such crippling depression , that he couldnt even walk when it was at its worst , yet there was nothing physically wrong , it was the blackness in his mind actually stopped his legs from moving .😢💀
Shiro (8 months ago)
I don't even know if it's legal in my country ( israel ), its making me more depressed thinking how i could be without depressing if only i could lay my hands on these mushrooms, but they're probably illegal...
MIG Group LLC (8 months ago)
Yes more has to be done about this
Ape man Commeth (7 months ago)
MIG Group LLC I’ve been using them anally for years! I crush the dried mushrooms into a powder and add warm water! I use a pop bottle with the opening lubed up and squeeze the medication into me! What a magical experience! Once my experience is over I go to the washroom and spray all the negativity out and flush them away literally and figuratively speaking
M7CVZ (8 months ago)
Audio is weak. 'Plant teachers' are not.
peter clifton (8 months ago)
I had this Husky Dog, He was a bit wild, One day the silly Dog Ate the Gold tops growing in the Yard, Ohhh dear ,his eyes were rolling around in their sockets for about an hour and he would just lay on his back rocking back and forth. The gold Tops just grew in the area where we lived , not every year but some years they did . Anyway thats what happened , but he didnt look depressed at all !
TheFluffyDuck (8 months ago)
This is my experience with mushrooms. After one trip I had relief for a few months. Then the depression returned. It makes me angry that they are illegal.
Christopher (8 months ago)
Bring up your desire to see psilocybin legalized. Town Halls, write representatives, etc. And if you're in law enforcement, willingly choose to look the other way. See this for what it is: human beings choosing to help, nurture and heal one another. We're the least dangerous people on the planet.
cjpiti (8 months ago)
Anything that forces a smile on your face that you cannot possibly be remove has got to be good. It is such a shame that it has taken so long for researchers to find this out when many of us have known for decades the value
Joyel Lee (8 months ago)
I'm dosing .5 grams every 7 days. For the last 3 weeks. Feeling AMAZING!!!!! Depression is gone. Energy level is way up. Getting 6 to 8 hours of GREAT sleep. My OCD has calmed down. I have a " love" for everything again. Cluttered mind, is again fouced. After suffering 3 miscarriages in the last 2 years.. my mental health took a downward spiral. This is my 7th time the last 15 years that I have microdosed. I'm not longer on any meds for my PTSD, OCD & BPD. I was both shocked & amazed to find so much new information on this subject!!! Over 35 years of dealing with my mental health issues. I swear this is the one thing that works for me!
christiebelle1972 (14 days ago)
It has completely corrected my lifelong depression. Now I only dose once a month. I started dosing every four days
Cory Bell (17 days ago)
.5 makes me feel crazy stoned. I've gone down to .2, but I find it hard to stick to a routine, plus every article I read is different from the frequency of dosing. I've been sticking to larger doses, usually 5g or more, every three months or so. It seems to have a more profound effect, which I like because I take notice of it easier. However, last night's trip was kinda rough, though I was expecting it because you have to fight your demons, after all, that's what mushrooms are for. I would love to be able to sit in a therapeutical setting, with guides. I only take a dose alone, because it's easier to dive into your mind, but often I don't know where to go. I should make a list of issues I'm trying to solve and take notes on thoughts and ideas, but I feel like concentrating on a task seems impossible. Some sessions are better than others, I'm confident we will see nation-wide mushroom therapy, but I'm afraid many people will lose his or her life before they are given the opportunity. Though mushrooms are extremely easy to grow and research other people's experiences, every trip is different and can have an intense impact on your life. There are no bad trips, just a lesson to be learned. But, a Therapeutic setting would be extremely helpful and beneficial for beginners that are seeking mental health.
Lamar Sanders (23 days ago)
I was a skeptic too, but at the time I hit rock bottom, depressed and suicidal and had nothing to lose, what psychedelics does is destroys your ego and shifts your whole awareness into a perspective you'd never think was possible, you're then able to look at all your life problems from an amazing awareness where you see each one of your problems in life as a lesson to be learned and a gift instead of being a victim, you learn that life doesn't happen to you, but for you. You're able to tackle the root of your emotional issues instead of repressing it therefore you're able to transcend through it. The afterglow from the experience is amazing as well, it literally resets your brain, it gave me a stronger foundation to start my life over, now I'm not saying it's a cure all, end all because you then have to put in the work to stabilize your life, but it gets easier, it gives you that "push" that you needed. It helps you learn to forgive, move on and live in the present moment. It's not for everyone as it can be scary that's why you need to do your research first, an ego death can be scary and make you feel like you're dying, but if you're prepared it can literally shift your whole awareness to where you'll feel human again, not a victim of life but as a spirtual being that is learning and growing through differen't kinds of experiences in life, good or bad. Life isn't about always being happy and getting somewhere, it's a magical journey through experiences, learning and growing while living in the present moment, that's what it taught me.
Tony Gareth (1 month ago)
Joyel Lee Where do you get the mushrooms?! I want to use them 4-5 x per year. Mostly small doses but once per year take a high amount
Enrico Mantales (1 month ago)
I know how do you feel.;))) you feel SUPER SUPER SUPER GOOD !!! ;)
Adam Peter Garcia-Varner (9 months ago)
Swollen Labia (9 months ago)
100% agree!
John Cossack (9 months ago)
Air conditioning just kicked on in my house....now I can't hear this video.

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