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Will they escape and get revenge? - All tied up! Tween Classes @ Mooregrace Acting Studios

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He didn’t have to tie us up! We weren’t even that bad. These girls find themselves all tied up when all they wanted to do was have a band rehearsal. Mom doesn’t get home until 4 and that’s 3 hours away. If only her teenage brother would take his nap and give them a chance to get away. If they are lucky, maybe one of them can get free to release them all. Or will she? http://www.mooregrace.com
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Nevskii M (3 years ago)
great acting girls, loved the cliche ending :P
Georgia Laidlaw (5 years ago)
Ignore my first comment I'll re type it the girl in the white top was struggling a bit to much and the other to wasnt struggling
Georgia Laidlaw (5 years ago)
The girl I. The white top was really struggling a bit to Mitch and the other to didn't do anything
pretty2 sam (6 years ago)

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