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Which Car Audio Brands are BEST? Which are NOT?

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Car Audio.etc (2 years ago)
EVERYONE asking "what about this brand?" I state at the beginning of the video that I'm only going to talk about brands that I have had hands on time with, and if I don't mention a brand it doesn't mean I haven't heard of it, it just means I can't give any experience based opinions on it.
ROBERT FRIEND (1 month ago)
I have been searching for this for over a year, an honest rating. Thanks.
jaswal deni (6 months ago)
Weldone U have gained a new subscriber Read this also https://stereoauthority.com/car-amplifier-brands-list/
Conbuilder10 (1 year ago)
Car Audio.etc hey have you seen or heard about the new diamond audio? They got bought out and we're completely revamped last year. If you ever get the chance to listen or work with them I recommend it! I love the sound of them!!!! (Diamond elite 6.5 components in the front, diamond series 6.5 components in the rear)
Pablo Ruiz (1 year ago)
Alpine 20 years old ? boy.. BOY you don't know what you're talking about. If you're gonna pose as an "EXPERT", do your homework first, kiddo
ekim andersom (1 year ago)
Harman Kardon the best name in home audio??? The best budget crap maybe.
David Greggs (5 days ago)
Guy I have used JVC forever as well as fosgate and I have never had any problems with it and sounds great
opy duke (7 days ago)
if i hadn't seen your video i would've never seen that amp it was listed buy now for near 13,000 is it common? to get it at that price? i wanna know how that works? actually i think i alone bid cause no one else saw it. did i win the lottery from watching you?
opy duke (7 days ago)
i ebay bid and won the amp i never even heard of focal i was just searching for how to have the best possible sound. dude did i just win a 16 thousand dollar amp? i'm having a hard time believing. i bought a pioneer dvd with touch screen 4 50 w chanel and blue tooth its used and 5.8 but im not ready to put it in my prius i then bought a 40 amp 12 v power supply and now the amp. i want a good crisp live sound. can you help?
opy duke (7 days ago)
Kimberly Haren (12 days ago)
In the last 2 years have u had the pleasure of working with Hyphonics brand? Here’s what happened to me I bought a 1000 watt pioneer amp for my 2 12 Sony explodes, hooked it and within 5 minutes it was as hot as fire so I bought a 2nd one and put one amp on each speaker thinking it’d cool it down...it didn’t both were hot as hell. I even had them professionally installed at car stuff. So I bought a 1100 watt Hyphonics amp and took it up there and had them hook that up. So far it’s staying cool to Luke warm but I notice a tiny sound difference in the bass. I swear I think the pioneer amp hit the bass just a teeeny but harder. Wish I knew why they were getting so hot
Brian Kennelly (13 days ago)
Anybody know what song is playing at 12:00?
J Chavez (13 days ago)
MTX amps and speakers are amazing
ChancePants Windham (14 days ago)
I think its focal’s lowest two lines aren’t made in France. Their higher end stuff is.
Greg Phillips (21 days ago)
I have just installed some Blam 165 RS in the front of my Vauxhall / Holden / Opel Corsa, I couldn't believe the difference so have ordered some 5.25 " coaxials for the rear. Now I heard a rumour that Blam have a link to Focal! Is this true? Love this video by the way. Greg from England
carlos perez (22 days ago)
Forgot JL and Kenwood.. what about those
Ike (22 days ago)
No Kenwood?
VUXOR (24 days ago)
Great knowledge! Thank you for sharing!
Jackson Ludwig (27 days ago)
2:09: Alipine 9:05: Sony 14:20: Pioneer 16:20: Rockford Fosgate 21:21 Focal 27:17 JBL 28:30 Infinity 29:20 Orion 29:36 American Hi-Fi 30:38 Fusion 34:30 Eclipse 36:38 Sound Stream 38:33 Parrot 41:37 JVC
ROBERT FRIEND (1 month ago)
Other youtubers should learn how to make honest and comprehensive videos this way.
Man I did choose exactly like you! 👍 Pioneer head unit DEH 7800DAB Focal speakers PS165F series Rockford Fosgate sub R1-1x12 Rockford Fosgate amps prime series R300x4 and R250x1 Best regards 😉
Joseph Pickel (1 month ago)
Established in 1967 as Alps-Motorola — a joint venture between Alps Electric and U.S.-based Motorola — it became Alpine Electronics, Inc. in 1978 when Alps bought out Motorola's share of the company. So 51 years.....
DayLyt Bliss (1 month ago)
Every time you say "brands" I hear brains. Lol
Bchester6 (2 months ago)
Holy crap they'll give anyone a microphone.
Bchester6 (2 months ago)
Quite a comprehensive review for a 15 year old.
Doug (2 months ago)
Sounds to me like things have not changed in the last 35 years.
Robert Ngo (2 months ago)
What's better? JL Audio or Sundown? Im considering a W-7 12" w/ Rockford fosgate t750x1bd
Rolando S. (2 months ago)
What about JL?
Matthew White (3 months ago)
Truly enjoy your work!! Keep it up!! From Co USA
Dubois Daniel (3 months ago)
Bonjour de la France Très beau travail propre et soigné Obelix 78
no name (3 months ago)
I can't decide what brand audio I want...I just want to replace my stock speakers with better ones and change my head unit. I'm on a budget and all I want is decent sound with good bass I just want to stick with 1 brand
audio mobiles (18 days ago)
Forget brands. Just go with cheapest and loudest rms...
Grenge g (3 months ago)
Yisyerry (3 months ago)
Im looking to do something fairly small like 800W setup any recommendations on a good setup? Brands? And any other useful information you have. I don’t have a lot of knowledge on audio setups.
TransmissionLineDesigns (3 months ago)
The biggest mainstream brands are those punted by sales people with a conflict of interest, selling to an uniformed buyer! When you get into the likes of Stereo Integrity or Acoustic Elegance ... then you really know what you're talking about!
TransmissionLineDesigns (3 months ago)
Just remember that most of these so-called high-end brands are simply re-badge Alibaba gear! JL Audio - "with globally sourced components" - Thank goodness JL has finally admitted that their gear isn't made in America. As I always said; "Made in another country, glued in America!"
Pinkie Love (3 months ago)
. orion top end gets a 9 easy hcca line kills
Speakers: focal Woofers: jl audio Processors: audio control Amplifiers: Rockford
ChancePants Windham (14 days ago)
Mr215Alive✌🏻👆🏻🖐🏻🤙🏻 agreed except I still stick with Jl for amps too
B C (4 months ago)
Just had Focal Uptopia M speakers with Focal Amps and Focal Utopia Sub with a Pioneer Head Unit and it was Amazing. A World Class System all done by The Lifestyle Store at North Parramatta
Sancetiano (4 months ago)
Anyone watching this in 2019
Chris Grant (4 months ago)
Yes and I don't even have a car yet 🤦
Skibble Dazzle (4 months ago)
For first 5 mins I was like heat units ? Lol otherwise nice video, thanks.
5abivt (5 months ago)
5 years no JL. Find a new place to work and start your experience at 0 👍🏼
Desperado Lighfoot (5 months ago)
Everyone's a critic, 8f you don't want to listen, don't. So he's got an accent, so do we all!
Harry Clams (5 months ago)
Eclipse and Clarion are out of business now, and Alpine still makes good equipment but their new head units are starting to look like junk, as for me I'd say you can't go wrong with Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, Sony.
Bryce Lawmaster (5 months ago)
Only the high end focal is made in France. The low end is made in china
Christopher LeCunff (6 months ago)
I have a 1998 rockford fosgate punch 500a2 and it still bumps super hard today in 2018
Joseph Brogna (6 months ago)
Have you given a look At Skar audio?
James gale (6 months ago)
I m ur new subcriber Keep posting👍 https://stereoauthority.com/car-amplifier-brands-list/
Kevin Keelan (6 months ago)
Alpine have been around much longer than 20 years.
Roland Schoenke (6 months ago)
I could buy alpine in the very early 80s so almost 40years
Ste McFreeman (6 months ago)
Highly recommend you get those speakers away from the wall, out the corners and ideally isolated from the bench but mainly the first 2
Ghislain Pitre (7 months ago)
Orion, RF, Sundown, Crescendo, MMATS are my brands.
Clynton van den Bergh (7 months ago)
What about Pioneer's Pro Series?
OlympusHeavyCavalry (7 months ago)
I'm sure if you check FOCAL's website, their cheap speakers are pressed and made to look like they are not. Have you installed the $23,000 dollar (Au) x3 speakers they have?
Samir Fakoua (7 months ago)
How about the Sony x-plode series??? Not sure if it was out the time of this video
Austin Fowler (7 months ago)
Danila Orinin (8 months ago)
Who tf are you to decide this ? Most of this brands exist since you haven't even born , Rofl
mitsumike 6g72 (8 months ago)
Seriously how fucking stupid are you humans watching this video he is saying he's only going to talk about the brands he has had hands-on experience with stop fucking asking about other shit if he had hands-on experience with it he would talk about it you guys don't use your fucking brains I thought the whole point of you guys watching videos was because you were too lazy to fucking read apparently you guys are too lazy and stupid to even listen now
Nick Name (8 months ago)
Bad Sony pionner crunch mac hifonics magnat....
Carlitos Naizan (8 months ago)
JL AUDIO is the best quality mate.
Mark Tomlinson (9 months ago)
djJames (9 months ago)
What about Kenwood?
Chris Rybacki (9 months ago)
What about C7 series JL ?
riptheebrake gaming (9 months ago)
Where’s Bose 😐
Dirk Antoine (9 months ago)
Back in the day SoundStream was top tier, I clearly remember a guy winning SQ+ with a system that consisted of 1 amp lol... SounsStream 705. Amazing, but now..yuck.
Dirk Antoine (9 months ago)
JBL makes Infinity, Altec Lansing is the mother company, they also make Harmond kardon.
ChancePants Windham (14 days ago)
Jbl does not make infinity. They are two different brands, both owned by Harmon Kardon. Recently they were bought by Samsung. Altec Lansing was acquired by the infinity group and is not the “mother” company of either,
Dirk Antoine (9 months ago)
Lol I skipped your videos for months thinking you where like 14 lol.. you turned me, I like your knowledge. Keep it up.
thedog556 (9 months ago)
Soundstream amps are still great for the price. Most of their lineup is rebranded and identical to zapco amps
techplus lab (9 months ago)
Which brand is good for extremely low budget (below 100 dollars) speakers?I am thinking about alpine,is it good at low price,like j type,are they OK for the price?
Mr. W (10 months ago)
This is a advertisement for there shop and comments are somewhat bias... More time was spent on the stuff they stock at there shop... hmmm🙄🤔
AUSTIN RAINEY (10 months ago)
Norberto Castro (10 months ago)
Sony is a cheaper brand? my god.. That is so wrong... they make the mistake of also selling cheap products, but they also have hi end stuff that is best of the best. (maybe not in car audio i dont have experience in that, im talking about other products like cameras, phones, home audio, headphones, tvs, etc)
philip lubduck (10 months ago)
driving my nuts with the accent for the word brand hahaha, just messing but I hear you say it as brainds vs brands
Seth Ven (10 months ago)
And here I thought the stats were all I needed to make a decision. I didn't even think about the material that was used.
Felix Nando (10 months ago)
I had $229 Sony head unit with $40 Sony speakers, the sounds just ok, but compared with my old JVC audio, Sony sound much better, the bass is more punchy (JVC and Sony at maximum bass) and the treble sound the same until I'm adding cheap little tweeter in the dash, now i'm happy how it's sound.
Shane Sexton (10 months ago)
Sony back in the late 90’s were a great brand with their ES stuff.. Eclipse back in the day used to be an amazing brand as well. The used to have a deck that had 16 volt balanced outputs.
Mark Martin (10 months ago)
American Hi Fi - But made in China - 99cent store product - sadly they use the name American but made in China, that is a Joke....
David Grant (11 months ago)
Unfortunately that Rockford Fosgate T400x4, does not put out close to that without the harmonic distortions being thru the roof.. I have & also talked to others who have tested it, & found that it typically got 64 watts RMS per channel with 2 ohm load at 14.4 volts, and to get 92 watts RMS we dropped it to 1/2 ohm & the THD was some 12.0% which is crazy. This test was also done using a 1k signal. Regardless it still is impressive for its size. Would be great to power speakers for highs, like mid powered coaxials or something. Otherwise Rockford is definitely great in general. Focal is incredible!!! JBL & Infinity are both by Harman Kardon Orion sold out as did many who still ride their once great name. Regardless you hold a decent channel. Coming from another professional, you seem quite knowledged Keep it up.
azd (11 months ago)
I wish Pioneer would export their High End Carrozzeria line
Markieo Upton (11 months ago)
lmao u don't know shyt about car audio lmfao RF sux u got the pioneer radios right that's it lmfao
The Silent Observer (11 months ago)
No brand loyalty here. I've got a combo of Pioneer, Kicker, Alpine, and Dual in my minivan. Reason why I have a mix of brands is due to buying a lot of it used for nowhere near what they were worth to begin with. I.E. I have two sets of 12s, with each set being in its own ported box. One set are Alpine Type-Rs, and the other set are Kicker Comps. I got them, with their boxes, for $200 altogether. The Pioneer amp I'm using to power them also came with the Kickers when I got them. My head unit and door speakers are Pioneer, and the amp that I use for the doors is a $60 Dual from Wal-Mart.
zilvinas82 (11 months ago)
RS Audio
Carlos . B (11 months ago)
What subwoofer brand would be better skar or jbl
Charles Phillips (11 months ago)
Soundstream tarantula 6000.1d 4 of them on 4 hdc3 12z in a maxima and I've beat guys with 4 18 or 4 15 you been in this for 5 years and u haven't heard of dc audio twisted sounds and others this is a funny video car audio for 5 years THTS a good one😂😂😂😂
Sérgio Nunes (11 months ago)
Whats the best sound for seat Leon st 5f?!
BobbyDeniroX (1 year ago)
You don't mention sound quality. Real sound 3d sound and imagery etc.
BobbyDeniroX (1 year ago)
You need to hear a genesis amp matey better then Rockford. Amps have real sound as in instruments sound real. Agree with focal big ups. Also dynaudio and dls are as good if not some models are better.
Abram Esparza (1 year ago)
Three words jl audio lol
Five Stars (1 year ago)
I am really a fun of Android Stereos. Do you recommend joying android 8 octa core or any similar android stereo or I should stick to Pioneer?
613 Car Guy (1 year ago)
the pioneer TS-W3003D4 are amazing subs for the price and so are the class d amps
Pav Singh (1 year ago)
Nice video, but obviously this kid hasn't really heard audiophile car speakers. Morel, brax, rainbow, audison.
slc9800gtx (1 year ago)
Very informative video
TreesOnTheBeach (1 year ago)
What about Jensen? My friend says it's the best.
Mike Hileman (1 year ago)
I'm sorry but while Fosgate makes a decent amp , they are far from the best.
Grenge g (3 months ago)
I agree overrated and over priced.
Inachu Ikimasho (1 year ago)
In the 1980's Alpine used to be the best. The Pioneer quickly caught up to them within 4-5 years.
Phil Dubue (1 year ago)
Signed in to thumbs down for dubstep in 2017
Brian Kingrey (1 year ago)
I appreciate your honest assessment. I wouldn't disagree with ANYTHING you said. Sure there are other brands but you told us your opinion on what you've worked with. Not surprised at any of your assessments.
Grow and Be Strong (1 year ago)
Focal has a new var audio line the ultimate line taking the componets from the top home speakers minus the subs at 25k
IncLoKi (1 year ago)
Crescendo, pheonix gold, digital designs, kenwood, panasonic, lanzar just a few brands missed out
Adrian Castillo (1 year ago)
bro! you forgot EARTHQUAKE SOUND!
Bill J (1 year ago)
annoying start
King Brilliant (1 year ago)
look at those cheap and nasty piece of shit silver plastic speakers in the background...they are bordering on toys.
MyViews (1 year ago)
Years worth of angry bitches commenting below! lol If you don't agree then make your own videos...but you won't. Because a bunch of asshats, like yourselves, would flame you up. lol
Shoegum (1 year ago)
tl;dr Car Speakers - Focal (but their flax subs are shiot) > Alpine (best value for money) Decks - Alpine/Pioneer Subs - Rockford Fosgate - powerful but materials/build aren't premium Amps - Rockford Fosgate The brand names you haven't heard of until this video are ... you guessed it ... shiot.
Michael Esarey (1 year ago)
Enjoyed the info...especially about Soundstream. I owned a couple of Soundstream amps over 20 years ago that were some of the best amps I've ever heard, so I've been tempted by their cheap prices now. Glad to hear your opinion on that. I totally agree on Focal...JBL is a complicated issue for me. They're the biggest company and make some of the best home stuff I've ever heard, but it's just where they choose to place their products in the market that affect quality. If you ever get to listen to their K2 series home speakers I'd highly recommend it. Best I've ever experienced.
MAtt Geiger (1 year ago)
How can you do a car audio brand video and not include kicker really???

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